Chapter 233: Qin Yun vs Fiendcelestial (Part 2/3)

    Chapter 233: Qin Yun vs Fiendcelestial (Part 2/3)

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    "No good." Qin Yun realized the terrible situation he was in as he retreated without any hesitation.

    While he retreated, his sword intent domain rapidly removed the array formation that Yu Shiqi had set up. He flew out of the mountain cave and opened up a gap between him and the fiendcelestial.

    They were about three thousand feet apart and the suction force was greatly reduced. Qin Yun was now able to resist the force pulling at his flesh and blood.

    At the same time, his Golden Core Dharmic powers surged through his body as he "fattened up" at a discernible rate. His dry skin turned smooth again as he gradually regained his former appearance.


    Inside the cave, the fiendcelestial that had crawled out partially from the floating jade bottle closed his mouth. He looked coldly at the distant Qin Yun and continued struggling to escape.

    The concerted efforts of the three Cosmic Bangles and the three flying swords failed to affect the fiendcelestial at all.

    "Senior Yi, I discovered a fiendcelestial that was trapped in a jade bottle. Now, he's struggling to escape the jade bottle! His aura's suppression is far stronger than mine. I have tried my best but I am unable to stop him. Now, more than half his body is out the jade bottle." Qin Yun immediately contacted Patriarch Yi through his Inspect Heavenly Token. "The fiendcelestial and I are in Tea Askance Mountain at Lu Prefecture's Yanglai County."

    Nearly instantaneously, Patriarch Yi replied with a voice transmission, "A fiendcelestial that's trapped in a jade bottle? Its suppressive might is much higher than yours? This is definitely no ordinary fiendcelestial. Qin Yun, you have to think of a way to delay its escape. I have already informed my master. He is traveling as fast as he can to assist you. It will probably take ten minutes."

    "Can he be any quicker? Are there no Essence Soul immortals nearby?" Qin Yun was anxious.

    Ten minutes?

    It would be too late!

    "A typical Essence Soul immortal's speed might not be comparable to yours," replied Patriarch Yi. "Out of the strongest ones in the world, the one from Numinous Treasure Mountain is far in Kunlun Prefecture and His Majesty Human Emperor is in the western Qin Prefecture at the imperial capital. As for my master, he is in the Po Prefecture's Divine Firmament Chapter. He is rather close to Lu Prefecture and cultivates in the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma, giving him unparalleled speed! It will only take him ten minutes."

    There was nothing Qin Yun's anxiousness would accomplish anyway.

    He was a sword immortal that cultivated in the Beam Transformation Art. Especially after he condensed a purplish-gold Golden Core, his flying art was considered one of the fastest in the world. Beneath the level of immortals and fiendcelestials, he was one of the few that could match their speed. Typical immortals and fiendcelestials might not even be much faster than him. Back when Qin Yun and the Yi family exited the Scenic Yang Cave Abode, Patriarch Yi had once escorted him. Qin Yun had seen Patriarch Yi's speed. Compared to the present Qin Yun, Patriarch Yi was about two times faster.

    Speed was something that was harder to improve the higher it was.

    Ancestral Master Zhang was extremely good when it came to speed. He was several times faster than Patriarch Yi.

    To travel from Po Prefecture's Divine Firmament Chapter to Lu Prefecture's Yanglai County, Qin Yun would take almost an hour but Divine Firmament Chapter's Ancestral Master Zhang only required ten minutes.


    Ten minutes was very short already.

    But Qin Yun's clash with the fiendcelestial did not take too much time. Ten minutes seemed like a long time in that context.

    "I have to rely on my own abilities," thought Qin Yun.

    "Qin Yun, please think of ways to hold him back. Don't let that fiendcelestial escape," Patriarch Yi said anxiously through the voice transmission. "You have to stall for time till my master arrives. If that fiendcelestial were to escape, it would really result in endless trouble."

    Qin Yun had no other options.

    There was no time to request for help and ordinary attacks were useless. There was only one attack he had left.

    "Go." A glint flashed in Qin Yun's eyes.

    This conversation would usually take time, but since Qin Yun and Patriarch Yi were communicating through their minds, it was extremely fast.

    At that moment, Qin Yun did not hesitate to release his Intrinsic Flying Sword. His eyes turned red. He filled himself with strong emotions as he burned his life, risking it all but hoping never to abandon his loved one. Even reincarnation was unable to come between Qin Yun and Yi Xiao. The attack that was imbued with these rich life-abandoning emotions was also Qin Yun's strongest attack-Samsara!

