Chapter 271: Lockheaven Paramount realm

    Chapter 271: Lockheaven Paramount realm

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    "Leaving her to me?" Meng Yuxiang's eyes reddened.

    She could never forget that night.

    Her husband had spent the silver meant for daily necessities, causing the family to be hard-pressed for money. As she was the principal wife, the matriarch had blamed her for being useless, scorning her for her inability to reign in her husband as he spent large amounts of silver at Xiyu Establishment.

    Under that pressure, Meng Yuxiang had no choice but to go to Xiyu Establishment to bring her husband home!

    However, her husband hid away and refused to meet with her.

    Back then, she only heard Yan Xiyu's voice: "Beat this shrew out of here." The bouncers of Xiyu Establishment beat her up and threw her out. It was pouring that fateful night. She fell to the ground after being thrown out and was left drenched on the streets. It was a wretched sight, one that was taken in by the many people who walked past Xiyu Establishment. Many people looked at her like she was a joke. Even her husband did not stand up for her.

    She felt her heart chill and wished to end her suffering by committing suicide! But when she looked into her young daughter's eyes, she knew her daughter would be left helpless without her.

    Therefore, she continued to drag out her ignoble existence.

    Later on, her brother Meng Yiqiu made a name for himself! Her position changed overnight. Even Duan Qifeng began to fawn over her. However, her feelings for him had died. She didn't want to become a widow but she did want him to suffer a little.

    "Brother, for this Yan Xiyu to make a name for herself here in Sovereign Capital, she must have entertained lots of lovers," whispered Meng Yuxiang. "Many of which are likely from royalty and top cultivation sects. Can I really deal with her as I please?"

    "Anyone with such fame in Sovereign Capital definitely has their backers." Qin Yun looked at Yan Xiyu and smiled. She was still motionless and prostrating herself. "But all you need to concern yourself with is dealing with her. No one will dare interfere!"

    Meng Yuxiang's eyes lit up.

    "Men, take her back home." Meng Yuxiang's eyes were filled with hate.

    "Yes." Immediately, servants from the Duan family went forward and grabbed Yan Xiyu.

    "How are you going to deal with me?" Yan Xiyu looked up and panicked. Taking her back to the Duan family? She thought she would be ridiculed by Meng Yuxiang, not end up dead. Even if she was disfigured, she could use treasures to treat herself! At the worst, she could still flee with her wealth.

    "Don't worry, I'm not as heartless as you. I will not kill you. Take her away!" said Meng Yuxiang coldly.

    The Duan family servants dragged the disheartened Yan Xiyu away. She could not help but look at Duan Qifeng with a look of despair.

    "My wife." Duan Qifeng was rather delighted. Wouldn't he be able to do anything to her while she was trapped in the Duan family?

    "Don't bear any hopes of seeing her," said Meng Yuxiang.

    "Meet her once, you'll have one leg broken," added Qin Yun to the side. "Meet her twice, you'll have two legs broken. Meet her thrice... three legs!"

    Qin Yun looked at him with a faint smile.

    Duan Qifeng immediately felt his groin turn cold as the hair on his back stood straight up. He gave an obsequious smile and did not dare say another word. He was aware that he had gotten in the bad books with his wife over the past year. If he didn't behave properly, his brother-in-law would kill him and no one would even try to save him.

    After all, the influence the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect had was of great importance to the Chu Kingdom. It was a lot bigger than the Quelling Duke's Duan family. Furthermore, Meng Yiqiu was simply a terrifying existence.


    After sending his younger sister back to Quelling Duke Manor, Qin Yun returned to his residence. The Zhou Mountain Sword Sect had prepared a manor for him with many maidservants and servants to tend to him.

    "Elder, here we are."

    The horse-drawn carriage came to a halt.

    Qin Yun alighted the carriage and saw a eunuch standing in front of the manor. He had fair skin with no facial hair. He jovially went forward to bow and spoke with a sharp voice. "Elder Meng, I'm under orders by His Highness the Crown Prince to invite you to Yufeng Tower tomorrow night." With that said, he politely handed a letter of invitation.

