Chapter 274: Ranked in the Heaven roll

    Chapter 274: Ranked in the Heaven roll

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    As they floated in midair, Icefiend and Firefiend were alarmed. Firefiend could not help but utter, "How did you know?"

    The Gu bug had been created less than a year ago. In addition, Immortal Sage Physician was known chiefly for his medical skills. His skill in poison was not openly known! Few people knew that he was the owner of a Gu bug.

    "I also know that he is currently sitting in a residence slightly more than five kilometers from here." Qin Yun looked at them.

    "You even know that he's staying somewhere five kilometers from here?" Icefiend and Firefiend exchanged looks. They were panicking now, horrified. All they knew was that Immortal Sage Physician had entered Sovereign Capital. They did not even know where he was staying, yet Meng Yiqiu knew?

    "We are exposed."

    "There must have been some leak of information!"

    "How is that possible? Only a few people know of this operation. Sect Master Xiao keeps his whereabouts confidential. How could he be exposed?"

    "If there has been a leak, could it be that he is not poisoned?"

    Icefiend and Firefiend suddenly felt uneasy.

    "I only learned that my master died by your hands just now. Don't worry. I'll kill the both of you. In a while that Immortal Sage Physician will join you in death. I will also take the heads of you three and offer as a sacrifice to my master." Qin Yun's voice sounded calm but Icefiend and Firefiend could feel the infinite killing intent in his words.

    "Do you think you have what it takes?" Icefiend sneered.

    "Your master died under our hands. It will be the same for you." Firefiend similarly felt disdain.

    However, Qin Yun did not speak a word. A glint flashed in his eyes before his body turned into a blur.


    His speed was clearly much faster than before, allowing him to instantly appear in front of Firefiend. However, Firefiend confidently struck out his palm to block him with all his might. Instantly, an inferno blazed with a tumultuous stance. However, Qin Yun's sword flashed. Frost emanated around him, making Firefiend feel a chill. Following that, he discovered that the Frost Sword had transformed into an ice-cold flash of light. Just that flash sent his conscious into an eternal darkness.

    Firefiend, dead!

    His body began to fall to the ground lifelessly.

    Icefiend saw everything that had happened clearly since he was standing by his brother's side. Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu's sword technique suddenly became much faster. His elder brother's palm missed and the sword stabbed into his brother's glabella.

    "Brother!" Icefiend's eyes turned red. That was his elder brother with whom he had a very close relationship with. At that moment, he even forgot to flee and instinctively attacked frenetically.

    "Swoosh." Qin Yun came to him.

    He struck out with his sword as frost permeated the void. Although Icefiend was in a frenzy, the sword flash still managed to flash between the gaps in Icefiend's palms, stabbing right through his heart.

    Icefiend's eyes widened into two blank circles.

    "It has always been that us brothers were doing the killing. Now, we have finally been killed by someone else." Icefiend felt the vitality in him declining rapidly. He immediately flew towards Firefiend and hugged the plummeting corpse. Following that, he fell to the ground whilst still hugging his brother.

    "Brother..." Icefiend could not stop the blood from flowing out his mouth and nose. His voice was muffled and hoarse. "We never expected Meng Yiqiu to have already reached the Paramount realm. It's no surprise we lost. Brother, for us to die together, it seems the heavens treated the two of us well. Pretty well!"

    With that said, blood gurgled out of his mouth. Following that, his head drooped down and he fell silent.

    However, Qin Yun looked coldly at the two corpses.

    "Elder Meng."


    This area was about half a kilometer away from Qin Yun's residence. The huge commotion naturally attracted Dong Wan, Liu Qingsha, and the other Zhou Mountain Sword Sect disciples.

    "Clean up the area," instructed Qin Yun. "Compensate these people for any of the destruction caused to the surroundings."

    "Yes." Dong Wan and Liu Qingsha immediately accepted the order.

    "I'll be out for a while. I'll be back in an hour." With that said, Qin Yun tapped his foot and whizzed into the sky as a stream of light, disappearing into the dark night.

    Dong Wan, Liu Qingsha, and the other Zhou Mountain Sword Sect disciples watched from afar.

    "Impressive. The Ice and Fire devils died just like that." Dong Wan could not help but comment. "Truly impressive."

    "Master is so kind. He even wants us to compensate these commoners." Liu Qingsha was beginning to idolize her master even more.


    Later that night, Sovereign Capital was silent. Most areas were pitch black.

    Qin Yun streaked across the sky at a rapid speed. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

    A Paramount realm expert's intent domain spanned a thousand feet.

    However, Qin Yun was also a sword immortal that had stepped into the Dao. Furthermore, his Dao was extraordinary. His Dao's domain spanned ten kilometers!

    At that moment, he could sense all the living beings in a radius of ten kilometers with a thought. He could count the number of living auras that were at the Connate realm. When he killed the Gu worm, a white-robed middle-aged man that was controlling the Gu worm in a residence about five kilometers away vomited blood. He was clearly injured. From that man's appearance, Qin Yun instantly identified him as Immortal Sage Physician Xiao Chun who was ranked seventh on the Earth roll!

