Chapter 196: Aftershocks

    Chapter 196: Aftershocks

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    Qin Yun could only cast Samsara twice and still ensure his safety. He had already used it once on Nine Mountain Island Lord. As for the last one, who should he use it against? Qin Yun surmised that Infinite Converging Sword could at best lightly injure Patriarch Crocdragon's kilometer-long body! Yellow Wind Daolord might have a weaker body so it was possible to slay him if his strike hit, but his cultivation realm was rather high. Qin Yun felt that there was a very high chance that he could dodge his Infinite Converging Sword.

    Qin Yun was only confident that Patriarch Wolf Mountain could not dodge his attack!

    "He can actually cast the Infinite Converging Sword art twice!" Yellow Wind Daolord and Patriarch Crocdragon were alarmed.


    The sword flash was too fast!

    As Patriarch Wolf Mountain retreated rapidly, he brandished the battle saber in his hands. The chains around him flew out as well.


    The blinding sword flash tore through Patriarch Wolf Mountain's chest despite his best attempt at dodging. A huge hole was left in his chest! Hundreds of sword flashes followed, all of them striking his chest wound.

    "Darn it." Patriarch Wolf Mountain's face turned pale. Flesh and blood began to rapidly close up his chest's hole like coiling ropes. Following that, fur began to grow to cover his wound.

    "Hahaha, Qin Yun, try another few Infinite Converging Swords if you are that capable. Show me how many times you can cast it." Patriarch Wolf Mountain grabbed his battle saber with both hands and turned more ferocious. His body had been cultivated to a state where its lifeforce was many times stronger than even Gongye Bing's. It allowed him to be ranked among the top few in the world. Qin Yun's Infinite Converging Sword could only injure him. He needed about seven or eight more strikes to have a chance of killing him.

    "If this Qin Yun can cast it another three or four times, more than half my Fiendbody will be damaged. I will have to escape immediately," thought Patriarch Wolf Mountain.

    His injuries were still manageable.

    However, it had been a long time he was so severely injured! It left Patriarch Wolf Mountain incensed.


    After injuring Patriarch Wolf Mountain, the Intrinsic Flying Sword flashed and returned to Mt. Blue Granny.

    "All of you have formidable means. I have learned much." Qin Yun put away his flying sword as he scanned the three great fiendish demons in midair.

    "Fellow Daoist Qin's flying sword is indeed impressive. It is a joyous occasion to discover another Paramount realm in the world, another peer on the road to cultivation." Yellow Wind Daolord smiled with squinted eyes.

    "Fellow Daoist Qin, you are at the Paramount realm but you restrained yourself from flaunting it. I'm impressed as well." Patriarch Wolf Mountain scoffed.

    "Let's go!"

    Patriarch Crocdragon's body flashed and transformed into a short and fat man. Immediately, he departed on a cloud.

    "Hmph." Patriarch Wolf Mountain grunted coldly before he departed on a cloud as well.

    "Fellow Daoist Qin, if we have a chance, we should discuss the Dao briefly." Yellow Wind Daolord smiled with squinted eyes before flicking his whisk and leaving.

    Qin Yun watched the three leave.

    At their level, they knew that a fight to the death would be very, very difficult. It would only be possible to kill an opponent if they figured out a way to restrain them, to prevent them from escaping while the fight drained them of their Dharmic powers... By draining their opponent's lifeforce, they could enervate their opponent to death.

    But in fact, the higher the cultivation realm, the faster one's Dharmic powers and lifeforce would recover.

    Restraining an existence at the Paramount realm for a month or two did not necessarily mean they would be enervated to death. Besides, everyone had friends. It was always possible that someone would appear to help them.

    "Nice one, Qin Yun. Your flying sword is capable of developing the Heavenly Cycles and makes for an impregnable defense." When Yellow Wind Daolord flew a distance away, his eyes were cold. "When he attacked, the combined forces of the two flying swords made even me feel threatened. That Infinite Converging Sword is even more impressive!"

    "I was injured but he wasn't." A distance away, Patriarch Wolf Mountain ruminated. "As expected of a sword immortal that can destroy all Dharma with a single sword."

    "That Heavenly Cycles sword art sure is a pain," thought Patriarch Crocdragon.


    Only at the end of the battle did Qin Yun really attack.

    A total of twenty-one great fiendish demons participated in the battle! Among them, Temple Lord Ruyi and Valley Lord Windhark perished.

    After Qin Yun cast Infinite Converging Sword, all the great fiendish demons below the Paramount realm fled. None of them dared to stay!