    "The Crown Prince?" Dong Wan and Liu Qingsha, who were at his side, were somewhat alarmed. With King Chu's health failing, he did not have much time left. The Crown Prince was likely to inherit the throne.

    "Tell His Highness that I'm very busy at the moment. We can decide on another date when I have the time," said Qin Yun as he walked straight into the manor.

    "About that..." The eunuch turned flustered but Qin Yun did not even turn his head back before he entered the manor.

    "Elder Meng! Elder Meng!" The eunuch wanted to head in but the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect disciples at the entrance stopped him for entering.

    Dong Wan and Liu Qingsha exchanged looks before they stepped in.

    They had no right to determine if an audience with the Crown Prince would happen.


    When the eunuch saw this, he could only leave helplessly.

    When Qin Yun walked into the manor, he shook his head gently. "The Crown Prince? No matter who becomes the king of the Chu Kingdom, he will have to establish ties with the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect. Since that's the case... why should my Zhou Mountain Sword Sect involve itself in the vying of the throne?" Qin Yun had the confidence to act as he pleased. However, he was only staying in this world for fifty years. Out of consideration for the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect, it was best he did not involve himself.


    "Your Highness, Elder Meng gave the excuse that he is very busy at the moment. He said that another date can be decided when he has the time," said the eunuch softly.

    The Crown Prince looked at the piece of paper in his hand before snorting coldly. "That Frost Sword just defeated Xiang Tong in front of Xiyu Establishment and even sent him fleeing after cleaving off his arm... He naturally has what it takes to ignore me. However, when I inherit the throne, his Zhou Mountain Sword Sect will naturally come to me with requests. Hmph, without the aid of the imperial government, his Zhou Mountain Sword Sect would not be enjoying the prestige it currently has."

    "Yes, the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect completely relies on the imperial government. Your Highness is the heir apparent and will be the future king! Even so, he actually dared to ignore your invitation." The eunuch found it unacceptable.

    "Enough, enough. You may take your leave." The Crown Prince was not in a good mood.

    He was the heir designate and had many supporters. It was only right for him to inherit the throne.

    However, the current Eighth Prince had amassed a mighty faction. His master was ranked on the Heaven roll! This made the Crown Prince feel extreme pressure.


    The next morning, which was also the first morning since Qin Yun came to Sovereign Capital, Qin Yun resumed his daily routine of practicing his sword first thing.


    As Qin Yun practiced, a gigantic sphere of Sword Qi enveloped his surroundings. The sword flashes were extremely dense.

    The Lockheaven Sword had a total of 13,300 moves and they were deliberately meant to be a continuous series of moves. However, Qin Yun was casually making combinations out of them as though they were gurgling streams of water. It appeared very gentle but he had actually formed seven great sword stances! The seven sword stances appeared as different lines that formed a gigantic net that enveloped the surroundings. The Lockheaven Sword... was best at control! It controlled the situation in battle!

    First was control, followed by decimation.


    The gigantic sphere enclosed an area of a thousand feet with Sword Qi that took the form of a net.

    "I've done it." Qin Yun stopped and smiled. "After coming to this world, I have studied all of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's sword techniques. I grasped the Iceheart Paramount realm from the Frost Sword Chart on the first day. However, grasping the Paramount realm for the other sword techniques is clearly much harder. After spending three months, I have finally grasped a second Paramount realm, Lockheaven."

    Iceheart meant having a heart that resembled a mirror of ice. It reflected all things and it was inclined to being a Paramount realm for one's heart and mind.

    Lockheaven established control over one's surroundings. However, it was inclined to being a Paramount realm for sword arts and techniques. Qin Yun had now grasped that.

    "Qingsha, Dong Wan."


    Liu Qingsha and Dong Wan arrived.


    "Elder." Both of them were very respectful.

