Chapter 226: His Reputation Preceded Him

    Chapter 226: His Reputation Preceded Him

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    The middle-aged man's heart palpitated.

    Years ago, he was one of the Black Turtle Palace disciples that watched the battle in which Qin Yun killed Azure Wing Demon King! However, he was only an ordinary Connate True Core realm cultivator at the time. He wasn't even an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador. He lacked the ability to grasp how profound and terrifying Qin Yun's flying sword arts were. He reached the Connate Golden Core realm two years after he obtained the jade bottle.

    When he used fiendcelestial methods, his combat strength could match those at the Paramount realm. Coupled with the many amazing techniques the jade bottle was capable of, he led a high and mighty life in an invincible manner.

    Now, the jade bottle was telling him 'hide as far away from him as possible! Don't go courting death!' It truly chilled his heart.

    "That's right. Jade Bottle isn't omnipotent."

    "Leave quickly." The middle-aged man left behind some silver and immediate cast a Divine Concealment Spell before leaving the tea restaurant.

    He quickly departed the area.

    The middle-aged man said disgruntledly, "I have to destroy the Ximen family. Even if Qin Yun is here, I still want them destroyed. Jade Bottle, do you have any solutions?"

    "Sigh, what's most important for you now is to leave Yanglai County and hide far away," persuaded Jade Bottle.

    "Do you have any solutions?" pressed the middle-aged man.

    "If you are bent on tormenting the Ximen family to death, let's do it this way. Once Qin Yun comes within fifteen hundred meters of us, I'll be able to sense him! You have to maintain a distance of at least fifteen hundred meters from him at all times," said Jade Bottle. "Once I sense him, you have to immediately distance yourself."

    "Alright." The middle-aged man's eyes lit up.


    The Jade Bottle secretly grumbled. "In the past, that mantis demon was too cautious. He was extremely wary of me. This human cultivator is easy to influence but he is inclined towards insanity. While being trapped in this bottle, I'm at my weakest. It's during this time when I should keep a low profile the most."

    There were benefits to his flaws. As the middle-aged man was inclined to taking insane risks, he was easily influenced by Jade Bottle. Jade Bottle gained many benefits from this dynamic and expedited its escape from the bottle.

    "I have been sealed since ancient times. Thankfully, the seal has been gradually wearing out and, with external help, I have accelerated the damage. It won't be too much longer before I can escape." Jade Bottle anticipated the moment. "But for now, I still have to make use of him."


    Yanglai County City.

    Qin Yun had traveled all the main streets of the city and probed with his sword intent domain carefully; yet, he did not discover the great fiendish demon. Instead, he saw some Ximen family clansmen that went insane in the face of death. There were two that were lost in hysteria like Ximen Cheng. They acted in an unbridled manner and had caused the deaths of many. Qin Yun naturally killed the two of them in passing.

    "I didn't find it." Qin Yun frowned slightly and shook his head gently. "I'll first go to the Ximen family to take a look. It clearly has the strength to severely injure Yin Lihuo, making it capable of wiping out the entire Ximen family. But it hasn't done so. Instead, it kills up to a hundred clansmen a day. It is slowly killing them... making this a deliberate attempt to torment the Ximen family. It would not have done so unless there is some huge vendetta."

    Qin Yun pondered over the matter as he headed for the Ximen family manor.

    As for the Ximen family, it received Ximen Cheng's corpse.

    "Young Master Cheng is dead too?" The clansmen were alarmed.


    Ximen Zhen and company were in the front yard when they saw the corpse being carried in. Once it was discovered to be Ximen Cheng's corpse, a senior from the clan rushed over. Even the family head, Ximen Zhen, rushed over since Ximen Cheng was his grandson.

    "This is..."

    "He isn't sucked dry of his flesh and blood."

    The clansmen were all astonished.

    Ximen Zhen was appalled too. Yin Liehuo had come to investigate the matter with his junior brother.

    "What happened? Who killed Cheng'er?" Ximen Zhen immediately looked at the guards that brought the corpse back.

    "It was sword Qi. The killer is likely an expert that has knocked open the gate of immortality, very possibly a Connate realm cultivator." A clansman made the judgment immediately.

    "What lawlessness! A great fiendish demon is secretly killing my Ximen family clansmen and now there's someone else sneaking an attack on us? Do they really think our Ximen family is that easily bullied?" roared a clansman angrily.

    They were forced to endure the mysterious great fiendish demon, but now there were others that had their sights on the Ximen family?

    "Grandfather, Brother was killed by a Purple-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador," said the white-robed youth immediately.

    Purple-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador?

    There was immediate silence.

    Instead, Yin Liehuo's eyes lit up. He immediately, asked, "Which Inspector Heavenly Ambassador is it?"

    The white-robed youth said under his breath, "He said his name is Qin Yun. He also said he would come to see our Ximen family in a while. He wants to have a chat regarding my brother's defiling of dozens of innocent ladies in the recent days."

    "Qin Yun?" Ximen Zhen revealed a look of delight. "My Ximen family is saved! It's saved!"

    "It's Qin Yun? The number one sword immortal in the world, Qin Yun?"

    "Grand Dominance County's Qin Yun is supposedly invincible. All the great fiendish demons in the world went into hiding because of him."

    "He is here in Yanglai County?"

    "The Ximen family is saved."

    All the clan elders were feeling extremely excited.

    His reputation preceded him.

