Chapter 258: Exposed

    Chapter 258: Exposed

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    The array formations in Prestige Fiend Mountain were set up with the help of Other Realm Fiendcelestials. The fiendcelestials had also established their own array formations in their respective cave abodes. Including the first and second-Firmament fiendcelestials, Prestige Fiend Mountain held more than a hundred fiendcelestials. This naturally resulted in many array formations. This place was also considered one of the two most dangerous fiendish demon domains in the world.

    Qin Yun's figure proceeded forward and, although he was very confident, he continued to walk a winding path. He tried his best to avoid the fiendcelestials' cave abodes.

    "Why are all of you so slow? Hurry up! Quickly send the alcohol to the fiendcelestials. If you are slow, you might suffer the wrath of the fiendcelestials." A monkey fiendish demon immediately reprimanded when he saw two flying fiendish demons a distance away.

    "We're coming. We just bought more alcohol."

    "We have been going very fast."

    The two fiendish demons each carried a huge wine jar as they flew quickly. Qin Yun was silently advancing in the shadows beside them.

    However, these ordinary fiendish demons were unable to detect him at all. Even weaker fiendcelestials would not detect him, much less these nobodies! After cultivating Shadow Manifestation-humanity's best divine power for concealing one's aura-to the highest sixth Firmament, Qin Yun would definitely be a perfect assassin.


    He constantly advanced and crossed all sorts of topographical features. Finally, he slowly approached the most important area of Prestige Fiend Mountain-Fiend Nest.

    "Almost there."

    Qin Yun was carefully watching what was ahead. "I'm no longer far from the Fiend Nest. This Shadow Manifestation is indeed impressive. I have yet to be discovered. However, what follows next is the most dangerous juncture. The third-Firmament fiendcelestials' caves are up ahead. After that is the entrance to the Fiend Nest."

    He carefully proceeded.

    Although the third-Firmament fiendcelestial cave abodes had powerful array formations as well, they were set up by the fiendcelestials themselves. They also paid a rather low price to set them up, so they definitely didn't get the full effect from them. Qin Yun carefully snuck pass the cave abodes silently and was not discovered.

    "Almost there. Almost."

    Qin Yun looked at the Fiend Nest's entrance.

    It was a deep and quiet cave. Standing by the entrance was a black-armored ax-wielding fiendcelestial! He was taking a nap but he emanated his intent domain. However, an intent domain was unable to detect Qin Yun, for he now stood atop the Connate Godfiends and the third-Firmament fiendcelestials when it came to concealment. However-

    The Fiend Nest was ultimately the most important location to the fiendish demons. It was the core reason why they could persist in battle with the humans for so long!

    The Fiend Nests were built by Other Realm Fiendcelestials after all, so they were naturally set up with extremely powerful array formations.


    Outside the Fiend Nest, there were invisible ripples emanating outwards. The fluctuations so perfectly fused into Heaven and Earth powers that even Qin Yun could not sense them.

    As Qin Yun gradually approached, he finally entered the range of the invisible fluctuations.

    When a wave swept past the shadow that Qin Yun was hiding in, an evil and strange energy permeated the shadow, pulling out a human shadow from within with grinding noises. Finally, the shadow manifested itself as a black-armored human, Highwarrior Qinyun.

    As for the black-armored fiendcelestial who was guarding at the entrance, he was always very relaxed when it came to that responsibility. "Prestige Fiend Mountain is fraught with danger. Ordinary Godfiend Elders would probably be discovered the moment they entered Prestige Fiend Mountain. As for the third-Firmament Godfiends, the chance of them destroying the Fiend Nest is similarly low. They would be sending themselves to their deaths without any hopes of succeeding. No one is that dumb."

    That's right.

    Humanity had very few third-Firmament Godfiends. Indeed, they would not send one on a suicide mission! Although he was responsible for guarding the entrance, he always felt it was a very easy job.

    But this time, there was really a human Godfiend there.

    "Oh?" When the evil and strange energy ejected Qin Yun from the shadows, the black-armored fiendcelestial opened his eyes because he detected something. He instantly saw a human being drawn out from the shadows. This gave him a fright!

    "Intruder!" His eyes widened into two round circles.

    How was it possible?

    It was unprecedented ever since the Fiend Nests were built! No human had ever managed to reach a Fiend Nest's entrance!

    But yet, a human was standing there right in front of him. Moreover, the entire Fiend Nest's array formation was beginning to inform the various fiendcelestials. And even more surprisingly, the black-armored fiendcelestial recognized the human instantly...

    Highwarrior Qinyun! The third human that cultivated from the Mortal realm to the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm! He was considered the most talented human in history and there was a high chance of him becoming a second Skygod! The fiendish demons had also made numerous attempts to assassinate him but the humans spared no expense to protect this peerless genius. With Skygod Suigu secretly protecting him from early on, the fiendish demons tried every trick they had but to no avail.