    "Dong Wan, demonstrate your Lockheaven Sword," instructed Qin Yun.

    "Yes." Dong Wan was delighted when he heard that. He knew that Elder Meng was about to give him pointers.

    He immediately began demonstrating his Lockheaven Sword. He had been focusing on this technique and had already grasped the Heavenly Dao's intent realm.

    Qin Yun knew at a glance that Dong Wan understood the Impermanence stance from the Lockheaven Sword's seven great sword stances the best.

    "In my homeworld, it is extremely difficult to grasp the Heavenly Dao's intent realm through Expertise Nearing Dao at the Postnatal realm. It only happens once every few centuries, and every person who does it becomes an illustrious figure," thought Qin Yun. "But in this world, anyone that reaches the Connate realm has grasped the Heavenly Dao's intent realm at the Postnatal realm. It's a requirement for stepping into the Connate realm."

    It was necessary for one to grasp the intent realm before they could attain the Connate False Core in this world!

    "All of them have Expertise Nearing Dao."

    "It's because their technique is perfect," Qin Yun marveled inwardly. "For example, each of the seven sword stances of the Lockheaven Sword has nearly two thousand moves. They are like steps laid out one after another. Once one reaches the end of the staircase, one would naturally attain the intent realm."

    In comparison, his homeworld only had ordinary sword moves and a few killer moves! The improvement of one's realm depended on one's own comprehension!

    Immortals would focus on divine powers, talisman amulet techniques, refinement of artifacts or pills, etc. It was impossible for generations of talented geniuses to focus fully on close combat techniques.

    However, many sword moves in this world improved one step at a time, eventually becoming a complete system. It led straight to the intent realm.

    For example, the Lockheaven Sword's seven sword stances would combine to point towards the Paramount realm.

    Similarly, the Frost Sword Chart also pointed towards the Paramount realm.

    There were even 'Dao Entry Charts' that were later added on! However... stepping into the Dao was too esoteric. A chart alone could only provide direction, but the requirement of one's acumen was ridiculously high.

    "The sword techniques have become systemic. It guides one slowly towards the Heavenly Dao's intent realm," thought Qin Yun. "It also makes Expertise Nearing Dao extremely common in this world. However, these people who attain Expertise Nearing Dao in this way are limited in what they can achieve in the future."

    "It's possible that in the present world with thin Heaven and Earth spiritual energies, those at the intent domain realm and the Paramount realm are in no way inferior to those in my homeworld. There are even five people that are ranked on the God roll who have stepped into the Dao."

    "This world's heritage is indeed impressive."

    "I can use the various sword techniques that exist here to grasp even more Paramount realms and improve my Sword Dao," thought Qin Yun.

    "If I were to rely solely on myself, it would be very difficult to grasp even one Paramount realm."

    "Since this world's sword techniques are systemic in their guidance, the difficulty of grasping Paramount realms is much lower. With my acumen, I believe I will grasp even more Paramount realms in fifty years." Qin Yun was not going to study every possible technique. He would only choose those that he felt were suitable for his Sword Dao, ones that would make up for its weaknesses or further perfect it. Only those he would carefully study.


    Centaurea Valley.

    One of the eight large sects in the Chu Kingdom. The sect was comprised entirely of women, and many of them were sought after by men.

    And today, a letter sent from the Sovereign Capital arrived in Centaurea Valley.

    "Oh?" Centaurea Valley Lordess was dressed in a red robe. Between her eyes was a shadow of allure. She was an expert ranked thirty-fifth on the Earth roll.

    "Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu arrived in Sovereign Capital and defeated Xiang Tong in front of Xiyu Establishment. He cleaved off Xiang Tong's arm and forced him to flee?" Centaurea Valley Lordess could not help but be alarmed. She immediately looked at an old woman to the side. "Elder Wu, I remember that Gong Yan'er gave birth to Meng Yiqiu's child after she returned?"

    The old woman could not help but reply, "Valley Lordess, didn't you give the order to throw it away?"
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