Chapter 255: Skygod

    Chapter 255: Skygod

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    That evening, the fifteen Godfiend family clans and magi were brought to the Hall of Heroes in Godfiend Temple under the lead of Firephoenix, the Godfiend Temple Elders, and the Magus God Temple Lord.

    It was dark, and in front of the Hall of Heroes was a burning cauldron that spewed flames high into the air.

    "In this battle, Elder Firephoenix Linli died in combat." In front of the crowd, Firephoenix looked at the Hall of Heroes and said stoically, "Another twenty-nine clansmen died in combat. They will enter the Hall of Heroes and be honored together with all the clansmen who had died in the past by us and our descendants. Be it a thousand years or ten thousand years, they will forever be commemorated."

    All the clansmen fell silent.

    Following that, Firephoenix took the first step into the Hall of Heroes. Following her was Qin Yun and the seven Godfiend Temple Elders, the Magus God Temple Lord, and then the rest of the clansmen.

    "Hall of Heroes." Qin Yun walked in and saw the towering and magnificent Hall of Heroes. The walls were three hundred feet tall and there were carvings of humans on them. There were tiny, dense pictorial carvings at the bottom and each pictorial carving held a few tiny words that made up a biography. And the pictorial engraving above was a lot bigger. The text describing it was a lot more involved as well.

    Qin Yun looked over.

    There were thirty-two engravings higher up. All of them were Godfiend Temple Elders.

    "Thirty-two of them, together with the present seven. Fire Phoenix City has only had thirty-nine entities at the Godfiend realm since its inception. However, the rest of them have already died in combat," thought Qin Yun. He saw at a glance the last and also the newest engraving- Firephoenix Linli.

    Firephoenix Linli:

    Father, Firephoenix Chi.

    Mother, Yanniang.

    Was extremely strong at a young age. Skilled at wielding dual hammers. Entered the third Firmament of the Mortal realm at age twelve. His courage stood above his peers and he would be the first to charge into battle against fiendish demons.

    At the age of eighteen, he married Liru and had two children...

    At the age of twenty-three...

    At the age of thirty-nine...

    At the age of fifty-one, he was invincible among Fire Phoenix City mortals with his dual hammers! ...

    At the age of sixty-two, he took in a disciple...

    At the age of eighty, he reached the Godfiend realm...

    At the age of seven hundred and sixty-five, he was jointly killed by the Blackwater Pond brothers, E'chen and E'long, in battle.

    It was his biography.

    Qin Yun read quietly.

    He then looked at the tiny, dense figures. All of them were Godfiend descendants. Very few of them were magi. The wall of the Hall of Heroes was very tall and there were naturally many empty spaces left behind.

    The Hall of Heroes was silent. Even if anyone wanted to discuss something, they would do so through a voice transmission. It was as though speaking out aloud would be a disrespect to these sacrificed heroes.

    These people were the heroes of humanity.

    In every one of the nine great cities of humanity, there was a Godfiend Temple. And each Godfiend Temple had a Hall of Heroes.

    "Why? Why am I increasingly convinced that this is a true world?"

    "Is the dreaming of a hundred years a dream? Or is it reality?"

    Qin Yun looked at the carvings on the wall and felt his heart jolt. "In my homeworld, there were many people who sacrificed themselves for the human race in ancient times. Are they still being honored? Given offerings? I have never heard of it, at least."

    "Oh?" Qin Yun suddenly sensed something as he saw a stocky man with disheveled hair appear beside him. The man was silently looking at the wall but the surrounding clansmen did not seem to notice his existence. They would even occasionally walk past him or even collide with him but to them it was as though they had gone through thin air.

    "More of our clansmen have died in combat again," muttered the stocky man.

    Qin Yun looked at him and found that he resembled an existence recorded in the dossiers. He could not help but be alarmed. "You are Sui..."

    The stocky man looked at Qin Yun. "I'm Suigu."

    "Greetings Skygod Suigu, I am Highwarrior Qinyun." Qin Yun immediately bowed. However, in the eyes of the surrounding clansmen, Qin Yun had already vanished. Furthermore, they didn't even find it odd that he had disappeared.

    "I heard about you from Firephoenix so I rushed here. I have already chatted with Firephoenix at her place and have spoken to the other Connate Godfiends. We have decided on what lies ahead for you," said the stocky man as he smiled at Qin Yun. "Let's go, we can talk about it in detail outside."

    "Yes." Qin Yun followed behind.

    Skygod Suigu.

    After Qin Yun became a Godfiend, he also learned of the humans' present strength.

    The magi, in general, were still weaker. Very few attained the Magus God realm. Among the nine cities, any city would only have one or two people at the Magus God realm. In comparison, Godfiends were a lot stronger. Among the Connate Godfiends, there was one called Suigu. He was the first Connate Godfiend to be born and he was also the strongest Connate Godfiend.

