Chapter 240: Three Firmaments of the Mortal Realm

    Chapter 240: Three Firmaments of the Mortal Realm

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    Qin Yun's soul was very strong, just as it was before he entered the dream. He could still release his psyche and carefully observe every spot in his surroundings. He could even use the Heaven and Earth powers.

    "The Heaven and Earth powers are different from my homeworld. They're rawer and richer." Qin Yun sensed his surroundings. "In terms of richness, they're a hundred times more than my homeworlds."

    "Oh?" Qin Yun frowned slightly. His pupils turned slightly red before he forcefully repressed the sensation, restoring his eyes to normal.

    The bloodlust in his body was influencing his soul and his killing intent would gradually become stronger with time.

    "Why does this body have such intense killing intent? According to Wing's memories, Wing never had such strong killing intent previously. Could it be that after I entered this body through my dream, it began to have such intense killing intent?" Qin Yun pondered over it. "With time, the killing intent will grow stronger. Even my Dao heart will eventually fail to repress it."

    "But there's no rush."

    Qin Yun carefully observed the outside world. "I can't detect anything unreal about the vegetation, the mud, and water, or even the essence of the moon. This hundred year dream is truly amazing."

    However, Qin Yun did not know that with the Buddha, Amita's aid, he had actually been sent to another world.


    Qin Yun sat cross-legged after returning to the cave.

    "Wing, you should sleep since you are injured," said the fat youth.

    "Wing is cultivating. He's nothing like you, only knowing how to eat all day," said the girl beside them.

    Qin Yun did not comment. He sat cross-legged with his eyes closed as the Dharmic formulation, Highwarrior Three Volumes, surfaced in his mind from Wing's memories.

    "According to the memories of this boy named Wing, humans in this world have the Godfiend and magus lineage," thought Qin Yun. "More than ten thousand years ago, the world began to produce sentient beings. Connate Godfiends were born with immense strength and their descendants could become powerful through cultivation and end up possessing the strength of Godfiends. As humans and Godfiends lived together, many Connate Godfiends married humans, leaving a long line of descendants. These Connate Godfiends would protect humans. As for magi, they are much weaker than Godfiends in terms of overall strength."

    "Why does it feel like this is my homeworld's ancient world?" muttered Qin Yun secretly.

    His homeworld had a legend.

    In the earliest era, the world was in chaos. It was then that Connate Godfiends, humans, and demons were born slowly.

    Humans were weak and puny. They were protected by the Connate Godfiends until, slowly, humans began to develop the magus cultivation system. The magus system was complemented by the world's mysterious and poisonous items, and gradually Gu arts, hex arts, and array formations were created. Eventually, there were things such as battle magi.

    The Godfiend lineage was the primary power while the magus lineage was only secondary.


    As time passed, the Godfiend bloodline thinned and the Godfiend lineage gradually weakened. In time, the magus lineage also gradually became stronger.

    Later on, the Dao Ancestor imparted the Dao on Numinous Treasure Mountain.

    And after the ancient era ended, the Daoist and magus schools of thought thrived. The Godfiend lineage weakened and much later, Amita taught through a dream, allowing his homeworld to have Buddhism.

    As the Heaven and Earth powers gradually thinned, the number of rare and mystic items in the world decreased. It also led to the decline of the magi. Many generations later, the Godfiend lineage produced Human Emperor, the powerful existence that caused the Godfiend lineage to thrive once again in Qin Yun's homeworld. As such, the Godfiend lineage was ranked on par with the Dao and Buddhist cultivation systems among humans. As for the magus lineage, only Magistress Mountain managed to barely hold on. However, it was far from comparable to the other three lineages.

    "This world I have entered through my dream resembles the period when Godfiends and humans lived together. The magi also gradually rose up but this period's magi...still do not have battle magi," thought Qin Yun. "And this youth, Wing, is a descendant of a Connate Godfiend! Furthermore, he has already cultivated to the second Firmament of the Mortal realm."

    "His family's Dharmic formulation, the Highwarrior Three Volumes, are separated into cultivation, divine powers, and combat arts. The cultivation volume has a total of six Firmaments."

    "The first three Firmaments belong to the Mortal realm, and the later three Firmaments belong to the Godfiend realm."

    "The first Firmament is equivalent to the Connate False Core."

    "The second Firmament is equivalent to the Connate True Core."

    "The third Firmament is equivalent to the Connate Golden Core."

    "The Godfiend's first Firmament is equivalent to the immortals and fiendcelestials of my homeworld."

    "The Godfiend's second Firmament... is naturally an improvement."

