Chapter 249: Qinyun! Come back!

    Chapter 249: Qinyun! Come back!

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    In the city, the black-haired man was controlling the five critical Magus Pillars from afar. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! With the five gigantic Magus Pillars as the core, a magus array enveloped the entirety of Fire Phoenix City, extending to a kilometer past Fire Phoenix City's walls.

    And in the sky, there were twenty fiendcelestials overlooking Fire Phoenix City on the amassing black clouds. Leading them was the brawny fiendcelestial in red-scaled armor. He looked coldly at the distant Firephoenix.




    The fiendish demon horde also had its leaders who immediately gave the order to attack.

    Instantly, all the fiendish demons charged at Fire Phoenix City on black clouds. However, when they entered the range of Fire Phoenix City's magus array, they could not help but plummet to the ground, slamming heavily onto the desolate plains, leaving craters in the ground. They rapidly got up unfazed, since there was no fall that could kill such powerful fiendish demons. Many fiendish demons saw this and took the initiative to steer their clouds to the ground. As long as they were within the magus array's area of effect, no fiendish demon could fly.

    "Kill those humans!"

    "Kill!" The fiendish demons roared. They either charged forward on all fours or strode with their two humanoid legs. Instantly, a large fiendish demon horde swarmed Fire Phoenix City from all sides.

    "If we don't destroy these magus arrays, there is no way we can conquer Fire Phoenix City." On the rolling black clouds, the twenty fiendcelestials were extremely calm. One of them said with a smile. "Although our numbers dwarf the humans by a hundredfold, they have only about ten to twenty percent of their strength under the magus array's repression. Those humans are all Connate Godfiend descendants. Their strength is increased under the magus array and they also have battle formations. The fiendish demons under us will die en masse while those humans might occasionally see only one of theirs perish."

    "So what if they die? This war is meant to give them a taste of the threat of death. As long as one of them can grasp the Heavenly Dao's intent realm after hundreds or even a thousand of them die, we can use the Fiend Nest to allow them to step into the fiendcelestial realm. The loss would be worth it."

    "Yes, at least an attack on a city pits them against humans. They usually engage in mindless slaughter against each other on the great plains."

    "Even if more than half these fiendish demons die, it would be nothing if three to five fiendcelestials are born."

    These fiendcelestials were already used to this game.

    Fiendish demons would kill one another on the great desolate plains! But due to the tiny differences in strength, their lives were not threatened enough.

    Or it could be said that fiendish demons were long accustomed to being threatened.

    As for attacking the city, with its magus array and the great disparity in strength, the sense of having their lives threatened would be more intense! Typically, a group of fiendish demons would die before one human Connate Godfiend descendant perished! Under the threat of death, it was indeed easier to force fiendish demons to gain insights into the Heavenly Dao's intent. Only by gaining insights into the intent realm could they retreat from battle without punishment.


    In the present world, humans had small territories. They converged to form the nine great cities of humanity.

    Meanwhile, the vast desolate plains were the territories of the fiendish demons! The fiendish demons were numerous and, with the rich Heaven and Earth spiritual energies available in that era, the demons were usually of higher realms than those from Qin Yun's homeworld. The fiendish demons that dared to attack were mostly existences that could match the third Firmament of the Mortal realm. They numbered a hundred times more than the human warriors as they took huge strides forward, traversing a distance of a kilometer with each step.


    They rapidly climbed up or leaped onto the city walls. Some even used each other to bolster their efforts. Soon, the first among them had scaled the two-hundred-feet-tall city walls. Groups of fiendish demons would also form battle formations to kill the human warriors.

    "Kill!" The humans on the city walls roared furiously. They formed battle formations of three or five and fought together seamlessly. They watched each other's backs and their flanks! They trusted their clansmen absolutely and joined hands in slaying the fiendish demons. In their own cities, with the augmentation of the magus array, their strength held the absolute advantage.

    "Kill! Kill! Kill!" Firephoenix Yuqing held one sword in each hand as she manically slew fiendish demons. Blood splattered around as she gritted her teeth in her battle fury. Her father and others were aiding her as well.

    There were also Heaven Magi that hid far away in midair. They cast magus arts and took the opportunity to attack the fiendish demons while they were down.

    As for the fiendish demons, they were accustomed to fighting for their lives. Survival in the desolate plains engraved the law of the jungle into their bones. They did not dare defy the fiendcelestials' orders. And as long as they provided meritorious service, the handsome rewards were enough to drive them crazy.

    "Yuqing." Qin Yun also saw Firephoenix Yuqing fighting not far away from him.

    With him in the Godfiend realm, he could not participate in the battles between mortals. Instead, the outcome of the war eventually depended on the fight between the Godfiends and fiendcelestials!

