Chapter 250: Killing Fiendcelestials

    Chapter 250: Killing Fiendcelestials

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    Among all the Godfiend Elders present, the one wallowing in despair the most was Elder Muqi! He was about to be surrounded by five fiendcelestials and two of them were at the second Firmament realm. The only thing that could be considered lucky for Elder Muqi was that the two Second Firmament brothers dealt with Elder Linli first! However, with Elder Linli dead, he was the only Godfiend Elder left on the southern city wall.

    "Escape." Elder Muqi only had thoughts of escaping.

    "Divine power, Mountain Uprooting!"

    The hunchbacked Elder Muqi had long fluttering brows. His stocky body suddenly buffed up as the might of his wooden stave increased.

    "Haha, you won't be able to escape."

    "The three of us will hold you back. If you actually manage to escape, we might as well kill ourselves."

    "Muqi, you will definitely die today. Your beloved Fire Phoenix City will be flattened by us." In truth, the three fiendcelestials did not believe they could kill Elder Muqi by themselves. They were only doing their best to hold him back to prevent him from escaping.

    "I'm doomed!"

    Elder Muqi could not help but panic as his struggle to escape ended in failure.

    Just as the three fiendcelestials had him pinned down, he saw a beam of light surging towards him from the eastern wall. Qin Yun's casting of the divine power, Infinite Light, allowed him to traverse four kilometers in a flash.

    "It's that Highwarrior Qinyun."

    "He's rather fast. Is he adept at divine powers related to speed? Hmph! Having cultivated for such a short time, he foolishly focused on that instead of cultivating divine powers for close combat. Did he cultivate a speed-based divine power to ensure that he could escape?"

    "He's not a fool. He didn't charge at the two from Blackwater Pool but towards us instead. Is he trying to save Muqi?"

    "Coming here is no different from seeking death!"

    The three fiendcelestials surrounding Elder Muqi similarly noticed Qin Yun rushing at them. They thought nothing of him simply because divine powers had extremely high requirements for one's realm. Every divine power required a lot of time and effort to master. To push a divine power to the intent realm would only be considered the first Firmament. The intent domain realm would be considered the second Firmament, while the Paramount realm was the third Firmament!

    They all knew that Highwarrior Qinyun had only stepped into the Godfiend realm ten years ago. It would already be impressive if he was even good at one divine power. In terms of combat strength, how could the three fiendcelestials with rich combat experience be inferior to a newly promoted Elder?

    "Qin Yun, quickly leave." Although Elder Muqi was reeling in despair, he still sent an urgent voice transmission.

    Qin Yun's eyes were filled with killing intent. At the moment he drew his sword, he cast an even more special divine power.


    His surging Godfiend powers formed two thick clouds. The upper cloud was blue and the lower cloud was earth-yellow. The two clouds resembled a millstone that ground a space in between them that spanned a thousand feet! The two clouds slowly spun as though the millstone was mashing down on the three fiendcelestials in the middle. As for Elder Muqi, he was completely unaffected. Everything was within Qin Yun's control.

    Divine power-Heaven Earth Millstone!

    Qin Yun now grasped five Paramount realms. To compliment those five Paramount realms, Qin Yun found four divine powers that corresponded to them! This was because at the Paramount realm, he could naturally cultivate the four divine powers to the third Firmament. Of course, Qin Yun had much bolstering him up. He could have cultivated another divine power, but he believed that he would only be able to cultivate it to the second Firmament or maybe only up to the first Firmament.

    He did not waste further effort because the four divine powers were already sufficient! To cultivate all four divine powers to the third Firmament was already an astounding feat!

    The complement of the Heaven Earth Millstone was Qin Yun's Juxtaposition Paramount realm. It was an extremely rare domain-type divine power. When trapped in the domain, enemies would be suppressed from all sides and greatly have their strength reduced.

    "What!? Domain-type divine power?" The three fiendcelestials were alarmed.

    "Furthermore, this divine power is too strong. My strength has halved."

    "How is this possible!?"

    Just as the three were still reeling in shock, the phenomena of a river appeared around them. Above the river, a moon-like sword flash rose!

    It was the sword skill, Bright Moon Over River!

    This strike was even more perfect and intoxicating than back in Qin Yun's homeworld. Qin Yun had grasped five Paramount realms and the strike was powered by the only Paramount realm that he could not find a corresponding divine power for. Qin Yun called it Paramount Emotions!

