Chapter 234: Qin Yun vs Fiendcelestial (Part 3/3)

    Chapter 234: Qin Yun vs Fiendcelestial (Part 3/3)

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    The Intrinsic Flying Sword transformed into a blinding sword flash as it bolted over with the black-and-white phenomenon.

    "He can cast it again?" The fiendcelestial was astounded. He knew very well from the first two clashes that Qin Yun's strongest attack possessed the strength of ordinary immortals and fiendcelestials! Before he was imprisoned, at his prime, he was naturally unfazed by ordinary immortals or fiendcelestials. But now, he was the weakest he had ever been. He had even consumed his vital essence, making him even weaker.

    Furthermore, he had to constantly resist the seal!


    But no matter how flustered he was, the fiendcelestial resisted with everything he had.

    He managed to withstand the strike, but at the same time his resistance towards the damaged seal turned weaker. He sank down slightly again.

    "I need to get out now. Now!" The fiendcelestial burned his blood essence as he grabbed the bottle's mouth with both hands, trying to crawl out with all his might.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    The three Cosmic Bangles surrounded him again and the fiendcelestial had no choice but to send them flying by diverting one hand! He knew very well that the Cosmic Bangles were only ordinary in strength but, if they truly bound him, they would strengthen the seal. As a result, he might very well be sealed back into the jade bottle again.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword flew over, producing the black-and-white phenomenon once again.

    "When will this end?" The fiendcelestial was truly flustered.


    The third time, fourth time, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth.

    Qin Yun constantly cast Samsara and, including the first two, he had cast a total of eight Samsaras in a blink of an eye.

    The Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills were magical. They could be used to treat the Essence Soul injuries of immortals and easily recover one's mental strength. The powerful soul that Qin Yun's purplish-gold Golden Core Dharmic powers nurtured ended up draining Qin Yun's mental strength tremendously. Without the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills, he would have been drained of his mental strength after three times.

    If his mental strength was completely drained, it would naturally harm his core.

    The Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills' medicinal effects could allow him to use Samsara six times. In addition to the first two strikes, he was able to use Samsara eight consecutive times. At that moment, Qin Yun was very exhausted.

    "I have yet to suppress him successfully." Qin Yun looked at the fiendcelestial, who had only one hand outside. The fiendcelestial was still struggling and was unwilling to give up. It pinned its hopes on Qin Yun not being able to cast Samsara again.

    Qin Yun took out the Fire Cloud Calabash from the Cosmic Bag by his waist again. He pulled the stopper open and poured a Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill into his mouth once again.

    The moment Qin Yun raised the Fire Cloud Calabash to his mouth, the fiendcelestial who could see the external world from inside the cave felt despair. "He's eating another pill?"

    A Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill entered Qin Yun's stomach and its medicinal effects nourished his soul, rapidly replenishing his mental strength.

    Years ago, Qin Yun obtained six Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills from Scenic Yang Immortal Abode. He split them equally with Hong Lingtong, leaving him with three. He had never used any of the three Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills. But to deal with a fiendcelestial, he had already eaten his second pill.

    "Another time." The Intrinsic Flying Sword cast Samsara once again, bolting over with the black-and-white image.

    "This Qin Yun did not cast such a flying sword art in the beginning. It must be extremely draining on him, so much so he had to eat a pill after casting it twice! Clearly, he can only cast it twice normally. But after eating one pill... he is able to cast it another six times? Now he has eaten another pill. Is he going to cast it another six times?" The fiendcelestial was drowning in despair. "I'm finished. I'll definitely lose."

    "In order to escape, I have already burned my blood essence."

    "Now, I'm out of blood essence to burn to resist his flying sword. If I burn any more, I will enter a slumber." The fiendcelestial felt weakness permeating his entire body.

    He really was at his limit.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    The flying sword showed no mercy, as it was always accompanied by the black-and-white image.

    Again and again, it repeated multiple times.

    Samsara was cast three consecutive times!

    The first time, the fiendcelestial's head was struck, leaving its neck at the bottle's mouth.

    The second time, the head completely sank back in, leaving half an arm outside. The palm was still struggling to crawl out of the bottle's mouth.

    The third time forced the arm completely into the bottle.


    Qin Yun waved his hand as his Dharmic powers carried the bottle stopper over to cork the jade bottle.

    The moment the jade bottle was corked, it fell to the ground. When it reached the ground, it remained motionless.


    With a flash, Qin Yun entered the cave and extended his hand to grab the jade bottle.

