Chapter 243: Moonlight Sword Skill

    Chapter 243: Moonlight Sword Skill

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    Bofeng felt a chill at his neck before looking down to see the sword. He looked at Qin Yun in front of him and opened his mouth but did not say a word.

    "Am I seeing things?"

    "Wing from the Highwarrior family defeated Brother Bofeng in one strike?"

    "That strike was so fast and pretty."

    The surrounding Connate Godfiend descendants broke out into a flurry of discussion. Qin Yun's strike had attracted their attention without them realizing. They only felt a sense of awe at its beauty! Before one's skills reached Expertise Nearing Dao, the common combat moves most people usually encountered were only considered skills! Even though Qin Yun had deliberately kept a low profile, the sword skills he used contained slight implications of the Heavenly Dao.

    "Ambition, how did you teach your son?"

    "Why does Wing seem to be stronger than you, his father?"

    "Ambition, I never expected you to have such a powerful son."

    The crowd sounded out as Highwarrior Ambition grinned happily and said, "Haha, all I do is force him to train in a weapon every day. If he doesn't, I'll beat his ass. Look, isn't he now stronger than me?"

    Highwarrior Ambition could feel that many people were changing their attitudes towards him.

    Envy, jealousy, respect...

    In the past, Highwarrior Ambition was only an ordinary clansman of the Highwarrior family. But now, his son was already remarkable at the age of fourteen! His son was destined to have a limitless future, possibly even becoming a famous Godfiend. Everyone naturally treated Highwarrior Ambition differently.


    As the clansmen were discussing the matter fervently, with some even flattering Highwarrior Ambition and his wife, the distant hunchbacked elder with the long brows was alarmed. He directly sent a voice transmission to the other Elders in the Godfiend Temple.

    "All of you, quickly come out of the hall. I feel that Wing from the Highwarrior family has a chance of reaching the Godfiend realm."

    "General Yuchang, come to Godfiend Temple as soon as possible."

    The elder quickly sent out these voice transmissions.

    And at that moment, Bofeng, who had lost to Qin Yun, was smiling. He said to Qin Yun, "Wing, I fully acknowledge my loss. Your sword skills are much greater than mine. I was trying to parry the attack but your sword was too fast. There was no way for me to defend against it. Besides, I couldn't even see the trajectory of your sword. I really do not know how a kid like you practiced. You are much stronger than me."

    "I discovered all of this during the Coming of Age ceremony while bordering between life and death," said Qin Yun humbly.

    "Haha, good. It looks like the Highwarrior family will have an additional Godfiend in the future." Bofeng said with a wistful laugh before walking to the side.

    After the match ended, Qin Yun immediately walked towards Highwarrior Ambition and his wife.

    "Wing, wait a little longer. I'm getting Yuchang from the Firephoenix family to come. I want you to fight him," said the hunchbacked elder loudly.

    "General Yuchang?" Qin Yun was astonished.


    "Firephoenix Yuchang?"

    "General Yuchang?"

    There was an uproar. Even the Highwarrior couple was alarmed.

    "They are getting General Yuchang to spar with Wing?"

    "Why is the Elder thinking so highly of Wing?" The couple turned anxious too. The reason for the commotion was that Firephoenix Yuchang was Fire Phoenix City's presiding general. He was one of the few top existences below the Godfiend realm.

    "Look, there are more Elders coming."

    Many of the clansmen quickly lowered their voices. The four Elders that walked out of Godfiend Temple arrived and stood beside the hunchbacked elder. The five of them were at the Godfiend realm so they naturally had immense auras. The clansmen that came to watch also felt the pressure. They seldom saw the five Elders appear at the same time.

    Soon, Firephoenix Yuchang arrived too.

    "The five Elders will be watching the battle and they are getting General Yuchang to personally spar with Wing. The Elders must value Wing highly."

    "Yea, General Yuchang is the presiding general of our Fire Phoenix City. He's nearly invincible against anyone beneath the Godfiend realm."

    "Even if Wing does have extraordinary potential, he's only fourteen."

    People discussed in murmurs.

    "Both of you can begin, then." The hunchbacked elder said.

    Qin Yun looked at Firephoenix Yuchang, who stood opposite him. He was dressed in fiery-red scaled armor and had four sabers hanging behind him. He looked at Qin Yun and gave a casual smile. "Wing, I never expected you to defeat Bofeng with one strike. The Elders have instructed me to use all my strength. Therefore, you have to be careful." With that said, two arms grew from the sides of his torso. All four of his arms simultaneously drew the sabers behind him, each holding one.

    Divine power-Eight Arms!

    However, Firephoenix Yuchang had yet to reach the Godfiend realm. He could only have four arms from the Eight Arms divine power.

    The clansmen fell silent as they watched the battle from a distance. The Highwarrior couple also turned especially nervous.

    "Uncle Yuchang, be careful." Qin Yun tapped his feet and quickly charged forward. He appeared in front of General Yuchang in almost a blink of an eye.

    He instantly unsheathed his sword.

    His sword shadow was like a moon beam, fast and ethereal.