    Qin Yun fought alone against three Paramount realm-level great fiendish demons.

    He was not injured at all but he left Patriarch Wolf Mountain quite injured.

    "I cannot be careless either," thought Qin Yun. "Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon both have powerful Fiendbodies. Even if they were injured, it was only lightly so. Their bodies can definitely withstand it. Their lifeforces are extremely powerful too. As for my physical body... it's a lot weaker than theirs. Even Yellow Wind Daolord, the weakest out of the three, him being a great fiendish demon makes his physical body a lot stronger than mine. It would only take one strike to obliterate this body of mine when facing an existence at the Paramount realm."

    "Therefore, I can't afford to lose." Qin Yun understood this point.

    If others could not block the attacks, their bodies could resist it.

    If he could not block the attacks, it meant death! There was no way around this conundrum. The cultivation school of thought determined it.


    Qin Yun stood on Mt. Blue Granny and looked into the distance.

    There, a drunken elder looked over and said with a beaming smile. "Fellow Daoist Qin, congratulations. We humans have another Paramount realm, a Paramount realm sword immortal. Haha... It's not easy for us to kill even one great fiendish demon, but you have killed two in a blink of an eye."

    "It was truly unexpected," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Flying swords are great at killing. There's no need to be humble. If you have time, come look for me in the northern Paulownia Valley City. I'll treat you to some drinks," replied the drunken elder loudly.

    "If I have the time, I'll definitely want to have a taste of Drunken Immortal's alcohol," said Qin Yun loudly as well.

    Qin Yun held Drunken Immortal in high esteem.

    Before he broke through, there were only nine humans at the Paramount realm! The only person that was perennially stationed on the northern borders was Drunken Immortal.

    After learning that Qin Yun was in danger, Drunken Immortal had rushed over from the north despite Qin Yun having not requested for help. Indeed, he had rushed there to the best of his ability. Qin Yun naturally remembered this favor.

    "Haha..." Drunken Immortal laughed as he departed on a cloud.

    Drunken Immortal was also happy seeing humanity having more powerful cultivators.

    The stronger cultivators were, the weaker the fiendish demonic forces were. It would result in better days for the commoners. This very fight, where Qin Yun killed two great fiendish demons, influenced tens of millions of ordinary lives. Even the ones that didn't die, like Nine Mountain Island Lord, would hold back a lot more. Nine Mountain Island Lord influenced many of the southern counties in the Jiang Prefecture so that translated to tens of millions of commoners.

    If he held back, the demons under him naturally had to hold back greatly as well.

    All of this was a result of the Jiang Prefecture having an additional Paramount realm sword immortal!

    "Uncle Qin." The young fish demoness looked at Qin Yun with wondrous eyes that sparkled.

    "I told you they would be gone in less than a day," said Qin Yun. "Alright, now that all these great fiendish demons are gone, continue observing the memorial for Scholar. Once the three days are up, we will head for Grand Dominance."

    "Alright." The young fish demoness nodded obediently.


    In Yellow Wyrm Lake's Flood Dragon Palace.

    Grand General Summon Thunder, General Hunt, and General Shrimp had returned. After all, Jia'an County was very close to Yellow Wyrm Lake.

    "Greetings Your Majesties!"

    Grand General Summon Thunder and company bowed respectfully.

    Flood Dragon King and his wife were sitting high on their thrones, overlooking them. Dragon Queen said immediately, "Quick, why was Sword Immortal Qin looking for me? Why didn't you respond to my later messages?"

    "Quickly, tell us." Flood Dragon King urged as well.

    The duo already knew the results of the battle at Mt. Blue Granny. They knew that another Connate Paramount realm sword immortal had risen and were still trembling.

    Grand General Summon Thunder and company looked at the guards and maidservants around them.

    "All of you are dismissed." Dragon Queen ordered immediately.

    Instantly, the only ones left in the hall were Flood Dragon King, Dragon Queen, and the three generals.

    "Can you tell us now?" Dragon Queen was somewhat anxious.

    "Your Majesties," said Grand General Summon Thunder politely. "We were under orders to kill a young fish demoness but she was saved by Sword Immortal Qin! Sword Immortal Qin and that demoness's adopted father, Fu Qing, had deep ties. Fu Qing is dead! Sword Immortal Qin and the demoness were on Mt. Blue Granny to observe the mourning rituals for Fu Qing."

    "Observing the mourning rituals?" Flood Dragon King was alarmed. The color drained from Dragon Queen's face.

    A sword immortal at the Paramount realm was actually observing the funeral rituals.

    They realized that Qin Yun and the person named Fu Qing had an extraordinary relationship.

