Chapter 266: Ranking on the Earth Roll

    Chapter 266: Ranking on the Earth Roll

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    The entire Zhou Mountain Sword Sect was jubilant. Although the disciples responsible for guarding the foot of the mountain were dead, the loss was negligible in the grand scheme of things. It was the Blood Saber Palace that truly suffered grave losses. It had sent five Connate experts, as well as Fang Chenshu, who was ranked on the Earth roll, to their deaths. Furthermore, the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect ended up with a new expert entering the Earth roll. And from the looks of it, he was more powerful than the previous sect master, Feng Qingcang!

    "Elder Meng is too formidable. He fought fifteen Connate experts alone and sent the lot of them fleeing."

    "That Fang Chenshu was killed but Elder Meng was left unscathed. He seems to be stronger than Fang Chenshu."

    "Truly impressive."

    "Fairy Gong is probably deeply regretting her actions now."

    All the disciples were discussing fervently.

    Those that managed to be taken in as disciples of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect had promising futures. They naturally did not want to see their backer collapse! And now, their backer had clearly gotten stronger.


    In the sect's main hall.

    Sect Master Zuo Tang, the Elders, the inherited-teachings disciples, and Qin Yun were all gathered there.

    "Elder Meng, I apologize for anything that I might have said to upset you." A silver-haired elder cupped his hands and apologized.

    "Elder Meng..." Another Elder asked for forgiveness.

    "Master Uncle Zhang, as well as all of you Elders," said Qin Yun immediately. "I was indeed brash in the past and I did cause trouble for the sect. None of you can be blamed."

    Qin Yun bore no resentment.

    From Meng Yiqiu's memories, back when he was an iconic force, all the Elders supported him and had designated him as the next sect master. Later on, he became infatuated with Fairy Gong and was fooled by her. Eventually, he was poisoned and crippled. He even implicated his master, causing trouble to befall the entire Zhou Mountain Sword Sect. How could the Elders not be hateful and angry towards him? Even so, all they did was ignore him. They did not force him to return the divine sword, Frost Sword. They planned on retrieving it after Meng Yiqiu died from the poison.

    "Yiqiu," said Zuo Tang with a smile. "Let's put the past behind us. Although there have been some conflicts, you have improved after revitalizing yourself. If Master can see this from heaven, he is definitely very happy."

    "Elder Meng killed that Fang Chenshu and came out unscathed. Such strength makes him stronger than even Junior Brother Feng."

    "With Elder Meng around, our Zhou Mountain Sword Sect will prosper for a long time."

    The Elders were in extremely good moods.

    Although Connate experts had very long lifespans, the chances of dying were very high due to the constant life-and-death struggles! This made it so that many Connate experts found it difficult to make it to the end of their lifespans.

    "Everyone, our Zhou Mountain Sword Sect previously recognized Yiqiu as sect master." Zuo Tang looked around and said, "It was only because Yiqiu was poisoned that I became sect master. However, I brood over things day in and day out, doubting my strength and my ability to shoulder the heavy responsibility. Now that Yiqiu's strength has recovered, I think the position of sect master should be returned to him."

    "Senior Brother, there's no need." Qin Yun rejected it immediately.

    "Yiqiu, you are cured of your poison, aren't you?" Zuo Tang answered with a question. In fact, they could tell he was. After all, even with a cultivation breakthrough, one would still be affected by a lethal poison. It would have been difficult to produce any strength, and impossible to kill Fang Chenshu with such an affliction.

    Qin Yun was slightly taken aback and nodded. "Yes, I chanced upon an opportunity and cured myself of the poison."

    "Since the poison is cured and Master always wished for you to take over as sect master, you might as well take the job now, considering how your strength is the greatest in the sect," said Zuo Tang. The other Elders also looked at Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun said immediately, "While I was alone in the back mountains, my heart was as still as an ice mirror. There, my strength improved tremendously. To be honest, after experiencing so much, I really do not wish for mortal affairs to mar my heart anymore."

    "Oh?" Zuo Tang was surprised when he heard that.

