Chapter 256: Fifty Years Up

    Chapter 256: Fifty Years Up

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    Qin Yun was flying in the form of a stream of light above the desolate plains.

    In a blink of an eye, Qin Yun had spent almost fifty years in this world. He did not look much different from his twenty-four-year-old self. However, his aura was a lot deeper and more serene.

    "I've almost reached Fire Phoenix City." As Qin Yun flew, he felt conflicted. "In a blink of an eye, I have already spent fifty years in this world. The day of my awakening is getting close. I can sense it."

    There was an invisible force that was pushing at him gradually.

    He had a feeling that at the final instant, that force would awaken him from his dream!

    "There's only half a month left."

    "I'll wake from this dream in half a month."

    Qin Yun had taken part in this world for fifty years. Therefore, he had deep feelings for it.


    A massive city appeared in the distance. It was none other than Fire Phoenix City. Qin Yun swooped down in the form of a light stream.

    There were clansmen standing guard on Fire Phoenix City's city walls. They were at the third Firmament of the Mortal realm and naturally had extraordinary eyesight. They had already seen the descending stream of light from afar and identified it as Qin Yun.

    "It's Elder Qinyun."

    "Elder Qinyun is back."

    The clansmen on the walls revealed looks of joy. Highwarrior Qinyun was the pride of Fire Phoenix City! All members of the fifteen Godfiend family clans thought highly of him. After all, Highwarrior Qinyun was a third-Firmament Godfiend realm existence. He was the most illustrious Godfiend throughout all of humanity.


    Qin Yun flew directly to his residence. With his status, he naturally had a manor that was all his own.

    His father, Highwarrior Ambition, and his mother, Qiyu, along with Cailan and Firephoenix Yuqing, were living there too. Of course, there were also many servants.


    Qin Yun landed inside the manor.

    "Elder." The servants in the manor showed extreme respect when they saw him.

    Qin Yun nodded. He carefully studied every detail of the manor. Having spent fifty years in this world, it became his home.

    "In another half a month, I'll be leaving." Qin Yun walked around the manor and caressed the wooden columns along the corridors while peering at a tiny lake in the manor. He was somewhat unwilling to part with everything.


    "Elder Yun."

    Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan rushed over.

    Both of them had matured greatly and the two of them were as close as true sisters. The moment they saw Qin Yun, they ran over and threw themselves into Qin Yun's embrace. Qin Yun also smiled as he extended his arms to hug them.

    "Yun, you went to Shellheaven City for two years," said Firephoenix Yuqing. "Sister Cailan and I have been waiting all this time for you. You have finally returned."

    Cailan could not help but say, "It was indeed a very long two years."

    Qin Yun looked at the two women. Having spent fifty years with them, he saw them as no different from family!

    Their feelings for each other had been built up from spending so much time together. The two women were now no less meaningful to him than to his younger sister who had passed away.

    As for romantic feelings, Qin Yun truly did not have any such thoughts.

    All he had was familial feelings for them!

    But fifty years? Qin Yun was only in his thirties back in his homeworld. Although he had a powerful Dao heart, fifty years of interaction had made Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan the most important family members in his life.

    "I really do not want to waste Yuqing and Cailan's time. I have tried twice to make them leave me and find someone else but they went crazy. Cailan nearly committed suicide. Are the girls from ancient periods that unyielding?" thought Qin Yun. "Since I couldn't get them to leave, the only thing to do was delay the matter. I gave the excuse that now is the period for me to raise my strength. I would only marry after cultivating for a few decades... I've tried not to hurt them as much as possible."

    "Now, with the fifty years almost up, there's only half a month left. I'll awaken from my dream in half a month."

    He felt guilt-ridden.

    Qin Yun treated Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan very well. He treated them gently and had even promised them that they would be married in ten years.

    However, he would be awakening from his dream in half a month's time.

    "Qinyun is back?"

    The Highwarrior couple rushed over when they heard the news from their servants. They saw Qin Yun hugging Cailan and Firephoenix Yuqing from afar.

    The couple could not help but smile when they saw that.

    "My son might be in the process of enhancing his strength so distractions are not allowed. But what if it's marriage? Can't he cultivate after getting married? Even if he doesn't get married, he can still have a few babies but he's just in no hurry. It's useless no matter what I say," Highwarrior Ambition said helplessly.

