Chapter 269: In front of Xiyu Establishment

    Chapter 269: In front of Xiyu Establishment

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    "Is that Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu?"

    "He looks so young. It's like he's twenty."

    "What do you know? Powerful cultivators all have long lives. He obviously will look young."

    There were many women in Quelling Duke Manor. From afar, a bevy of girls watched and giggled as Matriarch and Duan Qiyu accompanied Meng Yiqiu. Many of the girls were blushing. Firstly, Meng Yiqiu looked as young as them and secondly, after he experienced the torment of being poisoned, Meng Yiqiu had become thinner. Qin Yun taking over also made his bearing even more extraordinary since he was a sword immortal that had stepped into the Dao.

    What young lady would not be interested in him?

    Looks, bearing, strength, status... Immediately, many young ladies had their hearts stirred.

    "Many of these lasses are becoming infatuated but my brother has very high standards." Meng Yuxiang shot a glance at the distant girls and could not help but sigh. "But speaking of which, my brother is already thirty-eight this year. It's about time he gets married. There are so many beauties in Sovereign Capital. I must find him someone appropriate."

    As the only relative of Meng Yiqiu, Meng Yuxiang immediately thought of helping her brother find a wife.


    "Brother, have a seat. This is where I usually do calligraphy and paint." Meng Yuxiang brought Qin Yun to a particular building. At that moment, Duan Qifeng and some others were acting as the entourage of the brother-sister duo. As for people like the Duan family's matriarch and the Duan family head, Duan Qiyu, they had already left.

    "The rest of you can leave first." After Qin Yun sat down, he gave a nonchalant instruction. "Sister and Qifeng, stay behind."

    Duan Qifeng's harem, the children, and the maidservants were taken aback.

    "Leave now!" Duan Qifeng urged.

    Immediately, they all left obediently, leaving only Qin Yun, Meng Yuxiang, and Duan Qifeng in the room. Even Liu Qingsha was left waiting outside.

    "Brother Meng," said Duan Qifeng with a sycophantic smile.

    "You sure are gutsy." Qin Yun looked at him coldly. "It wasn't enough for you to bully my sister in Quelling Duke Manor. You even permitted others to beat and bully your wife outside of the house. You never helped your wife and instead helped an outsider?"

    Meng Yuxiang could not help but tear up.

    Indeed, she could not forget that day. She became the laughing stock of the Sovereign Capital that day! She even had thoughts of killing herself to end it all. But when she remembered her young daughter, she decided to live on for her sake. Even the other members of the harem in Quelling Duke Manor belittled her... After all, if her husband did not care for her, who else would? Thankfully, her brother had not only cured himself of his poison, he also became a terrifying existence that ranked on the Earth roll. Even the Duan family's head, Duan Qiyu, and the matriarch began to treat her well.


    Duan Qifeng immediately knelt down and said, "Brother Meng, it was my fault. It was all my fault. That bitch pulled the wool over my eyes. I let down Yuxiang." As he said that, he slapped himself hard in the face. Slap! Slap! Slap! He did so more than twenty times till his face swelled up. Qin Yun did not call for him to stop and neither did Meng Yuxiang. However, Duan Qifeng eventually could not bear the pain and stopped himself.

    "I was wrong. I know I was wrong. I already obey Yuxiang in every way," said Duan Qifeng immediately.

    "Why did you stop? Finish a hundred slaps," said Qin Yun coldly.

    "Brother, he doesn't-" began Meng Yuxiang.

    "Continue!" Qin Yun said coldly.

    "Yes." Duan Qifeng had no choice but to continue slapping himself. After a hundred slaps were delivered by his own hand, his mouth was bleeding. Meng Yuxiang could not help but produce a handkerchief to wipe the blood away from his mouth. Duan Qifeng squeezed out a smile from his red, swollen face. "Thank you, Yuxiang."

    Meng Yuxiang's anger and unwillingness to take it lying down were now replaced by pity for him.

