Chapter 254: Massive Victory

    Chapter 254: Massive Victory

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    The fiendcelestials on the eastern, western, and northern city walls also knew that the war's objective would not be met. They did not hesitate to retreat.

    "Join forces with me to deal with him." E'chen rushed to the northern wall, in the hopes of joining the other fiendcelestials on the northern wall. However, the four fiendcelestials that were there had already begun fleeing frantically. They were all first-Firmament fiendcelestials and did not dare get involved.

    "The audacity of you four!" E'chen's eyes were filled with cruel ferocity. Behind him, Qin Yun was rapidly catching up to him.


    E'chen and Qin Yun crossed the city walls one after another and entered the desolate plains. However, Qin Yun was clearly faster.

    "You won't escape!"

    With sword in hand, Qin Yun chased up to him in a blink of an eye.

    "He's so fast." E'chen turned anxious. Worse of all, the other fiendcelestials did not dare involve themselves in this matter. Kanqi and Yumo were in pursuit but they were much slower than Qin Yun.

    "Die." Once he was in close proximity, Yi Yun slashed out.

    E'chen turned around immediately as he lashed out his tail with formidable strength. The scaled armor on the tail was extremely formidable but, with a flash from Qin Yun's sword beam, the tail was instantly sliced off.

    "His sword arts are overwhelming." E'chen was panicking. He swiped both his sharp claws, one aimed at Qin Yun's head, while the other hurled straight towards Qin Yun's chest.


    The blue and yellow clouds came crashing together, causing E'chen's strength to be reduced to seventy percent.

    With the divine power, Infinite Light, Qin Yun's speed was astounding. With a whoosh, he circled E'chen in the form of an illusionary stream while striking constantly! E'chen's body was constantly lacerated, suffering continuous damage. For example, just as his arm was cleaved off, it rapidly grew back. But the speed at which it grew was not as fast as Qin Yun's strikes.

    In a blink of an eye, Qin Yun had delivered hundreds of strikes. The hundreds of sword shadows lingered on and continued lacerating E'chen's body, dicing it up into countless pieces. Even his heart, brain, and other vital organs were pulverized. Following that, the blue and yellow clouds ground the remnant parts of his body to dust. All that was left of him were two sharp claws that remained intact.

    "Let's see if you can still revive after that." Qin Yun's Dao domain allowed him to perceive his surroundings with extremely sharp senses. E'chen's claws no longer had any life in them.

    E'chen was dead.

    The two Blackwater Pond fiendcelestials had died under Qin Yun's blade.

    Qin Yun looked up and saw Kanqi and Yumo arrive in front of him but they stopped at a safe distance.

    Qin Yun leisurely extended his hand, making a cloth bag float up. He threw the two claws in it.


    "Let's go!"

    Kanqi and Yumo gave Qin Yun a cold look before transforming into streams of light that departed with the other retreating fiendcelestials.

    The both of them knew that even if they joined forces, they could not do anything to Highwarrior Qinyun.


    The fiery-red fiend dragon, Wu Siyou, was flying east when he joined up with Kanqi and Yumo. Firephoenix did not continue chasing them. In terms of strength, she was only slightly better than Wu Siyou! It was difficult for them to stop one another from retreating. At best, they could cause an interference. Only by joining forces with Kanqi and Yumo was Wu Siyou able to hold Firephoenix back before.

    "Qinyun." Firephoenix stood in midair as she smiled at Qin Yun. "You made a breakthrough and stepped into the Dao at a critical juncture. You even killed three fiendcelestials. Two of them were even second-Firmament fiendcelestials. This battle was won mostly thanks to you."

    "I should be thanking you, Your Majesty," said Qin Yun. "I only had the opportunity to finish off the Blackwater Pond brothers because the three most powerful fiendcelestials were busy fighting you. Besides, they only reached the second Firmament recently."

    The Blackwater Pond brothers, E'chen and E'long, were clearly much weaker than Kanqi and Yumo.

    "They killed Linli sheerly by surprising him. The breakthrough you had was similarly unexpected. Their losses were far greater." Firephoenix nodded. "It's just unfortunate for Linli."

    Although Firephoenix felt some grief, she quickly recovered from it.

    Too many clansmen had died over the years.




    There were fiendish demon leaders shouting out commands from various spots around Fire Phoenix City's four walls.

    Immediately, the dense horde of fiendish demons began receding like the tide. They had surrounded Fire Phoenix City but were too weak under the magus array's suppression. It caused them to suffer terrible losses. Of course, the number of fiendish demons at the third Firmament of the Mortal realm was a still a hundred times more than humans. The fiendish demons could afford the great losses they suffered.

    "They are retreating! Finally!" Firephoenix Yuqing heaved a sigh of relief. Her sword and body were covered in blood.

    "We won!"


    The clansmen on the four walls heaved a sigh of relief. They felt a wave of emotions as the fiendish demon horde disappeared into the horizon. Even ants could bite an elephant to death with sufficient numbers. Although the magus array suppressed the fiendish demons, a prolonged war would still result in many clansmen dying.

    They did not enjoy fighting like this. They only fought to survive.

    "They are retreating! The fiendish demons are retreating!"

    At Magus God Temple, the black-haired man that was controlling the magus array, as well as the other magi, heaved a sigh of relief while also feeling delighted.

    Among them, Cailan saw Firephoenix and Qin Yun flying towards the eastern wall from afar.

