Chapter 288: After the Battle

    Chapter 288: After the Battle

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    Sovereign Capital had many hidden powerful figures. And the battle between the first and second on the God roll was a spectacular battle, unequaled even by other warriors at that level. It would have been a lifelong regret if one missed it. It made many experts approach the battle to watch in close proximity.

    However, no one expected the battle to be filled with so many twists and turns!

    First, God of War Li Ruji was completely repressed. He was severely injured and on the brink of death! Then, Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu suddenly took action and saved him by fighting Fiendlord Xiahou Zhen! And when Meng Yiqiu fought Xiahou Zhen... it made all the eyeballs of the spectators nearly pop out. This was because Xiahou Zhen was completely disadvantaged!

    And the slicing open of the black rift in the void...sent reverberations through all the experts that saw it clearly.

    "Shattering the void?"

    "The void was cleaved apart."

    "I could sense another massive world on the other side of the void rift."

    "This... This..."

    Regardless if their identities were a hegemon, an ascetic, or an unrestrained hero, all of them were stunned when they saw the void rift with their own eyes.

    This was the most shocking event in their lives.


    However, Qin Yun transformed into a stream of light and flew directly to Meng Manor.

    In Meng Manor, there was Gong Yan'er who was carrying Meng Huang, we well as Dong Wan, Liu Qingsha, and Meng Yuxiang. They had their heads lifted up to watch the battle but when the battle ended, there was no major commotion left for them to see since they were fifteen kilometers away.


    A stream of light rapidly approached.

    "Look!" Liu Qingsha said immediately.

    "Elder?" Dong Wan was astonished. He clearly saw at a glance that the incomer was Qin Yun. "Why would Elder fly in from that direction?"



    Meng Yuxiang and Gong Yan'er were delighted too.

    "Dad, take me flying. I want to fly too!" Meng Huan did not know what the battle from before signified. Instead, he was very excited by the idea of flying.


    Qin Yun landed inside the manor.

    "Huan'er." Qin Yun smiled as he lifted up Meng Huan who had run towards him.

    "Awesome," said Gong Yan'er with a smile. "Thankfully, a peerless sword expert appeared. Not only did that person save the God of War, they even defeated Fiendlord Xiahou Zhen. Yiqiu, you don't have to worry anymore."

    "Brother." Meng Yuxiang asked as well. "Who was that sword expert? With your strength, you should have seen the person clearly, right?"

    "We were guessing it was Peerless Sword Sage," quipped Liu Qingsha.

    When Qin Yun, who was carrying Meng Huan, heard this, he could not help but give a cough. "That person was me."

    Many people had seen the battle so there was no reason to conceal his strength any further.

    The surrounding Gong Yan'er, Meng Yuxiang, Liu Qingsha, and Dong Wan fell silent. They looked at Qin Yun in astonishment, momentarily at a loss for words.

    "My brother?" Meng Yuxiang still felt a little lost.

    "I did say that it felt like it resembled Elder's sword moves." Dong Wan also coughed.

    "My master defeated Xiahou Zhen?" Liu Qingsha perspired nervously.

    Gong Yan'er was stunned for a long while before she said, "Yiqiu, is what you said real?"

    "That's right. Brother, is it real?" Meng Yuxiang pressed.

    "Is there a need to falsely brag? There were many people watching the battle at the imperial palace." Qin Yun shook his head and laughed. "And it won't take long for Peerless Manor to produce a new God roll."

    The garden soon boiled with excitement.

    There was a huge commotion as Gong Yan'er, Meng Yuxiang, Dong Wan, and Liu Qingsha constantly conversed.

    First on the God roll!

    "Huan'er, did you hear that? Your dad is first in the world." Gong Yan'er took Meng Huan from Qin Yun's arms. She was excessively excited.

    "By the way, Brother, we didn't know that you had stepped into the Dao." Meng Yuxiang looked at Qin Yun.

    "None of us from the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect knew of it either," said Dong Wan as well. Now that he had entered the Connate realm, he was considered a member of the upper echelons of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect. Yet, he had never heard the news that his Grand Elder had stepped into the Dao.

