Chapter 282: Li Ruji Visits

    Chapter 282: Li Ruji Visits

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    "This... This..." Xue Chong looked at the pair of gloves while many thoughts rushed through his head.

    "When I discovered the identity of the Wei Kingdom expert, Taishu Chen, I informed Master immediately that night. But Taishu Chen later vanished. Master and I were secretly investigating the matter but we failed to discover any traces of him," thought Xue Chong. "Even during the battle for the throne, Taishu Chen did not take action at all. I found it strange and thought that he was just being overly careful. I suspected that he might have immediately fled after his identity was exposed, but now his weapon has appeared here. This is a weapon that accompanied him in all of his life-and-death battles. If the weapon is here, it probably means he's dead."

    "An expert ranked in the top five of the Heaven roll is dead just like that?"

    Xue Chong stared intently at the pair of gloves in the box.

    Li Cheng noticed Xue Chong's loss of composure so he pressed immediately, "Grand General, what's so special about this glove weapon?"

    "Where did you get it?" Xue Chong asked immediately, then corrected himself. "Your Majesty, where did you obtain this glove weapon from?"

    Li Cheng was completely puzzled but he immediately replied, "It was Meng Yiqiu who gave it to me."

    With that said, Li Cheng looked around and waved his hand.

    The surrounding entourage immediately bowed and retreated.

    "Meng Yiqiu gave it to you?" pressed Xue Chong.

    "Yes," replied Li Cheng. "I wanted to punish the Duan family but Meng Yiqiu wants to protect the Duan family. Taking him into consideration, I was only planning to punish the main culprit by killing that Duan Qiyu. I never expected Meng Yiqiu to completely disregard me and say that the Duan family should be completely spared. As king, I will not be so easily controlled by him and so I went to leave. He handed me this box with the glove weapon inside and said that once Grand General Xue Chong sees it, I would no longer want to deal with the Duan family."

    "Oh?" Xue Chong was enlightened.

    "This is the reason why I'm here to meet you, Grand General Xue Chong," said Li Cheng.

    Xue Chong pondered for a moment before he extended his hand to hold the box. He grabbed Li Cheng's arm and said, "Let's go. Follow me to the palace."

    "Grand General, we are going to the palace now?" Li Cheng was even more perplexed.

    "We are going to see Master."

    When Xue Chong said that, Li Cheng was alarmed.

    He knew very well who Xue Chong was referring to.

    God of War Li Ruji!

    The true 'king' of the Chu Kingdom! The subsequent generations of kings were just his sons and grandsons.

    Although Li Ruji did not meddle in worldly affairs, he could easily change the sovereign ruler if he so wished.

    "Alright." Li Cheng did not dare to speak any further but he was completely puzzled. "What is so special about this glove weapon that Meng Yiqiu gave me? Why would Grand General Xue Chong immediately want to meet Patriarch?"


    It was right for Xue Chong to immediately seek an audience with Li Ruji, for this matter was of utmost importance.

    That afternoon, two ordinarily dressed old men came to Qin Yun's manor.

    "Master, up ahead is Meng Yiqiu's residence." Xue Chong pointed ahead.

    "Oh?" Li Ruji smiled as he looked at the manor.

    Xue Chong was stocky in build and even though he donned ordinary garb, he had an oppressive air about him.

    Although Li Ruji had established the Chu Kingdom and was honored with the title God of War, he was thin and short. His skin was dark and the way he walked was very inconspicuous. However, he was born with tremendous strength and had freakish talent. As a youth, his Li family was a wealthy clan that nurtured him with all they had. He soared and later pushed the family's heritage, the 'Crimson Jade Formulation', to an unprecedented level. The Crimson Jade Formulation originally had nine levels and was considered a body formulation.

    However, Li Ruji managed to elevate the Crimson Jade Formulation to the twelfth level! He drew wisdom from numerous manuals, making his body even more terrifying.

    Back then, he relied on his powerful body to defeat everyone in the world, gaining him first place on the God roll.

    But later, Fiendlord Xiahou Zhen appeared. Although his Dao was more brilliant, his body was not as strong as Li Ruji's. He was unwilling to enter close combat with Li Ruji. Therefore, although the Wei Kingdom was gradually becoming stronger, the situation remained in a status quo of sorts.

    "Halt." The two disciples at the manor entrance shouted immediately, stopping the two old men in front of them.

    Li Ruji did not speak a word but released some of his aura.


    The two disciples felt as though the thin old man in front of him had turned into a terrifying behemoth. The sense of repression left their faces pale.

    The aura was retracted immediately after it was released.

    Soon after, a young man appeared at the door.

    "Greetings, Mr Li. Greetings, Grand General Xue," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Young Master Meng, the box you gave His Majesty really gave me a fright," said Xue Chong with a smile.

    "Young Master Meng, this is the first time we are meeting, isn't it?" Li Ruji looked at Qin Yun.

    "Please come in and have a sit," said Qin Yun.

    He had long released his Dao domain.

    Although Li Ruji had extremely terrifying combat strength, the Dao he had stepped into was not particularly powerful. He was unable to sense Qin Yun's Dao domain at all.

    "Li Ruji's body is truly powerful. In this world that has such thin Heaven and Earth spiritual energies, he was still able to cultivate his body to such a stage. From the looks of it, it is as the legends say. He is truly talented," thought Qin Yun. It was just like how the Connate Godfiend's bloodline made it easier for them to cultivate the Godfiend heritage. Although separated by the vast river of time, there was still the occasional appearance of those with somewhat special bloodlines.

