Chapter 253: Unable to stop him

    Chapter 253: Unable to stop him

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    Although E'chen and E'long had only recently broken through to the second Firmament, they were still second-Firmament fiendcelestials. So no one expected them to fail at resisting Highwarrior Qinyun's sword.

    "Brother's body is stronger than mine, yet he can't even withstand one strike? What Dao did this Highwarrior Qinyun step into?" E'long took a large stride and charged beyond the city walls and headed for the desolate plains.

    "He's way too strong. It's definitely not an ordinary Dao." E'chen was panicking as he headed in the opposite direction. He leaped downwards towards the city.

    Although the Paramount realm and an ordinary stepping into the Dao did contain a difference in strength, it was not ridiculously huge. It was even possible for one to survive in a one-on-one battle! In Qin Yun's homeworld, it was difficult for him to kill existences at the intent domain realm who had powerful life-preserving methods just after he attained the Paramount realm. By the same logic, Mahākāśyapa Monastery's Sacred Reverend Dharvana might have stepped into the Dao, but it was still very difficult for him to kill a Paramount realm.

    Just a difference of one realm made killing the other party very difficult.

    However, E'chen had his head lopped off without even being capable of putting up a resistance. Although he grew a new head, the feeling of being steamrolled only served to accentuate the differences between them.

    "Before he stepped into the Dao, he was about my equal. I could repress him when joining forces with Brother. But now, after he stepped into the Dao, I can't even block one strike of his... Such a terrifying Dao means that he has a high chance of attaining the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm." As E'chen escaped, he looked back at the battle behind him.

    He immediately noticed that Qin Yun was not pursuing him. Instead, he was pursuing E'long who was escaping outside of the city.

    "Brother!" E'chen turned anxious but he also felt a little thankful.

    If his brother were to die in battle, that might buy some time for him to escape.


    The Blackwater Pond brothers fled in different directions and Qin Yun instantly made a decision. His feet tapped in the air as he transformed into a stream of light that pursued E'long as he fled out of the city. "E'long, you won't escape!"

    "What, he's chasing me?" E'long panicked as he was escaping.

    "Isn't it because you are easier to kill?" Qin Yun's eyes suffused a coldness. His Infinite Light had easily gone from the third Firmament to the fifth Firmament. He was a lot faster than before.

    It was pointless for E'long to panic.

    He was indeed the weakest link.

    Of the Blackwater Pond brothers, the younger brother E'long was more adept in the way of the saber. His elder brother E'chen had a stronger body that resembled a Dharma treasure; therefore he would use his claws in battle. Killing E'chen would be a lot more troublesome. For example, E'chen was able to grow another head immediately after being beheaded. Typical fiendcelestials did not have such powerful bodies.

    "He's coming!" The panicking E'long had no choice but to turn around and strike. His saber beam was incisive and extremely fast.

    However, Qin Yun easily discovered the numerous flaws in the saber strike.

    "Lone Yin does not lead to birth and solitary Yang does not allow growth. His saber strike is overly ruthless but that only makes it crude." After Qin Yun stepped into the Dao, his five Paramount realms fused into one. He was no longer plagued with questions. When he saw his opponent's strike, he naturally compared it to his own. The comparison just revealed too many flaws that made it incomparable.

    The gap was just too great.

    "Schwing." Qin Yun easily waved his sword, producing a sword flash that was actually quite slow. But when it came into contact with the saber flash, it leveraged on its strength, accelerating itself. It struck E'long's abdomen and, like slicing through tofu, split his body in two.

    "This sword art..." Although E'long felt despair in the face of death, he also understood how much more brilliant his opponent's sword art was.

    He was like a child flailing a saber in front of a brilliant swordsman who could take him down simply by tapping him with a tree branch.


    Qin Yun waved his hand as large amounts of Sword Qi appeared out of thin air. Following that, it sliced E'long into two and bored through his body, grinding his heart and other organs, before moving upwards to reduce his head's interior into mush.

    "He was similar to me previously." E'long's two halves fell to the ground as he murmured. Following that, the light in his eyes faded away and he transformed into a gigantic lizard.

    The fiendcelestial E'long was dead!

    This was also the first fiendcelestial at the second Firmament realm that perished in the battle.

    "Similar? Before I entered this world, I had already grasped three Paramount realms. Up to now, you only had one. The difference in accumulated experience is just too disparate." After Qin Yun slew E'long, he waved his hands and swept E'long's weapons and treasures into his Cosmic Bag. Following that, he transformed into a beam of light and headed for the city in pursuit of E'chen.


    The battle situation completely changed.

    It was inconceivable that both second-Firmament fiendcelestials were repressed despite joining forces. In a blink of an eye, E'long was killed! Qin Yun was now pursuing E'chen who had already escaped far away.


    Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan, who diverted their attention to watch the battle, were feeling extremely excited and happy.

    "Well done."

    "Elder Qinyun sure is formidable." The clansmen fighting on the city walls were excited as well.