    Qin Yun relaxed his brows and said casually, "Oh, I stepped into the Dao not long ago. I just felt that there was no reason to announce it right away."

    Back when he descended into this world, he had already had his Dao for decades!


    Night. Inside Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's main hall.

    Thick candles, as thick as a child's arm, were burning. They lit up the entire hall like it was daytime. There were dozens of people inside the hall, including the sect master, Elders, personal disciples as well as a few head stewards.


    Sitting in the sect master seat, the slightly plump middle-aged man Zuo Tang was in high spirits. His eyes shimmered like lightning as his voice sounded like a bell. "I have good news to share with everyone today."

    All these years, Zuo Tang's voice had never been this loud! Or clear!

    "Good news?"

    "What is it?"

    "What happened?"

    The upper echelons and elites of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect were puzzled.

    "I just received a letter from Sovereign Capital today and I immediately summoned all of you after reading it." Zuo Tang's face was flushed red with excitement. It could even be said that he was beaming. "Just today, Fiendlord Xiahou Zhen headed to Sovereign Capital to kill God of War Li Ruji! During this battle, Li Ruji suffered an abject defeat. Just as he was about to lose his life, our Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's Grand Elder Meng took action and saved Li Ruji. He fought Xiahou Zhen and, in that battle, Xiahou Zhen admitted defeat and begged for mercy. Only then was he spared of his life."

    All the Elders, personal disciples, and head stewards were astounded.

    Was that really true?

    "Elder Meng is already an existence that has stepped into the Dao! His strength is superior to Fiendlord Xiahou Zhen's and God of War Li Ruji's!" said Zuo Tang excitedly. "This news was personally verified by Dong Wan through Elder Meng before it was sent to us. In a few days, Peerless Manor will produce a new God roll. Our Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's Elder Meng will be ranked first on the God roll!"

    "Our Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's Grand Elder will be ranked first on the God roll?"

    The Elders, personal disciples, and head stewards beneath slowly reacted. Then, all of them burst into excitement as if the news hit them harder than the strongest liquors.

    Everyone felt like they were intoxicated.


    It was unbelievable.

    However, the news had been confirmed by Meng Yiqiu through Dong Wan's inquiry. There was no mistake about it! Meng Yiqiu was previously ranked on the Heaven roll. There was no reason for him to make up such a huge lie.

    "Junior Brother Yiqiu was truly talented back then." Zuo Tang was in high spirits but he also felt mixed emotions. "Master had placed all hopes of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's rise on him. Later on, he was poisoned, disappointing and hurting Master's heart. Now from the looks of it, the poison that tormented him for a year actually rejuvenated Junior Brother Yiqiu. He has truly skyrocketed."

    "Yes, he has really skyrocketed."

    "I believe our Zhou Mountain Sword Sect will become the best sect in the world someday."


    "This is absolutely... absolutely..."

    "I want to head to Sovereign Capital. I want to meet Elder Meng."

    The entire hall was in chaos.

    Clearly, the news left an excessive impact on them. All the upper echelons of the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect were overcome by joy! They could foresee that in the coming days the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect would soar to the top.

    It was even possible that if Elder Meng so wished, he could use the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect disciples as the core, begin to recruit people, and rapidly conquer the world! Some even estimated that it would not take more than ten years for him to unify the world under the rule of a massive empire! Even if he did not wish to conquer the world... it was not difficult for the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect to become the world's number one sect.


    As Qin Yun did not mention the cleaving open of the void, Dong Wan's report did not mention it.

    It was only days later that the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect learned that in the battle that would be talked about for thousands of years, their Grand Elder had sliced open the void! To be honest, his slicing of the void shocked them more than his defeating Fiendlord Xiahou Zhen.

    "Master! Master!"

    In Sovereign Capital, three days after the battle.

    Liu Qingsha ran over and politely handed a book over. "Master, this is the latest God roll that Peerless Manor sent over."

    "God roll?" Qin Yun reached out his hand to receive it.

