Chapter 260: Dream Awakening. Departure

    Chapter 260: Dream Awakening. Departure

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    "This Fiend Nest Blood Lotus cannot be destroyed by a weak attack." Qin Yun looked at the faint mark he had just left behind. On top of that, the Blood Lotus was healing itself. He immediately understood. "I have to channel my strength to cast my strongest attack."

    "Divine power-Snow Wave! Sixth Firmament!"


    The sixth-Firmament divine power Snow Wave made Qin Yun's body suffuse snow-white blasts of air. It was the same with his sword. The white gases contained a terrifying penetrative and destructive power.

    This divine power corresponded to the Decimation Paramount realm. During Qin Yun's years of Godfiend cultivation, he had cultivated this divine power to the perfect sixth Firmament. To be more detailed, it could even be said that Snow Wave was the first divine power to reach the sixth Firmament among all the divine powers he cultivated in. He cultivated it faster than even his Indestructible Body. This was because in this new life, Qin Yun's body contained a strong bloodlust. It constantly pushed him to have a strong urge to kill.

    The intense killing intent was chronic.

    It made Qin Yun's Sword Dao have a ruthless inclination. Therefore, in the decimation aspect, the divine power Snow Wave naturally reached the sixth Firmament first.

    "The strongest sword skill, Samsara!"

    Qin Yun regulated his emotions before producing this strike.

    It was different from what it was before he stepped into the Dao.

    Before he stepped into the Dao, Qin Yun could typically only cast Samsara twice! Casting it a third time put a such a burden his soul that it could even damage the core of his soul. Back when he repressed the fiendcelestial inside the jade bottle, he had relied on the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills to recover the fatigue of his soul. Only then did Qin Yun manage to finally succeed in sealing an Other Realm Fiendcelestial.

    But now, Qin Yun infused his Paramount Emotions into his attack. When he finally stepped into the Dao and grasped Sword Dao, he gradually realized that a strike powered by Paramount Emotions was powerful because of the intense vital emotions and rich feelings that were infused into it. The emotions made the attack become more natural. The strength would approach the Heavenly Dao in an unspeakable manner! It was naturally powerful. But with the increase of his realms, passion raised his strength in diminishing amounts.

    For example, Qin Yun had grasped a Sword Dao that belonged to him! His ordinary attacks were extremely powerful. Even the strongest attack, Samsara, when infused with his life and emotions, was only enhanced by about 100%. Comparatively, the enervation of his soul was lessened. Now, he could cast Samsara nine times under normal circumstances.


    As Qin Yun dodged Thunder Abyss, he cast Samsara.

    "Pulverize!" After channeling his emotions, the thought of his wife back in his homeworld and how he had separated from her for five decades made Qin Yun's yearning for Yi Xiao turn even stronger. Under these heavy emotions, a sword beam with the white blasts of air flashed, cleaving at the Blood Lotus flower in front of him.


    A large swath of the closed Blood Lotus flower ripped directly open as the tear stretched deep into the flower bud. One could catch a glimpse of a fiendcelestial cultivating within the Blood Lotus flower through the gash.

    "What!? He nearly destroyed the Blood Lotus flower in one strike. Won't he be able to enter it if he delivers another four strikes or so?"

    "The first strike was only ordinary in strength. Why is this strike so much stronger?"

    "Stop him!"

    "We cannot let him attack again!"

    The fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials who were rushing over at full speed were feeling a little relieved when they saw Qin Yun's first attack. However, after Qin Yun channeled his emotions to use the divine power Snow Wave and Samsara, the strength he delivered tightened their hearts. They began to turn distraught.


    Thunder Abyss brandished his two hammers that were crackling with lightning bolts and attacked at full strength. "Highwarrior Qinyun! Don't you dare think of destroying the Fiend Nest! Die!"


    Among the third-Firmament fiendcelestials who were still catching up, Qi pulled his bow and shot an arrow. It was his strongest killer move, Windthunder Arrow. The arrow instantly arrived in front of Qin Yun with the powers of wind and thunder. It was very fast and very powerful. Qin Yun's expression changed. The only attack he didn't dare to take with his body was Qi's arrow.

    "Peng!" Qin Yun immediately used his sword to defend and disperse the full force of the impact.

    When he was struck, he was sent slamming into the Blood Lotus flower. The shocks made him spew a mouthful of blood.

    "Die!" Thunder Abyss took the opportunity to strike down at Qin Yun's head with his hammer. Qin Yun failed to dodge in time but barely managed to lower his body. It struck his shoulder, causing it to depress with a loud crack. The bones within shattered and his skin lacerated, spewing blood out. However, his Indestructible Body was extremely powerful. His wound rapidly healed at a discernible speed.