    "The Godfiend realm's three Firmaments are recorded in books. The Connate Godfiend Highwarrior was born at the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm," thought Qin Yun. "Since I'm going to cultivate in this dream world for fifty years, I should treat everything here as real if I want to step into the Dao."

    He obviously had no idea that he was in another world that was extremely far from his homeworld.

    The Highwarrior Three Volumes...

    "The combat volume has records of all sorts of weapons and their respective killing arts. But it's too ordinary," thought Qin Yun. "That's right. In ancient times, it took time for my homeworld's various combat techniques to take form. They only became a lot more intricate and amazing after being developed for many years."

    This world's Godfiend descendants could cultivate very easily. They could reach the second Firmament of the Mortal realm at age fourteen. And that was only considered ordinary! This period's education was poor and they put more importance on power and speed! Fast and powerful attacks were valued. As for intricate moves? Typical Godfiend descendants were incapable of that.


    Qin Yun placed the divine power and combat volumes aside temporarily and concentrated on cultivation.

    From his heart, immense Godfiend powers surged out. According to the memorized Dharmic formulations he had, the powers coursed through his body and nourished it healing his wounds quickly.

    "The third Firmament of the Mortal realm is slightly complicated." Qin Yun sped up the healing of his wounds as he pondered over the cultivation volume of the Highwarrior Three Volumes. There were six Firmaments but every Firmament was only described by a single line of text. In addition to the mystical runic patterns, each pattern increased in complexity from the first to the sixth. Once one figured it out successfully, it would be imprinted in their hearts, allowing them to step into a new level.

    "Cultivation by Godfiend descendants is just so direct and easy."

    "The third Mortal Firmament's runic pattern... is somewhat difficult. It will probably take an hour."

    Qin Yun's realm was extremely high after all.

    In fact, he had fully figured out the runic pattern in less than an hour. It was much easier than gaining insights into the Heavenly Dao. Unfortunately, only descendants of the Connate Godfiend bloodline could cultivate in such a manner.


    Qin Yun commanded with his mind.

    The Godfiend powers coursed over his heart and formed a complicated runic pattern, encompassing the second Firmament runic pattern from before.

    Hum! The instant the runic pattern completed, the power hidden deep within his heart was stirred.

    His heart gradually changed as even the lifeforce within it shone with a golden glimmer of light.

    Wherever the blood that suffused golden light coursed through his body, that part of the body, be it the blood, flesh, tendons, or bones, would transform.


    "What's happening?" The two youths that were sleeping, as well as the two youths that were standing guard outside, were alerted of what was happening-a violent surge of the Heaven and Earth powers was rushing into the sitting Qin Yun constantly.

    "Wing, what is it?"

    They saw a golden luster suffuse Qin Yun's skin and noticed that his body's aura was becoming stronger.

    "Wing has broken through to the third Firmament." The four youths were extremely astonished.

    Just as in Qin Yun's homeworld, going from the Connate True Core to the Connate Golden Core was a qualitative transformation.

    For these descendants of the Godfiend, every Firmament was a huge leap.

    "That's bad. This stir will attract fiendish demons!" Immediately, a youth ran to the entrance of the cave to keep watch.

    "Clarity, stay here and watch Wing."

    The three youths stood in the cave's entrance, looking in different directions.

    The stirring of the Heaven and Earth powers could easily be sensed by many-descendants of the Connate Godfiend or powerful great fiendish demons. All of them could easily attain Heaven Man Unity, so they could detect the gathering of the Heaven and Earth powers from a good distance away.

    "No good, there are fiendish demons coming, at least five of them." The three youths were somewhat flustered.

    "Why are there so many fiendish demons?"

    Inside the cave.

    The girl was also very anxious when she suddenly saw Qin Yun open his eyes.

    "Wing, have you already succeeded in breaking through?" asked the girl in pleasant surprise.

    "Yea." Qin Yun nodded. "By the way, lend me your sword."

    "You want to borrow my sword?" The girl was puzzled but she still handed over one of the two swords hanging by her waist to Qin Yun. "Wing, don't you usually use a hammer?"

    "I gained some insights while bordering on life and death, especially more into sword arts." Qin Yun was somewhat helpless. Hammers? Seriously?

    Thankfully, fourteen-year-old youths would typically train in a myriad of weapons. They would use whatever weapon that felt the best. Combat involving the Connate Godfiend descendants was simply too crude. Therefore, it was not strange that Qin Yun changed his weapon to a sword.

    Of course it wasn't odd for a fourteen-year-old to change weapons.

    If it was someone centuries old, or an aged Godfiend who changed weapons suddenly, it would definitely leave people baffled.

    As for youths?

    It was too common.

    There were many reasons for youths to switch weapons, such as taking on a new master, or some psychological scar, or because a particular weapon was cool...
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