    "Alright, our son is a third-Firmament Godfiend. He has a long lifespan, so what's the rush?" Qiyu said. "It seems to me that our son has the mindfulness and determination to dedicate himself to cultivating. If not, how could he have achieved so much!? Besides, he has already given his word that he would marry Yuqing and Cailan in another ten years."

    "Yea." Highwarrior Ambition smiled with a nod. "Another ten years. It's soon enough. I'm waiting for our son to create a Godfiend family."

    "Yuqing and Cailin will probably not be able to have children that easily. He has to marry some ordinary human girls too," said Qiyu.

    "I'll have a proper chat with Qinyun in ten years," said Highwarrior Ambition.


    Qin Yun spent time with his family for ten days. During these ten days, he treated his parents, Firephoenix Yuqing, and Cailan especially well. He also immersed the two women in extreme bliss.

    Ten days later.

    Qin Yun went to the Godfiend Temple.

    "Elder Qinyun." A few Elders in Godfiend Temple came to welcome him.

    "Elder Qinyun, are you preparing to enter seclusion again?"

    The group asked jokingly.

    Qin Yun nodded. "It's not seclusion, just some trivial matters." With that said, he entered the Godfiend Temple's underground space.

    However, the other Elders were speculating.

    "He cultivated for two years in Shellheaven and now he's here in the Fire Phoenix Nest a few days after he returned. He's really hardworking."

    "Elder Qinyun's strength is indeed unfathomable. If I were to guess, he really has the possibility of becoming the second Skygod of humanity."

    "That's right. Skygod Suigu has arranged for all nine cities of humanity to help Elder Qinyun as much as they can... With Elder Qinyun's excellent talent and perception, there's a chance of him becoming the second Skygod to exist in ten thousand years. When that happens, we humans will have the absolute advantage against the fiendish demons."

    "I really look forward to that day. Then, our clansmen won't have to spend their days hiding away in the city."

    Be it the Elders of Fire Phoenix City or the Godfiend Temple Elders from the other eight cities, or even Connate Godfiends, they had great expectations of Qin Yun.


    In an underground space in Fire Phoenix City's Godfiend Temple.

    In the middle of a lake filled with liquid condensed from Heaven Earth energies, there was a chamber. This area was the Fire Phoenix Nest. Qin Yun had entered the chamber that belonged to him.

    The door to the chamber closed.

    Other than the chamber's owner, only the Connate Godfiend Firephoenix, who controlled Fire Phoenix City's Godfiend Temple, could enter.

    "Fire Phoenix Nest." Qin Yun looked at the items placed in the chamber. There were things like the Highwarrior's Spiritual Companion Item, the Stone of the Earth. and other treasures that were all very precious.

    "Over the past five decades, humanity has spared no expense to help me."

    "Even Skygod Suigu opened the long-sealed Lotus Flower Cave for ten years to allow me to cultivate."

    "All the Connate Godfiends have helped me with all they had."

    "Skygod Suigu has drawn up a cultivation plan that lasts more than a thousand years. However, every time I use a resource of humanity, I feel like I owe them even more," thought Qin Yun. "If this really was a dream, I could ignore that! But what if this is a real world?"

    "It's been fifty years. I have lived in this world for so long that I'm very convinced it's a real world."

    "If this is a real world, I have let down the humans of this world! I have used so much of their resources, allowing my cultivation level to increase greatly."

    "I owe Yuqing and Cailan... If I were to disappear, they would need time to forget me."

    "I owe my parents..."

    "There's also the expectations the clansmen and Elders have of me... What they anticipate will only end up in a puff of smoke."

    Qin Yun sat on a gigantic Immortal Crystal and took out a scroll from his Cosmic Bag. He used a brush with a tip that suffused golden light. He began writing on the scroll. "Regardless, I have to leave a letter for Yuqing and Cailan." The letter was filled with rich emotions. Qin Yun was unwilling to part with them after spending fifty years with them. He really could not bear to part with them!

    He finished writing one scroll.

    Qin Yun wrote one letter to his parents and another one to Firephoenix.

    Then, he left the letters in the chamber and took out numerous treasures from his Cosmic Bag.

    "I'm about to wake up from my dream. I shall leave these treasures here. These three scrolls should be left here too. When I awaken, they will realize that I'm dead! Firephoenix will also come to this chamber and naturally find all that I've left here." Qin Yun looked at the treasures placed to the side.

    "There's another five days before I awake from my dream."

    "Since I will soon awaken from this dream, I should do something for them before I leave!" Qin Yun thought to himself. "I hope this it is enough to compensate them."
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