Chapter 207: Three Years

    Chapter 207: Three Years

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    "A new entrance would naturally hold unexpected dangers." Qin Yun did not further elaborate.

    Even his Cyclic Sword Flash could only last a moment before cracking under the assault of hundreds of fiendmonsters. He had to use several flying swords to continuously cast Cyclic Sword Flash so that he could escape with his life. Furthermore, the Sword Intent Paramount realm he had grasped was intrinsically defensive, yet it still could not withstand the assault! If other existences at the Paramount realm were weaker than him when it came to defense, they could very likely lose their lives if they were surrounded by the fiendmonsters.

    "Alright, I will remind them of that if they decide to barge in." Patriarch Yi said with a solemn nod. The Divine Firmament Chapter only had one person in the Paramount realm at present.


    Following that, Qin Yun went to the other twelve entrances of the Ancient Skydragon Palace but the result was as he had expected. The Four Seas Dragon race had explored the area for six thousand years. Even existences that had stepped into the Dao had gone in before, so how could Qin Yun expect to find anything of worth? There wasn't even a broken Dharma treasure. Every entrance had been wiped clean.

    After that, Qin Yun returned to Jiang Prefecture's Grand Dominance and began leading a relatively peaceful life of cultivation.


    Time passed quickly and, in a blink of an eye, three years had passed.

    March, Lu Prefecture. Above Mystic Port Island.

    Qin Yun was riding a cloud, overlooking the island from a good distance away. Two sword beams were dazzling beside him like two swimming dragons. The beams were formed of ten streams of sword flashes. The two sword beams inundated Mystic Port Island beneath him.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    The array formation of the island resonated before it exploded apart. The blast left many of the lesser demons inside the array formation horrified.


    "Quick, run!" All the lesser demons fled in panic. Some charged straight out of Mystic Port Island and jumped into the lake. There were other lesser demons that were caught up in the blast, and they died right on the spot.

    An angry bellow was heard from Mystic Port Island that seemed to quake the heavens. "Sword Immortal Qin, don't you humans have a saying: 'Take not a musket to kill a butterfly?' You are a famous Paramount realm sword immortal. Is there a need for you to attack a Connate True Core realm demon like me? Also, I live here in the Lu Prefecture. You traveled 5000 kilometers from the Jiang Prefecture just to deal with me?"

    "Half a month ago, you destroyed nine villages and killed tens of thousands of humans to cultivate your demonic arts. Did you think no one could touch you because of your powerful array formation on Mystic Port Island?" Qin Yun's voice boomed. "If you had coexisted peacefully with humans, I would naturally leave you alone. But you have killed humans without any regard, so I, Qin Yun, will definitely kill you. There's no way for you to escape today."

    With the array formations exploding in succession, the old demon that hid on the island finally gritted his teeth before transforming into a black wind to flee in panic.

    "You won't escape! Die!" Qin Yun shouted coldly.

    The two sword beams that had broken the array formations caught up to him in a blink of an eye. They easily ground the black wind as an old man with a protruding mouth and chin that resembled those of an ape appeared in the black wind. His face was covered in black fur and the hideous expression on it was one of panic. However, the difference in strength was too great. He died without even putting up a resistance. He transformed back into his true form and plummeted. It was a stag that had turned into a demon.

    "Whew! Whew!"

    Two sword beams rapidly flew back to Qin Yun, who grabbed them before putting them away.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, you have eliminated a scourge of our Vapor Sun County." Two cultivators flew over from a distance. They were extremely excited as they bowed politely.

    "We have fought with this old demon for more than a century but have always failed to destroy him. We were furious and helpless watching him wreak havoc on the villagers. We are very thankful that you were willing to help."

    "Millions of my Vapor Sun County's citizens are grateful to you, Sword Immortal Qin."

    The duo was very excited.

    Qin Yun nodded and said, "It's not a big deal. The great demon has been slain. I'll leave the rest to you."

    "Compared to killing a great demon, these trifling matters are a lot simpler to deal with."

    "We are glad to pursue these lesser demons. Many of them have Dharma artifacts and silver," said the duo.

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded.


    Following that, he transformed into a beam that streaked across the sky, heading south for the Jiang Prefecture.

    The duo looked up and watched from afar.

    "What a peerless sword immortal. Sword Immortal Qin is really worthy of being deemed the best sword immortal of the present era. If all the top cultivators in the world abhorred evil in such a manner, it would be a blessing for the people."

    "The more powerful a cultivator, they more scruples they have. This is why I'm increasingly impressed with Sword Immortal Qin. With his sword, he dominates the nineteen prefectures, making all fiendish demons prostrate before him." The two cultivators marveled.

    There was no one in the world that didn't know.

    Sword Immortal Qin Yun from Jiang Prefecture's Grand Dominance abhorred evil. Anytime he knew of a fiendish demon wreaking havoc, even if it were a fiendish demon at the Connate False Core or True Core realm, Qin Yun had no qualms about 'bullying the weak.' He would rush to their location to slay them! Over the past three years, apart from cultivating, Qin Yun would frequently embark on such endeavors. He brought happiness to the people, and numerous commoners built ceremonial plaques on their altars as a way to show their gratitude towards him.