    When Qin Yun saw this, he shook his head secretly. "The previous Meng Yiqiu truly did not have a discerning eye. This Second Young Master Duan was able to fool Meng Yiqiu with his fine rhetoric and also made him agree to the marriage. In truth, he is nothing but a shameless casanova."

    "The reason why you got your subordinates to beat my sister is because of Sovereign Capital's master zither artist, Yan Xiyu?" asked Qin Yun.

    "Yes, it was that bitch," replied Duan Qifeng immediately.

    From the side, Meng Yuxiang could not help but comment. "You keep calling her bitch now, but back then you placed her on a high pedestal. You spent lots of silver on her. Aren't you like this now only because she has found someone better and doesn't want you?"

    Duan Qifeng immediately turned embarrassed.

    "Sister, let's go. Let's go to see this Artist Yan." Qin Yun stood up.

    "Now?" Meng Yuxiang's eyes lit up.

    "Revenge should be taken care of as early as possible," said Qin Yun.

    "That's right. It's best to do it early." Duan Qifeng immediately stood up.

    Qin Yun and Meng Yuxiang could not help but shoot him a cold glance. Meng Yuxiang flatly replied, "You were with her in the past."

    "That was just me being foolish," said Duan Qifeng.

    Qin Yun shook his head gently.

    "Let's go."


    That afternoon, in the famous Xiyu Establishment in Sovereign Capital.

    There were numerous beauties in Xiyu Establishment. However, these beauties only played instruments like the zither, flute, pipa, and guzheng. Their performance was even done on a stage in the middle of Xiyu Establishment. The customers had no chance to even touch them. Of course, those who held wealth and power in Sovereign Capital definitely had the means to fool around with these beauties.

    The owner of Xiyu Establishment was Sovereign Capital's master zither artist, Yan Xiyu. She was past thirty but remained as pretty as a flower.


    A large group of experts quickly surrounded Xiyu Establishment.

    "What happened?"

    "Why is it being surrounded?"

    "It looks like the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect disciples." The customers were trembling with fear. It was one of the eight biggest sects in the Chu Kingdom after all. Even King Chu would have to entertain the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect since not all the big sects were willing to work for King Chu! For example, top sects like Peerless Manor did not care about the rise and fall of a dynasty. Regardless of who held the throne, a sect could remain powerful. However, the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's roots were relatively weaker. It still relied on the king's authority to possess its present might.

    "The Zhou Mountain Sword Sect has something to take care of here. Those uninvolved are to leave quickly."

    Immediately, the disciple leading the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect members roared angrily.

    "Yes, yes!"

    "We won't be disturbing you any further." Customers began to leave quickly and obediently.

    Qin Yun and Meng Yuxiang disembarked a carriage.

    Accompanying them was Dong Wan, Liu Qingsha, and Duan Qifeng.

    Qin Yun looked at Xiyu Establishment as he entered. The beautiful female musicians inside were horrified. As for the guards inside Xiyu Establishment, they could only smile obsequiously.

    Soon, Xiyu Establishment's owner, Yan Xiyu, appeared with her female attendants.

    "Yan Xiyu!" Meng Yuxiang's eyes turned red. The scenes from that fateful day surfaced in her mind as she clung tightly to her brother's arm.

    Qin Yun gently patted Meng Yuxiang's hands. He had received the reports and obviously knew what occurred that day. He had to stand up for her even if it meant suffering the karma of the body he was in.

    "Greetings, Young Master Meng." Yan Xiyu had a slender waist and long legs. She stood gracefully and had skin as white as snow. With her unique disposition as a master zither artist, she was indeed a rare beauty. It was no wonder she was so famous in Sovereign Capital. Qin Yun also had to admit that in terms of looks, Meng Yuxiang might not be inferior to Yan Xiyu. However, Meng Yuxiang had a poised nobility to her while Yan Xiyu had a dreamlike disposition that made her seem unattainable and therefore more attractive.

