Chapter 239: Coming of Age Ceremony

    Chapter 239: Coming of Age Ceremony

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    Grand Dominance. Qin Manor.

    Yi Xiao prepared a variety of dishes for Qin Yun.

    "Brother Yun, I'm somewhat worried." Yi Xiao held a cup of alcohol.

    "What are you worried about?" asked Qin Yun with a smile.

    "You previously said that you would dream a hundred years and that the dream would feel realistic, allowing you to cultivate," whispered Yi Xiao. "But Brother Yun, wouldn't that make you live an additional hundred years? A hundred years is a very long time! We are only in our thirties. When you wake up from your dream, what if you find me unfamiliar, or even abandon me..."

    Qin Yun walked to his wife's side and gently embraced her. He whispered with a smile, "Don't worry. Your husband is the world's best sword immortal. There's chance of him even stepping into the Dao. How can a mere hundred-year cultivation in a dream make my heart waver?"

    "If you end up treating me heartlessly," said Yi Xiao as she looked at him. "Hmph, I'll smite you with Divine Firmament lightning before returning to the Divine Firmament Chapter. You would not be able to see me even if you wanted to."

    "Smite me with Divine Firmament lightning? My wife, that's ruthless. Are you going to murder your husband?" Qin Yun stared at her.

    "Let's see how your dream of a hundred years goes and how you treat me after you come out of seclusion."

    "Don't worry. I'll immediately pull you into the room once I'm awake," said Qin Yun.

    "Pull me into the room? What for?" Yi Xiao was perplexed.

    "Of course we'll need to cultivate in Yin-Yang complementation arts." Qin Yun sighed. "Lone Yin does not lead to birth and solitary Yang does not allow growth. The worldly Yin-Yang is the orthodox path."

    "What are you talking about." Yi Xiao blushed slightly.

    "We have already been married for so long. And the dream is realistic. I'll have to hold it in for a hundred years," said Qin Yun immediately. "Do you think it'll be easy on me?"

    Yi Xiao laughed with her mouth covered.


    That night.

    Yi Xiao sent Qin Yun to the private chamber and sealed it. Many array formations were activated and the Yellow-scarved Strongman was given special orders to heavily secure the chamber! No one was to be allowed in.

    In the chamber.

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged and took out the Amita wooden sculpture. The sculpture was crudely made but it had a baffling charm to it. Qin Yun placed the sculpture in midair in front of him.

    "Dream for a hundred years? And it can even guide my cultivation?" Qin Yun pondered inwardly. "I wonder what dreaming a hundred years will be like. Ancestral Master Zhang was quite vague."

    "It's time."

    Qin Yun permeated the Amita sculpture with his consciousness and in an instant-


    Qin Yun felt his soul resonate abruptly. As the resonance spread throughout his body, Qin Yun thought he saw the Amita sculpture 'smiling.'

    "What? The Buddha sculpture can smile?" Following that, Qin Yun's mind went blank from the resonance. He knew nothing.

    In an infinite distance away, there was a Buddha with infinite light emitting from his body. His eyes were filled with unfathomable wisdom as he turned to look in Qin Yun's direction. He smiled.


    The infinitely radiant Buddha smiled as he gently pointed.

    Immediately, Qin Yun's soul tore through space and time at a fascinating speed and headed for an endless and distant world. Following that, he entered the body of a sleeping youth.


    Qin Yun only felt that his mind was abuzz, as though it was about to split apart. Even his memories were fuzzy.

    For a moment, he would remember himself as Qin Yun.

    And another moment, he seemed to be a youth called Wing.

    "I must be dreaming." Qin Yun made a judgment in his dazed state. "Right, right. I'm dreaming. I remember the Amita wooden sculpture that allows me to dream a hundred years. Is this Wing...my identity in the dream? However, the memories feel real and they are very chaotic too."

    Memories belonging to Wing constantly surged into his mind.

    "Wing, Wing! Quick, wake up! Wake up!" A voice entered his ears.

    "Let Wing sleep a little longer. He might feel better if he sleeps a little more."

    "Wing won't die, right?"

    "Someone from the Highwarrior family's bloodline will not die that easily."

    There were young voices around him.

    Following that, the voices vanished.

    What seemed like a long time later.

    Qin Yun gradually awakened. He slowly opened his eyes and found himself lying in a cave. There was wild grass underneath him and there were two youths, one male and one female, sleeping soundly beside him.

