Chapter 251: At the Disadvantage

    Chapter 251: At the Disadvantage

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    "Elder Muqi, quickly escape!" Qin Yun called out with an urgent voice transmission. At the same time, he clashed with the two second Firmament realm Blackwater Pond fiendcelestials.

    "Qinyun, you have to be careful."

    Elder Muqi was shocked that Qin Yun managed to destroy a fiendcelestial in a few moves but he also knew that he would only be a hindrance if he stayed behind. Furthermore, two of the three first-Firmament fiendcelestials that were attacking him previously had fled, while the third was dead. No fiendcelestial was hindering him, so he naturally phased away and shot straight for the eastern wall. The Blackwater Pond brothers did not pursue him either. In their eyes, Qin Yun was the most important prey!

    After all, if they separated, with Qin Yun's terrifying speed, it was likely that he could escape easily. They needed to focus on surrounding Qin Yun!

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    On the southern wall, Qin Yun and the two Blackwater Pond fiendcelestials engaged in an intense battle. They sent shockwaves in every direction. Although the surrounding mortal warriors and fiendish demons diverted some attention to watch the battle, they could not see much.


    Throughout the battlefield, the Godfiend Elders, the Magus God Temple Lord, Firephoenix, and the many fiendcelestials were paying attention to everything that happened on the southern wall. Just moments ago, Firephoenix Linli was instantly killed by the Blackwater Pond brothers but the young Elder Qinyun suddenly showed his prowess, vanquishing a fiendcelestial in a few strikes.

    All of them were somewhat in a daze.

    "Has Qinyun already reached the second Firmament of the Godfiend realm?"

    "If not, how is he able to kill a fiendcelestial in just a few moves?" The Elders were happy but also astounded. "It hasn't been long since he broke through to the Godfiend realm. It has only been ten years! He's only twenty-four this year and he has already reached the second Firmament of the Godfiend realm?"

    Qin Yun's rate of improvement left the human Elders excited. They even felt that Qin Yun was likely to reach the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm! That would allow him to match the strength of Connate Godfiends!

    And high above Fire Phoenix City.

    The stocky red-scaled fiendcelestial, Wu Siyou, led two companions while they surrounded Firephoenix, preventing her from saving the other Godfiend Elders. However, Qin Yun's sudden actions left him stunned.

    "Cultivating a domain-type divine power to such a terrifying state and having such horrifying sword skills makes him capable of vanquishing a first-Firmament fiendcelestial in a few strikes. The gap is just too great. He must be a second-Firmament Godfiend." Although Wu Siyou was fighting Firephoenix, he could still divert a bit of attention to watch the battle on the southern wall. He made an instant judgment of Qin Yun's strength.

    He had to be at the second Firmament.

    Furthermore, it was likely that he had many more tricks up his sleeve. There were just too few humans or fiendish demons in the world that could cast domain-type divine powers.


    Firephoenix and Wu Siyou separated from each other after striking one another with a reverberating blow.

    "Firephoenix," said Wu Siyou as he gritted his teeth. "I was planning on giving you and all of Fire Phoenix City a huge surprise with the successive breakthroughs of the Blackwater Pond brothers, a rare feat for us fiendish demons! I never expected you to be able to hide one of your own so well. A young Elder that has broken through only ten years ago is already at the second Firmament of the Godfiend realm. This is something I would never have expected."

    "There are still many things coming that you didn't expect." Firephoenix sneered but she was ruminating inwardly.

    When did that kid Highwarrior Qinyun reach the second Firmament? Even I, the mighty Firephoenix, did not know of it?

    He sure hid it well! She was even afraid that he lacked experience and specially requested Youxu to take good care of him. But from the looks of it, his strength was in no way inferior to Youxu's.

    "I should have a good chat with this kid after the battle is over." Firephoenix thought to herself. "Is it because he doesn't trust me that he kept his breakthrough a secret? However, if he can attain the second Firmament at the age of twenty-four, there is hope for him to reach the third Firmament in the future!"

    Firephoenix was filled with joy and anticipation.



    "Elder Yun."

    Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan were paying fervent attention to the matter. When they discovered that Qin Yun had easily slain one fiendcelestial before fighting the Blackwater Pond brothers, they heaved a sigh of relief.

    However, despite the various Godfiend Elders, Magus God Temple Lord, and Firephoenix feeling excited in the beginning, they slowly began to worry.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    Qin Yun and the Blackwater Pond brothers were embroiled in an intense battle.

    Within the domain-type divine power, Qin Yun's sword produced mystical sword strikes but he was clearly disadvantaged fighting the two alone! The Blackwater Pond brothers attacked manically with their sharp claws and saber flashes. Although Qin Yun could occasionally counterattack, he was forced to defend most of the time.

    "Although both of them have just broken through to the second Firmament of the fiendcelestial realm, their bodies are even stronger than that. I'm only equal to them in a one-on-one situation. Fighting them both at once is a little troublesome." Qin Yun had already expected this before he took action.

