Chapter 261: Ending

    Chapter 261: Ending

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    The frantic and red-eyed group of third-Firmament fiendcelestials jointly reduced Qin Yun's body to a pulp, leaving only his armor and sword behind.

    "Whoosh!" The liquefied Heaven and Earth spiritual energies scattered, raining down on the destroyed Blood Lotus flower, the third-Firmament fiendcelestials, and the ice-cold armor and sword.

    The group of fiendcelestials were either floating in midair or standing around the remains of Highwarrior Qinyun. After destroying his body, they looked at the destroyed Blood Lotus flower and fell silent.

    "We're doomed."

    A fiendcelestial looked up and allowed the Heaven and Earth spiritual rain to hit his face. He felt his heart turn cold as he murmured, "The Fiend Nest has been destroyed. We only had two Fiend Nests. Now that one of them is destroyed, its equivalent to losing half our foundations. This will be very problematic."

    "Darn that Highwarrior Qinyun! He destroyed the Fiend Nest and even shattered all the Heaven Earth Essence Crystals in it, causing all the Heaven and Earth spiritual energies to return to the Heaven and Earth. He didn't even leave us a chance at rebuilding the Fiend Nest!"

    The large number of Heaven Earth Essence Crystals was the energy source of the Fiend Nest.

    "Rebuild the Fiend Nest? The humans are no longer the same as in the past. After Suigu turned into a Skygod, even if a new source of Heaven and Earth spiritual energies is born and the Empyrean Lord is willing to expend large amounts of treasures, Skygod Suigu would not watch idly as we rebuild it. He can easily sabotage the construction and stop us. We no longer have any chance of rebuilding the Fiend Nest."

    "It wasn't just the Fiend Nest, the large number of Heaven Earth Essence Crystals were treasures of great important. Yet, now they are all gone."

    "Don't think about this any further. Our foundation has been halved. In the future, the number of fiendcelestials we can produce will drastically decrease. In a prolonged battle with humans, it won't take long for us to be at an utter disadvantage."

    "I really can't accept it!"

    "This world should have belonged to us, the fiendish demons!"

    The fiendcelestials were enraged and indignant.

    They could already see that things would only go from bad to worse in the future. All of this was the result of Highwarrior Qinyun's destruction of the Fiend Nest.

    "He was a third-Firmament Godfiend. With such strength, he had the chance of living for tens of thousands of years, or even hundreds of thousands of years. And if he became a Skygod, he would no longer suffer the tribulations and have a limitless future. Why did he sacrifice himself?"

    "The chances of destroying a Fiend Nest are very slim to begin with. Anyone that dares to storm in would definitely die. Why did he do something that would definitely get him killed?"

    "Ever since the two Fiend Nests were built, no third-Firmament Godfiend has ever come on a suicide mission. So why did he?"

    All the third-Firmament fiendcelestials were puzzled.

    "Let's inform the Empyrean Lord."

    Under the Heaven and Earth spiritual rain, they began to contact the terrifying existence in another infinitely distant realm.


    The void around them distorted, and a rift ripped open in front of them. A massive figure's head appeared behind the void. His purple pupils looked over.

    "Empyrean Lord." The fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials bowed respectfully.

    "Oh?" The Empyrean Lord was astonished. The fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials were seeking an audience with him at the same time?

    Following that, the Empyrean Lord looked through the spatial rift and took in the surrounding scene. On the broken Blood Lotus flower, one of the petals had been penetrated. The flower pistil had completely shattered. All the Heaven Earth Essence Crystals had vanished and it was raining around them.

    "The Fiend Nest's Blood Lotus has been destroyed?" The Empyrean Lord found it unbelievable. "What happened? How could this happen?"

    "Empyrean Lord." Wu Siyou said respectfully. "Fire Phoenix City's third-Firmament Godfiend Elder, Highwarrior Qinyun, infiltrated Prestige Fiend Mountain with complete disregard for his life. He was exposed only when he reached the entrance. He was amazingly fast and although we pursued him, he managed to enter the Fiend Nest. When he reached the Blood Lotus, he relied on his Indestructible Body and other divine powers to live long enough to destroy the Blood Lotus. Before he died, he even used a domain-type divine power to destroy all the Heaven Earth Essence Crystals within."

