Chapter 219: He must have stepped into the Dao!

    Chapter 219: He must have stepped into the Dao!

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    Azure Wing Demon King suddenly halted in midair and instantly turned, brandishing his saber. A saber flash filled with bloodlust hummed as it blocked the flying sword.

    "Master, save me! Save me!" Azure Wing Demon King contacted his master through his transmission treasure. His master was a fiendcelestial from the Boor Ancestral Sect.

    "Save you? Where are you?" inquired the fiendcelestial.

    "I'm at Azure Wing Gorge," replied Azure Wing Demon King anxiously.

    "Who is capable of killing you at Azure Wing Gorge?"

    "It's Qin Yun! Sword Immortal Qin is extremely powerful. I can't even defend against him inside of my array formations. He must have stepped into the Dao! He has entered the Dao!" Azure Wing Demon King replied with a voice transmission hysterically.

    "Qin Yun has stepped into the Dao?" His master was alarmed. "Are you sure?"


    Azure Wing Demon King already found it difficult to fend off the flying sword under the augmentation of his array formations. Now, with the flying sword attacking him outside, it was much faster, more unpredictable, and profounder than before. Azure Wing Demon King's frantic strike from his saber missed completely.

    A reverberating hum followed as the Seven Kills Sword directly tore through Azure Wing Demon King's chest, ripping open a gigantic bloody hole. His bones and flesh were instantly pulverized.

    "Thankfully I moved my heart away." Azure Wing Demon King was still reeling in fear.


    The Seven Kills Sword brushed across him once more, cleaving apart half of Azure Wing Demon King's body. A portion of his flesh was ground into nothingness but soon, flesh and bone began to rapidly grow from his wounds, healing them. Although Azure Wing Demon King had moved his vital heart elsewhere to avoid the strikes, his lifeforce was being depleted rapidly. He knew that he would die from having his lifeforce completely drained after a few more strikes.

    "Qin Yun, spare me! Spare me and I'll tell you a huge secret." Azure Wing Demon King sent the Seven Kills Sword a voice transmission. As the attacks were coming in fast and furious, he had no time to vocalize it slowly.

    "What's the secret?" The Seven Kills Sword halted by the side.

    "A treasure, a mysterious treasure," said Azure Wing Demon King with a voice transmission. "It's definitely not inferior to a first-grade Dharma treasure. It might even match a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure."

    "Speak." The Dharmic powers contained within the Seven Kills Sword sent Qin Yun's voice transmission.

    "You have to swear on your parents and wife's lives that you will not harm me at all and let me off if I tell you," said Azure Wing Demon King with a frantic voice transmission. "I'll tell you only after you make that vow. If not, I'll take it to my grave and that treasure will remain something you'll never be able to find."


    The Seven Kills Sword transformed into a dragon-like beam that flashed past Azure Wing Demon King's body. This time, other sword flashes also inundated Azure Wing Demon King, shredding the heart he was carefully protecting. There was no other way for it to happen. The flying sword beam that Qin Yun cast was too large. It was a beam formed from hundreds of sword flashes and it was a hundred feet wide. There was nowhere for Azure Wing Demon King to hide his heart.

    "No-" Azure Wing Demon King stared with widened eyes as his heart was shattered. "Does he not care about treasure at all?"

    Azure Wing Demon King only knew that the jade bottle was odd but, in order to survive, he claimed that it was a first-grade Dharma treasure or a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure.

    "You want me to swear on my family's lives?" Qin Yun burned with killing intent. Azure Wing Demon King's body began returning to its true form. It was a gigantic mantis demon.


    Standing on the boat, Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, and Ao Xue looked into the distant horizon.

    As they watched the mountain-like mantis corpse plummet to the ground, they felt a mix of emotions.

    "This is the first great fiendish demon at the intent domain realm that I have killed," thought Qin Yun. Previously, he had killed Temple Lord Ruyi and Valley Lord Windhark but they were only ordinary great fiendish demons. Apart from having weaker strength and life preservation means, Azure Wing Demon King was a fiendish demon at the same level as Nine Mountain Island Lord. He was one of the higher ranking ones among the Boor Ancestral Sect's great fiendish demons.

    "Great," said Yi Xiao. "You did a great job killing him! Brother Yun, I wanted to kill this great fiendish demon after seeing how countless people and their families suffered under him. Unfortunately, I lack the strength."

    "Qin Yun, you are indeed a lot stronger than me," said Ao Xue with a smile.

    And on the other side.

    In midair, The Black Turtle Palace cultivators were completely dumbfounded.

    The massive mantis corpse left them in a daze.

    "That Azure Wing Demon King has finally died?" There were even cultivators that teared up. "He's finally dead. The... The day of his death has actually come! I always thought there would never be a chance for revenge."

    "The darn Azure Wing Demon King is finally dead. Haha, it's great that he's dead."