    "Heart as still as an ice mirror..." The white-bearded Elder to the side said, "Disciple-Nephew Sect Master, Elder Meng's Frost Sword Arts have been cultivated to the Ice Heart realm. Since he doesn't like being affected by mortal affairs, I think we should abide by his wishes. This way, Elder Meng's cultivation will continue smoothly."

    "Yes, we must not impede Elder Meng's cultivation."

    The Elders agreed in unison.

    Qin Yun's excuse of the Iceheart realm immediately received agreement from all parties. Even Zuo Tang did not press the matter. After all, Qin Yun's strength was of utmost importance when it came to the fate of the sect.

    "Haha, Alright. I won't press the issue," said Zuo Tang with a smile. "However, with Yiqiu's present strength, he should be able to be a Grand Elder even if he doesn't become the sect master, right?"


    "Yes, definitely."

    "Finally, our Zhou Mountain Sword Sect has a Grand Elder. The position of Grand Elder has been left vacant for more than fifty years." All the Elders were overjoyed.

    According to the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's rules, the strongest person would become sect master. If one had the strength to be listed on the Earth roll, they would naturally become the Grand Elder. The sect having a Grand Elder also displayed the deep foundation the sect had.


    That night, Qin Yun and Zuo Tang went to Feng Qingcang's grave.

    "Master, do you see it? Not only has Yiqiu been cured of his poison, his strength has also drastically improved. He's now capable of being ranked on the Earth roll." Zuo Tang looked at the tomb with reddened eyes. He also thought of Feng Qingcang as a father.

    Qin Yun looked at the tomb too.

    The two left after paying their respects.

    "Senior Brother." Qin Yun walked as he spoke. "In a few more days, I plan on going to Sovereign Capital."

    "Sovereign Capital?" Zuo Tang was astonished. "Are you going there to see your sister?"

    "Yea." Qin Yun nodded.

    Sovereign Capital was the capital of the Chu empire. It was also the imperial capital of the previous kingdom that unified the world, the Grand Martial Kingdom. Now, the world was dominated by three factions. The Chu Kingdom ruled over almost half the world and had also situated its capital in Sovereign Capital. It was also the biggest city in the world. Meng Yiqiu's sister, Meng Yuxiang, had married into the Quelling Duke's Duan family, so she lived with him in Sovereign Capital.

    "Our Zhou Mountain Sword Sect has people in Sovereign Capital. I will make the arrangements for you." Zuo Tang nodded.

    "I'll bring two disciples with me on my trip to Sovereign Capital. I can teach them a little on the way," said Qin Yun.

    "Your two personal disciples?" asked Zuo Tang. "Liu Qingsha and Qi Meixia?"

    "One of them will be Liu Qingsha. Let the other one be Dong Wan," said Qin Yun. He decided to forgo Qi Meixia.

    "Dong Wan?" Zuo Tang's eyes lit up as he nodded slightly.

    Qin Yun sighed inwardly. "Since I am taking control of this body, I should return a portion of the karma incurred! After all, in fifty years I'll disappear the moment I awaken from my dream. I should try my best to nurture experts for the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect. Liu Qingsha is considered rather normal among the inherited-teachings disciples. If I nurture her well, there's a chance of her reaching the Connate realm. It will be hard to determine if she can reach the intent domain realm. However, this Dong Wan is a genius of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's younger generation. He's only at the eleventh stage of the Qi Refinement realm but he has already grasped the Heavenly Dao's intent realm. If he is properly nurtured, his future is limitless."

    Qin Yun was after all a sword immortal that had stepped into the Dao. In terms of guidance, he was a lot more brilliant than the other Elders on Zhou Mountain Sword Sect.

    "I'll put Dong Wan in your care when the time comes. But you have to ensure his safety when in Sovereign Capital," exhorted Zuo Tang.

    "Don't worry." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Okay," said Zuo Tang with a smile. "You killed five Connate experts in one go. Even Fang Chenshu fell under your hand. I wonder what your ranking on the Earth roll will be."