    Empyrean Lord fell silent, but his purple pupils were filled with rage.

    "Fools! Fools! Fools!" Empyrean Lord roared in his heart. "You bunch of incompetent fools! I sacrificed so much to give the fiendish demons an advantage over the humans. Now that one of the Fiend Nests is destroyed... half of our bases are gone. In a thousand years, the fiendish demons will probably be the disadvantaged ones. And this world itself is inclined towards the humans, repelling the powers of us Other Realm Fiendcelestials. It's now hundreds of times harder trying to occupy this world than before."


    In one of the nine major cities of humanity, Suigu City.

    The supreme leader of the magus lineage, Patriarch Magus, lived here. Patriarch Magus was an elder with skin that resembled tree bark, but his pupils seemed to contain infinite wisdom. The cultivation of the magus lineage was a lot more difficult than the Godfiend lineage, even to the point of there being many flaws in it. Patriarch Magus was an existence that staggered at the forefront of the magus way.


    Patriarch Magus was sitting cross-legged when he suddenly sensed something. He took out an ancient and unadorned mirror. He extended his finger and drew a figure on the mirror, sending blood out from his fingertip. "The fate of humanity has changed drastically?"

    "Show me the reason!" Patriarch Magus stared intently at the mirror. After his blood drew the figure on the mirror, the mirror finally revealed the scene of the Fiend Nest's interior in Prestige Fiend Mountain.

    He saw the destroyed Blood Lotus flower, the broken flower pistil, and the raining Heaven and Earth spiritual energies.

    The fifteen third-Firmament fiendcelestials were reporting the matter to the Empyrean Lord.

    "It is our fault that we failed to stop Highwarrior Qinyun," said the fiendcelestials respectfully.

    "All the fiendcelestials in Prestige Fiend Mountain are to go to Sunset Fiend Lake. Abandon Prestige Fiend Mountain," said the Empyrean Lord.

    "Yes," replied the fiendcelestials.

    When Patriarch Magus saw all of this, his face flushed red. Finally, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, dissipating the image on the mirror.

    "So that's the reason." Patriarch Magus was extremely agitated. "It's no wonder the light bestowed on humanity by providence has increased in intensity. Prestige Fiend Mountain's Fiend Nest has been destroyed. Wonderful! However, from what they said, it was Highwarrior Qinyun who destroyed the Fiend Nest?"


    In Fire Phoenix City, there was a Life Lamp placed in a hall in Godfiend Temple. Humans were stationed there. Suddenly, one Life Lamp extinguished as though it was snuffed out by the wind.

    "What? Elder Qinyun's Life Lamp has extinguished?"

    "Elder Qinyun is dead?"

    The sentinels fell into a daze.

    Of course, a Life Lamp could not be snuffed out by the wind. There was only one possibility-death.


    Firephoenix and the other Elders rushed over. They staggered in disbelief when they saw Highwarrior Qinyun's extinguished Life Lamp.

    "How can Elder Qinyun die?"

    "I just saw him a few days ago."

    All of them found it unbelievable.

    Firephoenix immediately contacted Skygod Suigu. In front of her, a blurry phantom of Suigu condensed.

    "Brother Suigu," said Firephoenix anxiously. "Qinyun's Life Lamp has extinguished. Why did that happen?"


    Suigu sighed. "Firephoenix, I was just informed by Patriarch Magus that Qinyun ventured into Prestige Fiend Mountain, stormed into the Fiend Nest, and finally destroyed it without any regard for his life. However, with so many fiendcelestials there, he lost his life."

    "Why... Why did he go to Prestige Fiend Mountain?" Firephoenix refused to believe it. "Who made him go on that suicide mission?"

    "No one did. Even if someone tried to, would he listen to them?" Suigu shook his head. "I can't figure it out either. However, the destruction of a Fiend Nest hurts the fiendish demons greatly. As a result, the fate of humanity has improved. By the way, we will come over there soon. I feel that there must be a secret behind Qinyun's suicide mission."

    "Yea." Firephoenix nodded.

    The Godfiend Elders were stunned when they heard that.

    The Prestige Fiend Mountain's Fiend Nest had been destroyed?

    The fate of humanity has improved?

    "Elder Qinyun went to destroy the Fiend Nest?"

    "Why did he do that?"


    Moments later.