    Although Qin Yun grasped three Paramount realms and had harmonized them, perfecting Samsara even more; as well as having the purplish-gold Golden Core's Dharmic powers nourishing and strengthening his soul, for some baffling reason, the attack continued to drain his mental strength greatly. Two strikes were his limit under ordinary circumstances. Qin Yun did not even dare to attempt a third, for it would damage his soul's core.


    The sword flashes streaked across the sky as a gigantic black-and-white image appeared.

    Along with the black-and-white image was a blinding sword flash that struck the fiendcelestial directly.

    "Oh?" The fiendcelestial was struggling to escape and had only used one hand to withstand Qin Yun's three flying swords and three Cosmic Bangles. But now, when Qin Yun cast his best killer move, Samsara, the fiendcelestial felt a chill run through his heart.

    "Oh no."

    The fiendcelestial could sense that there was a qualitative change in the strength of the attack, one that put it on a different level than all the previous attacks.

    He joined his hands together to brace against it.


    A loud explosion was heard.

    Although he had used all his strength to resist the attack, the fiendcelestial turned flustered, "Oh no!"

    Because at the instant he met the attack, the fiendcelestial knew he could not withstand it. Although he consumed his blood essence instantly, he was ultimately a little too slow. The fiendcelestial's body sank abruptly from the blow. His waist was almost out of the jade bottle's mouth but now, due to the flying sword's mighty smiting, a portion of the fiendcelestial's body sunk into the jade bottle, all the way to his chest level.

    "Darn it! Darn it!" The fiendcelestial was worried.

    "Good!" Qin Yun, who was watching the cave from outside, watched with lit up eyes. "I'll kick him while he's down. Kill!"

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword produced the second attack.

    It was another Samsara.

    Augmented by the craziness of consuming his own life, the phenomenon of the black-and-white image came pressing down with the dazzling sword flashes.

    "Get lost!" The fiendcelestial was prepared this time. He disregarded everything and consumed his blood essence, raising his aura greatly so that it sent out burning heat waves. The other three flying swords and Cosmic Bangles did not pose a threat to the fiendcelestial at all. All the fiendcelestial focused on was fending off Qin Yun's Samsara.

    He struck out with both palms once again.

    The flying sword and the fiendcelestial struck and produced a loud boom!

    The might was in no way inferior to the previous attack.

    But its effects were clearly reduced. Although the fiendcelestial still sank, it was only for a tiny amount.

    "What?" Qin Yun was enervated at that moment. However, he was disgruntled to find that the fiendcelestial was far from being completely smashed back into the jade bottle.

    At that moment, the fiendcelestial was further enraged. From his ancient imprisonment to this day, he was already extremely weak. He was forced to consume his vital essence to escape so his injuries were even heavier. In order to prevent himself from being pushed further back into the bottle, he continued consuming his vitality.

    Qin Yun was only a mortal! His lifespan was a mere five hundred years. At his peak, he was several times stronger than Qin Yun, but now he had been forced to consume his vitality.

    "The amount of energy I have left is too little. Every amount used now damages my core. How long will it take before I can recover?" The fiendcelestial was anxious and furious. The weaker he became, the harder it would be to restore to his peak.

    "Qin Yun."

    The fiendcelestial let out a bellow. "Get lost now or I swear that I will wipe out your entire Qin family."

    He had no way to directly attack mortals but he could entice other great fiendish demons! He couldn't do much when Qin Yun was alive but once his five centuries were up, he could uproot the Qin family and wipe it from the face of the world.

    "Do you think I'm afraid of your threat?" Qin Yun endured his exhaustion and took out a Fire Cloud Calabash from the Cosmic Bag by his waist. He pulled its stopper and opened his mouth to throw a pill in.

    The legendary pill-Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill!

    The Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill could be consumed by everyone, from lowly mortals to immortals. It could even revive mortals that had yet to have their souls dissipate. For Connate Golden Core cultivators that were trying to step into the Dao, their Golden Cores would be damaged if they failed to condense their Essence Soul. They could use the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills to treat those injuries.

    Essence Soul immortals would use it to treat injuries in their Essence Soul. The Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills were best at healing one's vital essence.

    And now, Qin Yun was, in fact, not damaged in any way. He was only mentally drained! There was no way to instantly recover his soul's strength because ordinary pills were too slow. Qin Yun was being extravagant in his use of a Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill.

    "Pew. Pew. Pew." The miraculous power of the pill naturally nourished his soul, restoring his drained mental strength rapidly. After all, he had yet to hurt his soul's core and it was quite an overkill to use it.


    Qin Yun did not hesitate to use his killer move, Samsara, again.
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