Chapter 273: Murderers

    Chapter 273: Murderers

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    Two figures flew up to his side and stopped in midair. They were both elders. One had snow-white hair and the other had fiery-red hair. They strongly resembled each other.

    Both of them were sniggering oddly. The Quintessential Essence auras that their bodies emitted were different. One was was a snow-white aura that caused the surroundings to freeze and the other was a blistering fiery-red aura. Its high temperature kindled some of the nearby trees and buildings as though it were the hottest day of summer. Instantly, the residents of the surrounding homes were awakened from shock.


    "Fire! Run for your lives!"

    "It's so cold. It's the middle of summer. Why is it so cold?"

    They had been sound asleep, but now they were all awake and in chaos.

    One region was extremely cold to the point of ice forming while another region was extremely hot to the point of igniting the area.

    Yet the completely different auras perfectly fused together, forming a long chain of ice and fire. What seemed like nonexistent auras formed a physical chain after mixing and binding together. The ice-and-fire chain that circled Qin Yun was the famous attack, the Ice-Fire Chain of the two devilish figures. A person's speed would drastically be reduced once they were wrapped by the chain. It made escape nearly impossible.

    "So it's the Tong brothers," said Qin Yun. "Did King Wei send the both of you to deal with me?"

    Ranked eighteenth on the Earth roll: Firefiend Tong Fang. An old eunuch of the Wei Kingdom. Due to the lack of a particular organ and his extremely high talent, he had cultivated the Firefiend Great Dharma to an extremely profound state.

    Ranked nineteenth on the Earth roll: Icefiend Tong Lie. Tong Lie's talent was in no way inferior to his elder brother's. The Wei Kingdom had also groomed him as much as they could. However, he chose to cultivate in the Icefiend Technique. Like his brother, he cultivated it to an extremely profound state.

    The two brothers were close, and they had worked together for so long that they created famous combination attacks.

    Based on their individual strengths, they were ranked in the top twenty of the Earth roll.

    But if the two joined forces, they had the strength to enter the top five of the Earth roll! Both of them were powerful experts that were extremely loyal to the Wei's imperial family.

    "Killing someone like you does not require King Wei's personal orders." Firefiend's voice was sharper.

    "Punk, you should be honored that the both of us are joining forces to kill you," said Icefiend with a scoff.

    The two devils took action at nearly the same time as they charged at Qin Yun.

    They wore strange glove weapons, and both of them had lived for more than a hundred years, giving them rich combat experience and making them adept at close combat fighting. Their intent domains both exceeded two hundred feet! It was apparent how robust their realms were.



    The duo complemented each other perfectly as they surrounded Qin Yun.

    With Frost Sword in hand, Qin Yun's heart which was as still as an ice mirror reflected every movement around him. He fended off the attacks of the two devils.

    "Peng! Peng! Peng..." The aftershocks from their clashes caused some of the surrounding buildings to collapse. Trees toppled while leaves flew up from the mayhem.

    "What happened?"

    "Look, there are people fighting in the sky."

    "Wow, in the sky!"

    The surrounding residents kept running further away since the vicinity of the battleground was constantly frozen into sheets of ice and bursting into flames! The blasts from the clash drove the citizens into hiding. They didn't even have a chance of extinguishing the fire.

    They did not dare say a word as they saw the three blurry figures fighting in the sky.

    People that could fly in the sky?

    A battle at such a level was not something the constables would dare involve themselves in.


    "These two devils' close combat techniques are quite interesting. They contain some inkling of my Juxtaposition Paramount realm. Each of them represents one aspect of Yin and Yang. With such a combination of Yin and Yang, they reveal no flaws. It's nearly impossible to defeat them at the intent domain realm." Qin Yun secretly marveled. "Those Physical Establishing Sages from the Primordial Chaos Sect also enjoy close combat but compared to these two devils, their attacks are a lot cruder."

    The two devils did not have powerful bodies.

    However, a pair of palms delivered flawless blows. There was an inkling of the Juxtaposition Paramount realm as well as the Lockheaven Sword.

    Qin Yun wanted to learn the core essences of the various heritages of this world's experts to supplement his Sword Dao. Although the duo was using their palms as their weapons, a palm could be used like an ax, saber, sword, or hammer! Furthermore, Qin Yun was already past the stage of seeing only the surface of things. He directly studied the core intricacies and profundity of their attacks.

