Chapter 241: Fire Phoenix City

    Chapter 241: Fire Phoenix City

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    Qin Yun took the sword and inspected it. It was old and unadorned but it sent a cold chill through him. "It's a fifth-grade Dharma treasure. Its quality is extraordinary but the refinement process is overly crude. If the refinement techniques were better, it would easily have been refined into a third-grade Dharma treasure."

    "I'll go out and kill a few fiendish demons," said Qin Yun as he tapped his feet and shot out the cave.

    "Wing!" The girl exclaimed as she chased after him.


    As for the three youths standing by the cave's entrance, they were staring at the six rapidly approaching figures with weapons in hand.

    "There are six fiendish demons. We are going to be in big trouble." The three youths were panic-stricken.

    "Wing is currently making a breakthrough. He cannot be disturbed."

    One of the youths suddenly pulled open his bow. It was a black bow that suffused a luster that coursed along the bow's body. With a whoosh, an arrow shot out, traversing thousands of feet in the direction of a wolf demon. The wolf demon easily dodged the arrow, and it continued its trajectory for about a thousand feet before hitting a distant mountain cliff. A deep hole blasted open from the shattered rock.


    "Little bastards of the Godfiend?"

    "We will be rewarded for killing them." The distant fiendish demons had hideous faces that were filled with killing intent.

    The three youths glared at them with gritted teeth.

    But at that moment.


    A figure shot out from deep within the cave, stirring a gust of wind that swept past the three. The three youths widened their eyes in shock when they saw it was Wing charging into the distance.

    "It's Wing!"

    "Wing! Wait for us!"

    "You just made a breakthrough. You need to be careful. We are coming to help you!" The three youths shouted immediately. Although they knew that Wing had just made a breakthrough in strength, a life-and-death battle was not determined solely by strength. Besides, there were six fiendish demons and only one Wing! There was an advantage in numbers and a fourteen-year-old youth was too young. Their combat techniques were rather ordinary and, even if their strength and speed increased, they could still be defeated when surrounded.


    Qin Yun felt the wind blowing right at him as the surging powers in his body gave him a new feeling. It made the corners of his mouth curl up. "The complete use of my body's strength feels rather special. However, I have long reached the Seamless realm. I can perfectly control every strand of energy."

    "Close combat with enemies. I have not engaged in close combat for a long time." Qin Yun was smiling.

    Back in his youth, he had traveled the world and fought at the northern borders for a total of six years. All of them were spent in close combat.

    Ever since he attained Heaven Man Unity, he mostly just released his flying sword to kill his enemies.


    Qin Yun reveled in his newfound strength, for he thought nothing of the six fiendish demons in front of him. He had immense strength that could match the Godfiend Connate Golden Core realm from his homeworld. With his sword arts, wouldn't dealing with these six fiendish demons that were roughly at the level of the Connate True Core be trivial?

    "Let's see how much different the demons of this world are from those of my homeworld," thought Qin Yun.

    "Haha, this little Godfiend bastard runs pretty fast."

    "The moment they saw the six of us, one of them actually charged forward. What a fool."

    "Little Godfiend bastard, meet your death!"

    The six fiendish demons rapidly spread out in preparation to surround Qin Yun.

    "Kill!" At the instant he approached them, Qin Yun's right foot suddenly exerted strength. The Seamless realm gave Qin Yun perfect control over his strength. A typical fourteen-year-old Godfiend youth with the same body would not be capable of doing what Qin Yun was doing now. Their strength usage was too crude.

    The strength blasted out.

    He instantly unsheathed his sword, sparking light flashes.

    "He's fast!" The fiendish demons were horrified.

    Puah! Puah! Puah!

    Qin Yun's sword flashes were no longer bumbling and crude but extremely intricate. They even contained a bit of the Heavenly Dao. Wherever a sword flash streaked, it would easily split apart the fiendish demons' bodies.

    Out of the six fiendish demons, three immediately perished. The other three were injured. And that was only because Qin Yun was deliberately experimenting. He wanted to know the difference between the fiendish demons' bodies of this world and his homeworld's. If he didn't, he could have easily vanquished the six fiendish demons with one strike.


    "What sort of sword art is this?"

