Chapter 194: Infinite Converging Sword

    Chapter 194: Infinite Converging Sword

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    With a thought from Qin Yun, the second-grade Coiling Dust Sword immediately cast Cyclic Sword Flash!

    "Coiling Dust Sword is a second-grade flying sword and the strength of its Cyclic Sword Flash is sixty percent of my Intrinsic Flying Sword's!" thought Qin Yun. "However, I'm best at defense. Even sixty percent is sufficient to withstand this group of fiendish demons."

    He was a Connate Paramount realm sword immortal. The inherent nature of the Paramount realm he gained insight in was one of defense. Out of all his sword arts, the strongest was Cyclic Sword Flash. Putting aside those at the same Paramount realm level as him, even existences that were one level higher than him, those that had stepped into the Dao, could be fended off by his Cyclic Sword Flash. Of course, it also depended on the existence in question and what Dao they eventually gained insights into. If he had to fight someone like Elder Sword, who could slay a fiendcelestial, Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash would not be able to defend against him.

    Qin Yun was most adept at the Cyclic Sword Flash and against enemies at the same Paramount realm, it was not difficult for him to defend against five or six of them.

    He had been using his Intrinsic Flying Sword all this time.

    That was because it was powerful, and also because it drained very little of his Dharmic powers. Using a second-grade flying sword drained Dharmic powers at a rate several times faster than that of the Intrinsic Flying Sword and it was a lot weaker. If it were a first-grade flying sword, its strength would be equivalent to his Intrinsic Flying Sword. But it would drain his Dharmic powers at a rate dozens of times faster than the Intrinsic Flying Sword.


    While the Coiling Dust Sword cast Cyclic Sword Flash, the great fiendish demons beyond the barrier were still in a state of shock. The Intrinsic Flying Sword began to cast Qin Yun's strongest offensive attack.

    Not only did he have to fully immerse himself in the understanding of his Paramount realm, he also had to attune his state of mind. He needed to enter a crazy and passionate state. This attack had been created from the feelings he had for Yi Xiao. It was a bet that burned his own life while risking everything. Casting this attack was mentally-draining! Qin Yun would not use this attack unless absolutely necessary.

    But in order to kill Nine Mountain Island Lord, Qin Yun was willing to give all that he had.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword moved.

    At the instant it blasted off, the surrounding space resonated in unison. The Heaven and Earth powers seemed to be forcibly under his control, condensing sword beams that followed the Intrinsic Flying Sword!

    That was not all.

    Even among the twenty attacking fiendish demons, the divine sword that Shadowless Fiendlord wielded suddenly seemed to lose control and fly out. The sword-shaped Dharma treasure floating beside Princess Golden Yang did the same.

    "What's going on?" Shadowless Fiendlord's expression changed drastically. He grabbed his divine sword with both hands and tried his best to stop it. However, the divine sword continued trembling in a bid to escape his grasp.

    "What?" As for the sword-shaped Dharma treasure floating beside Princess Golden Yang, it flew out and did not heed Princess Golden Yang's commands at all.


    A brilliant sword beam that seemed to be more glaring that the sun in the sky shot straight towards Nine Mountain Island Lord who was brandishing his ancient and unadorned ax.

    Following that, the several hundred sword flashes condensed from the Heaven and Earth powers, along with Princess Golden Yang's sword-shaped Dharma treasure, hurtled towards Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    "Sword Flash Dissociation? Furthermore, it has reached the stage of Infinite Converging Sword?" The great fiendish demons were dumbstruck when they saw the scene.

    Sword Flash Dissociation was a legendary technique of the sword immortal lineage.

    It was typical for sword immortals that reached the Paramount realm to have numerous sword flashes accompanying a flying sword art when it was cast.

    As for Infinite Converging Sword, it was an extremum of Sword Flash Dissociation! It meant that not only could it influence the Heaven and Earth powers to condense pursuing sword flashes, it could even control the divine swords, or any sword-shaped treasures, of others. It was true to the name-Infinite Converging Sword, where all swords heeded the command to converge.

    How mighty could it be, considering it even made sword-shaped Dharma treasures of others take part in the convergence?

    In this world... the top cultivation sect, Sword Tower had a sword immortal at the Connate Paramount realm. When fighting for his life, he had once cast an extremely shocking strike that reached the state of Infinite Converging Sword.

    But the scene that had just happened left the twenty fiendish demons dumbstruck.

    "No!" Nine Mountain Island Lord refused to believe it. A legendary flying sword art like Infinite Converging Sword was appearing right in front of him.


    The dazzling sword flash tore through Nine Mountain Island Lord's chest like a glaring sun.


    Following that, hundreds of sword flashes, together with Princess Golden Yang's sword-shaped Dharma treasure, penetrated Nine Mountain Island Lord's body in pursuit of the first flash. Nine Mountain Island Lord's body exploded, sending countless black rocks flying in every direction.