    Since time immemorial, medicine and poison were just two sides of the same coin. Qin Yun was not surprised at all that the famous Immortal Sage Physician was skilled with Gu poison.

    "What a pity. It was not easy to rear that Divine Intent Gu but it was killed by Meng Yiqiu just like that." Inside the residence, the white-robed Xiao Chun repressed his injuries and shook his head gently. "Whatever. For my Divine Intent Gu to kill two Earth roll experts, it's worth it! Besides, having had the experience, I am confident that I can rear a second one."


    The door was suddenly forced open. Even the bolt that locked the door from the inside shattered.

    "Who is it?" Xiao Chun stood up immediately.

    A young man with a sword hanging by his waist walked in from outside.

    "Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu?" Xiao Chun was appalled. Just minutes ago, he had observed through the Gu that Meng Yiqiu was more than five kilometers away. "Shouldn't he be poisoned and dead by Icefiend and Firefiend's hands? Why is he suddenly here? Even Icefiend and Firefiend do not know where I'm staying!"

    "Elder Meng, why are you suddenly looking for me? It's not very nice to barge into someone's place in the middle of the night, is it?" Xiao Chun said with a smile.

    "That Gu bug was controlled by you, right?" Qin Yun looked at him.

    "What Gu bug?" Xiao Chun gave a puzzled look.

    From his point of view, what evidence could anyone provide that he was the one that controlled a Gu bug from five kilometers away?

    "Elder Meng, it must be someone's deliberate instigation. I, Xiao Chun, have practiced medicine all my life. I do not know of any Gu bugs," said Xiao Chun immediately. "By the way, might I ask who dared to slander me-"


    A sword beam flashed.

    Xiao Chun's eyes were filled with horror as a red wound appeared in between his brows. Following that, his body slumped to the ground.

    Qin Yun sheathed his sword and coldly looked at him. "Even at the end, you still tried to deceive me?"


    Three Earth roll experts were killed. The people from the Wei Kingdom that were hiding in Sovereign Capital were trembling in fear. Although the Wei Kingdom had experienced growth in recent years, losing three Earth roll experts in one go was still a setback to the Wei Kingdom's royalty.

    The death of Immortal Sage Physician was still considered a secret.

    However, Qin Yun had killed Icefiend and Firefiend in front of many people. It was no secret, and in fact it quickly spread throughout Sovereign Capital!

    The threat Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu posed was greatly enhanced.


    Just three days later.

    Peerless Manor's compilation of the Heaven, Earth, and Man roll had changed. It was rather common for the Earth and Man rolls to change but the Heaven roll rarely did.

    At Zhou Mountain Sword Sect.

    "Sect Master, this is the latest Heaven roll." A disciple brought the newest Heaven roll tome and rushed to hand it to Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's sect master, Zuo Tang.

    The plump Zuo Tang was fishing and in an extremely good mood.


    Zuo Tang received it with a smile. After flipping through it, his eyes could not help but light up.

    The Heaven roll ranked the world's three royal families, the aristocrats, the major sects, the itinerant cultivators, as well as the cultivators from the various islands in the seas... In short, as long as there was any indication, all Connate Paramount realm experts would be ranked on it. Even so, the amount of people who actually ranked on the Heaven roll was pathetic. There were only twenty-three to date.

    No trace could be found of some of them even after more than a century. However, the Heaven roll would continue listing them as long as they were within their expected lifespans and there was no proof of their deaths.

    "Good, very good." Zuo Tang stared at the latest Heaven roll with burning eyes.

    Sixth on the Heaven roll: Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu! Meng Yiqiu encountered an assassination attempt by Icefiend and Firefiend in Sovereign Capital. He later killed Firefiend with one strike, followed by Icefiend, similarly with one strike. The two brothers were unable to put up any resistance! Immortal Sage Physician, Xiao Chun also died at Meng Yiqiu's hands that night.

    Zuo Tang was extremely excited.

    Zuo Tang obviously knew that three members on the Earth roll had been killed.

    That was because after the trio was killed, Qin Yun brought the heads of the three murderers back the next day. He flew all the way back to Zhou Mountain Sword Sect to offer them to his master, Feng Qingcang! However, the ranking still left Zuo Tang excited. After all, there were only twenty-three people on the Heaven roll to date!

    "Sixth on the Heaven roll. Haha, sixth!" Zuo Tang laughed out loudly. "It seems my Zhou Mountain Sword Sect will be ushering in a most prosperous era."


    A ship was flowing down the river, headed for Sovereign Capital.

    On the ship, a red-robed Gong Yan'er was carrying an infant. She played with him while the newest edition of the Heaven roll was placed on the table beside her.

    "Baby, good baby." Gong Yan'er looked at her child and beamed happily. "Your father is so powerful. He's now ranked on the Heaven roll. No one will dare bully you anymore. Even the Centaurea Valley will not dare!"
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