Chapter 232: Qin Yun vs Fiendcelestial (Part 1/3)

    Chapter 232: Qin Yun vs Fiendcelestial (Part 1/3)

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    The green arm had smooth skin and five fingers. But what stood out most was the especially sharp fingernails.

    Following the green arm was a head that squeezed out of the bottle. The head was dark green in color and there was a purple scale on its glabella. It had two sharp horns and it emanated a terrifying aura that permeated the entire cave. Furthermore, the scale at its glabella naturally effused a formless fluctuation that seeped into Qin Yun and Yin Lihuo's souls.

    Just after Qin Yun and Yin Lihuo recovered from the jade bottle's blast, they saw the creature crawling out of the jade bottle. They could not help but have a change in expression.

    "It's a fiendcelestial!" Qin Yun and Yin Lihuo felt their hearts palpitate.

    The evil aura made Qin Yun and Yin Lihuo tremble involuntarily.

    That was a disparity stemming from life's natural order. It was an innate, instinctual fear.

    "Ah!" Yin Lihuo held his head and grunted in pain.

    Qin Yun also felt an invisible blast affect his soul. Thankfully, his soul had been strengthened after being nourished by the purplish-gold Golden Core. His resistance was a lot stronger so all he felt was discomfort.

    "Daoist Yin, leave quickly." Qin Yun waved his hand as Dharmic powers carried Yin Lihuo away.

    "Daoist Qin, be careful of this fiendcelestial. It's a lot more terrifying than any fiendcelestial I have previously encountered. It might even be an Other Realm Fiendcelestial." Daoist Yin wore a painful expression as he sent an anxious voice transmission.

    "Hahaha...Hahaha..." The fiendcelestial who had squeezed out an arm and head laughed with a thunderous voice that caused the cave to shake. "I'm out! I'm finally out!"

    The fiendcelestial looked at Qin Yun and Yin Lihuo.

    "How powerful." Qin Yun was alarmed. The fiendcelestial's aura was too terrifying.

    "In a way, my escape is thanks to you two humans." The fiendcelestial looked at Qin Yun and Yin Lihuo. "And since I just came out, I do not wish to taint myself with karma. I will allow both of you to escape."

    "Daoist Qin, we have to leave quickly. This fiendcelestial is a lot stronger than us. Also, he is different from ordinary fiendcelestials. He is definitely an extremely powerful fiendcelestial that has been sealed away for a long time," said Yin Lihuo through a voice transmission. "I feel that he can easily destroy the both of us. He is only sparing us because of the heavenly rules and his unwillingness to be tainted with karma."

    However, Qin Yun showed no fear.

    Kill him?

    He had single-handedly changed the situation in the world. It was he who scared many great fiendish demons into hiding, leading to better days for countless commoners. With such huge positive karma, what immortal or fiendish demon would dare kill him? Those that dared to kill him would only end up dying instantly from the massive karma retaliation.

    The fiendcelestial had gone through such great effort to escape the bottle, so why would he be willing to end in mutual destruction with Qin Yun?

    As he was not afraid, Qin Yun was able to calmly study the situation. After the fiendcelestial's head and arm came out, his entire body gradually squeezed outwards, so that more and more of his body appeared slowly.

    "You are trying to stall for time so that you can fully escape?" Qin Yun's expression changed as he shouted, "Go!"

    He waved his right hand.

    His Intrinsic Flying Sword flew out from his fingertip.

    The scene of a surging tidal wave suddenly appeared. It raged over from the horizon and its roar reached a crescendo as the flying sword's might turned more terrifying! Over the years, Qin Yun had already grasped three Paramount realms. He also gained more powerful sword moves. This move was called Grand Dominance Tide. It was built on Qin Yun's original Lightning Tide foundations. It was finally perfected after watching the Grand Dominance Tide every year.

    The ferocious might of the Misty Rain Sword Art's Grand Dominance Tide seemed to render the world asunder.

    "I permitted you to leave but you didn't." The fiendcelestial suddenly waved his arm and his palm whizzed over. It appeared like a direct attack but in fact, its profundity was far above Qin Yun's flying sword. With a whoosh, it smacked the flying sword, completely stopping it.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword was sent flying from the hit.

    The blast that resulted from the collision rushed at Qin Yun in a material form. Qin Yun used his sword intent domain to immediately obstruct the blast wave.

    "The Heavens have their rules. I do not wish to kill you but if you keep embroiling yourself in this, I will not simply spare you. I will definitely make you suffer. Now, it's best you scram far away," bellowed the fiendcelestial. Killing Qin Yun naturally meant a huge karma penalty, but a simple exchanging of blows was trivial. For instance, Elder Sword had fought several immortals and fiendcelestials in his day.