    Paramount Emotions represented how much more important emotions were than anything else!

    Qin Yun was adept in various flying sword attacks, such as Bright Moon Over River, Dual Flight, and the Samsara that he created early on. He later created Parting and Homecoming. Parting was created due to his good friend Fu Qing's death which left him in grief for a very long time. He also thought of the many brothers he had while fighting in the northern borders, eventually creating such a strike. As for Homecoming, it was created by Qin Yun based on his pining for his wife and family after being in this world for too long.

    As he created these similar moves, Qin Yun finally gained insights into a new Paramount realm, Paramount Emotions. However, there was no corresponding divine power that matched Paramount Emotions despite the many divine powers the nine cities of humanity had.

    "Divine power, Infinite Light!"

    "Sword art, Bright Moon Over River!"


    Qin Yun showed no mercy.

    Infinite Light was not only fast when flying, it also made his movements and attacks much faster! Furthermore, he had attained the third Firmament of the divine power. Coupled with Bright Moon Over River, his sword art was as fast as it could go. By coupling the divine power with his sword art, it was a pursuit of extreme speed! It was perfect when combined with his domain divine power, Heaven Earth Millstone, that repressed his opponents.

    "He's too fast. I can't make out anything." A fiendcelestial looked at the moon-like sword beam appear before him in panic. All he could do was try his best to brandish his large ax in hopes of blocking.


    Although he was horrified, his ax had luckily blocked Qin Yun's strike. He was feeling thankful but fearful. "I managed to block it. I blocked it."

    "Die." Qin Yun's killing intent turned more boisterous. With a tap of his feet, he turned his body slightly and the sword in his hand naturally produced a second strike.

    It was still Bright Moon Over River!

    The moon-like sword beam lit up once again. This time, the fiendcelestial's luck ran out. Even though his ax head was huge, the sword beam slashed over from the side, slicing through the fiendcelestial's neck, sending his head flying.

    "Obliterate." Qin Yun's sword flash swirled around, producing sword beams that immediately and rapidly drilled right into the open neck. The organs in the headless fiendcelestial's body were decimated without resistance. Naturally, its heart was also destroyed. The fiendcelestial's surface also had many wounds appear. His body directly plummeted to the ground, showing no resistance. However, the head that was sent flying continued escaping frantically.

    At the fiendcelestial realm, their lifeforce was extremely exaggerated. Even a severed head could still live on.

    "This, how is this possible?" The other two fiendcelestials were shocked.

    "Even if a domain divine power reduces our strength by half, he shouldn't have been finished in just two moves. How long has he been cultivating? Could he be at the second Firmament of the Godfiend realm?" The two fiendcelestials found it unbelievable.


    Qin Yun's divine power, Heaven Earth Millstone, could half the fiendcelestial's strength, so how could a mere head hope to escape? It was impossible! The Heaven Earth Millstone spun and came pressing down from the clouds, leaving no way for the head to escape anymore.

    Following that, Qin Yun coldly waved his hands, condensing Godfiend powers into sword beams that shot out. This was the power of the Godfiend realm after all. When it entered the fiendcelestial head in the form of sword beams, it immediately ground its interior into mush. The fiendcelestial head fell to the side completely enervated. Its eyes turned dim and died there and then.

    This scene left all the Elders and fiendcelestials on the battlefield astounded!

    "And you two." Qin Yun flew towards the southern wall and with the combination of the two divine powers, Infinite Light and Heaven Earth Millstone, he cast Bright Moon Over River again. In three strikes, he killed another fiendcelestial! The might he brought to the battlefield left everyone astounded. As for Qin Yun, he did not hesitate to charge towards the silver-armored fiendcelestial that was closest to him.

    "Stop!" With two world-shaking bellows, the Blackwater Pond brothers rushed to block his path.

    They were feeling guilt-ridden. After killing Elder Linli, they noticed that Qin Yun was charging towards the southern wall. The both of them had immediately set off but as they had only acted in response, they were slightly slower than Qin Yun. But just that slight difference caused their companions to die. It was simply because Highwarrior Qinyun was too ferocious. He slew a fiendcelestial in two or three strikes, preventing them from saving their companions in time.

    "Highwarrior Qinyun, die!" The Blackwater Pond brothers attacked Qin Yun together as soon as they arrived.
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