    Skygod Suigu arrived in Fire Phoenix City and, together with Firephoenix, he entered the underground space in Godfiend Temple. The other Godfiend Elders followed them and headed for Qin Yun's cultivation chamber.

    "He did not even tell me about such an important matter. It's unlikely he told his family," said Suigu. "If he has any last words, they are probably in the Fire Phoenix Nest's chamber."

    "Yea." Firephoenix nodded.

    "Sigh. Honestly, what he did is actually very good for humanity," said Suigu wistfully. "It has reversed the situation of our conflict and before long, we will hold the advantage over the fiendish demons."

    "It is good for humanity...but he has sacrificed his life." Firephoenix shook her head. "He was very talented and he even had a chance of becoming a Skygod."

    Suigu nodded as well.

    But in fact, although they wished Qin Yun could become a Skygod in ten thousand years, it was only a wish! As for whether he could really become one? No one was completely confident.

    Now, Qin Yun had been sacrificed in exchange for the destruction of one Fiend Nest! Suigu and company felt excited but depressed. They were excited over the tremendous improvement in the fate of humanity. They were confident that humanity would be the final masters of this world, but they also felt depressed that it took the loss of such a promising young junior to accomplish it.

    They crossed the lake and arrived in front of Qin Yun's cultivation chamber.

    Firephoenix opened the chamber.

    The moment the chamber opened, they saw neatly-arranged treasures. For example, there were the spoils of war Qin Yun obtained when he killed the Blackwater Pond brothers and the treasures Suigu bestowed to Qin Yun for cultivation. All of them were laid out. And sitting above them were three scrolls.

    This scene made Suigu, Firephoenix, and the other Godfiend Elders fall silent.

    "He indeed arranged for it," said Suigu softly.

    "Why did he choose this route?" Firephoenix's eyes were red. She beckoned with her hand as the three scrolls flew to her. They unfolded simultaneously in midair.

    Firephoenix and Suigu looked at them.

    "Elder Muqi, bring Elder Qinyun's parents, as well as the two lasses, Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan," said Firephoenix.

    She put away the two scrolls.

    She then read the scroll meant for her and Suigu.

    "This kid chose this path but before his death, the thing he worried about the most was his family." Suigu shook his head. "Did he need to elaborate on this? With such a great achievement, the fate of humanity has changed because of him! How can we not treat his family with care?"

    "This is the only concern he had before his death," said Firephoenix.


    The couple, Highwarrior Ambition and Qiyu, as well as the two girls, Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan, flew across the lake and entered the chamber.

    "What happened?"

    "What exactly happened?"

    They were somewhat lost. The gazes of the surrounding Elders only made them more worried.

    "This is a letter Elder Qinyun left you," said Firephoenix. The two scrolls flew to the Highwarrior couple and the two girls, Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan, respectively.

    They immediately unfurled the scrolls and read them.

    "My days were numbered to begin with... Why would my son's days be numbered? Isn't he at the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm?" Highwarrior Ambition widened his eyes when he read the scroll.

    "My trip to Prestige Fiend Mountain will spell definite doom," Qiyu muttered as she read the scroll, her face turning pale in the process.

    Standing beside them, Firephoenix said, "Elder Qinyun went to Prestige Fiend Mountain and, at the cost of his life, destroyed the Fiend Nest. What he did for humanity is tremendous. All of humanity will be grateful towards him, but he has perished on Prestige Fiend Mountain."

    As for Firephoenix Yuqing and Cailan, their faces were already covered in tears.

    "No! No! This shouldn't happen!" Cailan shook her head, refusing to accept what she just read.

    "Yun! You said that you would marry me... that you would marry me." Firephoenix Yuqing's eyes reddened when she read the scroll. They had bantered with each other since childhood and participated in the Coming of Age ceremony together. She watched Wing transform into Highwarrior Qinyun and witnessed his rapid growth firsthand. Her childhood for feelings gradually transformed into idolization and endearment. She always waited for the day he would marry her, but now that day would never come!


    To this world, Qin Yun was only a transient guest that stayed for fifty years. He was like a meteor, brilliant for a moment before vanishing. But with time, the number of people who would remember him in this world would only decrease. As for Skygod Suigu, Firephoenix, Cailan, Firephoenix Yuqing, and the other Elders, they would never forget him.
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