Chapter 252: Stepping into the Dao

    Chapter 252: Stepping into the Dao

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    In this new life, Qin Yun was often annoyed because he never had a suitable opponent!

    The other first Firmament Elders in Fire Phoenix City were too weak. The Connate Godfiend Firephoenix was too strong! Only Elder Firephoenix Youxu was barely suitable but he did not pose a sufficient threat to him. Furthermore, he could not deal killer blows on allies! He was restricted while sparring and even then he could only reveal bits of his strength gradually with age! He had to make his strength appear normal.

    Geniuses also had a genius's development trajectory.

    For instance, entering the Godfiend realm at the Coming of Age ceremony. Reaching the intent domain realm at fifteen! And then, reaching the Paramount realm at twenty!

    Elder Youxu and company knew Qin Yun was rather strong but Qin Yun had only revealed two divine powers-Infinite Light and Heaven Earth Millstone.

    "I had to hold back in the past."

    "After all, the raising of one's realm is done one step at a time. I can't just grasp the Paramount realm before grasping the intent domain realm, can I? Even a fool would realize that there's a problem. Would I end up being possessed by an Other Realm Fiendcelestial?" Qin Yun reflected. "Four years ago, I revealed that I had reached the Paramount realm, with Infinite Light reaching the third Firmament. Now, even if I reveal another two divine powers, it will only show my genius."

    A genius was like that.

    After entering the Paramount realm, it was normal for them to directly step into the Dao in about four years.

    "Today's battle is the only time I can use all my strength."

    "I can freely use every move I know. I want both of them dead, and they want me dead." Qin Yun freely attacked with his sword.

    Over the past ten years, he had grasped five Paramount realms. He felt that they could fuse into one but he was just short of achieving it!

    In the past, he had to spend great effort to understand the mysteries of the world through meditation.

    Now, he was engaged in a life-and-death battle. He could imbue all the ideas and teachings he had come up with in his attacks freely! If he made any mistakes in his comprehension? It could be proven in combat! The enemies' defense and counterattacks would allow him to realize the flaws in his sword skills.


    "This attack actually has a flaw. It's not natural enough."

    The more Qin Yun fought, the happier he became.

    He was even willing to risk injury to test out his attacks. The two fiendcelestials were extremely cautious against him as a result.


    "This Highwarrior Qinyun is only twenty-four but he already has strength equivalent to ours. If he were to continue developing his strength, he might one day become a Godfiend at the third Firmament. The both of us must eliminate him when he is still weak. We must make use of today's opportunity."

    "We can't kill him when fighting him one on one. But when it's two against one... there's no way he can keep fending us off."

    The Blackwater Pond brothers were extremely confident.

    But as they continued engaging in battle, they gradually became more and more dumbfounded.

    Qin Yun's defense with his sword was perfect! It was impregnable! Occasionally, he would reveal a flaw but he could withstand their attacks with his divine power, Indestructible Body. He could even counter attack each time, causing the both of them to turn flustered.

    "E'chen, what are the both of you doing? Fight with all you've got. Kill that Highwarrior Qinyun! Even if our assault on the city fails, we still need to kill him." Wu Siyou sent an urgent voice transmission. He was the leader of the fiendcelestials and he was the only third-Firmament fiendcelestial present! He knew how difficult it was to attain the third Firmament.

    An entity at the third Firmament had worth equivalent to that of a whole city.

    For example, they might be able to decimate Fire Phoenix City but it would be very difficult for them to kill the Connate Godfiend, Firephoenix! Therefore, when Wu Siyou realized Qin Yun's potential, he turned anxious.

    "As long as you can kill Qinyun, I guarantee that the both of you will each receive three Skyfiend Crystals." Wu Siyou sent a voice transmission again.

    "Don't worry, the two of us will definitely kill him." The eyes of the Blackwater Pond brothers instantly turned red.

    "Let's risk it all!"

    "For the Skyfiend Crystals, it's worth the risk. We will be rid of him even if we have to heavily injure ourselves to do it."

    The Blackwater Pond brothers were prepared to suffer serious injuries. They wanted to smash Qin Yun's head to pieces even if their stomachs were stabbed by his sword! Despite engaging in combat that seemed to ensure an internecine outcome, they were fiendcelestials after all. They worked together and their second-Firmament fiendcelestial bodies were extremely strong. As long as they complemented each other, it would be very difficult for Qin Yun to really kill them.