    Typically, one could eventually attain the first Firmament of the Godfiend realm with the aid of things like a Spiritual Companion Item if they were at the intent realm. Cultivating with a Spiritual Companion Item gradually enhanced one's realm and, over long periods of time, a first-Firmament Godfiend would gradually attain the intent domain.

    An intent domain represented the average standard of a first-Firmament fiendcelestial with rich combat experience.

    The Paramount realm, with the aid of external forces, allowed one to become a second-Firmament Godfiend!

    If Qin Yun made it his goal to focus on the runic patterns in the Highwarrior Three Volumes and used the Spiritual Companion Item to help him, he would have probably reached the second Firmament of the Godfiend realm by now. But if that happened, he would only have three Paramount realms. That was not what he wanted. He placed all his efforts on his sword training these past ten years, allowing him to attain five Paramount realms.

    The Blackwater Pond brothers were newly promoted second-Firmament fiendcelestials. Their attacks naturally reached the Paramount realm in terms of their realm. But even though they only grasped one Paramount realm, their bodies were those of second-Firmament fiendcelestials. Their fiendcelestial powers were also much stronger. Besides, Qin Yun was dedicated to his cultivation in his sword arts, so his body was still at the first Firmament of the Godfiend realm. This made his foundation weaker.

    Thankfully, he had five Paramount realms and he had cultivated four divine powers! With the various divine powers combined, he was able to bridge the gap that existed due to his weak foundation.

    He could fight them to a draw in a one-on-one battle.

    When fighting two alone... it was very demanding on him!

    Of course, Qin Yun was adept at defense. His sword skills were also very powerful. Just his defense alone was impregnable.

    "He's totally at a disadvantage!"

    "That's bad."

    "A perpetual defense is bound to fail. Qinyun is still too young and he lacks experience. If Qinyun fails to defend against the Blackwater Pond brothers' combined attacks..."

    The Elders, Magus God Temple Lord, and Firephoenix were worried.

    "Qinyun, can you keep up your defense?" Firephoenix sent a voice transmission. "If you can't, I have means of helping you."

    Fire Phoenix City was one of the nine great cities of humanity and Firephoenix was also a Connate Godfiend! She naturally had accumulated a lot of resources. She had only failed to save Firephoenix Linli because he was killed instantly within seconds of the battle's start. If she was given time, she had many means she could have used to save him. It was only a question of whether she was willing to pay the price.

    "Your Majesty Firephoenix, don't worry. You should know what's the most famous divine power of my Highwarrior lineage. They won't be able to kill me." Qin Yun replied with a voice transmission.

    When Firephoenix heard that, she was immediately delighted. She immediately asked with a voice transmission, "You have even cultivated the divine power Indestructible Body to an extremely high level?"

    "Yes," Qin Yun replied with a voice transmission.

    Firephoenix immediately felt relieved.

    The most famous divine power of the Highwarrior lineage was the Indestructible Body! The Highwarrior lineage sourced from the Dao of the land. As for Qin Yun's defense Paramount realm, it was considered a part of it. Qin Yun had sought a divine power that complemented defense among all the divine powers in the Godfiend Temple. What he found was an indestructible body that remained unperturbed even against many enemies.

    For instance, Qin Yun's casting of the Cyclic Sword Flash was best at defense.

    As for the Indestructible Body, it was similarly great at withstanding attacks! Even if he did not block with a weapon and allowed enemies to attack his body, his Indestructible Body would rapidly dissipate the enemy's might. It was just too difficult to injure an Indestructible Body. Furthermore, Qin Yun's Indestructible Body divine power had also reached the third Firmament.

    "I can identify the divine powers Qinyun has already used as Infinite Light and Heaven Earth Millstone. Now, he is telling me that he has also cultivated the Indestructible Body to an extremely high realm," Firephoenix ruminated inwardly. "How long has he been cultivating? Yet, he has already cultivated at least three powerful divine powers and all of them have been cultivated to an extremely profound level? In terms of talent, he is absolutely the best in all of Fire Phoenix City's history."


    Even though his foundation was inferior, Qin Yun was still able to battle with fervent passion.


    The elder brother of the Blackwater Pond brothers, E'chen, angrily swiped at Qin Yun's left arm, leaving wounds on his arm. He could not help but be surprised. "What, he didn't block?"

    Logically, with Qin Yun's powerful sword skills, he was able to completely block the attack but he chose not to. When the claw struck his left arm, runic patterns appeared over his entire body as he took a step back. The wound on his left arm bled but the wound rapidly healed. Qin Yun took the opportunity to slash at E'chen's abdomen with his sword.

    "A first Firmament body coupled with the third Firmament of the Indestructible Body is unable to brush off their attacks."

    "But this feeling of danger only makes it more exciting."

    Qin Yun cast his sword arts heartily. He coupled the four divine powers with his sword arts and did his best in battle. The more he fought, the more intense his killing intent became. A killing intent that had been suppressed for ten years was not that easily wiped away by killing one fiendcelestial.


    "The both of them are also at the Paramount realm and the strength of their attacks isn't much different from mine. It's been ten years. It's been so long since I've had such a good time killing!"
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