    "Sword Immortal Qin wanted us to pass this message," said Grand General Summon Thunder respectfully. "He said that he is now involved in the matter regarding the young fish demoness. He wants His Majesty to answer to him. If no appropriate answer is given, he would come to Flood Dragon Palace himself."

    Dragon Queen's face remained pale.

    Flood Dragon King was livid. His dragon claws crushed the armrest to smithereens as they crumbled to the crystalline ground, emitting a clear clonk that gave Dragon Queen a fright.

    "Isn't she just a lesser demon?" Dragon Queen was somewhat panicking.


    Jiang Prefecture, Cloud Prefecture. On Nine Mountain Island.

    In the deep sanctums of the island.

    "What do I do?"

    Nine Mountain Island Lord sat cross-legged. The eyes under his blood-colored brows were filled with anxiousness. "There are many array formations protecting me as I hide on the island. Qin Yun can't kill me now, but what about in the future?"

    "My true body is a mountain. It gives me great strength but it also shackles me." Nine Mountain Island Lord said worriedly. "Do I really have to free myself of these shackles..."


    Grand Dominance. Qin Manor.

    Yi Xiao was sitting in front of a long narrow table. A projection was floating in midair in front of her. A woman was talking to her.

    "Sister, I beg you. Only Brother-in-law can help me," pleaded the woman.

    "Sister You, I already told you very clearly. All I can do is pass your request. As for whether Brother Yun agrees, that's up to him. I don't have any say in the matter, " said Yi Xiao.

    With that, the transmission was cut.

    Yi Xiao shook her head gently. "All sorts of matters are brought to us now that the news of Brother Yun being a Paramount realm sword immortal has spread."

    There was no other way about it.

    The world had a total of ten Paramount realm humans, including Qin Yun. Two of them were itinerant cultivators, two were from the imperial government, and three were from the top cultivation sects. The Buddhist sacred land Mahākāśyapa Monastery had one. The Primordial Chaos Sect had one. The Divine Firmament Chapter had one. But quite embarrassingly, the most ancient Daoist sacred land, Numinous Treasure Mountain, lacked an entity at the Paramount realm.

    There were too few people at the Paramount realm. Even Human Emperor would not easily mobilize an existence at the Paramount realm.

    The Divine Firmament Chapter had one but he was dedicated to stepping into the Dao. Only by entering the Dao would one be able to condense an Essence Soul to become an immortal.

    Therefore, to request the help of a Paramount realm person was extremely difficult.

    "The Yi family, the Divine Firmament Chapter, and even my friends are coming to me for help." Yi Xiao sighed lightly. "I don't even know when I became regarded as someone so important."

    In the Yi family, she was a junior.

    In the Divine Firmament Chapter, she was only a Connate False Core junior with potential. So what if she became a Golden Core? As a Daoist sacred land, the Divine Firmament Chapter might not have had the seventy or eighty Golden Core cultivators the imperial government had, but it had more than twenty! It was similar to the number of great fiendish demons on Cloudfiend Mountain.

    "Well, Brother Yun's brother has passed away and he's observing the mourning rituals. He will take another two days before he returns. He can't make a decision until he returns, so it's best to wait until then," Yi Xiao decided.

    As the wife of a Paramount realm sword immortal, Yi Xiao's status was elevated as well.


    Qin Yun was on Mt. Blue Granny, where he was isolated from the matters of the outside world. All he did was quietly accompany his good friend, Scholar.

    In a blink of an eye, three days passed.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!" Fu Sizhuo kowtowed heavily to the ground as she looked up at the tombstone. "Father, I will come to visit you often. I will listen to you and cultivate properly. Also, I will have children in the future and give them the Fu surname. You will have lots of grandchildren in the future."

    Qin Yun was watching silently but could not help but laugh when he heard her say that.

    "In... In the future, I will have children with humans." Fu Sizhuo looked at Qin Yun and said immediately, "As long as they do not awaken their demonic bloodline, they would look human as well."

    "Okay, okay. That's nice of you," said Qin Yun with a laugh. "Let's go. Follow me to Grand Dominance. As for your situation with Yellow Wyrm Lake, I'll investigate the matter thoroughly. For them to put this much effort to kill a young demoness like you, I believe there is some secret behind it."

    "I'll leave everything to you, Uncle Qin," said the fish demoness immediately.

    "Let's go."

    Qin Yun immediately brought her away using Sword Kinesis Flight. The flying sword condensed into a massive sword beam that enveloped the two of them as they rapidly headed straight for Jiang Prefecture's Grand Dominance.
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