Chapter 195: Curtain Falls on the Massive Battle

    Chapter 195: Curtain Falls on the Massive Battle

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    The other great fiendish demons had long begun escaping.

    "Darn it, Qin Yun is already a Paramount realm sword immortal at such a young age. Back when I saw him alone in Jia'an County, I just thought he had some powerful life-preservation means to rely on. Who knew that he himself was that powerful!" said Poison Dragon King as he flew. "If I remember correctly, he's only twenty-seven this year! Being a twenty-seven-year-old Paramount realm sword immortal makes him comparable to the most heaven-defying and peerless sword immortals in all of history."

    From time immemorial, the sword immortals that could step into the Dao that meant grasping Sword Dao were illustrious figures. For example, a peerless sword immortal like Elder Sword was considered to have accomplished a lot at a late age. He knocked open the gate of immortality at twelve but he had cultivated in the talisman amulet school of thought. He was mediocre for more than two decades and only obtained a Sword Immortal Legacy at thirty-six, allowing him to follow the sword immortal school of thought. As for Qin Yun, he was considered relatively normal. He was dazzling at a young age and grasped sword intent at the Postnatal realm with Expertise Nearing Dao. His cultivation could increase by leaps and bounds with nearly zero bottleneck from the Postnatal to Connate Golden Core realm. The legendary Paramount realm, however, was something intrinsic. Many sword immortals at the intent domain stage could not come into contact with the Paramount realm despite working hard at it for very long. However, those who could grasp sword intent at the Postnatal realm through Expertise Nearing Dao had their understanding pointed towards that intrinsic nature subconsciously. It basically prevented one from going astray in cultivation.

    Therefore, the moment their Paramount realm was exposed, great fiendish demons would put in a concerted effort to kill them.

    Either they perished early or they would develop their strength and awe the world!

    "A twenty-seven-year-old Paramount realm sword immortal. Compared to the present sword immortals, that's way too ridiculous. But compared to the historical sword immortals who had grasped Sword Dao, that's normal," said Matron Centaurea.

    "Sister Centaurea, do you mean that this Qin Yun will eventually be able to enter the Dao and grasp Sword Dao?" The flying Nine Mountain Island Lord could not help but ask.

    "Brother Nine Mountain, he is an itinerant sword immortal and he has attained the Paramount realm at twenty-seven. He is even able to cast a flying sword art at the level of Infinite Converging Sword. Do you think he won't be able to enter the Dao in the future?" Matron Centaurea shook her head.

    Nine Mountain Island Lord fell silent.

    That's right.

    Qin Yun still had more than four hundred years left in his lifespan. They were only fooling themselves if they thought he would fail to enter the Dao in the next four hundred plus years.

    "Why did I offend him?" Nine Mountain Island Lord thought to himself. "According to my investigations, Qin Yun lived in a village when he was young. His younger sister's date of birth indicated that she was a girl with pure Yin characteristics, which led to her eventual capture. Qin Yun should know by now that the boys and girls... were actually not needed by Water Ape, but by me. He will not forget this vendetta."

    Beside him, Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect said, "This Qin Yun sure is treacherous. He has long broken through to the Paramount realm but he kept it a secret. He deliberately baited us out so as to use our lives as a testament to his flying sword's might."

    "If we knew he was that powerful, we wouldn't have given him the chance." The great fiendish demons discussed as they fled.

    Previously, they had been attacking Qin Yun together.

    That was because the intelligence they received only indicated that Qin Yun's flying sword arts were powerful defensively. He could even withstand the Earth fire in the immortal abode! No one believed that Qin Yun was that heaven-defying when it came to attacking. If he was, why did he not react when Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect was attacking him alone?

    As for Qin Yun killing Temple Lord Ruyi, it did make them reevaluate him but they still believed that they could avoid being killed if they were a little more careful.

    Who knew that he was a Connate Paramount realm sword immortal?

    When the flying sword flew out and underwent Sword Flash Dissociation and Infinite Converging Sword, it scared the wits out of the great fiendish demons. They wouldn't even dare to watch the battle from afar, afraid that Qin Yun would release two flying swords to pursue them.


    "Paramount realm sword immortal?" Ten kilometers from Mt. Blue Granny, a tipsy elder sat on a boulder. His eyes lit up as he stared intently at the distant Mt. Blue Granny.


    Drunken Immortal excitedly threw the calabash of alcohol in his hand and said with a rapturous laugh, "Nice, what an impressive one you are, Qin Yun. We humans have another Paramount realm sword immortal! More light from providence has shined on us humans!"