    "Elder Yun." Cailan immediately flew in the direction of the eastern wall.


    After the fiendish demons got out of the magus array's range, they began to ride clouds. The black clouds rolled away as they rapidly departed.

    And in the eastern front, there was a group of fiendcelestials standing together on a black cloud.

    They came fully confident with twenty fiendcelestials.

    But now, only seventeen were left!

    However, Qin Yun and company did not dare pursue any further. Previously, every Elder in Fire Phoenix City had the magus array augmenting them, allowing them to keep fighting with full cofidence. Without it, Elders at the first Firmament would be severely weakened.

    "We actually lost."

    "Even the two from Blackwater Pond perished there."

    "Who knew that this newly promoted Godfiend Elder, Highwarrior Qinyun, would be that terrifying? He even stepped into the Dao at the most critical juncture."

    The fiendcelestials were feeling indignant.

    "Not only has he stepped into the Dao." Kanqi said in a deep voice. "Highwarrior Qinyun's Dao is clearly very powerful. Yumo and I couldn't even stop him. With the Dao he grasps, it won't take long for the humans to have another Godfiend at the third Firmament."

    Yumo added, "Other than the Connate Godfiends, there are only two humans that have managed to cultivate to the third Firmament since this world's birth. From the looks of it, there will be three soon. And this third one... is too young! Just too young!"

    "He's only twenty-four."

    Wu Siyou was extremely somber as well. "There might be a chance for him to become a Skygod in the future. The humans currently only have one Skygod. We have suffered many losses in the numerous wars so if there's a second Skygod, the situation will reverse. Currently, we from the fiendish demons are the aggressors but if a second Skygod were to appear, we will probably be the ones being hunted."


    Wu Siyou waved his hand, causing the void in front of him to distort. It connected to a distant spot where a horrifying existence dwelled.

    A faint phantom appeared in the distorted void.

    "Empyrean Lord," said Wu Siyou politely.

    "Wu Siyou, is your attack on Fire Phoenix City over?" asked the figure.

    "Fire Phoenix City has produced a new Godfiend Elder named Highwarrior Qinyun. While we were fighting him, he stepped into the Dao and produced an inconceivable strength. Once he stepped into the Dao, even Kanqi and Yumo were unable to obstruct him. It might not take long for him to reach the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm. He is presently only twenty-four. I'm afraid that the humans will produce a second Skygod!" Wu Siyou said politely. Immediately, the surrounding fiendcelestials fell silent.

    "Highwarrior Qinyun?" muttered the phantom.

    "Empyrean Lord, we have to think of means to get rid of him as soon as possible," added Wu Siyou immediately.


    On the Fire Phoenix City's eastern wall.

    Firephoenix, Qin Yun, Firephoenix Youxu, and Elder Muqi were all standing there. The other Elders were also flying over from the other city walls. They landed beside the group and looked into the distant east. The fiendish demons had retreated and the distant fiendcelestials were also rapidly fleeing before disappearing into the horizon.



    The clansmen on the city walls raised their weapons in unison as they cheered loudly. They rejoiced at the sight of their victory.

    Qin Yun, as well as the other Elders, smiled.

    "Yun." Firephoenix Yuqing rushed over and grabbed Qin Yun's arm.

    "Yuqing?" Qin Yun was taken aback.

    "Yun, you were so awesome. I saw everything. You killed those terrifying fiendcelestials." The wound on Firephoenix Yuqing's face was gradually healing. There were still blood stains on her armor for she too had engaged in intense battles.

    Qin Yun looked at Firephoenix Yuqing's wound. Having spent time together for ten years, he had seen her grow up from the age of fourteen. In his heart, she was family.

    "Be careful in the future," said Qin Yun.

    "It's nothing. Just a small wound." Firephoenix Yuqing did not seem to care.

    Qin Yun scanned the four walls and sighed inwardly. "Although we ended up victorious, we still had dozens of clansmen die. Furthermore, who knows when such a war will end? I remember that in the history of my homeworld, the Connate Godfiends and the Other Realm Fiendcelestial's wars continued even after the Dao Ancestor imparted the Dao. And this world resembles the ancient era of my homeworld. This war will probably continue on for a very long time."

    "Just like Yuqing and the rest, they have to participate in battles every time. None of them can avoid combat."

    Just this time, the Elders lost Firephoenix Linli and dozens of other clansmen perished. That was a very common outcome. Furthermore, it was only because Qin Yun had eliminated two newly promoted second-Firmament fiendcelestials and one first-Firmament fiendcelestial that the humans clinched massive victory in this battle!

    "Elder Yun." Cailan ran over to Qin Yun's side as well. She was favored by Qin Yun's parents after all.

    The two women stood on each side of Qin Yun.

    "Qinyun," said Elder Muqi with a smile. "It won't take long for you to reach the third Firmament. In the future, you can establish your own Godfiend family and get married! I think you need to find time to marry both Yuqing and Cailan."

    "Hahaha, starting a Godfiend family does require you to reproduce," joked the surrounding Elders.

    The clansmen on the city walls were laughing as well. Not far away, Qin Yun's father, Highwarrior Ambition, who had participated in the war, chuckled too. Sending the enemy scurrying, surviving the war, and the likelihood of producing a second third-Firmament Godfiend in Fire Phoenix City were matters that deserved the clansmen's joy.

    However, Qin Yun felt his head ache.

    Cailan and Firephoenix Yuqing's blushed as they each stood beside Qin Yun.
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