    Qin Yun thought nothing of it. He came to this world with his sights on gathering knowledge of this world's close combat sword techniques.

    Firstly, the purpose of his trip to Sovereign Capital was to return any karma he had received. That was where Meng Yiqiu's sister was after all. Secondly, there were all sorts of mighty and lowly factions entrenched in Sovereign Capital. It was easier for him to search for powerful manuals there.

    "The Earth roll is compiled by Peerless Manor. Every time one of the three kingdoms' experts, the military experts, the various noble clans, the top sects, those with secret inheritances, and the many itinerant cultivators expose a tiny bit of their strength, Peerless Manor quickly makes records and adds to the compilation," said Zuo Tang with a smile. "Typically, only those at the intent domain realm can enter the Earth roll. The Earth roll had 102 people in the last gazette. Now with Fang Chenshu dead and your sudden rise, I wonder what the new Earth roll will look like."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    In his homeworld, the records of mighty figures were not as detailed.

    Of course, in his homeworld, the human experts such as those from the imperial government, Daoist, and Buddhist sects were easily gathered. The Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons, Heavenly Demon Palace, other itinerant demons, and even the Four Seas' Water race made it difficult to create an overall ranking.

    However, this world was ruled by humans, with no demons at all. They were able to record all the figures at the intent domain realm and rank them according to their battle achievements and best skills.

    "I wonder what my ranking will be in the future." Qin Yun chuckled secretly.


    The Blood Saber Palace had led many Connate itinerant cultivators to attack the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect but they eventually escaped in abject defeat.

    Fang Chenshu and the other five Connate experts all died at the hands of Meng Yiqiu! This news rapidly spread across the world, causing the name Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu to be the topic of conversation once more.

    The last time it spread was due to Meng Yiqiu's fatal poisoning that destined his doom. Many people sighed, while many others mocked him.

    This time, they spoke of how Meng Yiqiu revitalized himself and had a great increase in strength. He killed Connate intent realm figures with one strike, leaving people astounded. The news reached Meng Yiqiu's sister, as well as Fairy Gong who had once spent loving days with Meng Yiqiu.


    Qin Yun couldn't be bothered with the stir he caused. He focused on his training and stayed in the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect, flipping through all the manuals the sword sect had.

    He planned to master the powerful sword techniques of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect before heading for Sovereign Capital.

    One day.

    Under the bright sunlight, Qin Yun was sitting on a chair, flipping through the Lockheaven Sword manual. As the Grand Elder, he naturally had access to all of the sect's manuals.

    "This Lockheaven Sword is also one of the top three techniques of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect. It is made up of seven main sword stances and is comprised of a total of 13,300 sword moves." Qin Yun flipped through the manual as he used a finger as though it was a sword, practicing and experimenting with it. The surroundings gradually formed a massive sphere with Sword Qi surging in a hundred-feet radius within.

    "Master." The green-dressed Liu Qingsha ran over from afar.

    Qin Yun stopped, and the gigantic sphere formed by Sword Qi dissipated. When Liu Qingsha saw this, she secretly clicked her tongue. "Lockheaven Sword. Master has easily cultivated it to such a stage?"

    "Qingsha, is there something?" asked Qin Yun.

    "This is the newest Earth roll." Liu Qingsha handed a thick tome to Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun nodded and accepted it.

    The Earth roll tome was very thick. It showed the rankings, with detailed information about everyone listed. This resulted in its thickness.

    After flipping it open, Qin Yun quickly saw his placing.

    "Thirteenth on the Earth roll: 'Frost Sword' Meng Yiqiu. Once poisoned by the lethal poison, Spring Wind Warmth. Had a fortuitous encounter and cured himself of his poison. It made his sword techniques improve drastically. Killed five Connate intent realm experts with one strike each. Killed 'Fiend Imbibing Saber' Fang Chenshu after exchanging dozens of blows and was left unharmed. Currently the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's Grand Elder."

    That was the simple description on the ranking.

    There was more detailed information and a history after that. It even recorded his romantic history with Fairy Gong and his jealousy towards a love rival.
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