    "How can this little bastard's sword art be this powerful?" The remaining three injured fiendish demons were stunned.

    "Quickly flee!"

    The remaining trio now wanted to escape.

    But could they?

    The three youths flew over from afar in a panic. The girl had joined them too but as they got closer, they gradually slowed down and watched the scene in front of them in a daze. They saw sword flashes coruscating like the lunar light, beautiful but ice-cold.

    "How beautiful." The girl watched as her eyes seemed to burn. "Wing's swordplay is truly beautiful."

    "That's not swordplay. He's killing fiendish demons!" A youth beside her said immediately.

    "That's way too powerful. The six fiendish demons weren't even able to put up any resistance at all."

    The four youths watched and could not help but gulp.

    Qin Yun slashed out eighteen times before all six fiendish demons were dead. Near the end, of his rampage the fiendish demons yelled, "Spare me!" As they tried to flee, Qin Yun cleaved off their legs and experimented with a few more strikes before killing them.

    "There's no difference. Their bodies are similar to the fiendish demons of my homeworld." Qin Yun looked at the six fiendish demon corpses. "However, these fiendish demons only know how to fight in close combat. None of them are capable of casting Dharma spells."

    "Also, now that I have engaged in decimation, the increasing bloodlust in me has dissipated." Qin Yun was secretly baffled. Ever since he entered the world where he would dream a hundred years, the bloodlust had influenced his soul,giving him a strong desire the act to destroy others. It accumulated with time but after engaging in this massacre, that desire was completely gone.



    The four youths surrounded Qin Yun and looked excitedly at him.

    "Wing, you were awesome!"

    "I think your sword skills are even better my father's," exclaimed one of the four.

    "You have already six kills but we still have none. We will certainly be needing your help."

    "Sure thing." Qin Yun nodded.


    Qin Yun spent the rest of the day helping each of the four youths slay a fiendish demon of their own.

    "Let's go. We can return now!"

    "Haha, all thanks to Wing. If not for him, who knows how long it would have taken us to kill the fiendish demons?"

    A massive red cloud carried Qin Yun and company, as well as the fiendish demon corpses they had hunted, away. The cloud flew southwest.

    Among the five of them, only the girl Clarity could fly before Qin Yun made a breakthrough. Furthermore, she was only able to fly because of her bloodline! Clearly, this world did not have Dharmic spells. There were only capabilities provided by magus arts or Godfiend powers. Even flying arts were rare. Of course, one could slowly fly using the Heaven and Earth powers but that was not considered a flying art as the speed was ridiculously slow.

    "Fire Phoenix City."

    As the gigantic fire cloud soared on, Qin Yun and company saw a majestic city in the distance.

    "We're back. We are back!" The five youths looked into the distance. The soldiers on the city walls saw them from afar and immediately reported the matter.

    Qin Yun looked at the majestic city from afar.

    "This is Fire Phoenix City, one of the nine great cities of humanity?" Qin Yun could sense the city's magnificent aura pouring out from it.

    Fire Phoenix City...

    According to Wing's memories, Fire Phoenix City was one of the nine great cities of humanity. The present era resembled an ancient era of his homeworld. Humans and Godfiends lived together! Humans were rather few in number so there were only nine main human cities! Every city had one or even two Connate Godfiends presiding over it.

    "A city has a Connate Godfiend in it, as well as descendants that have reached the Godfiend realm," Qin Yun thought wistfully. "Each one of these nine cities of humanity can match the Daoist and Buddhist sacred lands of my homeworld."


    The fire cloud carried Qin Yun and company before landing in front of a gigantic city gate.

    The moment the city gate opened, it revealed adults with extraordinary auras!



    The adults happily shouted out their children's names.

    Qin Yun instantly saw a brawny red-robed man and a beautiful woman. They were Wing's parents! As they were descendants of Connate Godfiends, their standing inside the city was naturally very high.

    As for the other youths, they were also descendants of Connate Godfiends. For instance, Clarity was a child of the Firephoenix family.

    "Father. Mother." Qin Yun went forward.

    "Good." The brawny man smiled with a nod when he suddenly looked at Qin Yun in surprise. "Wing, you have already reached the third Firmament?"
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