Chapter 287: Price

    Chapter 287: Price

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    Xiahou Zhen's eyes were filled with madness as he stared at the black rift. However, it eventually closed up.

    "What have I been doing?"

    "What have I been doing all these years?"

    Xiahou Zhen muttered to himself, "I spent so long studying the Ancient Black Fiendbody just to kill Li Ruji? Just to ensure that there's no one in this world that I cannot kill? All this time, if I had only spent it all on my Dao, I might have already reached what Meng Yiqiu has accomplished. I might even be stronger."

    "I actually did it because of my desire to excel over others."

    "For the so-called dominion over this world, I wasted decades cultivating my body. Why am I so foolish?" It was the first time Xiahou Zhen was seeing the void rift with his own eyes. An infinite yearning for it stirred within him.

    It would have been fine if he had not seen it, because then it would have continued to feel like something vague and insubstantial.

    But now, having seen it with his own eyes...

    Xiahou Zhen almost went mad. He understood that as long as he could improve one more time, he might be able to shatter the void and ascend. He could become a god, an immortal as the legends spoke of! He could have eternal youth!

    "Xiahou Zhen." Qin Yun spoke.

    Xiahou Zhen's silver hair was disheveled as he stared at Qin Yun. "Meng Yiqiu, I never expected you to be capable of shattering the void."

    "Not yet. All I did was produce a tiny rift." Qin Yun shook his head.

    "How old are you? You have a lifespan of five hundred years but you have yet to cultivate for fifty years to this date!" Xiahou Zhen gritted his teeth. "You are already capable of producing a rift. If you were to improve a little more, you would be fully capable of shattering the void and ascending! You have this strength that makes you invincible but you can not be bothered to establish a nation. You cannot be bothered to dominate the world. As for me, I actually wasted so much time cultivating an Ancient Black Fiendbody. What was I thinking? Why am I so dumb?"

    "Back then, I was just hoping that luck would be on my side, that by cultivating the Ancient Black Fiendbody, I might spark something for my saber arts. I felt that my saber arts had reached a bottleneck and that it was very difficult to make any significant progress. The cultivation of the Ancient Black Fiendbody felt like an improvement, as it could enhance my strength faster."

    "But I forgot."

    "How can the path of cultivation be a game of luck?"

    "What should be abandoned should be abandoned. Things like gaining dominion over the world or invincibility, all of that can be thrown aside! If I had spent all my efforts just studying my saber arts, I would definitely have been a little stronger than how I am now. If I get even stronger, there is a chance of me shattering the void before my five hundred years are up."

    "At my level... shattering the void is what is most important." Xiahou Zhen felt bitter. "Indecision invariably leads to trouble! Things like country and family clan should all be abandoned."

    Qin Yun watched him.


    In the secular world, family, fame and profit, love and hate, aspirations... they were chains that shackled one down. How many people were capable of forging forward forever? Who could go on for eternity and never be held back?

    "Cutting out what is not necessary, to know one's original intentions, to forge on indomitably," whispered Qin Yun. His eyes gradually turned brighter.

    "After coming to this world, I realized that this world has more complete close combat techniques. They made my sword techniques more profound but it also accentuated the crudeness of my Sword Dao from before. The more I fixed and perfected it, the more it felt problematic," thought Qin Yun. "In that case, I should have the fortitude to abandon it! I must abandon my previous Sword Dao! With the thirteen Paramount realms I have already grasped, I can reunite them, forming an even more perfect Sword Dao."

    Having finally succeeded in stepping into the Dao, he still needed to abandon it?

    To step into the Dao again? To form a brand new Sword Dao? Such an act required a lot of determination. This was because it was not easy to form an even more perfect Sword Dao by drawing from the many Paramount realms.

    "I'm still young."

    "Furthermore, I'm a sword immortal through and through. In the future, I still have to create my own Essence Soul Dharmic formulation. If not, I will also only end up with a lifespan of five hundred years," thought Qin Yun. "And to create an Essence Soul Dharmic formulation myself... is naturally extremely difficult. If that's the case, the higher my attainment, the better!"

    Qin Yun made a decision at that moment.

    He was abandoning the Sword Dao he had cultivated for decades to start from scratch again!


    Qin Yun and Xiahou Zhen were making their own respective decisions.

    "Meng Yiqiu." In midair, Xiahou Zhen's white hair was disheveled as he said in a sullen manner, "I admit defeat."

    Qin Yun was slightly startled. Admit defeat?

    "Although you can fly faster than me, it wouldn't be that easy to kill me with my Ancient Black Fiendbody," said Xiahou Zhen. "I am confident that I can take everyone in Sovereign Capital with me while I die. You should know that my Dao domain can wipe out all lives in a five-kilometer radius with a thought!"

    Qin Yun pricked up his brows.

    Experts that had stepped into the Dao were truly terrifying when it came to massacres.

    Everything within one's Dao domain could be annihilated! The entire, massive Sovereign Capital would only take a little longer to destroy.

    "You should have noticed that I'm skilled in the Lockheaven Sword," replied Qin Yun. "My sword techniques are capable of sealing the heavens and it can trap you too. I dare say that you would not be able to destroy Sovereign Capital before dying."

    "What about half? Twenty or thirty percent would be quite a breeze, wouldn't it?" said Xiahou Zhen with a laugh. "Based on what I know, your younger sister has married into the Duan family and you have a son named Meng Huan. They are both in Sovereign Capital, aren't they?"