    "I'm injured?" Qin Yun looked at his chest. There was a throbbing pain coming from it and it had been wrapped simply with rags. Qin Yun carefully pulled the rags away and saw the wound beneath it. The wound looked gruesome but it was recovering at a discernible pace. "It's recovering so quickly, but wouldn't that mean that the original injury was horrible?"

    "This body is stronger than my Connate Golden Core sword immortal body." Qin Yun murmured to himself. "It's only fourteen years old and the Dharmic formulation he cultivates in is similar to my homeworld's Godfiend lineage of the imperial government. However, it's much cruder!"

    The Godfiend lineage Dharmic formulation might have been exclusive to the imperial government, but what status did Qin Yun enjoy? He had killed many great fiendish demons and had amassed some of the lower grade Dharmic formulations of the Godfiend lineage.

    Comparing it to those formulations, he realized that the Dharmic formulation that Wing cultivated in was very crude.

    "According to the memories, the Highwarrior family clan is the descendant of a Connate Godfiend." Qin Yun exclaimed in surprise. "With the Connate Godfiend's bloodline, one can still master the crude Dharmic formulation, Highwarrior Three Volumes. The Dharmic formulation would be completely useless if ordinary people were to cultivate it."

    "Although it's crude, it leads straight to the Godfiend realm."

    "I've just started this dream and I've already discovered a cultivation Dharmic formulation. I can't find any mistakes in it." Qin Yun found it unbelievable. He was very knowledgeable and had a critical eye. He could only say that the Dharmic formulation was crude but he could not point out any mistakes in it. "Dreaming for a hundred years, with the dream similar to reality. I was secretly doubtful when I heard it from Ancestral Master Zhang. After all, how can a dream compare with reality? But now, with Wing's memories so vivid and detailed, the surrounding grass, stones, and even this body's flesh and bones, my soul, as well as the Dharmic formulation, there is no way for me to tell illusion from the truth."

    At this realm, he felt that it was real no matter how he dissected it!

    "If it's just a dream, it's truly impressive for it to create a world that I cannot detect any flaws with," marveled Qin Yun inwardly.

    "Wing, you are awake," shouted a youth who walked in from outside. He was excited seeing Qin Yun awake.

    Immediately, the sleeping boy and girl woke up. Another youth ran in from outside the cave.

    "Haha, Wing. Wonderful, you are finally awake. You gave us a fright. The fiendish demon had torn apart your chest with a swipe of its claw. Thankfully, your heart wasn't damaged or you would have died there and then," shouted a fat youth. With that said, he came forward and tore away the rags. He took a look and nodded. "Almost there. You'll probably recover completely tomorrow morning. You will definitely be able to successfully kill a fiendish demon having survived such a calamity."

    "Wing has the Highwarrior family's bloodline. He obviously won't die," said the girl beside him.

    "That's good. Now, Wing is fine and our chances of hunting a fiendish demon are a lot higher."

    "Wing is the strongest among us. Without Wing, it will be difficult for us to fulfill the Coming of Age Ceremony's requirements."

    Qin Yun smiled as he looked at the four youths in front of him.

    According to Wing's memories, the five of them were members of large family clans. They were all fourteen. They had entered the desolate plains to slay fiendish demons. All of them needed to kill one fiendish demon in order to fulfill the Coming of Age Ceremony's requirements. If they did not succeed, they were never to return. After completing the ceremony, their standings would change. They would be truly recognized by the family clan and be given real names, with the right to use the family's surname.

    For example, Wing was only a nickname.


    Qin Yun suddenly frowned as a bloodlust gradually rose from his heart and filled his entire body. It even influenced his mind and soul.

    This aura made Qin Yun feel an intense need to kill. Furthermore, this aura also faintly informed him: Fifty years from now, this dream would shatter.

    "Fifty years?" Qin Yun was puzzled.

    "The dream will shatter after fifty years?" Qin Yun stood up. Although his chest remained in pain, he could still walk to the cave's entrance.

    "Wing, you are injured. There's no need for you to do guard duty," said the fat youth immediately.

    "Dawn, I'm only taking a look." Qin Yun stood at the cave's entrance and looked outside.

    The moon was hanging massively in the sky.

    And the desolate plains outside were filled with wild grass as far as the eyes could see.

    "It's so realistic." Qin Yun took in everything.
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