Chapter 268: Talk of the Town

    Chapter 268: Talk of the Town

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    Standing beside her, Duan Qifeng said with a smile, "My wife, there's no need to worry. Just wait patiently. Brother Meng will be here soon."

    Meng Yuxiang shot a glance at her husband and said nothing.

    The men and women around were all waiting patiently.

    "It's coming."

    "The ship from the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect!"

    Soon, they saw the large cruise ship approaching from afar. On the bow of the boat stood a man dressed in a simple robe. A sword hung by his side and standing beside him was a young man and woman. All of them had an extraordinary bearing.

    "Brother!" Meng Yuxiang's eyes lit up.

    Immediately, the large group of Duan family members went forward, reaching the foremost point of the eastern pier. At that moment, all the other boats could only steer to the side, allowing the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's ship to dock.

    "Greetings, Young Master Meng." Leading the Duan family entourage was a middle-aged man. He was also the present head of the Duan family-Duan Qiyu.

    "Brother!" Meng Yuxiang's eyes turned red from excitement. She had experienced the fickleness of human nature in the past year, making her realize that her elder brother was her most important relative in the world.

    Qin Yun reached the dock in one step.

    Meng Yuxiang immediately ran to her brother and hugged him, unable to stop her tears from flowing.

    "Sister, don't cry." Qin Yun consoled her. In his memories, Meng Yiqiu and his sister had a close relationship. They depended on one another from a young age.

    "Brother Meng." Duan Qifeng went forward with a sycophantic smile.

    "Hmph!" Qin Yun gave him a cold glance in return.

    Duan Qifeng felt somewhat embarrassed. After Meng Yiqiu was poisoned, he had indeed done many things that dampened Meng Yuxiang's heart.

    Meng Yuxiang looked up with reddened eyes but she could not hide her excitement and happiness. "Brother, you look much better than half a year ago. I'm so happy that you managed to get a grip on yourself."

    Half a year ago, Meng Yuxiang tried everything she could think of to obtain the Duan family's permission to leave Sovereign Capital. She went to the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect to visit her brother. Back then, Meng Yiqiu was extremely dispirited. All she could do was leave sadly after paying him a visit. After all, she was someone else's wife. It was not easy for her to make the trip and she could not spend too much time away from home.

    "I heard what has happened to you. Don't worry. I will demand justice for you! However, I never expected Duan Qifeng to be such a sweet talker only to really end up being this bold." Qin Yun's eyes were cold. As the Grand Elder of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect, he received detailed updates on what happened to Meng Yuxiang in the Duan family. He was rather vexed when he learned of it.

    "He treats me alright," said Meng Yuxiang immediately. The man was still her husband and the father of her child despite how displeased she was with him.

    "Brother Meng, it was all my fault." Duan Qifeng apologized. "I'm willing to be punished for my sins!"

    Meng Yuxiang beckoned, and her personal maidservant brought a young girl over. Meng Yuxiang held the girl's hands and smiled at Qin Yun. "Brother, this is my daughter, Tong'er. Tong'er, call him uncle."

    "Uncle." The girl was about four or five years old.

    "Tong'er, I've brought you a gift." Qin Yun took out a cloth bag and removed a jade pendant from it. He helped put the pendant on her.

    By the side, the Duan family head, Duan Qiyu, had been watching before he came forward and said with a smile. "Young Master Meng, why don't we first head to Duke Manor?"

    "Yes, let's not stand here. We are holding up the dock." Qin Yun nodded. At the same time, he glanced at Dong Wan and instructed, "Dong Wan, arrange for a place to stay. I'll return with Qingsha tonight."


    Dong Wan heeded the order. He immediately met up with the people responsible for receiving the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect.

    Qin Yun and Liu Qingsha got onto a carriage and headed with the Duan family to Quelling Duke Manor.


    Not long after Qin Yun and company departed, the tycoon, Wanghai, and his family disembarked from their ship with a group of guards.

    "We are finally here in Sovereign Capital." Wanghai smiled. "This is Sovereign Capital. The normal riffraff will not dare cause trouble here."

    Following that, he led his family into the city.


    Sovereign Capital.

    "Your Highness, Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu has arrived in Sovereign Capital. The Duan family went to receive him. He will soon arrive in Quelling Duke Manor," reported a goateed elder respectfully.

    "Meng Yiqiu?" The Crown Prince was wielding a brush, creating forceful strokes when he suddenly stopped. He said with a smile, "He's young and cultivates in a heritage that's not considered a secret; yet, he is ranked thirteenth on the Earth roll. He is a rare expert. Arrange a meeting for me... I would like to meet this Frost Sword."

    "Yes," replied the goateed elder respectfully.