    Qin Yun's pupils constricted.

    "Are you threatening me?" Qin Yun glared at him. "I am absolutely confident that I can rescue my family before sending you to your death."

    "I'm not threatening you. All I wish is that you spare me." Xiahou Zhen looked at Qin Yun. "If you spare me, I will naturally depart and return to the Wei Kingdom! I heard that you have been searching for powerful manuals? You have previously read through the manuals of the Duan family's White Jade Repository and the Chu Kingdom's arsenal, haven't you? Haha... In this world, in terms of the number of manuals, my Red Lotus Fiend Sect has the most. Have you heard of the Thirty-six Secret Teachings?"

    Qin Yun nodded.

    "All the manuals collected by my Red Lotus Fiend Sect will be up for your perusal. You can also take all the original copies of the Thirty-six Secret Teachings." Xiahou Zhen looked at Qin Yun. "I only wish that you will let me go. Give me this chance."

    "Manuals?" Qin Yun's heart stirred.

    The Red Lotus Fiend Sect was founded by Xiahou Zhen and was presently the best sect in the world. Most of its manuals were snatched from others!

    Powerful manuals formed the basis of a sect's heritage foundation. With many powerful manuals, the sect's disciples could choose the manuals most suited to them. As a result, the sect could constantly produce experts.

    "Alright, I will spare you." Qin Yun nodded. With his strength, he could kill Xiahou Zhen at any time!

    "I will not attack anyone for thirty years. You are also not to attack me, or the Wei Kingdom's Xiahou clan." Xiahou Zhen looked at Qin Yun.

    "As long as the Wei Kingdom doesn't provoke me." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Haha, good."

    Xiahou Zhen revealed a look of delight. "Then, thirty years from now, before the end of my life, I wish to arrange another battle with you!"

    "Thirty years?" Qin Yun nodded. He would still be in this world so he naturally could answer the challenge.

    The main purpose of his coming to this world was for cultivation!

    All the Red Lotus Fiend Sect's manuals could be read by him! The Thirty-six Secret Teachings could be brought back. He had to make plans for the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect and the Meng family.

    And regarding Xiahou Zhen's scheduled battle...

    Qin Yun naturally welcomed having such a powerful opponent.

    "Alright, then I'll be waiting for you at the Red Lotus Fiend Sect." Xiahou Zhen cupped his fists slightly before transforming into a stream of light that flew north.

    Qin Yun watched from afar and did not pursue him.

    If he could easily kill Xiahou Zhen, he might have taken action then. He could also forcibly rob the manuals from the Red Lotus Fiend Sect. Unfortunately, with Xiahou Zhen's actual strength, slaying him would probably lead to countless deaths and injuries in Sovereign Capital. Qin Yun was not the sort that would implicate countless commoners.

    "That's good too. The world remains peaceful and I can continue cultivating in peace." Qin Yun transformed into a stream of light as he flew toward Meng Manor.

    He was only a transient visitor in this world.

    Doing his best searching for manuals and taking care of people he cared about, while also trying to ensure that the world remained peaceful, that was enough to satisfy Qin Yun.


    "That... That was..." Li Ruji and Xue Chong widened their eyes. They looked at the black rift that Qin Yun had cleaved open high in the sky.

    "Shattering the void?"

    Li Ruji and Xue Chong were only a kilometer away from the battleground. They felt every cell in their body tremble. It was a yearning! It was as though there was something on the opposite side of the void that called to them.

    "I never expected Meng Yiqiu to be capable of this." Li Ruji never had the immense yearning to shatter the void that he now felt.

    "Shattering the void? Although it's only a rift, how old is he? He's not even fifty," said Xue Chong intolerably. "Given five hundred years, Meng Yiqiu is definitely capable of shattering the void and ascending."

    Envy and jealousy.

    All sorts of emotions grew in his heart.

    "Xiahou Zhen has fled. Meng Yiqiu actually didn't pursue him?" Xue Chong could not help but comment.

    "He's fled." Li Ruji nodded but felt very calm. "Xiahou Zhen has an Ancient Black Fiendbody. Killing him wouldn't be easy. He probably negotiated with Meng Yiqiu and paid a particular price. Regardless, Meng Yiqiu took action to protect our Chu Kingdom. My Li family should be grateful to him."

    Xue Chong nodded slightly.

    Now, the number one person in the world was Meng Yiqiu!

    If Meng Yiqiu wanted peace in the world, there would be peace in the world! If he wanted chaos in the world, there would be chaos in the world!


    On a resident's roof not far from the imperial palace, a Connate expert from Peerless Manor had been looking up.

    "Shattering the void? Meng Yiqiu is actually capable of that? This... This..."

    "Invincible. This is what invincible means."

    The Connate expert was filled with excitement.

    He found it fascinating that he could see the void slice open in his lifetime.

    "Xiahou Zhen fled? Meng Yiqiu actually did not pursue him either. Judging by the battle just now, Meng Yiqiu's speed should be faster than Xiahou Zhen's. From the looks of it, they made an agreement." The Connate expert quickly gave that analysis. "Everything that happened here must be immediately reported! The God roll... It's been so many years but the God roll has finally changed."

    "Furthermore, this change is rather tremendous. Even the person first on the God roll has changed."
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