    Peerless Manor directly sold the Heaven, Earth and Man rolls.

    However, it was different with the God roll.

    The God roll only had a handful of people. Furthermore, it didn't change for decades at a time! With the people on the God roll enjoying high statuses, Peerless Manor did not dare offend them. Therefore, the God roll was not sold to the common populace! Instead, after it was editorialized by Peerless Manor, it would be given to the top factions in the world for free! Ordinary large family clans and sects would not even receive it.

    For example, the Duan family had no right to receive the God roll before Qin Yun's rise to power.

    Of course, Peerless Manor had given the Duan family one this time.

    "God roll." It was a thin book. Qin Yun flipped it open and simply scanned it.

    First on the God roll: Zhou Mountain Sword Sect's Grand Elder 'Frost Sword' Meng Yiqiu. Meng Yiqiu was once poisoned by lethal poison . After being tormented by the poison for a year, he experienced a complete rejuvenation and surpassed his former self. He constantly created new miracles. In the battle of Sovereign Capital, he saved God of War Li Ruji and even directly defeated Fiendlord Xiahou Zhen! He also managed to slice through the void with one strike. He is already invincible in this world. Even in the annals of history, he is ranked as one of the top few!

    It was very high praise.

    Although Li Ruji and Xiahou Zhen were powerful, in the long annals of history, they would only be considered average compared to the legendary elites of old. The most illustrious ones were even capable of shattering the void and ascending.

    Peerless Manor clearly counted Meng Yiqiu as one of the few most illustrious figures that had managed to shatter the void and ascend.

    In fact... most people agreed with it when they read the God roll!

    This was because ninety-nine percent of people believed that Frost Sword Meng Yiqiu, who had sliced open the void despite cultivating for less than five decades, was destined to shatter the void and ascend!


    Qin Yun was not concerned with any of this. Five days after the battle, he headed to the Red Lotus Fiend Sect in the Wei Kingdom. He read through all the manuals in the Red Lotus Fiend Sect and following that, took away the original copy of the core Thirty-six Secret Teachings! Although the Red Lotus Fiend Sect did have more than one copy of it, it had lost more than half its heritage.

    After all, only those who could cultivate the teachings to the Paramount realm could reproduce a copy, and even then only after seeking out precious materials and spending copious amounts of time.

    The Yan Kingdom was panicking in horror. Half a month after the battle, it took the initiative to send Qin Yun treasures. After knowing that Qin Yun liked manuals, they invited him to read through the Yan Kingdom's arsenal. He was free to choose and take away any manuals he wanted.

    Qin Yun visited the arsenal and found that, indeed, the Yan Kingdom was the weakest of the three kingdoms. After reading through the manuals, he did not take any of the manuals back with him. The Yan Kingdom reacted with panic and took the initiative to choose fifteen manuals and sent them to Sovereign Capital's Meng Manor.

    Qin Yun was somewhat at a loss as to whether he should laugh or cry regarding this matter.

    He did not want them but they ended up offering them to him? If he didn't take any, the Yan Kingdom would feel uneasy.

    Qin Yun chose six original copies and returned the other nine.

    The Chu Kingdom's heritage was stronger than the Wei Kingdom's. After learning that the Wei and Yan Kingdom had given large amounts of treasures and original manuals to Qin Yun, they also immediately sent treasures and ten original copies! Of course, these ten precious original copies were ones that the Chu Kingdom's arsenal had multiple copies of.

    The Yan Kingdom's six original copies, the Chu Kingdom's ten original copies, and the Red Lotus Fiend Sect's Thirty-six Secret Teachings original copy, as well as more than half the treasures were sent to the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect by Qin Yun.

    Although he had to take his family into consideration with all the treasures, there was just too much!

    He needed to leave a little behind.

    With many precious manuals and a strong backer, the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect naturally began to prosper rapidly. Many large family clans in the world began sending their elites to enter the Zhou Mountain Sword Sect.


    That battle shocked the world.

    However, as the years went on, the world gradually returned to its original peaceful state.
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