Chapter 218: Azure Wing Demon Kings Despair

    Chapter 218: Azure Wing Demon King's Despair

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    At the bow of the boat, Qin Yun looked up and took in the beautiful scenery. However, the view was soon ruined by demonic auras that shot into the sky from the depths of the mountains up ahead. Commoners did not dare pass by this spot on boat. They would rather go around the area through other rivers because everyone knew that a terrifying great demon lurked there.

    "Qin Yun, I have no feud with you, nor do I have any intention of make you my enemy. If you stand down, I, Azure Wing, will remember this favor of yours." The world seemed to be producing a deep and majestic voice that resonated within Azure Wing Gorge.

    "You wish to gain my favor but then countless commoners would suffer even more," said Qin Yun as he stood there and observed the array formation. His voice echoed throughout the valley. "To me, it's best if great fiendish demons like you fear me."

    "It is not easy for us to cultivate. Are you really going to risk your life by fighting me for those ant-like mortals?" The voice rumbled through the world.

    "Those meager tricks of yours cannot threaten me." Qin Yun chuckled.

    "What impudence!"

    An angry cry followed.

    The surrounding slow river flow was agitated abruptly by of the array formations' powers. Six gigantic black snakes appeared out from the water and each of them swam through the air extremely fast. They possessed terrifying might as they began attacking the boat from all sides.

    "Black Snake Array?" Qin Yun stood at the bow of the boat as a flying sword flew out from his sleeve. In an instant, it coruscated several times and vanquished the black snakes completely.

    "What? How can the Black Snake Array pose no threat and be instantly cracked? Previously, that dragon lady took seven or eight attacks to crack it." Azure Wing Demon King, who was watching from the mountain, was surprised. Other than preserving his life, his lair's array formations could be used to counterattack! His Azure Wing Gorge's most famous counterattack array formation was the Black Snake Array. Under his control, its strength was extraordinary.

    "Is that all you got?" Qin Yun stood at the bow of the boat and looked up at the distant towering mountain.


    The gray and blurry Seven Kills Sword that destroyed the six black snakes instantly flew towards the sky and headed for the mountain.

    To Qin Yun, using the first-grade Seven Kills Sword against his enemy was a form of respect. After all, at the level of immortals and fiendcelestials, one would typically use first-grade Dharma treasures if they lacked an intrinsic Dharma treasure. As for the Dharmic powers' expenditure of the Seven Kills Sword, it was nothing worth mentioning for the present Qin Yun.

    "What, a direct attack?"

    "Why is he doing it so crudely?"

    The Black Turtle Palace cultivators that were riding clouds a distance away gaped in shock. Everyone knew that Azure Wing Demon King was a great fiendish demon at the intent domain realm! In his lair, even existences at the Paramount realm could not kill him.

    Therefore, the Black Turtle Palace cultivators had believed that Qin Yun invited them to clean up the mess because he had some confidence! He probably had some particularly unique plan such as using poison. Or perhaps, he was colluding with someone from the inside?

    But all they saw now was Qin Yun sending out one flying sword!


    Azure Wing Demon King phased his body and instantly became hundreds of feet tall. He was covered with a layer of azure-colored scales and azure-colored wings spread out behind him. His body suffused a black fiendish aura.

    He also cultivated a Fiendbody and was naturally powerful at close combat.

    "You are trying to storm through the array formation with brute force?" Azure Wing Demon King's yellow pupils were filled with scorn. "I might be a little afraid of you outside but why should I fear you inside my own array formation?"


    Azure Wing Demon King instantly drew his saber.

    The saber was several hundred feet long and the array formations' powers gathered on it, forming blinding saber flashes that extended thousands of feet. The saber flashes were massive, like towering mountains as they struck at the flying sword that approached.

    The Seven Kills Sword streaked through the sky and entered the demonic lair. Qin Yun commanded it with his mind and the flying sword's might increased exponentially.

    "Boom!" The earth itself quaked as the surrounding Heaven and Earth powers condensed sword flashes in response. More than a hundred sword flashes fused with the flying sword, turning into a blinding sword flash that resembled a swimming dragon. Compared to Azure Wing Demon King's domineering and mighty saber flashes, Qin Yun's flying sword beam was more restrained.

    At the instant the two parties clashed, the thousand-foot-long saber flash shattered instantly, revealing the battle saber's true form.

    Azure Wing Demon King was sent flying thousands of feet back after being struck by the immense momentum. He crashed into a mountain peak behind him, causing the mountain to rumble. Parts of it even collapsed.

    "Pfft." Azure Wing Demon King vomited a mouthful of blood as his eyes filled with shock and fear.

    "I have the array formations augmenting me. Why can't I block his attacks?" Azure Wing Demon King found it unbelievable. However, he clearly felt the immense might contained in the flying sword that overwhelmed him during the clash from before.


