Chapter 221: A World in Upheaval

    Chapter 221: A World in Upheaval

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    Qin Yun had killed Cloud Prefecture's great fiendish demon, Azure Wing Demon King, who had dominated Azure Wing Gorge for more than a thousand years! This news spread at an astonishing speed, quickly making its way to all nineteen prefectures of the world. It even reached the northern lands and the Four Seas. Humans, fiendish demons, Water race... experts from various factions were shocked when they learned the news. Many great fiendish demons were horrified.

    Humans had only one existence that had stepped into the Dao in the present era. He was the monk, Sacred Reverend Dharvana from Mahākāśyapa Monastery. However, he was only good at close combat. His flying arts were far inferior to a flying sword! Secondly, Sacred Reverend Dharvana had entered perpetual seclusion in a dedicated bid to enter the Arhat realm to attain immortality.

    Qin Yun was different. He was a sword immortal and there was no hope for him to gain immortality! In addition, he showed no mercy to fiendish demons. He would even go as far as pursuing them to their deaths.


    "Leave quickly."

    In many parts of the world, great fiendish demons did not hesitate to take their treasures with them as they abandoned their lairs.

    "Younglings, I will be returning to the sacred palace for cultivation from this day forth. All of you should disperse. That Sword Immortal Qin might storm this area and when he doesn't find me, he could wipe out all of you in passing. Take off, all of you." A great fiendish demon informed the demons under him before riding a black wind to head straight for Snow Prefecture's Golden Royal Palace. The Golden Royal Palace sounded lofty and orthodox but it belonged to one of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons.


    The birth of a sword immortal that had stepped into the Dao influenced the world greatly.

    Especially because this sword immortal that had stepped into the Dao was one who would pursue great fiendish demons everywhere in the world! There were crazy sword immortals that had stepped into the Dao previously in history. For example, Elder Sword was one of those that was rather crazy. He had even stormed several sects and fiendish demon factions to rob them of their manuals. However, Qin Yun's ruthlessness was solely aimed at great fiendish demons. He showed them no mercy. The hands of these great fiendish demons were stained with the blood of the countless humans they terrorized.

    Qin Yun would not show any mercy once he had the chance to kill them.

    "Nicely done of Qin Yun."

    Qin Prefecture, Imperial Capital. Inside the royal palace.

    Human Emperor was leisurely drawing in a pavilion as he listened to the Head Eunuch's report. He could not help but smile and praise him. "Since he is capable of such feats, he must have stepped into the Dao. He did take a few moves to kill Azure Wing Demon King so it is unlikely that his Dao is very powerful. However, fiendish demons in the Paramount realm... are probably all reeling in fear! There are only so many great fiendish demons in the Paramount realm. And only a few of those are on land! From this day forth, all great fiendish demons below the Paramount realm might be returning to their sects to hide."

    "In that case, the lesser demons would no longer have someone to rely on. They can only scatter and hide. The commoners would lead much better lives." Human Emperor felt wistful. "Although this Qin Yun will incur the hate of many great fiendish demons upon himself and his family, he has benefited all the commoners in the world."

    Human Emperor was the absolute leader of the Godfiend lineage. He ruled over the entire world and was recognized by all as one of the most terrifying existences in the world.

    But Human Emperor appeared ordinary at that moment. He lacked might and appeared mortal.

    "It is the good fortune of countless commoners that Qin Yun shows no mercy to fiendish demons," said the Head Eunuch with a smile.

    "He has stepped into the Dao and is willing to lose all decorum with fiendish demons. He even crazily pursues fiendish demons to kill them. He's unafraid of any backlash. This only occurs occasionally in history," said Human Emperor. "Every time such a person appears, it benefits the commoners. For several centuries, human commoners lead good lives. In fact, I would like to do so too but there are heavenly rules I have to abide by. I'm unable to directly interfere in these matters."

    "How wise of Your Majesty. Before the dynasty was established, the northern demon horde would frequently invade the central plains to wreak havoc. And now, our Great Chang empire has completely fended off the northern demon horde. Your Majesty's merits are limitless," said the Head Eunuch immediately.

    "Haha, Ah Fu, all you know is to say something pleasing to the ears," commented Human Emperor. "Regardless, Qin Yun's actions will indeed lead to the saving of countless commoners. He will have great merits conferred on him by the heavens! Unfortunately, the sword immortal lineage doesn't have a way to condense an Essence Soul. If there was, with his talent, he would definitely become an immortal."

    The Head Eunuch said with a smile, "For the sake of countless mortals, perhaps the inability for Sword Immortal Qin to become immortal is for the best."

    "That's true."

    Human Emperor nodded slightly. "Him not becoming immortal, it is indeed better for mortals."

    Becoming immortal meant being restrained by the heavenly rules.


    Across the world, great fiendish demons fled. There were too few fiendish demons at the Paramount realm and most of them were Water fiendish demons! There were only seven continental Paramount realm great fiendish demons. Among the seven, three of them kept low profiles and cultivated in secret. The other four arrogantly occupied an area and made themselves hegemons, kings, or patriarchs. Countless demons subordinated themselves under them.

    Even these four were somewhat troubled! They might be safe their lairs but did that mean they would have to hide in their lairs forever?

    Therefore, two out of the four fiendish demons fled back to their sects.