    Upon seeing the jade bottle, Qin Yun's eyes were filled with excitement!

    "In order to deal with you, I ate two Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills." Qin Yun looked at the jade bottle. Although he was dedicated to dealing with all fiendish demons of the world, he would not go as far as eating Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills to take down ordinary great fiendish demons. That was because one Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill was equivalent to a second-grade Dharma treasure! Eating a few of them was enough to match a first-grade Dharma treasure. For reference, some top sects would use a first-grade Dharma treasure as a cornerstone treasure that was handed down for generations.

    Qin Yun might have had many treasures but he could not afford such extravagance.

    But in order to deal with a mysterious fiendcelestial, it was worth it!

    Qin Yun knew very well...

    The fight between humans and fiendish demons was ultimately decided by immortals and fiendcelestials! Although he was very powerful, all he could do was influence the situation of mortals for a few hundred years. For instance, the Bai family's patriarch was the pillar of support for humans since ancient times. He wielded the Stellar Heavenly Cycle and fought many fiendcelestials, giving peace to humans.

    Another example would be Ancestral Master Zhang. He made humans become stronger and it had a lasting effect.

    By the same reasoning, weakening the enemy's strongest combatants was very important too.

    "I, Qin Yun, might never become immortal my entire life, stopping only at the Connate Golden Core." Qin Yun looked at the jade bottle. "But I have taken down a top fiendcelestial like you. Although I had to take advantage of your perilous situation, such an opportunity might only appear once in a lifetime. How could I not grasp it?"

    Just from the might of the fiendcelestial's aura, one could tell that the fiendcelestial inside the jade bottle was an extremely high lifeform. It was probably comparable to the Other Realm Fiendcelestial from the Ancient Skydragon Palace! It might have been slightly weaker, but ordinary immortals and fiendcelestials were far from comparable to him.

    Such a terrifying fiendcelestial was not someone even Elder Sword could match. Once he escaped, he would have truly brought about endless tragedies.


    Qin Yun, who was rather excited and reveling in his accomplishments, held the Inspect Heavenly Token. He contacted Patriarch Yi and in midair, a phantom appeared in front of him. It was none other than Patriarch Yi.

    "How is it?" Patriarch Yi looked at Qin Yun.

    "He has been suppressed by me." Qin Yun held the jade bottle.

    "Great, great, great." Patriarch Yi looked with lit eyes. "Qin Yun, you have done something tremendous for us humans. Quick, get away from that place. That fiendcelestial might have secretly contacted the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons. The Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons' fiendcelestials might be rushing over. Quickly leave and head for the Divine Firmament Chapter! My master will meet you midway."

    "Alright." Qin Yun was alarmed.


    He immediately flew out of the cave.

    Yin Lihuo stood on a cloud a distance away from the cave. He was watching from afar uneasily.

    "Daoist Yin, leave quickly. The Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons' fiendcelestials might come here," said Qin Yun urgently with a voice transmission.

    "Has that fiendcelestial escaped?" asked Yin Lihuo immediately.

    "I managed to suppress him," replied Qin Yun through a voice transmission. "I'm leaving first."


    A beam streaked across the sky as it rushed towards the Divine Firmament Chapter.

    "The fiendcelestial has been suppressed?" Yin Lihuo was astonished. He could clearly sense the might from the fiendcelestial. It was truly terrifying. "Has an immortal rushed here in time? But I had already informed my sect and the nearest Immortal Fu will take fifteen minutes to get here."

    He obviously did not know that Qin Yun had directly contacted one of the top existences in the world, Patriarch Yi. Following that, Ancestral Master Zhang himself was rushing over.


    And in the Yi family's ancestral grounds, Purple Cloud Palace.

    "The fiendcelestial has been suppressed by Qin Yun?" Patriarch Yi was astonished. "Qin Yun previously mentioned that the fiendcelestial is extremely terrifying. Even if it lost a great deal of its strength after being imprisoned for eons, all I hoped was that Qin Yun would hold out for a while. Yet, he directly suppressed it... Did I make a mistake? Was the sealed fiendcelestial not as strong as I imagined?"

    "I'll go take a look." Patriarch Yi immediately departed Purple Cloud Palace and rushed towards Divine Firmament Chapter.

    He was similarly curious over the fiendcelestial that was trapped in the jade bottle.

    Patriarch Yi flew over quickly.

    But after flying for a while, Ancestral Master Zhang's voice sounded in Patriarch Yi's ears.

    "Yi Yan, I have met up with Qin Yun."
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