    "Impressive. However, if this is all they have, they are no longer of any worth." Qin Yun began to gradually increased the strength of his sword arts. Just like back when he was fighting Xiang Tong, he had held back so he could study his opponent.

    "Brother, this Meng Yiqiu is very powerful."

    "It's no wonder he can defeat Xiang Tong. His sword techniques are indeed impressive! If we allow him to develop further, it might not take long for him to step into the Paramount realm."

    The two devils showed no fear. Suddenly, they produced a combined attack, injecting their own Quintessential Essence Dharmic powers into the other person's body. At the instant their Quintessential Essences met, their surroundings formed a gigantic mutated beast. It opened its gaping jaws and pounced toward Qin Yun with its opened claws.

    "Roar!" The mutated beast even produced a roar.

    "Injecting Quintessential Essence into each other? These two brothers sure are gutsy. They even succeeded." Qin Yun was surprised. Following that, his Frost Sword shimmered four consecutive times as it stabbed into the critical spots of the mutated beast phantom. Boom! The beast dissipated directly, sending the two devils retreating dozens of feet back.


    Qin Yun furrowed his brows as he cast his eyes at an inconspicuous bug a distance away. It was very common for bugs to be around in summer.

    "Pew!" Qin Yun waved his hand, shooting out a Sword Qi beam that covered a distance of two thousand feet, hitting the bug directly. With a splat, the bug splattered despite having a tough carapace.

    Meanwhile, in an ordinary residence slightly more than five kilometers away.

    A white-robed middle-aged man sat cross-legged. His expression changed suddenly as he spewed a mouthful of blood. His face turned white as he revealed a hideous smile. "He discovered the Gu bug? Unfortunately, it's too late. Just too late."


    "It was discovered."

    Icefiend and Firefiend stopped in midair and exchanged looks. Yet, they smiled oddly.

    "I never expected you two to use poison," said Qin Yun.

    "You fought with us for too long. You might have been fine if you had not moved but to engage in such an intense battle, the poison must have already entered your heart. Even a god cannot save you," said Icefiend with a chuckle.

    "Punk, did you really think we would rely on our real strength to kill you head-on? Haha, killing someone head-on is the most tiring thing." Firefiend had a sharp voice. He laughed as he said, "Remember, use your brain in the future! We want you dead and that naturally means we would use every possible mean."

    "Brother, you made a mistake. There is no future for him!" Icefiend said.

    "Oh, my bad. You no longer have a future." Firefiend nodded immediately. "Right, before you die, I'll enlighten you. That poison is known as the Divine Intent Gu Poison. It was recently created. Punk, you are pretty impressive. You even managed to kill the Gu bug before your death."

    Qin Yun looked at the duo.

    In this world, the magus lineage had long fallen. The cultivation Dharmic formulation and hex spells were all gone. Even the Gu arts were incomplete. The art of rearing Gu was the only thing that was still being secretly imparted.

    "Killing an Earth roll expert at the cost of a Gu bug. It's worth it." Icefiend nodded. "Now that I think about it, this Gu bug has killed two Earth roll experts."

    "That's right!" Firefiend chuckled. "Meng Yiqiu, your Zhou Mountain Sword Sect probably doesn't know the true murderer of your master, Feng Qingcang, does it? Haha, let me tell you. Your master, Feng Qingcang, died at the hands of the two of us. We also relied on this Divine Intent Gu Poison. Haha, both master and disciple died in the same way under our hands. Haha, it's fate. Fate, I tell you!"


    Qin Yun's expression changed as his gaze turned cold.

    He had been letting them babble on like fools but now, he learned that the master of his body, Feng Qingcang, had died at the hands of the duo in front of him. Furthermore, it was because of the same Gu poison. Qin Yun's killing intent surged immediately!

    "I never expected my master to be killed by the two of you," muttered Qin Yun.

    "Are you very angry? Very furious? Unfortunately, it's too late. It's just too late." Firefiend said with a laugh.

    "The both of us will be sending you to meet your dead master. You should thank us," said Icefiend with a smile.

    "That's right. I should thank the both of you," said Qin Yun sordidly. "No, it's not only the two of you. I should also thank Immortal Sage Physician, ranked seventh on the Earth roll. He must have been the one that used the Divine Winged Gu, am I right?"
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