    Qin Yun dodged in flashes as he switched hands. His left hand wielded his sword as he cast Samsara once again on the Red Lotus flower bud.

    "I can't concern myself with them anymore. I have to destroy this Blood Lotus flower with all I've got. If not, I'll face certain doom once the group of third-Firmament fiendcelestials surrounds me. I will not have a chance to destroy it when that happens." Qin Yun ignored Thunder Abyss and repeatedly cast Samsara at the Blood Lotus flower petals.

    At Qin Yun's level, his attacks were very fast. It only took a split second to deliver seven or eight strikes.

    At that moment, only Thunder Abyss was hindering him. Qi needed to gather strength before he could cast another Windthunder Arrow. The other third-Firmament fiendcelestials were still too slow.

    "Die!" Thunder Abyss brandished his dual axes and unleashed a frenetic barrage of attacks.


    Another sword appeared in Qin Yun's hand.

    One sword was used to cast Samsara while the other was used to block Thunder Abyss. His body still took frequent blows from Thunder Abyss but his Indestructible Body was extremely tough. The surrounding blue and earth-yellow clouds were spinning crazily to cause a hindrance.

    It just took a blink of an eye.

    Although Qin Yun's body was covered in wounds, including facial wounds from being struck by a hammer several times, he still managed to cast six Samsaras. He forcibly tore through the Blood Lotus flower's petals, carving a path forward. Qin Yun immediately dashed into the petal hole.

    "No!" Thunder Abyss followed in panic.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...

    The other third-Firmament fiendcelestials went as fast as they could,charging in one after another.


    There was a fiendcelestial cultivating in seclusion inside the Fiend Nest's Blood Lotus flower. However, he was only a first-Firmament fiendcelestial. He turned his head and saw a bloodied Highwarrior Qinyun charging at him.

    "No good!" The fiendcelestial immediately tried to stop him.


    Qin Yun completely ignored him for he did not wish to be delayed any further. He used all his strength and cast Samsara to smite the middle of the Red Lotus flower pistil.

    "This is all I can do."

    "I will destroy it at all costs!" Qin Yun's eyes were already red. His body was covered in snow-white gases as his killing intent reached a pinnacle before he sent a sword flash cleaving straight at the pistil.

    "Stop!" Thunder Abyss roared as he slammed his hammer down on Qin Yun.

    "Stop!" Another fiendcelestial threw the spear in his hand in panic. It went straight through Qin Yun's chest.

    Qin Yun fell onto the flower pistil but he laughed.

    Due to it taking the full force of the strike, a huge slit tore through the flower pistil. It was beginning to extend in every direction. Clearly, compared to the tough flower petals, the flower pistil was much weaker. Qin Yun's full strength caused the pistil to crumble.

    "Boom!" Qin Yun cast the domain-type divine power, Heaven Earth Millstone. The blue and earth-yellow clouds ground a large number of Immortal Crystals beneath the flower pistil to dust. As that happened, rich Heaven and Earth spiritual energies dissipated. Under the might of the Heaven Earth Millstone, all the Immortal Crystals were instantly pulverized. Due to the high concentration of spiritual energies, the surrounding area began to produce liquid droplets of Heaven and Earth spiritual energies, so it looked as though it was raining.

    "No!" The group of third-Firmament fiendcelestials could not accept everything that was happening in front of them.

    "Highwarrior Qinyun!"

    Many of the third-Firmament fiendcelestials saw red. Instantly, there was a massive ax, a horrifying burning fist, a sinister blood-colored blade... A myriad of attacks landed on Qin Yun's body. He was already heavily injured, and his chest was penetrated by a spear; therefore, even with his Indestructible Body, he could not withstand the terrifying barrage of attacks.

    Qin Yun smiled as he watched it all happen. The Heaven and Earth spiritual energies rained down in liquid form as he saw the fiery fist that resembled a tiny mountain, the sinister blade... All of them arrived.

    "It's over."

    "Skygod Suigu, Your Highness Firephoenix, all of you placed huge hopes on me. This is all I can do in return."

    "My parents in this life, you wished for me to marry and have children so as to establish a Godfiend family. I won't be able to do so."

    "And Yuqin, Cailan, I'm sorry."

    At that instant, the terrifying attacks all hit him at once.


    Qin Yun felt his soul resonate as his mind instantly went blank.

    A force hidden within Qin Yun rapidly enveloped his soul and departed the world, rapidly tunneling through space-time itself.
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