    "Oh? They have turned more fervent?"

    "Good, that's even better. Make it more dangerous and more relentless."

    Instead of being shocked, Qin Yun was overjoyed.

    Due to the elevated threat, Qin Yun had even more intense inspirations while using his sword skills. The various insights he had gained over the past decade were verified in actual combat, allowing new insights to constantly surface.

    The five Paramount realms' fusion was improving.

    Qin Yun's sword skills became more unified. A casual slash, slice, tremor, or swipe seemed to contain the simplest implications of the Dao. What seemed extremely simple contained infinite mysticism. The Blackwater Pond brothers' frenzied attacks, containing their hopes for an internecine outcome, were completely withstood by Qin Yun's sword. He could easily parry their attacks while also creating opportunities to hurt them.

    The feeling was very magical.

    The five Paramount realms seemed to form a perfect whole. Just like the five elements-Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth-could become whole, Qin Yun's five Paramount realms... also began to form a complete Sword Dao.


    Qin Yun could not help but immerse himself in his sword arts. He even forgot about his enemies. All Qin Yun did was rely on his innate instinct to fend off the Blackwater Pond brothers' attacks.

    "Is this a Sword Dao that belongs to me?"

    "Be it Defense, Decimation, Juxtaposition, Infinite, and Paramount Emotions, they are part of my Sword Dao. The lack of any one of them would result in an incomplete Sword Dao," thought Qin Yun. He felt that the intent domain around him was experiencing changes. It rapidly expanded beyond a thousand feet. Even his soul was beginning to transform.


    "What happened?"

    "We risked an internecine outcome to kill him. In the beginning, we were able to injure him but now, we are the ones being injured?"

    The Blackwater Pond brothers exchanged glances and saw the horror in each other.

    And at that moment, Qin Yun did not look right.

    Despite standing there and being assaulted, he would casually use his sword to parry an attack. It looked casual but it seemed like an integral whole. There were no flaws.


    Qin Yun brandished his sword nonchalantly once again. With a flash, the sword quickly sliced through the younger of the Blackwater Pond brothers duo, E'long. His powerful fiendcelestial body had a gaping wound sliced through it that left E'long retreating in shock. He immediately sent a voice transmission. "Brother, his attack was too fast. It's a lot stronger than before too."

    "What?" E'chen was alarmed too.

    But following that, Qin Yun's attacks returned to normal.

    Moments later, he struck out with another terrifying strike. It sent E'chen retreating in a wretched manner.

    "What happened?"

    The two fiendcelestial brothers, E'chen and E'long, stopped fighting. They hovered far away and exchanged glances. They felt that something wasn't right.

    "Two times his attacks were very powerful, but the other attacks were very ordinary." The both of them were extremely worried.

    They kept their distance and remained motionless.

    Qin Yun hovered in his spot without attacking as well. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth curled. Countless sword flashes suffused around him as they spiraled. As for Qin Yun, he seemed to be the one true god with the sword flashes encircling him. At that moment, the luster in Qin Yun's eyes gradually returned. He extended his hand to gently touch the surrounding sword flashes.

    "Sword Dao. This is my Sword Dao," whispered Qin Yun. "It's mine, Qin Yun's Sword Dao."

    "He has stepped into the Dao? Escape!" The red-scaled fiendcelestial, Wu Siyou, saw sword flashes radiating from afar. When he sensed that they were manifestations of the Dao, he anxiously sent a booming voice transmission.

    "Stepped into the Dao?"

    E'chen and E'long had drastic changes in their expressions as they hastily retreated as fast as they could.

    "Do you think the both of you can escape?" Qin Yun's voice was still resounding when he took a step forward. With a flash of light, he had appeared beside the two fiendcelestials. Following that, he casually swung his sword.

    "So what if you have stepped into the Dao? How much stronger can you be?" E'chen immediately turned and attacked with his claws when he realized there was no way to escape.

    However, Qin Yun's simple swing of the sword was of varying speed. The claws actually managed to touch Qin Yun's sword but when the sword's shadow swept past E'chen's neck, his head flew off! However, E'chen's headless body grew a new head from his severed neck. He was panicking as he yelled, "Brother, flee in different directions. We won't be able to last against him!"
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