    "This Qin Yun is way too powerful."

    Azure Wing Demon King had wreaked havoc for more than a thousand years in the surrounding counties.

    Many of the local cultivators had feuds with him! However, they saw no hope and had long abandoned the thought of seeking revenge.

    "Impressive. Sword Immortal Qin cracked the array formation with overwhelming force. His flying sword barged through the array formation and caused Azure Wing Demon King to flee in panic. And before he could escape too far, he was rapidly slain by the flying sword," said the goateed man wistfully. "With that strength, does it mean he has really stepped into the Dao?"


    The Inspector Heavenly Alliance's Heaven-Inspecting Mirror was constantly monitoring the world so the battle in the skies above the Cloud Prefecture's Azure Wing Gorge was naturally detected by it.


    Inside the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror's hall, two Daoists responsible for manning the area watched the battle scenes in astonishment.

    "A flying sword barged through the array formation and in two or three strikes frightened Azure Wing Demon King enough to make him escape. Then he was killed before he could escape far?" The two Daoists looked at each other.

    "Azure Wing Demon King is a great fiendish demon at the intent domain realm. He was at an utter disadvantage despite being in his lair. Could Sword Immortal Qin have stepped into the Dao?"

    It was a very ordinary conjecture.

    Although stepping into the Dao was very difficult, there were people who managed to do so every generation. For example, there was the human reverend from Mahākāśyapa Monastery before Qin Yun. There was also the great fiendish demon in the northern lands. Both of them had stepped into the Dao.


    Cultivating a purplish-gold Golden Core was much more improbable.

    Of course, there were disparities among those who had stepped into the Dao. Many of those who stepped into the Dao grasped a superficial Dao, and that was relatively weaker. It was even difficult for some of them to condense an Essence Soul to become immortal.

    If the Dao they grasped was powerful, it would be easy to become immortal.

    For example, the Dao Elder Sword grasped was too powerful. If the lineage of sword immortals had a Dharmic formulation to condense an Essence Soul, Elder Sword could have rapidly become an immortal with his foundations! Even though he failed to become immortal, he was able to leapfrog a level and kill a fiendcelestial with his terrifying Dao.

    "He reached the Paramount realm only a few years ago but he's already stepped into the Dao?"

    "Let's quickly report the matter."

    The two Daoists did not dare hesitate any further. They immediately reported the matter to the upper echelons of the Inspector Heavenly Alliance.


    "His Majesty is dead."

    "His Majesty..."

    Many lesser demons in Azure Wing Gorge watched the gigantic mantis corpse plummet. They could not help but reel in shock before they scattered chaotically. They fled frenetically in all directions.

    Whoosh. A flying sword rapidly returned with the treasures Azure Wing Demon King left behind from a distance away. On the way back, the flying sword disassembled into seven flying swords. Elder Sword's Seven Kills Sword could transform into seven second-grade flying swords. Apart from the sword bringing the treasures back to Qin Yun, the other six flying swords swooped down to attack the tens of thousands of demons. They mainly targeted the great demons at the Connate realm.

    "No good! The flying swords are coming!" The six flying swords attacked, and many of the once-cunning great demons were shuddering in fear.


    Six flying swords whistled over. As the array's master was dead, the demon lair's array formations were drastically reduced in strength. The six flying swords easily flew past great demons, robbing them of their lives.

    About thirty seconds later, the six flying swords carried a pile of treasures to the boat. Qin Yun stood at the bow and easily stored them away. The six flying swords continued circling his wrist before transforming into a bracelet. The Seven Kills Sword was normally worn as seven beads.

    "Strange. Among the treasures left behind by Azure Wing Demon King, the most valuable item is a second-grade Dharma treasure." Qin Yun secretly pondered. "But before, when he pleaded for mercy, he tried to entice me with the huge secret of a treasure that was not inferior to a first-grade Dharma treasure. It could even be a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure. When the six flying swords blasted through his lair, I did not detect any powerful treasures in the vicinity through my flying swords."

    "Xiaoxiao, I'm going up to take a look. I'll be back in a while," said Qin Yun to his wife.

    "Alright." Yi Xiao was feeling very happy as she beamed.


    Qin Yun transformed into a beam as he shot straight for the demon lair.

    "That Sword Immortal Qin is here!" Many demons were horrified.

    However, Qin Yun landed on a mountain, where he observed his surroundings and released his sword intent domain to probe the area.

    As he strolled around, he flew from one mountain to another, easily visiting more than ten mountains that surrounded the core area. His sword intent domain reached as far as a thousand feet and the shorter mountains were only a thousand feet tall or so. His sword intent domain could easily scan the major caves.

    "There's nothing." Qin Yun stood on a mountain's peak and frowned slightly. "I can't seem to find the powerful treasure that Azure Wing Demon King mentioned."
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