    "Clang." General Yuchang's four arms wielded four sabers. He began brandishing the four sabers so fast that they produced afterimages. It resembled a mountain of blades that easily blocked Qin Yun's sword.

    In the eyes of the surrounding clansmen, Qin Yun's figure appeared erratic. He was constantly circling General Yuchang and producing cold sword flashes. Moonlight-like sword shadows flashed as though moonlight was carving out different spots. General Yuchang was forced to withstand the attacks with all his strength. He began to turn serious. "What a fast strike. The sword's trajectory is hard to discern but I have to attack! I cannot be forced to defend passively. If I only stand here and defend I'll eventually reveal a flaw."

    "Kill!" General Yuchang suddenly bellowed. A gigantic fire phoenix phantom appeared behind him. The fire phoenix cried as an invisible blast inundated Qin Yun's mind and soul sea.

    Divine power-Phoenix Cry!

    Qin Yun's soul had been nurtured from the purplish-gold Golden Core he condensed. How powerful was it? Although he did feel the blast, his combat prowess was unaffected.

    "To these people, I'm only a fourteen-year-old. I can't appear too heaven-defying." Qin Yun pretended to fall into a daze. Only when General Yuchang's saber came cleaving over did he finally react, barely managing to strike out with his sword.


    Two consecutive saber beams cleaved down while Qin Yun directly retreated and tumbled onto the ground a distance away. But he immediately stood up after doing a roll. There was blood on the corner of his mouth.

    General Yuchang had rich combat experience, after all. He kept up his momentum and unleashed a barrage of attacks, enveloping Qin Yun with a series of saber beams.

    Just after he stood up from tumbling, Qin Yun rushed to receive the blows.

    After receiving a few strikes in a wretched manner, he seemed to find his footing. He began to exchange blows with General Yuchang on more equal terms.

    After more than twenty blows were exchanged, General Yuchang used his divine power, Phoenix Cry again. "Kill!" But this time, Qin Yun was prepared so his reaction was clearly better.

    "Why do I feel that General Yuchang isn't able to hold the advantage at all?"

    "Wing is still too young. He hasn't cultivated in any powerful divine powers. General Yuchang is able to have four arms from the Eight Arms divine power he cultivates in. Yet, he fails to take the upper hand. If Wing were to cultivate in some powerful divine power, wouldn't General Yuchang lose?"

    "That kid Wing is that powerful?"

    The spectating clansmen were very shocked.

    Highwarrior Ambition and his wife were completely dumbfounded. They were filled with anticipation for their son's future, hoping that he would be more excellent than they were. But at only fourteen, he was equivalent to General Yuchang who was nearly invincible below the Godfiend realm?


    Both sides had exchanged more than a hundred blows. Everyone noticed that Qin Yun appeared to be increasingly relaxed.

    "Wing is showing increased confidence in his sword skills. Although he has little combat experience, Wing is slowly getting familiar with General Yuchang's moves."

    "Why do I feel like General Yuchang will lose?"

    Just as his voice faded-


    A sword flash streaked past General Yuchang's neck, leaving behind a wound. With that, Qin Yun retreated.

    General Yuchang sheathed his saber and touched his neck. The wound by his neck rapidly healed as he looked at Qin Yun with a complicated look. "Wing, you have won."

    Qin Yun nodded and pretended to look excited. However, he was secretly grumbling, "These Connate Godfiend descendants only rely on their bloodline's strength. Their close combat skills are too crude. I simply used a set of sword intent skills, the Moonlight Sword Skill, to defeat him." Qin Yun needed to spend fifty years in this world, so he naturally had to work hard at accumulating resources, so as to cultivate to a higher realm.

    Therefore, he decided on taking the path of being a super genius. Being able to use sword intent skills at fourteen! This made him a super genius among Connate Godfiend descendants.

    What if Qin Yun used sword skills from the Paramount realm? That would leave the Connate Godfiends reeling in disbelief. They might even suspect that he was possessed.

    The main reason stemmed from the fact that the Daoist school of thought valued the comprehension of the Heavenly Dao greatly! The Paramount realm made one heaven-defying among anyone beneath immortals in Qin Yun's homeworld.

    Paramount realm sword immortals were extremely rare.

    And what did this mean to Connate Godfiend descendants in this world? What the heck was the Heavenly Dao? Ninety-nine percent of Connate Godfiend descendants would not comprehend the Heavenly Dao their entire lives. Those that could would have long stepped into the Godfiend realm with the nascent environment of the world and their bloodline.

    In Qin Yun's era, the Daoists and Buddhists all needed to step into the Dao to become an immortal or arhat.

    The five Elders that was spectating the battle from afar stared at Qin Yun with lit eyes.

    "Did I see wrong?" The hunchbacked Elder said with a voice transmission. "His sword skills seem to have reached the Heavenly Dao intent realm?"

    "That's right. You didn't see wrong."

    "It must be the Heavenly Dao intent realm. It looks like the Highwarrior family will have an additional Godfiend."

    "This matter must be reported to Patriarch Highwarrior."

    These Elders discussed among themselves through voice transmissions. This matter had to be reported to the Highwarrior family's patriarch, the Connate Godfiend, Highwarrior.
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