    "The Magus Pillars have many mortal prisoners in them. Those fiendcelestials would not dare to forcibly attack them. Once they attack it, the prisoners within will die. The massive karma will probably incur heavenly tribulation upon them," thought Qin Yun. "However, if the fiendcelestials are allowed to use their tricks, such as using a domain attack or an attack that controls souls, they will eventually be able to topple the Magus Pillars given time."

    "But in order to slowly take down the Magus Pillars, they have to kill the Godfiend Elders." Qin Yun understood this point. "Every war, the fiendcelestials surround and attack the various Elders."

    "Firephoenix, not bad. You now have one more Godfiend under you. I heard his name is Highwarrior Qinyun?" The red-scaled armor fiendcelestial, leader of the twenty fiendcelestials, said with a resounding voice. "But since the last time we fought, I have gained five more fiendcelestials under me. The rate at which you humans create Godfiends is far inferior to us fiendcelestials."

    "Hmph." Firephoenix stood on the Magus Pillar in the middle of the city as she darted her eyes coldly at them. "Wu Siyou. I didn't manage to kill you last time, but who knew, you actually have the guts to seek death this time."

    "Seek death? Hahaha... Firephoenix, you think too highly of yourself. Everyone, begin the attack! Let Firephoenix see how powerful we are." The stocky fiendcelestial and the two fiendcelestials beside him transformed into streams of light simultaneously as they went straight for Firephoenix.


    "Everyone, obliterate Fire Phoenix City!"

    The fiendcelestials streaked through the sky. Although they were repressed upon entry into the magus array formation, it was nothing worth mentioning. The strength of a fiendcelestial at the first Firmament would only decrease by about ten percent.

    "It begins."

    The eight Heaven Magi immediately initiated the magus array in the city's Magus God Temple.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    One magus array after another was activated.

    Qin Yun, Firephoenix Youxu, and all the other Godfiends had their might augmented by the powerful magus array. The strength of the Elders that were at the first Firmament nearly doubled. Of course, the magus array's augmentation on the extremely strong Qin Yun wasn't as exaggerated. However, it was still better than nothing!

    "Qinyun, be careful in a while. Don't get more than a thousand feet away from me." Firephoenix Youxu exhorted with a voice transmission as he looked at the four fiendcelestials charging towards his eastern wall.

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded. He felt the killing intent he had repressed for a decade boil. "Finally! I finally do not need to suppress it any further!"

    The eastern, western, and northern walls were attacked by four fiendcelestials each! The southern wall was being attacked by five fiendcelestials!

    It was normal. Throughout history, humans were forced to fight battles with a numbers disadvantage! The fact that they were defending their own city and the augmentation of the magus arrays allowed them to make up for the numbers disadvantage.

    "Firephoenix Youxu!" A roar was heard.

    On the eastern wall, four fiendcelestials charged straight at Firephoenix Youxu. None of them bothered with Qin Yun!

    This was because Firephoenix Youxu was the only person at the second Firmament of the Godfiend realm in Fire Phoenix City! The four fiendcelestials that were sent to attack the eastern wall also had redoubtable strengths themselves.

    "Kuihuo!" Firephoenix Youxu's fighting spirit surged as he immediately clashed with the fiendcelestial Kuihuo, who was his equal in strength. However, he still needed to divert his attention to deal with the other three fiendcelestials at the first Firmament.

    The four fiendcelestials attacked Firephoenix Youxu but did not have an instant advantage.

    "No one is bothering with me?" Qin Yun was taken aback before a cold glint flashed in his eyes. "Alright, since all of you underestimate me, I'll take this opportunity to vanquish all of you!"

    "Oh no."

    Qin Yun's expression changed.

    "Oh no."

    Be it Firephoenix, who was high in the sky, the Temple Lord in the city, or the Godfiend Temple Elders on the eastern, western, and northern walls, their expressions changed drastically. Fire Phoenix City was only about five kilometers in radius. At their levels, they could easily take note of the battles between the fiendcelestials and the Godfiend realm Elders anywhere in the city.

    And at that moment, Elder Muqi and Elder Linli were responsible for guarding the southern wall where they were facing the attacksof five fiendcelestials. They were not afraid in the beginning since they were fighting together and had the magus array augmenting them. The extra fiendcelestial didn't make much of a difference. Both of them were Elders with rich combat experience!

    But the instant they clashed, one of the fiendcelestials swiped down with his claw. Elder Linli's large hammer was deflected. He lost his defensive stance and revealed all sorts of openings.

    "Heh." Another fiendcelestial got in with a quick slash, slicing off Elder Linli's arm that held the huge hammer. The first fiendcelestial who had two gigantic claws tore through Elder Linli's chest and grabbed his heart. He ruthlessly crushed it. Those that reached the Godfiend realm would not die that easily even if their hearts were smashed to smithereens. However, they would lose all means of resistance. Following that, the second saber-wielding fiendcelestial slashed out, instantly dicing Firephoenix Linli into pieces, completely decimating him.

    With that, the Godfiend realm Elder, Firephoenix Linli was slain by two fiendcelestials upon first impact.