    Everyone was rejoicing. The situation was terrible before but the sudden mighty appearance of Qin Yun, with his illustrious strength, and his stepping into the Dao during a life-and-death battle, changed everything! He proved his strength by taking the life of a second-Firmament fiendcelestial.

    "Wu Siyou, save me! Save me!" E'chen sent an anxious voice transmission as he fled.

    The third-Firmament fiendcelestial, Wu Siyou, who was fighting Firephoenix, turned anxious. He did not care about E'chen's life but he was concerned about Qin Yun. "This Highwarrior Qinyun is only twenty-four this year. He's already this fearsome after just stepping into the Dao. With a Spiritual Companion Item, I believe he will achieve the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm in a few decades. With such talent, he might... even be the second Skygod of humanity. If that happens, we as fiendish demons are doomed."

    "Kanqi, Yumo. I'll do my best to deal with Firephoenix. The both of you should go deal with Qinyun and kill him at all costs. If you can kill Qinyun, it will be a great meritorious deed. The Empyrean Lord will definitely reward you handsomely," said Wu Siyou with a voice transmission.


    Kanqi and Yumo were similarly second-Firmament fiendcelestials.

    However, since they were chosen to aid Wu Siyou in his battle against Firephoenix, they were not like the Blackwater Pond brothers who had only recently broken through. They had already broken through thousands of years ago and had even stepped into the Dao. Unfortunately, they were very ordinary Dao, so they were still stuck in the second Firmament of the Fiendcelestial realm.

    According to the demarcation of the realms, Godfiends at the first Firmament usually were at the Heavenly Dao's intent realm and the intent domain realm.

    Godfiends at the second Firmament were usually at the Paramount realm with a number having stepped into the Dao.

    Godfiends at the third Firmament had to step into the Dao! Furthermore, the Dao they comprehended had to be sufficiently strong. With the aid of a Spiritual Companion Item and other external help, there was a chance of someone entering this realm. As for Connate Godfiends, they were born into this realm.

    It was similar for the fiendcelestials.


    Qin Yun transformed into a stream of light that pursued E'chen. He was extremely fast and, as he had just broken through, he was also working hard at understanding his divine powers. In order to pursue his enemy, he had first raised Infinite Light to the fifth Firmament. Now, his Heaven Earth Millstone was constantly being refined and perfected in his mind. Nearly instantly, it had reached the fifth Firmament.

    He commanded with a thought.

    Two large cascading clouds appeared, with a blue cloud above and an earth-yellow cloud below. They encompassed the surrounding five kilometers, enveloping half the city. The might was terrifying and abnormal. However, all the human mortals were unaffected. In fact, they were even protected! As for E'chen, his speed was affected by it.

    "Highwarrior Qinyun." Kanqi and Yumo descended rapidly.

    Although Firephoenix had charged downwards in a form of a fiery light, Wu Siyou roared as well, transforming into a fiery-red fiend dragon to hold her back. Even though he was unable to completely stop Firephoenix, he was able to slow her down.

    The two fiendcelestials did not hesitate to immediately attack Qin Yun.

    "I'm saved."

    E'chen, who managed to go beyond Fire Phoenix City's walls, heaved a sigh of relief.

    Bam! Bam!

    What ensued was the terrifying might of a blinding sword flash, two gigantic axes, and a staff.

    Qin Yun had managed to barge through the two fiendcelestials' obstruction as he continued his pursuit of the fleeing E'chen.

    "He actually managed to break through our blockade."

    "His strength is even higher than mine."

    Kanqi and Yumo were shocked.

    Although they were second-Firmament fiendcelestials and held a foundational advantage, Qin Yun had upgraded his Infinite Light, Heaven Earth Millstone, and Snow Wave to the fifth Firmament in a short span of time. The divine power Snow Wave was one of the four divine powers that Qin Yun had grasped. It corresponded to the Decimation Paramount realm. Kanqi and Yumo may have had their own divine powers but they only cultivated in two or three, and they were at best at the fourth Firmament.

    The advantage of his high-level divine power and fearsome sword arts allowed Qin Yun to easily shake them off.

    Although the both of them cooperated well and Qin Yun was unable to kill the two of them, it was not difficult for him to shake them off with his Infinite Light.

    "What?" Wu Siyou, who was battling Firephoenix at a high altitude, turned dull. "The both of you were actually unable to stop him!?"

    "Wu Siyou, he is stronger than us one-on-one! His divine power is too formidable. His sword arts are more terrifying. If he enters seclusion for a decade or two, with external help, he will definitely reach the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm." Kanqi and Yumo pursued Qin Yun with all their might as they sent voice transmissions. However, their speeds were clearly slower than Qin Yun's.


    Firephoenix was originally planning on helping Qin Yun but she no longer felt the urgency. She watched with a smile as Qin Yun pursed E'chen in the distance.

    "Retreat! Everyone, retreat!" Wu Siyou yelled with resounding might.
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