    Ordinary people might not know much about Qin Yun but any sizable family clan in the world with a good news network would know of the number one sword immortal in the world, Qin Yun! All the great fiendish demons in the world were hiding because of this terrifying sword immortal. It was said that his strength was the greatest in the world.

    "Sword Immortal Qin is here." Yin Lihuo smiled. "Since Sword Immortal Qin is here, there is nothing for your Ximen family to worry anymore."

    Ximen Zhen nodded immediately.

    The talk of the world was that Sword Immortal Qin Yun was the strongest in the world!

    However, the family head of the Ximen family, Ximen Zhen, as well as experts like Yin Lihuo, knew very well that it was an exaggeration! The truth was that Qin Yun was considered invincible only beneath immortals and fiendcelestials! The Sacred Reverend Dharvana from Mahākāśyapa Monastery, who had stepped into the Dao as well, was likely comparable to Qin Yun. However, Qin Yun was capable of killing his enemies with his flying sword a thousand kilometers away, so the fear he struck into the hearts of demons was naturally greater than that of Sacred Reverend Dharvana.

    Which great fiendish demon would not shudder in fear of the thought of being pursued by a flying sword for a thousand kilometers?

    "Sword Immortal Qin will be here later. He abhors evil and will not tolerate evil people." Yin Lihuo shot a glance at Ximen Zhen and said, "Your Ximen family has probably treated the lives of others with utter disregard in recent days, isn't that so?"


    Ximen Zhen immediately whispered, "In the past, those juniors did not dare act in such an unbridled fashion. Or if they did, they would do it in secret, afraid that the family might discover it! But now, with up to a hundred clansmen dying every day... it's true that some clansmen have gone crazy. They act without fear and do whatever they want."

    "Discuss this with Sword Immortal Qin in a while," said Yin Lihuo indifferently.


    Ximen Zhen and the upper echelons of the family, as well as many clansmen, were waiting by the entrance.

    Before Qin Yun arrived, the corpses of another two Ximen family members were brought back. They were people who had utterly disregarded the lives of others. It left the Ximen family members very perturbed.

    "These bunch of good-for-nothings! I hope they did not infuriate Sword Immortal Qin."

    "What should we do if Sword Immortal Qin does not help the Ximen family because of this?"

    "They are a bunch of good-for-nothings. The rest of the clansmen are innocent."

    Everyone discussed fervently. They were feeling quite uneasy.

    The Ximen family had prospered for more than a hundred years. It went from an ordinary family clan with dozens of people to a large family clan with thousands of clansmen! These days, although hundreds had died, more than half of them remained alive! They had a strong desire to continue living.

    Finally, on the streets a distance away, a blue-robed man could be seen walking over.

    As the blue-robed man walked over, his body turned into a blur with each step as he traversed hundreds of feet. In just a few steps, he was at the Ximen family's entrance.

    "Daoist Qin." Yin Lihuo immediately bowed and greeted warmly.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, I greet you on behalf of the Ximen family." Ximen Zhen led by kneeling down. Immediately, a large group of people behind him knelt down. At that moment, only Yin Lihuo and his junior brother were still standing.

    Qin Yun looked at all the kneeling Ximen family members before he said with a frown. "Arise, all of you."

    "Daoist Yin." Qin Yun looked at Yin Lihuo and nodded slightly.

    Only then did all the members of the Ximen family stand up.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, I humbly stand before you as Ximen Zhen. I am in charge of the Ximen family's daily affairs." Ximen Zhen was somewhat terrified. After all, the number one sword immortal in the world was a very famous accolade. Even Patriarch Ximen was far from comparable to the person in front of him. Besides, the person in front of him could save his entire family. "Over the past few days, my Ximen family has been pushed to the brink of destruction. Amid this calamity, some of the family members have gone insane and treated the lives of others with utter disregard. My Ximen family is truly ashamed. We have let down our fellow townsfolk. It further shames my Ximen family that Sword Immortal Qin had to rid them on our behalf. Sword Immortal Qin, do not worry. The victimized townsfolk will definitely be compensated by my Ximen family. Any clansman that harms others and commits crimes will be severely punished. Not one of them will be spared!"

    "Alright. Those that were harmed will be compensated. Those that did evil are not to be spared. I heard that very clearly," said Qin Yun indifferently. "I will get the Inspector Heavenly Alliance to watch your Ximen family."

    "Yes, yes, yes." Ximen Zhen began sweating from his forehead.

    When he heard what Qin Yun said, he immediately made the decision to be more ruthless towards his clansmen.


    Qin Yun nodded.

    Although he had killed three members of the Ximen family that had committed atrocities, it was a large family clan with more than a thousand people. Black sheep were unavoidable. But there were also good people in the family clan who were innocent. For example, Qin Yun had a good impression of the white-robed youth that had stopped Ximen Cheng. Secondly, there was a mysterious great fiendish demon behind all of this! Qin Yun would not spare any great fiendish demon.

    "Daoist Qin, let's talk inside," said Yin Lihuo with a smile. He felt relieved seeing Qin Yun here. No Connate Golden Core cultivator from the Primordial Chaos Sect at present was Qin Yun's match.

    "I just arrived in Yanglai County and am unaware of many matters. Daoist Yin, you have made contact with that great fiendish demon so you should know quite a lot." Qin Yun smiled and nodded. He entered together with Yin Lihuo.

    The clan elders of the Ximen family immediately followed and awaited instructions.
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