    This scene left everyone dumbfounded.

    "Linli!" High in the sky, Firephoenix's eyes were brimming with tears as she yelled.

    "Haha, you never expected that, did you? We brought five fiendcelestials at the second Firmament this time." The red-scaled fiendcelestial cackled as he fought Firephoenix. "The two of us work together to hold you back, while one of them deals with Firephoenix Youxu. These three are already long famous... but the other two, are brothers from Blackwater Pond. Both of them made a breakthrough to the second Firmament in the past twenty years, one after another. Haha, it has been kept highly confidential."

    If a fiendcelestial made a such a name for themselves, the humans would have received detailed information about them.

    At the fiendcelestial realm, they also knew how to converge and control their auras with the increase in levels. One could not tell their strength simply from their external appearances.

    If it were Qin Yun's homeworld, even a Connate False Core could converge their auras, preventing others from determining their strength!

    The Blackwater Pond brothers could only be determined to be fiendcelestials. They had deliberately converged their aura, preventing others from telling that they were at the second Firmament.

    "Among the twenty fiendcelestials, five of them are at the second Firmament." Firephoenix was feeling an anxious rage.

    In comparison, Fire Phoenix City only had seven Elders at the first Firmament and one at the second Firmament.

    As for the fiendcelestials, they had fourteen at the first Firmament! Five of them were at the second Firmament. This ratio was obviously abnormal. It was clearly deliberate.

    "Darn it."

    "Both of the Blackwater Pond brothers have broken through to the second Firmament of the fiendcelestial realm." The Elders along the other three city walls turned anxious and furious.

    If they knew about the fiendcelestials being at the second Firmament, Firephoenix Linli and Elder Muqi would have chosen to flee. They would have diverted additional resources to deal with them, preventing such a quick loss of a Godfiend.


    "Muqi, run!"

    The other Elders turned anxious.

    The Elders on the western and northern walls had their hands tied. They were unable to provide any assistance. Besides, they did not dare to! If someone at the first Firmament of the Godfiend realm went to fight a fiendcelestial at the second Firmament realm, they would barely last ten to twenty strikes due to the array's augmentation. But if they fought the combined forces of two fiendcelestials at the second Firmament, they would be instantly decimated. Firephoenix Linli was a perfect example!

    And now, there was a total of five fiendcelestials on the southern wall! Two of them were at the second Firmament and three of them were at the first Firmament. Initially, the three fiendcelestials at the first Firmament attacked Elder Muqi and held him back. After the Blackwater Pond brothers killed Firephoenix Linli, they quickly came to deal with Elder Muqi.

    Everyone was gripped with anxiety at that moment.


    However, there was a stream of light that shot from the eastern wall, streaking across the sky in the direction of the southern wall.

    "Qinyun!" The Elders, including Firephoenix, had drastic changes in expression.

    The person that had charged to the southern tower to defend it was the newly promoted Godfiend, also the youngest twenty-four-year-old Godfiend Elder-Highwarrior Qinyun!

    "Qinyun! Come back!"

    "Quickly come back! Don't send yourself to your death!" bellowed one after another.

    "You are sending yourself to your death!" Firephoenix Youxu, who was being held back, turned anxious. He tried charging out but the other four fiendcelestials held him back. "Hahaha, Firephoenix Youxu, Elder Qinyun is very young and brave. Let him be."

    Firephoenix Youxu's eyes burst with anger. He had been exhorted to watch over the still inexperienced Qin Yun.

    "Qinyun!" Firephoenix Youxu bellowed angrily with a voice transmission. "Come back!"

    "Yun." Firephoenix Yuqing turned anxious when she noticed the scene.

    "Yuqing, stay focused." Her father blocked a fiendish demon's attack meant for her as he shouted immediately.


    However, Qin Yun rushed straight for the southern wall in the form of a beam. The killing intent he had repressed for ten years boiled over as his eyes turned red.

    "Divine power! Infinite Light! Third Firmament!"

    Qin Yun instantly cast a divine power.

    A divine power had an extremely high requirement for one's realm.

    However, Qin Yun now grasped five Paramount realms. Infinite was one of the more recently-grasped Paramount realms. It was similar in nature to Infinite Light, one of the many divine powers available in Godfiend Temple. At the realm Qin Yun had attained, cultivating in a divine power was doing things somewhat in reverse order. As such, he was naturally able to cultivate Infinite Light to the third Firmament.

    With the divine power cast, Qin Yun's speed rose tremendously, making him akin to a blurry beam of light. He was fifty percent faster than when he used the Beam Transformation Art back in his homeworld. The eastern wall was only about four kilometers from the southern wall. Just after the two fiendcelestials at the second Firmament killed Firephoenix Linli, they sensed a flash coming from the eastern wall that shot towards them.


    Instantly, his sword was drawn.

    "Kill!" Qin Yun's eyes burned blood red as they were filled with killing intent.
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