    "While he is resisting my attacks, the speed at which he comes out from the bottle slows down too." Qin Yun completely ignored the threat. Instead, he was focusing on the fiendcelestial's body that was constantly squeezing out of the bottle.


    Qin Yun waved his hand.

    Whew! Whew! Whew! Whew...

    Four flying swords-Intrinsic Flying Sword, Heavy Sand Sword, Coiling Dust Sword, Wretched Blood Sword-surrounded the fiendcelestial and cast the fastest attack in the Misty Rain Sword Art-Bright Moon Over River.

    River waters surged as four bright moons rose.

    The sword beams resembled dreams.

    Enemies would be immersed in the dream before being struck by the swords.

    "This Qin Yun sure is irritating. He is deliberately attacking me at this crucial moment. I still need to divert attention so that I can fully break the seal." The fiendcelestial was especially enraged. While he resisted the damaged seal in the bottle, he was working hard on squeezing out. At the same time, he had to divert his attention to withstand Qin Yun's flying sword! The might of Qin Yun's flying sword wasn't trivial. It was just barely capable of matching that of immortals.

    The four flying swords attacked together and the fiendcelestial could only use one hand to withstand them. While occupied with the diversion, he finally squeezed out his second arm with great difficulty.

    "He's still coming out slowly. My flying swords can't stop him." Qin Yun frowned. "The Cosmic Bangle is good for sealing and trapping enemies. I should give it a try."

    "Go," commanded Qin Yun.

    The three Cosmic Bangles on his wrist flew out simultaneously as they rapidly expanded into three gigantic black bangles. At the same time, they surrounded the fiendcelestial who was half out of the bottle. When it was surrounded, the three Cosmic Bangles shrank simultaneously to trap it.

    "Get lost." The fiendcelestial waved one of his palms and with a whoosh, the three mighty bangles were sent flying back.

    "Qin Yun, you are provoking me," roared the flying sword. As he withstood the flying swords and the Cosmic Bangle with one hand, his other hand extended towards Qin Yun. His arm expanded rapidly, along with his palm.

    Instantly, the huge palm expanded to the size of half the cave. It swept over in an attempt to grab hold of Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun's expression changed.

    "Cyclic Sword Flash." With a thought, the first-grade flying sword Seven Kills Sword cast the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier to withstand the gigantic palm.

    Simultaneously, the Intrinsic Flying Sword rapidly flew back.

    After some grinding sounds, the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier formed by the Seven Kills Sword lasted only for a moment before shattering under the gigantic palm's strike.

    "Again." The Intrinsic Flying Sword cast the Cyclic Sword Flash in a bid to resist the ensuing attack.

    As the gigantic palm held the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier, the sword flashes trembled but did not instantly crack.

    Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief. "The suppression he emits appears very strong, as though he can crush me with a single finger. But when we truly cross swords, he isn't that ridiculously strong. There is a limit to how much stronger he is than me."

    How could he know?

    This fiendcelestial had been sealed since ancient times. After being imprisoned for so long, its strength had greatly decreased!

    In order to come out, it burnt its blood essence and was weakened once more. At that moment, the fiendcelestial was in an unprecedented state of weakness. Furthermore, he had to divert his attention to resist the seal. The amount of strength he could produce was naturally limited.

    The aura he emitted represented their lives' natural order! But that was all superficial! He was too weak!

    But even in his weakness, the first-grade flying sword's Cyclic Sword Flash failed to resist his attacks.

    "Go." Qin Yun focused all his attention into controlling the Heavy Sand Sword, Cosmic Bangle, and Wretched Blood Sword, as well as the three Cosmic Bangles, to attack the fiendcelestial.

    The fiendcelestial resisted the attacks with one hand and used his other hand to deal with Qin Yun. At the same time, its body was trying to escape while withstanding the seal.

    This incensed the fiendcelestial.

    Although he would not dare to kill Qin Yun, he did plan on teaching Qin Yun a lesson he would never forget.

    "Qin Yun, you are trying my patience," growled the fiendcelestial softly. Following that, he opened his mouth and began to suck at Qin Yun.


    A terrifying suction power instantly acted on Qin Yun's body. His expression changed. The Cyclic Sword Flash barrier expanded to block out half the cave. It also blocked the fiendcelestial's mouth.

    But the suction force continued to suck away at Qin Yun's flesh.

    Back then, the suction of lifeblood was still incredibly powerful despite the jade bottle obstructing it. Now, even with the fiendcelestial at his weakest, this suction caused Qin Yun's flesh and blood to be rapidly drained away. He was thinning at a discernible speed.
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