    "Why would Highwarrior Qinyun be so reckless as to come here to the Fiend Nest?" The black-armored fiendcelestial was alarmed. Although he was shocked and puzzled, he used the array formation to send a voice transmission. "A human is infiltrating the Fiend Nest!"

    "A human is infiltrating the Fiend Nest!"

    His voice began to instantly resound through all of Prestige Fiend Mountain with the aid of the array formation.

    "I'm exposed."

    When he was expelled from the shadows because of the evil and strange energy, Qin Yun's expression changed. He saw the black-armored fiendcelestial by the Fiend Nest entrance staring at him with widened eyes. He heard the rumbling words 'a human is infiltrating the Fiend Nest' begin to resound. When the 'a' boomed, Qin Yun had already transformed into a stream of light as he charged towards the Fiend Nest's entrance. His eyes were filled with killing intent. "Kill!"

    Since he was exposed, the only thing he could do was forcefully forge a way in!

    Thankfully, he was already very close to the entrance. There was a chance of him successfully barging in.

    "Hmph." The black-armored fiendcelestial grunted angrily. Two breaths spewed out from his nostrils as he increased in size, reaching a hundred feet. His hairy arms held a humongous ax as he took on a combative stance.

    When Qin Yun charged at him, he cleaved the ax with all his strength. "Get lost!"

    He was also a second-Firmament fiendcelestial with rich experience.

    However, Qin Yun delivered a blindingly fast strike. At the instant he approached, he had cast his divine power, Heaven Earth Millstone. A blue and a yellow cloud appeared, enveloping half a kilometer around him. Some of it even entered the Fiend Nest's interior. The two clouds spun and repressed. The sudden appearance of the sixth Firmament Heaven Earth Millstone immediately affected the black-armored fiendcelestial's strength.


    A cold glint flashed in Qin Yun's eyes at the critical moment before he struck out. A dreamlike sword flash lit up.

    Unlike Connate Godfiends, Qin Yun's Sword Dao was slowly grasped by him during cultivation. For Connate Godfiends, such as Firephoenix and Highwarrior, they were born into the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm. They were extremely impressive when it came to understanding their own domains as they were born with the knowledge! They were good at what they were born to do, but the speed at which they grasped other domains was very slow.

    Qin Yun, who slowly cultivated, was different. He was like a sponge that gradually extracted nutrients from everything that surrounded him. His Sword Dao was infused with insights from different domains, so he was naturally good at various divine powers.

    For example, if he were to be compared with Firephoenix, she was naturally much stronger in the 'fire' aspect. However, when it came to an aggregated whole, Qin Yun was better.

    And that was apparent now!

    Qin Yun knew too many divine powers. His domain-type divine power activated, catching his enemy off guard.

    "No good!" The black-armored fiendcelestial felt his ax was rapidly decelerate under the clouds' repression. Immediately, his expression changed as he abandoned the ax decisively. He kicked out as his leg expanded to a thousand feet, forming a sort of gigantic pillar that stood in the way of Qin Yun's strike.


    A dreamlike sword flash sliced over, severing the fiendcelestial's pillar-like leg from the kneecap.

    Simultaneously, Qin Yun had already charged forward to continue his assault.

    "I can't block him." The black-armored fiendcelestial panicked. At that moment, the rumbling statement in the sky, 'a human is infiltrating the Fiend Nest,' had reached 'infiltrating.'

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    Qin Yun arrived in front of the black-armored fiendcelestial and swiped with his sword. Like a peacock flaunting its tail, numerous sword flashes lit up instantly.

    The black-armored fiendcelestial was lamenting his circumstances! Although his palms expanded to resemble two massive shields, Qin Yun's sword flash coursed through the fissures in the armor, penetrating his body and slicing it apart. Qin Yun also sensed layers of resistance during the attack but his sword flash were still able to slice through it without interruption because of how profound it was. "His Fiendbody has been cultivated to a strong state."


    As his innards had been sliced through in many spots, even his heart had been struck. The black-armored fiendcelestial's one-legged body fell to the ground. At that moment, the resounding 'a human is infiltrating the Fiend Nest' had just finished!

    Qin Yun did not continue his assault but instead took the opportunity to charge straight into the Fiend Nest.

    Even though he was fast, the fiendcelestials in the surrounding cave abodes had rushed out with all they had. The nearest third-Firmament fiendcelestials-a total of fifteen of them-had charged out too. When they came out, they saw Qin Yun penetrate his sword flashes into the black-armored fiendcelestial's body like a peacock flaunting its tail, as well as the scene of the black-armored fiendcelestial falling to the ground.

    "It's Highwarrior Qinyun." The fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials were shocked and furious.

    "Kill him!"

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