    "For instance, my homeworld's Primordial Chaos Sect has the relatively complete Physical Establishing Sage. The Heaven and Earth spiritual energies are much richer, too. Their bodies are usually much stronger than Godfiends or fiendcelestials. For Li Ruji to cultivate to this stage shows his prowess. After all, compared to my homeworld, I do not have an Intrinsic Flying Sword or other Dharma treasures," thought Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun led Li Ruji and Xue Chong into the manor.

    At the entrance, the two disciples that had turned pale from fright heaved a sigh of relief.

    "How terrifying. That old man is too terrifying."

    "Who are those two? Even our Elder came out to welcome them personally."

    "That's right. Back when His Majesty came here, all Elder Meng did was to get Uncle-Master Dong to walk him in."

    The two disciples discussed.


    In a garden.

    Qin Yun, Li Ruji, and Xue Chong sat down as female attendants served them tea.

    "All of you, take your leave," instructed Qin Yun.

    "Yes." The group of female attendants immediately left.

    Xue Chong immediately placed a bag he was carrying over his shoulder on the table. He opened it, and the box was inside it. Inside the box was the glove weapon.

    "Young Master Meng." Li Ruji smiled as he looked at Qin Yun. "Was Taishu Chen really killed by you?"

    "That's right." Qin Yun nodded. "Come on, have some tea. Let's savor the tea as we chat."

    Li Ruji raised his teacup politely. However, his heart tightened when he saw how Qin Yun acknowledged his feat so carefreely.

    "I would like to ask another question. Have you stepped into the Dao yet, Young Master Meng?" pressed Li Ruji.

    "Not yet," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    Although he said so verbally, he was grumbling inwardly. "Going from the domain realm to the Paramount realm in two short years is already considered quite a freak of nature! However, there are many people in history that have entered the Paramount realm quickly! In my hometown, reaching the domain realm can happen very fast. Entering the Paramount realm can also be quite fast, but to step into the Dao not long after entering the Paramount realm might appear unnatural. In this world, it's possible to shatter the void and ascend! It's also possible that immortals might occasionally descend into the mortal world."

    "In a few years, my stepping into the Dao would appear normal." Qin Yun had already planned a schedule for revealing certain strengths to the world at large.

    This was already nearly the fastest speed possible that still adhered to logic.


    When Li Ruji heard that, he said with a smile, "Young Master Meng, you did not step into the Dao but you managed to kill Taishu Chen?"

    "I was better than him at close combat so I was naturally able to kill him," answered Qin Yun.

    Sitting by the side, Xue Chong said, "I fought with Taishu Chen that same night. His flying arts were extremely fast. He's probably ranked first or second in the Heaven roll!"

    "That's considered fast?" Qin Yun shook his head gently, "Old General Xue, I might not dare to make claims about other things, but when it comes to speed, Taishu Chen was nothing in front of me."

    "Might I witness your speed? Don't worry. I won't harm you," said Li Ruji.

    "Mr Li, go ahead," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Be careful now."

    Once Li Ruji finished his words, he extended his right arm, thrusting it at Qin Yun who was sitting across from him.


    Qin Yun's figure phased away as he appeared in midair a distance away in the garden.

    "How fast." Xue Chong was alarmed.

    "Sou." Li Ruji flew out and, in a flash, closed the gap between him and Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun gave a faint smile as the space in the garden distorted. Blurry figures appeared, turned corporeal, then flashed away again.

    Suddenly, nine Qin Yuns were standing in midair, watching the encircled Li Ruji.

    "Mr Li, what do you think about my speed?" The nine Qin Yuns spoke simultaneously.

    Even Li Ruji was somewhat alarmed.

    With that, Li Ruji gave a self-deprecating chortle and descended. The nine Qin Yuns in midair vanished as well, with him appearing in his seat once again.

    "This speed..." Xue Chong, who had watched this from his seat, found it unbelievable. It was way too fast. Taishu Chen had no way of competing with that!

    "From the looks of it, among the five members on the God roll, only Xiahou Zhen can threaten you, much less anyone on the Heaven roll. The others are completely inferior to you in speed." Li Ruji looked at Qin Yun and was extremely puzzled. "I'm very curious. How are you this fast having only reached the Paramount realm?"

    "I have grasped three Paramount realms," said Qin Yun with a smile. "Two of the Paramount realms are related to speed. I call them Infinite and the other is Small World. The two Paramount realms combined allowed me to create my own flying art."

    "Two Paramount realms that are related to speed? And you combined them to create a flying art?" Li Ruji and Xue Chong were astonished.

    He was truly a freak of nature.

    However, they did not know that the Infinite Paramount realm was a realm that Qin Yun had grasped in another world. Small World was something he was still researching and had not fully grasped. Since he had yet to fully grasp it, the so-called creation of his flying art was naturally just him bragging.

    "I only showcased a little bit of my speed. If I were to showcase my Beam Transformation Art, wouldn't that scare them into a daze?" thought Qin Yun.

    The Beam Transformation Art, the art he was most skilled in, was usable in this world.

    That was because, in essence, the Beam Transformation Art was an array formation sword technique! It did not require any Dharma treasure weapons to cast it.

    Qin Yun naturally could cast it here.

    And if he truly were to use it... even the members of the God roll in this world would probably not see Qin Yun's shadow if they blinked.
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