    Many ordinary cultivators admired Sword Immortal Qin greatly too.

    Although there were two Paramount realm sword immortals at present, one being Qin Yun and the other being Sword Tower's Cui Lianfeng, all the ordinary cultivators in the world respected Qin Yun more!

    "All of them have scruples for various reasons but can't they see that countless humans are suffering?" Qin Yun was flying amid a blinding sword beam.

    He lived in a village when he was young. He had seen the way fiendish demons brought immense misery onto humans. Now, all he needed to do was make a quick trip to slay a powerful fiendish demon and he could end the suffering the of the land's commoners. He was naturally willing to do so!

    There were other Connate Golden Core cultivators that abhorred evil; however, fiendish demons that dared to entrench themselves in an area would typically have extremely powerful life-preservation abilities. Even Connate Golden Core cultivators could not kill them.

    Perhaps an existence at the Paramount realm could accomplish that! But there were too few people at the Paramount realm. Most of them were busy attempting to step into the Dao for immortality.

    Also, 'bullying the weak' could be done but the fiendish demons had existences at the Paramount realm too! After the weak were bullied, the Paramount realm great fiendish demons would likely seek revenge on humans! Humans at the Paramount realm mostly came from large clans. They viewed mortal commoners like they viewed ants. They were more concerned about their own benefits and their longevity. Some had too many scruples and some did not wish to make too many enemies.

    But Qin Yun remained unyielding!

    Those that wreaked havoc had to be killed without question! As a result, the great fiendish demons of the world were in a dilemma as well. Over the past three years, there were Paramount realm great fiendish demons that tried to deal with Qin Yun but no one could do a thing against Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash.

    "Unfortunately, there are just so many fiendish demons that I can't solve the problem." Qin Yun shook his head. "For example, demons like Nine Mountain Island Lord and Matron Centaurea. Even if I fought them one-on-one, it would be difficult for me to kill them. And those with strong life-preservation means and those that hide in their lairs are particularly hard to deal with."

    "Over the past three years, I have killed some powerful fiendish demons. Others that have a good information network would immediately flee to pledge allegiance under great fiendish demons."

    "To truly get rid of those great fiendish demons, I will have to wait till I step into the Dao."

    If he could step into the Dao, Qin Yun would definitely be able to take out the entrenched great fiendish demons in many parts of the world. He did not care if he had many enemies. As long as the children of the world could be spared from the misery he felt back in his childhood, and countless young girls were not eaten like his sister, Qin Yun felt that it would be worth it. Qin Yun felt that, compared to those cultivators that disregarded their lives to withstand the demon horde at the northern borders, what he did was very ordinary.



    Grand Dominance's Qin Manor. A beam plummeted straight into Qin Manor.

    "Brother Yun." Yi Xiao hurriedly came to him. She had already entered the Connate True Core realm.

    "Xiaoxiao." Qin Yun immediately smiled when he landed.

    "Did you rid the great demon from Mystic Port Island?" asked Yi Xiao.

    "Yea, my sword has slain many fiendish demons but I never expected him to dare wreak havoc," said Qin Yun.

    Yi Xiao said with a smile, "That great demon at Mystic Port Island is just an itinerant fiendish demon, and doesn't hail from the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons; therefore, he did not receive any warnings about you. Furthermore, a cultivation seclusion can last a year or two, so he probably did not hear of your modus operandi... Brother Yun, you began to wipe out fiends three years ago. In a few more years, probably all the great fiendish demons in the world will know about the way you handle things. In that case, it will only invite trouble on our Qin family."

    "I'll be alive for five hundred years. Those great fiendish demons would not dare to provoke me," said Qin Yun. "It's already considered a long time if a family clan can thrive for five centuries. As for what happens after five hundred years, I'll do my best to put precautions in place. Besides, it might even be possible for me to create a formulation to condense an Essence Soul."

    "Definitely." Yi Xiao nodded.

    "By the way, I plan on entering seclusion in a few days," said Qin Yun.

    "Seclusion?" Yi Xiao was astounded. "Brother Yun, do you plan on..."

    Qin Yun nodded. "I have already made the sufficient preparations. It's about time to break through into the Connate Golden Core realm."

    After coming out of Scenic Yang Immortal Abode, he had a large number of treasures. He naturally made it a point to furnish the Qin family's cultivation chambers to be excellent. There were many array formations that gathered the world's spiritual energies. Cultivating in the chamber was a lot faster! The reason why Yi Xiao was already at the Connate True Core realm was also partially due to this. Of course, it was also because she had grasped the implications of the Heavenly Dao.

    Qin Yun, for instance, even though he had the chamber's array formations helping him, he would have taken a decade to reach the Connate Golden Core if he were only at the sword intent domain level!

    But now, he was at the Paramount realm. Be it the cultivation of his flying sword or the pure sword immortal Quintessential Essence, it went a lot faster. After three years, it was about time to make the breakthrough.
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