Chapter 259: Fiend Nest Blood Lotus

    Chapter 259: Fiend Nest Blood Lotus

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    The fifteen third Firmament fiendcelestials were both anxious and furious. They had rushed to the entrance as quickly as possible but Qin Yun had easily taken down the black-armored fiendcelestial sentry.

    "Charge!" Qin Yun's eyes were red as he cast his domain-type divine power to repress his surroundings while casting Infinite Light. He charged towards the Fiend Nest at full speed.


    Immediately, some of the fiendcelestials shouted this.

    Qi was one of the fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials. He was also the most skilled in archery. With the speed Qin Yun could achieve with Infinite Light, only Qi's archery could deal with him in time.

    "Let me get him."

    The tall and rugged Qi held a gigantic bow as tall as him. With an angry bellow, his face turned red as he instantly pulled open the bow to its fullest extent. Fiendcelestial powers surged into it, ultimately gathering on the arrow point, giving it immense might.

    "Windthunder Arrow! Kill!" Qi instantly used a forbidden attack, one that burned thirty percent of his blood. He would only use it when his life was on the line. He was using it as his first strike now because time was just too tight.


    Violent winds and lightning swirled around the arrow, exuding infinite potency that seemed to come from a flood dragon that controlled wind and thunder. It shot straight towards Qin Yun, who was already inside the Fiend Nest's passageway.

    Qin Yun put all of his effort in to speeding away but the arrow was just too fast. It could even bend to keep up its pursuit.

    "It's that fiendcelestial Qi's Windthunder Arrow. It's a terrifying archery art that ranks second in the world. Only the Connate Godfiend Hunterwind can match it." Qin Yun knew his enemies' skills. As he flew in the form of a stream of light, he turned immediately, brandishing his sword to defend.


    How brilliant was Qin Yun's sword art? It could completely fend off the arrow.

    The arrow itself was easily blocked but the might contained within was transmitted. The arrow reduced to smithereens upon impact. Qin Yun's sword flash blocked it off but he felt a terrifying power penetrate his body. Thankfully, Qin Yun had long cultivated the divine power, Indestructible Body, preventing irreparable damage. But even so, he felt his lifeblood boiling as his organs ruptured.

    "Pfft." Qin Yun could not help but spew a mouthful of blood. However, he took advantage of this additional push to fly backward. He did not reduce his speed as he continued charging deep into the Fiend Nest.

    "He has the Indestructible Body divine power. My arrow only managed to hurt him some." Qi's aura had weakened.

    "Pursue him! The Fiend Nest isn't that easily destroyed. As long as we don't waste time, we can kill him before he destroys the Fiend Nest."

    "This Highwarrior Qinyun is extremely talented. Why would he attempt to destroy the Fiend Nest without any regard for his life? Even if he succeeds in destroying it, he's definitely doomed. Why is he on a suicide mission?"

    "Who cares? Finish him off first."

    "Quick, quick, quick."

    All the third-Firmament fiendcelestials used every trick at their disposal as they charged into the Fiend Nest and pursued Qin Yun.

    While they engaged in the pursuit, many of them were perplexed. The humans had placed their hopes on the extremely talented Highwarrior Qinyun to become the second Skygod. So why was he here on a suicide mission? Of course, everyone also knew that the breakthrough from third-Firmament Godfiend to Skygod was extremely difficult. Only Skygod Suigu had ever succeeded! Even if humanity had placed their hopes on Highwarrior Qinyun, it only meant that he had a chance. His attempt to actually become a Skygod could go either way.

    But even so, there was no reason for him to send himself to his death!

    He was young and very promising. Humans had not reached the stage of going for broke. Why would he come on a suicide mission?

    "Regardless, we absolutely cannot let him destroy the Fiend Nest."

    "The two Fiend Nests are the core of our fiendish demons. The number of fiendcelestials can be so high only because of them. If one of our Fiend Nests is destroyed by him... the Empyrean Lord will definitely be infuriated. Our battle with humans would probably shift to us being at a hufe disadvantage. The situation will only turn worse."

    "There are fifteen of us here. It will be a disgrace if he can destroy the Fiend Nest."

    The fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials were moving as fast as they could.


    The Fiend Nest was located in the middle of the mountain. It was a huge space, much bigger than underground space in Fire Phoenix City's Godfiend Temple.


    Qin Yun streaked across the Fiend Nest in a form of light.

    There were fiendish demons patrolling the Fiend Nest and there were four fiendcelestials perennially stationed there. However, the strongest one was only at the second Firmament.

    "Stop him!"

    "A human!"

    "Hold him back!"