    That indomitable momentum reduced by about thirty percent after boring through Nine Mountain Island Lord's chest. However, it continued towards the nearby blind elder, Valley Lord Windhark. In shock, it was all he could do to transform his hands into wings and flap them vigorously. Layers of shockwaves interlocked like a protective shell as he did his best to dodge. But with a boom, the glaring flying sword flash penetrated him, followed by hundreds of sword flashes that followed in its wake. A massive bat corpse plummeted from the sky. The great fiendish demon, Valley Lord Windhark, was dead!

    Even though the flying sword flash's might was reduced slightly, it curved around and blasted straight for the nearest demon, Poison Dragon King.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!" Thankfully, Matron Centaurea was constantly on alert.Gigantic veins immediately flew to circle Poison Dragon King.


    A world-shaking boom sounded. Sixteen of Matron Centaurea's veins broke one after another, reducing the flying sword's strength. Only with that was Poison Dragon King able to escape.


    The great fiendish demons, including Matron Centaurea, instinctively flew back in retreat! Matron Centaurea, who was closest to Valley Lord Windhark, did not even bother to grab the treasures he left behind because she, as well as the others, were too afraid!

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    Everyone flew back. Some were fleeing! It was purely instinctual!

    The three great fiendish demons at the Paramount realm level-Patriarch Wolf Mountain, Patriarch Crocdragon, and Yellow Wind Daolord-halted their attacks. They stared at Qin Yun in midair and were extremely solemn.

    "Phew." After Nine Mountain Island Lord's body exploded into countless black rocks, the black rocks rapidly gathered together in midair far away, forming a stone humanoid that transformed into Nine Mountain Island Lord. He was looking at Qin Yun with astonishment. He immediately fled, "He injured my intrinsic core with just one strike. If I get hit another five times, I'll be dead! Flee! Flee! Flee!"

    "What a pity."

    On Mt. Blue Granny, Qin Yun looked up and his eyes carried a sense of loss. "Nine Mountain Island Lord is indeed a rare mountain that turned demonic! Even with me using all my strength on that strike, expending a great deal of my mental strength, all I did was make his aura weaker. It will likely take another ten strikes to be confident that I killed him."

    Nine Mountain Island Lord's true form was that of a mountain!

    It was very rare and the annals of history depicted extremely few occurrences of such. In this present era, Nine Mountain Island Lord was the only great fiendish demon whose true form was a mountain.

    As his true form was that of a mountain, he had immense strength! He was an existence that was closing in on the Paramount realm. Only Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon, who had cultivated their Fiendbodies to a level that matched the Paramount realm, had superior strength than him. Furthermore, he was not like ordinary demons, whose hearts were their vital weaknesses. His entire body was a mountain so he had no weaknesses!

    As such, it was extremely difficult to kill him.

    "Phew." The flying sword took the treasures left behind by Valley Lord Windhark and flew back to Qin Yun, who put them away casually.

    "Whatever, I'll slay that Nine Mountain in the future, when I'm stronger," thought Qin Yun.

    The trio of Paramount realm-level great fiendish demons stared at Qin Yun intently. As for Nine Mountain Island Lord and the rest, they had escaped dozens of kilometers away.

    Just the single strike from before had penetrated Nine Mountain Island Lord's body and killed Valley Lord Windhark. Poison Dragon King was saved by Matron Centaurea only because she was using all her strength. Who wouldn't be afraid of such might?

    "Infinite Converging Sword?"

    "Sword Flash Dissociation, Infinite Converging Sword."

    In midair, Patriarch Wolf Mountain, Patriarch Crocdragon, and Yellow Wind Daolord watched Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun undid the Cyclic Sword Flash and looked back at the remaining three.

    "Qin Yun, I underestimated you. I never imagined that you had already reached the Paramount realm! To think that, in this world, a new Paramount realm sword immortal has appeared to stand beside Sword Tower's Cui Lianfeng." Patriarch Wolf Mountain stood there, his body covered with a layer of silver fur that gleamed in the moonlight. There was a faint black halo suffusing his fur as his hands grabbed onto a saber.

    "A Paramount realm sword immortal. It's no wonder you were so emboldened. Your strength is in no way inferior to ours." Patriarch Crocdragon's massive body looked down as his voice rumbled. "A flying sword art like Infinite Converging Sword would injure even me. However, even that mad Cui Lianfeng would be greatly drained after using Infinite Converging Sword once. How many more times can you cast that?"

    "Fellow Daoist Qin, you sure have concealed your strength well. Now then, let me see to what extent you have cultivated your flying sword art." Yellow Wind Daolord smiled as he held his whisk. However, his eyes were cold.

    "The sword art I recently created just happens to be in need of opponents to test it out." Qin Yun smiled. Two flying swords floated in front of him. One of them was the misty rain-like Intrinsic Flying Sword and the other was a blurry-gray flying sword.
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