    "And this Qin Yun sure is ruthless. He deliberately concealed the truth and, in one shot, killed two great fiendish demons. How satisfying!" Drunken Immortal laughed out loudly.

    These great fiendish demons usually hid in their lairs or in their sects.

    Those that dared to preside over an area had their lairs protected by numerous array formations. It was more than ten times harder to kill great fiendish demons that hid in their lair. And those whose lairs were lacking in array formations, or those whose life-preservation methods were lacking, would hide in their sects. For example, they would cultivate in Cloudfiend Mountain! Although they could not be a hegemon of an area, it was a lot safer.

    "Let me see what other moves this Qin Yun has besides his Infinite Converging Sword." Drunken Immortal watched with anticipation.


    High above Mt. Blue Granny.

    Qin Yun was left with three great fiendish demons at the Paramount realm level. Instantly, they had begun their clash.


    Bright Moon Over River.

    River waters surged as a bright moon rose.

    Qin Yun had actually held back slightly when he killed Temple Lord Ruyi. He did not use Sword Flash Dissociation then but now, there was obviously no reason for him to hold back.

    The moon-like sword flash streaked across the sky and following in its wake were dozens of sword flashes composed of Heaven and Earth powers.

    First, it targeted Patriarch Crocdragon's kilometer-long body.

    "Roar!" Patriarch Crocdragon opened his gaping mouth so wide that it could swallow a mountain in a bid to devour Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword. He could devour anything and there was another world within his body. He was confident that he could devour any Dharma treasure, even a transcendent-grade one, if it were controlled by an existence at the Paramount realm.


    The moon-like sword flash was fast, so it instantly maneuvered around Patriarch Crocdragon's gaping mouth and sliced his belly. However, his scales were like armored plates with numerous runic patterns reinforcing them.

    A Paramount realm sword immortal's flying sword was extremely potent. It sliced through the thick scales and left a gash in Patriarch Crocdragon's thick flesh. But soon, it lost all its momentum. The flying sword immediately escaped but as it did so, dozens of sword flashes followed its original trajectory, plunging straight into Patriarch Crocdragon's wound, causing blood to splatter.

    But to the kilometer-long Patriarch Crocdragon, the tiny gash was only a superficial wound. Furthermore, his wound was recovering at a discernible rate.

    "Patriarch Crocdragon's body is too powerful. This bit of injury does not pose a threat to him at all," thought Qin Yun.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword turned around and once again the bright moon rose from the river! Dozens of sword flashes followed it to target Patriarch Wolf Mountain.

    Patriarch Wolf Mountain held two battle sabers as a black chain swirled around his body's surface.

    "Clang! Clang! Clang!"

    In the face of Qin Yun's flying sword, Patriarch Wolf Mountain's two battle sabers instantly transformed into layers of saber walls. The saber flashes were so fast that they sealed off an area of space as though they were walls!

    In terms of profundity of attacks, Patriarch Wolf Mountain was a lot stronger than Patriarch Crocdragon.

    "Peng!" The Intrinsic Flying Sword was completely blocked by the two battle sabers. After it barely tore through the first saber wall, it was stopped by the second.

    "Puah Puah Puah..."

    Instead, it was the series of following sword flashes that the two battle sabers failed to withstand. Patriarch Wolf Mountain allowed the sword flashes to stab into his body. His silver fur fluttered, and when the sword flashes stabbed in, they were obstructed by his fur. His thick hide stopped them even further. He did not bleed.

    "This Qin Yun's flying sword is very fast. I used my two sabers to block with all my strength. If I had been distracted when defending against those sword flashes, I would not have been able to ward them off." Patriarch Wolf Mountain was alarmed but he was confident about his body.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword transformed into the moon-like sword flash and surged straight for Yellow Wind Daolord.

    Yellow Wind Daolord flicked his whisk gently.


    A yellow wind howled, making Yellow Wind Daolord's body turn blurry. When the Intrinsic Flying Sword penetrated the yellow wind, the dozens of sword flashes that accompanied it were dissipated by the yellow wind. The Intrinsic Flying Sword's momentum decreased greatly and could not even touch Yellow Wind Daolord's body.

    "This Yellow Wind Daolord's attacks are mystical. As expected of someone who has reached the Paramount realm as well. The other two are lacking in technique but their bodies are extremely powerful." Qin Yun instantly evaluated the situation.


    The yellow wind howled as it headed straight for Qin Yun.

    Mt. Blue Granny's surroundings were protected by the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier once again, blocking all attacks.

