Chapter 257: Qin Yuns Goal

    Chapter 257: Qin Yun's Goal

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    Qin Yun felt conflicted when he looked at the treasures and three scrolls he left in the chamber. "I wonder what Yuqing and the rest will think when they see these letters. Forget it! I shouldn't think about it anymore. Perhaps this might really just be a dream? Maybe this world will simply fade away once I wake up from my dream."

    Qin Yun turned and left.

    Rumble. The door closed.

    The next time the door opened would likely be when Firephoenix came to open it.


    Qin Yun appeared in the clouds above Fire Phoenix City. He looked down and took one last gaze at the area. With his eyesight, he could naturally see his manor where Highwarrior Ambition and his wife were. He also saw Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan there.

    The Highwarrior couple spent their days happily. They were naturally very pleased that they had such a powerful son and were still looking forward to the day when Qin Yun would make a family of his own, a new Godfiend family line.

    Firephoenix and Cailan were also waiting for the day when they could finally marry Qin Yun.

    "Sister Yuqing, did Elder Yun say when he would be back when he went out earlier this morning?" Cailan asked.

    "He didn't elaborate. All he said was that he would be back in a few days." Firephoenix Yuqing said with a smile. "Since he said it would only take a few days, it shouldn't be long. He would inform us ahead of time if he was entering prolonged seclusion, just like in the past."

    "Okay. I just learned how to cook a new dish. I'm waiting for Elder Yun to return so that I can give him a taste of it." Cailan smiled so much that her eyes narrowed into slits. Her eyes held a foxy charm that was filled with love.


    Qin Yun felt as though a knife had stabbed into his heart when he saw the family that he had grown to love in the manor a distance. How could he not have deep feelings for them after spending fifty years with them? Now that they were to part ways, Qin Yun felt a little overcome by his feelings.

    "I will wake up from this dream after all."

    "I'm sorry."

    "My parents and clansmen in this world. Her Majesty Firephoenix, Skygod Suigu, as well as Cailan and Yuqing... Sorry. In the end, I'm just a transient guest here." With that, Qin Yun transformed into a stream of light that rapidly left Fire Phoenix City.


    Even though he was destined to awaken from this dream, Qin Yun still wanted to do his best to do something big for humanity, as a form of compensation.

    Four days later, it was now the last day before he awakened.

    There was a massive mountain range about six thousand kilometers away from Fire Phoenix City named Prestige Fiend Mountain.

    "Prestige Fiend Mountain." From the desolate plains far away, Qin Yun was looking at Prestige Fiend Mountain as it emanated fiendish gases. "The fiendish demons have two Fiend Nests. They are said to be areas containing rich Heaven and Earth spiritual energy sources that are used by the Other Realm Fiendcelestials as bases. They spared no expense when creating it, using a lot of treasures in the process! The Fiend Nests are even more fascinating than Fire Phoenix Nest or any of the other Nests. The aid they provide in cultivation is greater, allowing the fiendish demons to constantly nurture and produce fiendcelestials."

    "The fiendish demons do not have Spiritual Companion Items but as long as they attain the Heaven Earth intent realm, they can still be nurtured into fiendcelestials! It shows how powerful the Fiend Nests are."

    Qin Yun was acutely aware of this point.

    "The fiendish demons have a total of two Fiend Nests. Prestige Fiend Mountain is one of them. If I can destroy one Fiend Nest, it will be equivalent to destroying one of the foundational pillars of the fiendish demons." Qin Yun had been gathering intelligence over the years. And in the past four days, he had been spying on Prestige Fiend Mountain from afar. He knew very well how difficult it was to destroy a Fiend Nest.

    In the comparison between humans and fiendish demons, the humans held an advantage-they had a Skygod.

    The fiendish demons' strongest would be the third-Firmament fiendcelestials. And it was rumored that there were even more powerful Other Realm Skyfiends backing them. They were existences that were equal to Skygods but they were unable to descend upon this world. If Other Realm Skygods were capable of easily entering this world, humanity would have long fallen.

    "Although the fiendish demons' strongest forces are the third-Firmament fiendcelestials, their numbers speak volumes. Furthermore, they have these two Nests. Every Nest has numerous third-Firmament fiendcelestials residing in it at all times. Prestige Fiend Mountain has a total of fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials living there. Nearly half of the fiendish demons' strongest combat forces in this world are concentrated here in order to protect the Fiend Nest." Qin Yun knew this very well.

    How could one destroy a Fiend Nest?

    If Skygod Suigu threw away concern for his life and forcibly stormed in, there was a definite chance that he could destroy the Fiend Nest before he perished.