    "Before, my younger sister came to take her husband home. Yet, you got your subordinates to beat my sister? I don't think I've ever maligned you, have I?" Qin Yun looked at her.

    Yan Xiyu was grumbling inwardly.

    She was a master artist in Sovereign Capital. She naturally didn't think much of a woman whose husband didn't care for her. Of course she had her subordinates throw her out.

    "That was ordered by Second Young Master Duan," said Yan Xiyu immediately. "He did not want to be disturbed."

    "I did not give that instruction!" Duan Qifeng yelled immediately.

    Yan Xiyu's eyes turned slightly red at that instant. "Second Young Master Duan, why are you..."

    "Regardless if it was Duan Qifeng or you who gave the orders... the person who said 'beat this shrew out of here,' was you, isn't that true?" A cold glint flashed in Qin Yun's eyes.

    Yan Xiyu felt more aggrieved.

    "Xiyu, there's no need to be afraid of Meng Yiqiu. Leave everything to me." A voice sounded in Yan Xiyu's ears.

    Yan Xiyu smiled and said loudly, "Young Master Meng, my Xiyu Establishment was just conducting business as usual. Yet, Madam Duan came here to cause trouble. Even her husband, Second Young Master Duan, allowed us to throw this shrew out. I naturally gave the order. You can't expect me to allow a shrew to cause trouble in my Xiyu Establishment, right?"

    Qin Yun turned his gaze towards the Xiyu Establishment's interior.

    "Meng Yiqiu! I'm ashamed at your bullying of a woman!" A stocky man walked out of Xiyu Establishment's interior. He was dressed in a shirt that revealed his chest. He had a resolute appearance and his eyes were filled with a domineering air. A sweep of his glance left the experts surrounding Xiyu Establishment trembling.

    "Brother Xiang." Yan Xiyu immediately came to the stocky man's side and acted like a timid and lovable girl.

    "Xiang Tong?" remarked Qin Yun.

    "Yan Xiyu is now with Overlord Xiang?" Duan Qifeng's expression turned pale.

    "Brother, there's no need to risk your life for me," whispered Meng Yuxiang immediately.

    Xiang Tong was nicknamed Overlord Spear. He was ranked eighth on the Earth roll! He came from the ancient and mysterious Xiang family. His cultivation of his body was extremely powerful. Every generation of the Xiang family that could travel the world became experts. Their extremely powerful bodies gave them an overwhelming advantage in close combat.


    Xiang Tong hugged Yan Xiyu and guffawed. "Meng Yiqiu, you were poisoned in the past because of a woman. It destroyed your future. I urge you not to stand up for a woman this time. If you lose your life, it will be too late for regret."

    "Do you have what it takes?" Qin Yun looked at him.

    "Yes, I do!" Xiang Tong's eyes suffused a purple light as his fighting spirit flared. "Why? Do you think that just because the Earth roll tabulated by Peerless Manor ranks you at thirteenth, that you are somehow comparable to my eighth place? Do you think you can defeat me? Hmph, you won't be able to do anything to me even if your sword slashes at me a hundred times but I can take your life with one thrust of my spear."

    "Xiang Tong, I wonder if your fighting is as good as your bragging."

    Qin Yun's body turned into a blur as he instantly approached Xiang Tong. At the same time, he drew Frost Sword from his waist.

    A blinding sword flash turned resplendent under the sunlight. At that instant, it streaked across the air.

    "Be careful." Xiang Tong immediately waved his hand and threw Yan Xiyu to a spot far away. At the same time, he used a single hand to block Qin Yun's Frost Sword.


    Xiang Tong only felt his vision blur. Then, he felt a sword strike his chest as he was sent flying backward. He crashed through walls, wooden pillars, and rockery until he found his footing when he hit the Xiyu Establishment's stage. He could not help but spew a mouthful of blood.

    Everyone stood in stunned silence upon seeing that scene.
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