    It was very rare to see even one true great fiendish demon in the world.


    Benefiting countless commoners augmented one with tremendous merit.

    If one could see the light bestowed by providence or merit, they would be able to see it rise and shine brightly on Qin Yun. Furthermore, it would constantly grow with time. The longer he lived, the more he benefited the commoners. The accrued merit he had would naturally increase.

    "Nine Mountain Island."

    Qin Yun was rushing east at the fastest possible speed with his Beam Transformation Art.

    Light from providence, merit?

    Qin Yun did not pay much attention to those. After all, strength was key. His strength was destined to make him reign supreme throughout the world. As for creating a Dharmic formulation to condense an Essence Soul? The difficulty was too high. It was more difficult than perfecting the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma like Ancestral Master Zhang did in the past. Not a single sword immortal in history had succeeded in doing so.

    He could do as he pleased regardless of the amount of merit. Those fiendish demons that inflicted misery on humans had to die!

    From Qin Yun's point of view, why couldn't humans and demons live peacefully? The Heavenly Demon Palace was a representative of the demon faction. Didn't it coexist with humans perfectly fine? Wasn't it the same with the Four Seas Dragon race? Among the populace, there were demons such as the dog demon, Qian Bao, that was willing to give up his life for his owner. There were humans and demons who fell in love and had children. Humans and demons could definitely coexist peacefully.

    So why did some fiendish demons like to eat humans and treat humans no different from beasts?

    In those cases, they had to be killed! All those fiendish demons would be wiped out.

    Fiendish demons had fiendcelestials backing them. If they were Other Realm Fiendcelestials? That resulted in humans having to ally with the Four Seas Dragon race and Heavenly Demon Palace to deal with them. Regardless, he would put in his best. How much strength he possessed would imply what he could do.


    Jiang Prefecture, Cloud Prefecture. On Nine Mountain Island.

    In a deep and dark cavern on the island, there was a chamber for seclusion.

    "Nine Mountain, you must quickly return! That Qin Yun has a vendetta against you. He will definitely not spare you. Although your life-preservation methods are powerful, it's not guaranteed that you can survive Qin Yun's flying sword. Quickly return to Cloudfiend Mountain and cultivate in peace. If you can attain the Paramount realm, with you having a mountain as your true form, there will be nothing you need to fear in the future."

    "Master, let me consider it a little more." The black-robed Nine Mountain Island Lord had a complicated look in his eyes under his blood-colored brows.

    "You are still considering? With Qin Yun's flying arts, it wouldn't take long for him to arrive from Cloud Prefecture's Azure Wing Gorge!"

    "Let me consider it a little more."

    Nine Mountain Island Lord cut the transmission.

    He sat cross-legged in silence. He took out a fiendcelestial figurine that had dozens of arms and faces on both sides.

    "My true body is a towering mountain..."

    "This makes me extremely powerful early on but eventually, it becomes tougher to cultivate. Anything I learn is learned slowly and any cogitation is slow as well. According to the Other Realm Fiendcelestial, it's because I'm a mountain! Mountains are meant to be extremely calm. Cultivation would naturally be extremely slow." Nine Mountain Island Lord thought to himself. "This towering mountain shackles me. Do I really have to free myself from these shackles? Do I have to abandon my true mountain body?"

    "I thought I still had time and did not need to rush it. Who knew that Qin Yun would make a breakthrough so quickly?"

    "Forget it. After cultivating arduously, I feel that there's no chance for me to reach the Paramount realm. In that case, I might as well risk it!"

    Nine Mountain Island Lord looked at the fiendcelestial figurine in his hand.


    He activated the fiendcelestial figurine.

    "Boom!" The space behind the fiendcelestial figurine distorted as a rift opened up. Through the rift in the void, he could barely see a portion of the Other Realm Fiendcelestial's head.

    "Nine Mountain," said the Other Realm Fiendcelestial. "Is there something you need?"

    "Fiendcelestial, I agree to whatever you said previously." Nine Mountain Island nodded. "I will abandon my true body and offer my body to you. However, you have to give me a new body as you previously promised me."

    "Hahaha..." The Other Realm Fiendcelestial guffawed. His mouth opened wide, revealing the teeth that appeared as indestructible as Dharma treasures. "Very good. A mountain body does have its advantages but it also has its flaws. It's too slow to cultivate with one! An excellent body allows for easier cultivation. Your cultivation is only slow because it is restricted by your body despite you having high comprehension ability."

    "I will give you a Possession Spell too. The body is born out of the Sanguine Sea Fiend Embryo. During the gestation period, I will wipe its intelligence, making it a body of pure flesh that lacks a soul. There will be no danger in possessing it. Your cultivation in the fiendcelestial lineage Dharmic formulations will progress at breakneck speeds," said the Other Realm Fiendcelestial.


    Following that, a weak body wrapped in black light forcibly penetrated the void's obstruction. Thankfully, it was the weakest and smallest body that had not yet cultivated. The price of letting it tunnel through the void was something the Other Realm Fiendcelestial could afford.

    The black-robed Nine Mountain Island Lord looked at the black light dissipate. In front of him was an infant's body.

    "I'll abandon my mountain body and take the risk. I will have memories of my cultivation realms, so I believe I can regain my strength very quickly." Nine Mountain Island Lord looked at the baby as he thought to himself.
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