    The dragon-like sword beam had already entered the demonic lair.

    Although it was obstructed by layers of array formations, Qin Yun was forcibly cracking it with overwhelming strength. The array formations were unable to veer Qin Yun's flying sword and were barely able to even impede it, weakening it by twenty to thirty percent.

    It was very easy for an array formation to weaken momentum. For example, a flying sword's strength would naturally reduce while underwater due to the impediment of the water. By the same logic, an array formation might not be able to completely ward off an attack but it could impede the flying sword and reduce its strength.

    But Azure Wing Demon King was still unable to withstand the strike even after it was weakened by twenty to thirty percent.

    "It's coming."

    Azure Wing Demon King held his battle saber as his yellow pupils filled with madness. With his many array formations augmenting him, he proceeded forward maniacally to receive the attack.

    "It's impossible for existences at the Paramount realm to kill me when I'm inside the array formations. Impossible!" Azure Wing Demon King swung his saber with all his might to receive the strike. The saber flash was so mighty that even the remnant blasts injured many lesser demons. However, Azure Wing Demon King no longer cared about them.

    "Ah, flee for your lives."

    "Quick, dodge!"

    The lesser demons scattered amid the chaos. They tried to hide as far away as they could. The remnant blasts from a battle at that level could annihilate them easily.

    The massive Azure Wing Demon King that stood hundreds of feet tall brandished his saber with all his strength but it appeared clumsy and laughable in front of the blinding dragon-like sword flash.

    Boom! Boom!

    The flying sword beam continued its relentless assault.

    Azure Wing Demon King brandished his battle saber twice consecutively but the sword beam was too fast and unpredictable the third time. Azure Wing Demon King's saber missed, allowing the sword beam to instantly penetrate his body.

    "Ah!" Azure Wing Demon King immediately cried out in pain.

    He cultivated in a Fiendbody so he naturally had tenacious vital strength.

    "This flying sword is too fast. It's very demanding for me to stop it. I can block it twice but I can't block it a third time." Azure Wing Demon King felt a horrific unease.

    Qin Yun's flying sword was far more esoteric than Azure Wing Demon King's means.

    Now, with the purplish-gold Golden Core Dharmic powers, it was just as profound but also much faster and stronger! The difficulty needed to fend off its attack had naturally risen. The reason why he could even block it twice was that the array formations had affected its speed.

    "Swoosh." The sword beam tore through Azure Wing Demon King's back and curved a distance away before it came back for another strike.

    "I can't allow this to continue." The wounds on his body healed but Azure Wing Demon King was horrified. "A few more strikes and I'm dead."



    As Azure Wing Demon King controlled the array formation to block the attack with all his might, he flapped his wings and rapidly tore through the sky.

    His flying arts were extremely impressive.

    "He's escaping."

    "Azure Wing Demon King is escaping."

    The Black Turtle Palace cultivators watching from afar were astounded. They saw a massive figure fly out and its massive azure-colored wings blocked out the mountain. With a reverberation, it tore through the sky and transformed into a dot across the distant horizons.

    He fled and abandoned his lair?

    He didn't even care about the lair's array formations! Clearly, the array formations could not withstand Qin Yun.

    "How is it possible? Azure Wing Demon King cannot be killed by someone at the Paramount realm when he's protected by his lair's array formations."

    "However, Qin Yun's flying sword flew right in and, with a few strikes, sent Azure Wing Demon King fleeing?" The Black Turtle Palace cultivators were stupefied. Many cultivators even had a thought rise up in their minds. "Existences at the Paramount realm can't do that. Could Qin Yun no longer be at the Paramount realm?"


    The spectators were shocked.

    Qin Yun showed no mercy.

    "Do you think you can escape?" With a thought from Qin Yun, a sword beam that resembled a swimming dragon bolted into the sky and tore through the sky in pursuit.

    Sword immortals were capable of destroying all Dharma with a single sword. They were best at attacking!

    The flying sword's speed itself was a very important aspect. It also had a long range and even if a sword immortal remained still, the flying sword could pursue hundreds of kilometers, resulting in the tremendous awe a sword immortal inspired.

    To compete in speed with Qin Yun's flying sword?

    There were only a handful of beings in the world capable of doing so and that list clearly did not include Azure Wing Demon King.

    "No good, it's chasing up to me." Azure Wing Demon King turned his head and saw the sword beam already behind him. Without his lair's array formation impeding it, the flying sword's might was more obvious. It was stronger, faster, more ferocious, and more unpredictable. Azure Wing Demon King did not have any confidence in blocking it. This made him feel a sense of despair. "I, Azure Wing, have reigned for a thousand years. Am I going to die at Qin Yun's hand today?"
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