    There was chaos inside the Fiend Nest the moment he arrived. Four fiendcelestials tried to stop him but three of them were at the first Firmament realm and only one of them was at the second-Firmament realm! They were too weak. They even deliberately slowed down when they went forward to stop Qin Yun. It was a dereliction of duty if they didn't try! Therefore, they went slowly to obstruct him because they did not want to risk their lives. They preferred life to dishonor.


    Qin Yun easily streaked past them with Infinite Light, pulling away from the obstructing fiendcelestials.

    "Highwarrior Qinyun." However, one of the fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials was faster than Qin Yun.

    He moved like a bolt of lightning.


    The lightning-fast fiendcelestial tore through the Fiend Nest's interior and moved much faster than the other fourteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials. He quickly closed the gap with Qin Yun.

    "It's him. Thunder Abyss. He's adept at lightning and is extremely fast." Qin Yun continued escaping as he cast the domain-type divine power, Heaven Earth Millstone. The two clouds spun and crushed the surroundings. When Thunder Abyss entered the clouds, his speed slowed down but he was still much faster than Qin Yun. The gap between them rapidly decreased.

    Qin Yun turned anxious as he flew with all his might.

    He could see with his naked eye that the core of the Fiend Nest was just ahead. In the middle of a lake filled with liquid condensed from the Heaven and Earth spiritual energies was a gigantic blood-colored lotus flower. It had seven black leaves! The Blood Lotus's petals were completely closed up like it was a bud. It was the core of the Fiend Nest.

    "All the Immortal Crystals that stem from the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy source are within that Blood Lotus flower! This Blood Lotus flower is built on the foundation of immense amounts of Immortal Crystals and numerous treasures by the Other Realm Fiendcelestial. The cultivation that fiendcelestials enjoy in here is more potent than in cultivation lands like the Godfiend's Fire Phoenix Nest." Qin Yun knew this. "As long as I destroy this Blood Lotus flower, I will cut off their ability to cultivate."

    Qin Yun's eyes burned as he stared intently at the distant Blood Lotus flower.


    Angry roars sounded.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    Thunder Abyss was only about a few hundred feet away. He held one short spear in each hand before he threw them one after another at Qin Yun. They transformed into bolts of lightning upon release.

    "Thunder Abyss Spear?" Qin Yun turned his body slightly, brandishing his sword in the process. The sword's revolution streaked out a semicircle, diverting the two spears away. "This tiny trick of yours won't be able to do a thing to me."

    All the third-Firmament fiendcelestials were famous. The skills they were adept in had long been recorded after the numerous wars they had with the humans. Qin Yun therefore remembered what he was up against.

    Before clashing, Thunder Abyss would habitually throw out his short spears! It was best if he could slay his enemy with that but even if it didn't, it could at least harm his enemy.

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    With Qin Yun's speed impeded by his having to stop to block the spears, Thunder Abyss finally arrived in front of Qin Yun.

    "Highwarrior Qinyun, since you dare to come to Prestige Fiend Mountain, die!" Thunder Abyss held a hammer in each hand and brandished them. Lightning zapped out from the hammers with redoubtable might.

    Qin Yun continued doing his best to charge forward. He brandished his sword to barely block the attack as he flew.

    "Clang! Clang! Clang!"

    He flew as he blocked.

    "Don't think of leaving." Thunder Abyss was also giving his all to stop Qin Yun.


    Qin Yun willingly received the smite with his body, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood. But he made use of the transferred momentum to fly towards the Blood Lotus flower.

    "He's rushing towards the Blood Lotus flower at all costs. He even dares to use his body to meet the smite of my Lightning Hammer! If he had not mastered the Indestructible Body, he would have been smashed to death by that strike." Thunder Abyss was indignant. Qin Yun was a third-Firmament Godfiend and he had cultivated the Indestructible Body to the sixth Firmament. No one at the same level could kill him in a strike or two.

    Even Qi's forbidden archery art only managed to injure him. Of course, if Qin Yun had used his body to withstand the arrow, he might have lost half his life even if he survived. He had used his sword arts to fend it off, but the remaining impact injured him to the point that he spat blood.

    "Furthermore, his sword arts are very powerful. He deliberately let me strike his body with my hammer." Thunder Abyss turned extremely anxious.


    Qin Yun transformed into a stream of light at the cost of being injured. Finally, he arrived beside the Blood Lotus flower.


    The fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials were pursuing behind him as they shouted immediately.

    "Begone!" At the instant Qin Yun arrived in front of the Blood Lotus flower, he cleaved down at it with a lightning-fast strike. The gigantic Blood Lotus flower seemed to be filled with vibrant vitality. Its petals were pliable and tough. Although the cleave managed to barely rip through the petals, the petals rapidly healed.
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