    "Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu? He came to Sovereign Capital?" A brawny elder on a training ground stopped his spear practice when he heard that. He frowned and said, "His Majesty's health is going from bad to worse every day. His Highness, Eighth Prince, has an extremely strong faction backing him. His contention against Crown Prince for the throne is getting more blatant. His Majesty can't even prevent it. The Wei Kingdom and the Yan Kingdom are also secretly inciting trouble. I wonder what the purpose of Meng Yiqiu's arrival in Sovereign Capital is."

    "Grand General, the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect has always been loyal to the royal family. It tends to stay silent in disputes such as that of the Crown Prince and Eighth Prince. However, the Quelling Duke's Duan family stands on Crown Prince's side. Meng Yiqiu's sister has married into Quelling Duke Manor. At this critical point, his purpose in coming to Sovereign Capital... is truly hard to tell," said a middle-aged man to the side as he frowned.

    The brawny elder frowned. "I do not care which prince inherits the throne. What I'm most worried about is... the Wei Kingdom's eagerness for action. Something seems amiss."

    "Grand General, do you mean..." The middle-aged man was alarmed.

    "First, it was Feng Qingcang's murder. Later the Blood Saber Palace attacked the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect. The northern defending general, Wang Chunyu, was assassinated too. Eighth Prince has a mysterious master that vaguely reminds me of an old fellow from the Wei Kingdom from more than a century ago... There are many signs that make me feel as though the Wei Kingdom is scheming some sort of conspiracy." The brawny elder's eyes were filled with worry.

    "Grand General, as long as you are here, there will be no trouble in Sovereign Capital," said the middle-aged man immediately.

    The brawny elder chuckled.

    He was the anchor of the entire Chu Kingdom, Grand General Xue Chong, ranked eighth on the Heaven roll!


    In Sovereign Capital, there was a rather famous brothel, Myriad Flower Brothel.

    Three men were in one of its rooms.

    "Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu is here in Sovereign Capital."

    "Hmph, the last time the Blood Saber Palace attacked the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect, not only did they fail, they even suffered abject losses. Even Fang Chenshu lost his life."

    "That's right. The Zhou Mountain Sword Sect is a sect that pledges utmost allegiance to King Chu. Of all the sects in the southwest, the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect has the deepest roots. If the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect is destroyed, it will make it much easier to occupy the southwestern lands. This Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu... will be one of the main obstacles in our Wei Kingdom's bid to rule the world."

    "It has always been quite difficult to assassinate Meng Yiqiu when he was in the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect. As for a direct assault? That would be almost impossible. But now that he is in Sovereign Capital without an army of experts around him, I think we can find a way to assassinate him."

    "He is ranked thirteenth on the Earth roll. Even an assassination would prove very difficult."

    "Didn't he get poisoned in the past? He's still a foolish youngster. Think of a way. Use poison or some other method. There's definitely a chance."

    "I think we should report this matter to the Wei capital. Let it give the order."

    "I think it's best we report it to the Wei capital. It would make sense to ambush such an expert, but if we do, we must be certain of success."

    The trio quickly made a decision.

    They would report the matter to the Wei capital.


    In an elegant yard in Sovereign Capital.

    This was one of the places where the top sect, Centaurea Valley, stationed itself.

    "Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu is here in Sovereign Capital? He and my senior sister Gong Yan'er were old lovers!" A black-dressed girl said with a smile. "Back then, the couple was deeply in love. If Senior Sister Gong learns that Meng Yiqiu is here in Sovereign Capital, she will definitely be overjoyed. Quickly pass the information to Centaurea Valley. Tell Centaurea Valley as well as Senior Sister Gong for me. Tell the Valley Lordess about this matter too."

    "Yes, I'll send the message," said a woman beside her.

    The black-dressed girl nodded. Following that, she instructed a maidservant beside her. "I'm changing. I still need to meet the marquis's son tonight."

    "Yes, Miss," replied the maidservant with a smile immediately.


    It was the talk of the town but Qin Yun did not care for it.

    At that moment in Quelling Duke Manor, a large group of people were caught up in a frenzy of activity. The Quelling Duke Manor's matriarch, the sons, and even the grandsons of the various members of the harem and womenfolk were there. There were many beauties among them. Many juniors looked curiously at the simply-dressed man's arrival.

    Their family's head, Duan Qiyu, and Matriarch were welcoming him warmly.

    Qin Yun greeted, "Greetings, Matriarch."

    "Young Master Meng's presence here graces my Duan family." The matriarch had been in power for more than a century. She knew very well that official government or aristocratic titles were useless. Strength was what mattered. Meng Yiqiu, who became thirteenth on the Earth roll at such a young age, was worthy of being welcomed by King Chu. In the future, if he continued to improve, he could enter the Heaven roll. Then he would be a hegemon existence that could shake up the world's distribution of power.

    Meng Yuxiang stayed by her brother's side, feeling more and more pleased.

    Qin Yun entered Quelling Duke Manor with an entourage of people.
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