    However, the fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials would join forces! In addition, the Fiend Nests were sources of Heaven and Earth spiritual energies which meant that the Nests were filled with many Immortal Crystals and other items. Since the fiendcelestials used these spots as a base, they made it so the arrays they constructed could self-destruct! As such, Suigu would be severely injured to the point of death. A concerted effort by the fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials would further guarantee Suigu's doom.

    In order to destroy a Fiend Nest, Suigu would have to sacrifice his life.

    To exchange the destruction of a Fiend Nest with a Skygod?

    It wasn't worth it!

    As for Godfiends at the third Firmament realm? The chances of them destroying the Fiend Nest were a lot lower. It was highly possible that they would only end up dead before even entering the Fiend Nest! Those that had an infinitesimal chance of destroying the Fiend Nest were either those that had reached the third Firmament or Connate Godfiends. Anyone else would have to be one of the rare handfuls of geniuses of humanity like Qin Yun. Who would be willing to sacrifice their lives?

    "Destroying the Fiend Nest is very difficult but this is a dream after all. I have to give it a try."

    "Besides, I have prepared for this day for a very long time," thought Qin Yun.

    "Now, the first step is to try my best to approach the Fiend Nest. Only when I'm close enough can I show myself and storm right in," thought Qin Yun. "If I am discovered early, I'll be surrounded by the third-Firmament fiendcelestials. I would not even be able to enter the Fiend Nest before I die in combat."

    "It will all depend on this divine power! I have already cultivated this divine power to the sixth Firmament!"

    Qin Yun looked at the sun.

    The sun was setting in the west. As the sun's rays cast down on the desolate plain's vegetation, they produced many shadows.


    Qin Yun cast his divine power and silently fused his body into the shadows on the ground.

    His entire being vanished as he literally sank into the shadows. It was a flawless concealment to the naked eye. He also didn't emit any aura.

    This was the divine power-Shadow Manifestation! Sixth Firmament!

    This divine power could allow Godfiends to slink into the shadows in the early stages. However, the deeper one cultivated in it, the shadow would appear to become another world in itself. As the saying goes, to see a world in a grain of sand, the shadow of everything in the world also became a world itself. It also allowed one to truly hide within and totally conceal their aura. Qin Yun long knew of the day he would awaken. Therefore, while he was browsing through the various divine powers in the Godfiend Temple, he discovered the best divine power for concealing his aura.

    After fifty years of cultivation, Qin Yun's Sword Dao had accumulated to a deeper, more profound state. It now contained nine Paramount realms! One of the Paramount realms he fused into his Dao was Shadowlike. It corresponded to the divine power Shadow Manifestation. Skygod Suigu and the other Connate Godfiends had provided him many cultivation treasures to aid him. A lot of them were spent on cultivating Shadow Manifestation. In addition, there was a corresponding Sword Dao, so he finally cultivated it to the perfect sixth Firmament.

    With that, he had reached the limit of the divine power.

    "I hope I won't be detected."

    "If I were to be detected in the periphery, that would be tragic. I wouldn't even touch the Fiend Nest before dying," thought Qin Yun.

    Under the sunlight, all the vegetation had shadows!

    Qin Yun fused into the shadows and rapidly proceeded towards Prestige Fiend Mountain. There was no motion visible to the naked eye, nor was there even a sliver of an aura. This was the impressive result of cultivating the divine power to the sixth Firmament.


    Prestige Fiend Mountain was mainly a place for fiendcelestials to live in. Many of them were first or second-Firmament fiendcelestials. There were also the fifteen most powerful third-Firmament fiendcelestials. They each chose one of the cave abodes that were scattered across Prestige Fiend Mountain to stay in. They were situated in the middle of the mountain, on the mountainside, or at the mountain peak. Every fiendcelestial would set up array formations for security.

    Of course, the Fiend Nest array formation in the middle of Prestige Fiend Mountain was the strongest.

    In terms of array formation capabilities?

    The fiendish demons were better than humans in that aspect due to the teachings of the Other Realm Fiendcelestial! Humans mainly used magus arrays that were extremely crude.


    Qin Yun silently proceeded as he gradually approached Prestige Fiend Mountain.

    Other than the fiendcelestials on Prestige Fiend Mountain, there were also servants. However, it was rather quiet as fiendcelestials apparently did not like having fiendish demons crowding around them.

    A faint mist emanated the surroundings of Prestige Fiend Mountain. It was a kind of fiendish aura. It would repel humans if they entered, causing them to be quickly discovered.

    "Swoosh." Qin Yun's shadow rapidly sneaked forward as he entered the range of the faint mist.

    "This mist can't seem to detect me."

    Qin Yun came confidently after all.


    Qin Yun constantly advanced towards Prestige Fiend Mountain as a shadow. Slowly, he entered the fiendcelestials' living quarters. One had to know that the closer to the Fiend Nest one got, the tighter the security became. The fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials all stayed around the Fiend Nest.
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