    He lamented over the state of the universe and pitied all of mankind. He was the first sentient being born from this world and he had an innate curiosity about everything. He studied fire, lightning, mountains, rocks, mud, and soil...

    He guided the human race and was the leader of all the Connate Godfiends.

    He also eventually broke through to the Skygod realm, and he was the only Skygod born from the human race.


    Qin Yun followed Suigu and walked out. The group of people in the Hall of Heroes, including the Elders, finally noticed Qin Yun and a stocky man walk out.

    "That is? Suigu?"

    Mortals were prevented from seeing him but the Elders could.

    "Skygod Suigu is meeting Qinyun? That's right, Qinyun isn't far from reaching the third Firmament," thought the Elders.


    Firephoenix had already been waiting in a quiet garden at the Godfiend Temple. Suigu led Qin Yun there.

    "Brother Suigu, Qinyun, have a seat," said Firephoenix with a smile.

    Suigu and Qin Yun casually chose a smooth boulder to sit on. It was very suitable for a seat.

    Firephoenix said with a smile, "Qinyun, the moment Brother Suigu learned about your deeds, he rushed here as fast as he could. He is mostly curious about you. Secondly, and more importantly, he does not wish for any accidents to happen! After all, the fiendcelestials and the Other Realm Fiendcelestial behind them will probably try to assassinate you. You have yet to break through to the third Firmament so there is still danger of you being assassinated. If you were to break through to the third Firmament, it would be nearly impossible to assassinate you. Therefore, the assassination attempts will likely happen in the next ten years. It could happen anytime."

    "Don't worry." Suigu smiled at Qin Yun. "With me in Fire Phoenix City, they have no chance of succeeding."

    Qin Yun said immediately, "Thank you, Skygod Suigu."

    "The bloodline of us Connate Godfiends has been spread down among humans for generations," Suigu said wistfully. "We can be considered ancestors of the human race so naturally, we will do our best to protect our descendants. However, how the final battle will end and who will become the owner of this world is hard to tell. As of now, we humans are at a disadvantage. We can only defend while relying on the city's magus array!"

    Qin Yun and Firephoenix nodded.

    They were indeed weaker!

    At the level of mortals, the fiendish demons held the absolute advantage. They were a hundredfold stronger than humans.

    In the Godfiend realm, both parties ended up in their present state only with the aid of the Connate Godfiends.

    "Therefore, the birth of every powerful Godfiend becomes more important." Suigu looked at Qin Yun. "Every third-Firmament Godfiend we can create is for the betterment of humanity. If we can produce another three or four, we humans will be able to match the fiendish demons."

    Firephoenix nodded as well. "Qin Yun, if you can become the second Skygod, with you joining forces with Brother Suigu, we humans would have two Skygods and the situation would be very different. We humans will hold the absolute advantage."

    "Second Skygod?" Qin Yun was astonished.

    "Why? Do you lack the confidence?" Suigu said. "You are only twenty-four and you are capable of reaching the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm. With your potential, there is definite hope of you becoming a second Skygod! In addition, it has only been about ten thousand years since the birth of this world. It would not be considered too difficult for you to become a Skygod. If it were another fifty or hundred thousand years later, the Heaven and Earth spiritual energies would get increasingly thin. When it gets too thin, it will become harder to become a Skygod. The aid given by the world would only weaken and the requirement towards the Dao would only elevate."

    "With time, it will become harder to become a Skygod."

    "And by my estimates, it might be much much more difficult to have a first-Firmament Godfiend in the future, much less a Skygod."

    Qin Yun nodded.


    It would become more difficult. Back in his homeworld, the corresponding first-Firmament Godfiends were the most ordinary immortals, fiendcelestials, or arhats. The requirements to reach those realms were ludicrous. Those who stepped into a Dao that was of lower grade would have their growth stunted. As for Skygods? Indeed, it was many times more difficult than in ancient times.

    "The Heaven and Earth spiritual energies were rich in ancient times. All sorts of ancient mutates were born and the world even directly gave birth to the Connate Godfiends. They were born at the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm," thought Qin Yun. "Just the Heavenly Dao's intent realm allows one to enter the Godfiend realm. It's a lot easier than in my homeworld."

    "You are still young and your potential is immense too," said Suigu. "You have to become a Skygod early, planting yourself as a foundation for humanity. I have already prepared a series of cultivation plans for you. I have only one requirement-become a Skygod within ten thousand years!"

    Qin Yun was slightly startled.

    I will 'awaken from my dream' after spending fifty years in this world! How can I take ten thousand years to slowly cultivate?
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