Chapter 236: Fiendcelestial Puming

    Chapter 236: Fiendcelestial Puming

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    At Ancestral Master Zhang's level of cultivation, very few things would excite him. He would place importance on items only if they were suitable for him even if it were a Numinous treasure. Those that were unsuitable for his personal cultivation would only become one of the treasures in his collection, left for the sect, or used to exchange for something he needed.

    "With this Other Realm Fiendcelestial, there is hope that I can master one of my divine powers." Ancestral Master Zhang's eyes were twinkling with delight.

    Making use of the Fiendcelestial?

    Ancestral Master Zhang was truly uninhibited! He was a master while the fiendcelestial would only be his slave. And Ancestral Master Zhang knew very well that Other Realm Fiendcelestials...only sounded scary. In fact, they were just beings of other worlds. There were even some Other Realm Fiendcelestials who were aligned with good! Only those fiendcelestials that enticed humans in a bid to seize the world were evil. It also resulted in Other Realm Fiendcelestials having such a bad reputation.

    As for Ancestral Master Zhang, he treated every fiendcelestial differently. For example, the fiendcelestial that was imprisoned in the jade bottle in front of him might have been evil but it was also a rare treasure.

    "Come out." Ancestral Master Zhang pointed with his finger, sending a wisp of lightning to permeate the jade bottle. He grabbed the fiendcelestial directly out of the bottle.


    The green-skinned fiendcelestial was pulled out by lightning that wrapped around him. He was the size of a palm and in the middle of his glabella was a purple scale. He had two thin, long, and sharp curved horns. At that moment, there was horror written all over his face. He looked up at the gargantuan Qin Yun, Patriarch Yi, and the middle-aged Daoist. He could not help but lament inwardly, "It's over. I've landed in the hands of such a terrifying immortal."

    "This immortal that can control lightning is way beyond my match even if I was in my prime. I think he can even match Empyrean Lord." The fiendcelestial was panicking.

    "Enlarge yourself," instructed Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "Yes, yes!"

    The fiendcelestial rapidly grew to a size that was approximately the same as Qin Yun and company. He stood there reverentially. "Greetings Immortals."

    Patriarch Yi looked at the fiendcelestial and sensed his aura. He could not help but be shocked as he secretly thought to himself, "What a powerful aura! He could probably match me when he's not injured!"

    "You are Fiendcelestial Puming, am I right?" asked Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "Immortal, how impressive you are to recognize me instantly." The fiendcelestial smiled sycophantically. He had none of the arrogance or domineering air from before. He even tried to converge his aura as much as he could.

    "Master, who is Fiendcelestial Puming?" Patriarch Yi asked perplexedly. Even with his status and knowledge, he was unaware of this fiendcelestial.

    Ancestral Master Zhang explained, "He's an Other Realm Fiendcelestial that has been sealed since ancient times. Even back then he rarely made an appearance, so he is quite unknown. It's not surprising that few know him in the present day. I learned of a jade bottle that Immortal Red Lotus possessed while chatting with Old Bai. Fiendcelestial Puming would usually live in the jade bottle but the jade bottle was eventually lost. I never expected that after so much time, he has made an appearance once again through Qin Yun."

    "Other Realm Fiendcelestial?" Qin Yun clicked his tongue when he heard that.

    He had really suppressed and sealed an Other Realm Fiendcelestial.

    "From what I observe of his strength, he should be able to match the leader of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons at his peak." Patriarch Yi smiled and marveled while looking at Qin Yun. "I never expected that our young friend Qin Yun would be able to suppress and seal a being of such strength. Truly impressive."

    "I was only lucky," said Qin Yun immediately.

    "His strength is indeed ranked within the top ten of all the fiendcelestials among the fiendish demons," Ancestral Master Zhang praised with a nod. "However, what he is best at is not killing. If all he knew was decimation, he would have been destroyed by us humans back in ancient times. We wouldn't have spent so much effort to deliberately imprison him in the jade bottle."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    Yes, if he was truly a scourge on humans, he would have long been wiped out! Even the Other Realm Fiendcelestial with a mightier aura in the Ancient Skydragon Palace was dead. If the humans and Water race truly wanted him eradicated, he would absolutely be destroyed.

    "Qin Yun, I have a presumptuous request." Ancestral Master Zhang looked at Qin Yun.

    "Senior Zhang, feel free to ask me," replied Qin Yun immediately. Patriarch Yi was shocked. What sort of status did his master enjoy? He actually said the words 'presumptuous request' to a Connate Golden Core sword immortal?

    "This fiendcelestial is very useful to me. I would like you to hand him to me. Of course, your repayment will not be shabby," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "Senior Zhang, please take it immediately if you wish to have it. I wouldn't dare to keep such a terrifying fiendcelestial in my home," said Qin Yun immediately.