    "Qin Yun, is this the only attack you have? Are you trying to scratch an itch for me?" Patriarch Crocdragon laughed out loudly.

    "Gentlemen, have a taste of another attack of mine." Qin Yun smiled.

    "Whew! Whew!"

    This time, the blurry gray sword in front of him shot forward.

    Elder Sword's Intrinsic Flying Sword, Seven Kills Sword, and Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword, Misty Rain Sword, flew in unison. As they tore through the sky together, they caused the world to resonate, sending out more than a hundred sword flashes to pursue them.

    The two flying swords flew through the air like butterflies in tandem. They also resembled lovers in a tangle, or the Yin and Yang of the world. Their harmony gave off an exquisite sense of beauty.

    It was one of Qin Yun's three killer moves, Dual Flight.

    Dual Flight was performed by controlling two flying swords at the same time! As he had to control a first-grade flying sword, the amount of Dharmic powers this expended was dozens of times greater. Each of the two flying swords possessed might that was in no way inferior to Bright Moon Over River, but when they combined forces, they experienced an exponential increase in strength. This was a killer move Qin Yun used under normal circumstances. The only difference was that it expended a great deal of Dharmic power. As for Samsara, although it could achieve Infinite Converging Sword, it was too mentally draining.

    Phew! Phew!

    The moon-like sword flash was extremely fast.

    Dual Flight was extremely agile! They complemented each other like Yin and Yang and changed unpredictably.

    "That's bad!" Patriarch Wolf Mountain wielded his two battle sabers in his hands as his expression changed slightly. The two flying swords were already in front of him with the hundred plus sword flashes.

    The trajectories were confusing as Yin and Yang rotated.

    Patriarch Wolf Mountain used all his strength to brandish the two battle sabers but he still failed to resist.

    Bam! Bam! The flying swords struck his battle sabers, easily deflecting them to the side.

    "Hum!" The black chains on Patriarch Wolf Mountain's body began spinning and flew up to protect his body.

    Pu! Pu! Pu! Cling Clang!

    Although the chains occasionally blocked the flying swords, the flying swords would tear through his body most of the time. His skin ruptured despite its hardness, revealing the flesh beneath. His flesh had swirling black runic patterns that made it as resistant as Dharma treasures. Yet, Qin Yun's two flying swords managed to rip open wounds in them.

    "To compete in offensive strength with a sword immortal is laughable." Patriarch Wolf Mountain bellowed and instantly appeared in front of the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier, cleaving straight down with his battle sabers.

    Boom! Boom!

    The barrier remained unperturbed when he cleaved down on it.

    "Despite diverting his attention to control these flying swords, he is still able to defend." Patriarch Wolf Mountain was vexed. Blood was flowing from his body and all he could do was stare at Qin Yun. "Qin Yun, this bit of injury will not affect me."


    With a thought, Qin Yun sent the two flying swords straight at Yellow Wind Daolord.

    Yellow Wind Daolord's expression changed. Although he had mystical movement techniques that allowed him to be like a fish in water within the yellow wind, Qin Yun's flying swords were similarly mystical and unpredictable. They surrounded him like an Yin-Yang fish.

    "Yellow Wind Divine Body!" Yellow Wind Daolord shouted immediately.

    The surrounding yellow wind transformed into a giant about a hundred feet tall with layers of interlocked shockwaves. Yellow Wind Daolord positioned himself within the giant.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The two flying swords came smiting down but only penetrated a portion of the Yellow Wind Divine Body, failing to even touch Yellow Wind Daolord's body.

    "You forced me to use Yellow Wind Divine Body." Yellow Wind Daolord's expression was grim. He had the weakest body among the three great fiendish demons and did not dare try and resist a Paramount realm sword immortal's flying sword with his own body.

    "The three of them excel in different aspects," thought Qin Yun as well. "Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon have powerful bodies while Yellow Wind Daolord has a high cultivation realm. I really can't kill any of them one on one. However, none of them can do a thing to me either."

    At the Paramount realm, killing another entity at the Paramount realm was too difficult.

    For example, Patriarch Crocdragon would be hard to kill even if five entities at the Paramount realm attacked him.

    "I can cast Samsara another time. I'll use it to deal with... him!" Qin Yun's mind stirred.


    A sword flash that was more blinding than the sun lit up once again. The world trembled as hundreds of sword flashes condensed from the Heaven and Earth powers before they hurtled straight at Patriarch Wolf Mountain.

    "Again?" Patriarch Wolf Mountain was alarmed. "And it's directed at me?"
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