    "Don't worry, I won't take advantage of you," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    What status did he have?

    If he took advantage of a junior, it would affect his Dao heart! At his level, he paid greater attention to having a clear Dao heart. If he hustled on profits, he would abhor himself, much less talk about having a clear Dao heart.

    "Fiendcelestial Puming." Ancestral Master Zhang looked at the fiendcelestial.

    "Yes, I await your instruction." The fiendcelestial was polite. He might have nefarious thoughts in front of others but he did not dare show any disrespect in front of Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "Are you willing to take me on as your master?" Ancestral Master Zhang looked at him. "If you don't, I can only give you a taste of the Grinding Punishment Dharma."

    When the fiendcelestial heard that, his expression changed drastically.

    Ancestral Master Zhang knew him too well. Back then, he had refused to be the slave of the ancient immortal, Immortal Red Lotus. Immortal Red Lotus did a long investigation before he found the fiendcelestial's weakness and specially created the Grinding Punishment Dharma. In just three days, he submitted obediently.

    "Back then, I was unwilling to submit because that Immortal Red Lotus was about my equal in strength," said the fiendcelestial in a sycophantic manner. "But Master, your strength is unfathomable and you are much stronger than Immortal Red Lotus. How could I be unwilling? Greetings Master, I am your lowly slave, Puming."

    As he said that, he immediately knelt down and kowtowed.

    When Ancestral Master Zhang saw this, he nodded. "Return to the bottle and rest. I will soon restore your strength."

    "Yes, yes," the fiendcelestial immediately said with an obsequious smile. But inside he felt bitter. He glanced at Qin Yun. "It's all because of this darn sword immortal. I nearly regained my freedom and would have able to live unbridled in the human world. Now, I have become the slave of this terrifying immortal. This immortal might live on for very, very long. Sigh, I can no longer see the day of my freedom."

    He felt aggrieved but there was no solution.


    The fiendcelestial transformed into a stream of light before entering the jade bottle. Only then did Ancestral Master Zhang put away the jade bottle.

    "Congratulations Master," said Patriarch Yi instantly.

    "Yi Yan, and you too, Qin Yun," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "Do not tell others of this matter regarding Fiendcelestial Puming."

    Qin Yun said immediately, "We will naturally keep our mouths sealed."

    Ancestral Master Zhang nodded.

    He obviously wasn't afraid but he did not wish for trouble either.

    "This Fiendcelestial Puming might have strength at the Cloudfiend Mountain Lord's level," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "But it is extremely useful for me. After benefiting from your work, I'll naturally not take advantage of you. Of everything in my treasure collection, I think there are five treasures that are more suitable for you. You can choose any two."

    Patriarch Yi also smiled and looked at Qin Yun. "Since my master is offering it to you, accept it. You are a cultivator too. You should know the importance of a clear Dao heart. You have to accept the treasures."

    "I understand." Qin Yun did not say anything else.

    In fact, the fiendcelestial was a huge trouble that he was glad to be rid of.

    However, Ancestral Master Zhang naturally had complete control over the fiendcelestial.

    "Ancestral Master Zhang, I wonder what treasures there are that I need to choose two from." Qin Yun looked forward to it.

    "You have to choose well from these five treasures." Ancestral Master Zhang said as he took a tiny figure the size of a palm from his sleeve.

    "This is? A Yellow-scarved Strongman?" Qin Yun recognized instantly. The tiny figure was identical to the Yellow-scarved Strongman that was protecting the Qin family. The only difference was it was much smaller.

    "Yes." Ancestral Master Zhang nodded. "This is the actual body of the Yellow-scarved Strongman that is currently protecting your Qin family. If you choose it, it will forever protect your Qin family."

    Qin Yun faltered.

    One of the five treasures was a Yellow-scarved Strongman? Its value was in no way inferior to the Golden Core Cauldron.

    Having said that, Ancestral Master Zhang placed the tiny figure on the table. Following that, he took out a second treasure from his sleeve. It was an ancient stone tablet with many cracks. It looked damaged and there were some drawings engraved on it. Qin Yun felt a numbing feeling when he saw it. A wisp of lightning naturally sparked in his body. Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. "Just looking at it generates lightning in my body in such a natural manner. What sort of stone tablet is this?" He controlled his Dharmic powers to expel the lightning.

    Ancestral Master Zhang looked at the damaged stone tablet and said with a sigh. "This stone tablet was something I obtained out of sheer chance. It contains a divine power, 'Eye of Lightning.' It allows one to open the third eye. However, such a divine power garners the jealousy of the heavens. Every time it is learned, the stone tablet's remnant powers are reduced. In its present damaged state, it will shatter after one more person learns from it."

    "The divine power, 'Eye of Lightning?'" Qin Yun was perplexed.
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