Chapter 289: Meng Huan

    Chapter 289: Meng Huan

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    In a blink of an eye, fifteen years had passed since that legendary battle.

    In the Meng Manor compound.

    "Mom, I'm going out. I'll be eating dinner outside," said Meng Huan.

    "Be careful while you are out." Gong Yan'er smiled at her son.

    Meng Huan was now twenty-one. His mother was the Fairy Crabapple, Gong Yan'er. With his father also having outstanding looks, Meng Huan was naturally quite a handsome young lad! And since he cultivated in the Frost Sword Chart, he had a cool aura that made him a little more aloof and otherworldly.

    "I heard that Huan'er has acquainted himself with two female soulmates." Gong Yan'er smiled happily. "From the looks of it, Yiqiu's decision for Huan'er to travel more and experience life outside had its reasons."

    Back then, Qin Yun made Meng Huan adventure outside on his own. Although Meng Huan was only left to fend for himself in Sovereign Capital, Gong Yan'er was still somewhat worried.

    Sovereign Capital was a huge city with more than ten million people. There were all sorts of people in it, so naturally it presented all sorts of dangers.

    How perilous was it for Meng Huan to go adventuring in the large city alone?

    However, as it was a decision made by Meng Yiqiu and experts were secretly sent to protect him, Gong Yan'er did not stop him from leaving.

    "You are going out again?"

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged in the garden by the side of the lake. He had left a Quintessential Essence imprint on his son so he naturally knew where his son was at all times.

    "Huan'er has enjoyed sword arts from a young age, but he has no one his own age here in this household.There are some maidservants, but they are subordinates," thought Qin Yun. "Huan'er has been very introverted from a young age. He doesn't even speak much. All he does is practice his sword from morning to night in silence. Some days, he doesn't even say more than ten sentences. I was afraid Huan'er's personality might end up warped so I forced him to go out! Having gone out, he has encountered all sorts of riffraff in Sovereign Capital. He also suffered many times. It has changed him quite substantially. I have even heard that he has two female soulmates."

    Qin Yun smiled, as he was rather pleased with his son's transformation.

    After all, he had brought up the child from when he was an infant. Qin Yun had very deep feelings for Meng Huan.


    Meng Huan was dressed plainly and his hair was casually tied up in a messy manner. As he had very outstanding looks and bearing, he would draw attention wherever he went if he only placed a little emphasis on how he dressed himself.

    "Cloud Gathering Restaurant."

    Meng Huan came to a rather famous restaurant in Sovereign Capital. He looked up at its signboard and smiled before quickly entering.

    "Sir, please come on in."

    "Sir, how many people do you have in your party?"

    The waiting staff in Cloud Gathering Restaurant were very warm and welcoming. Meng Huan very familiarly entered a room on the third floor. There were two young women inside the room.

    "Brother Huan, Sister Zhong and I have been waiting for you for so long," said a green-dressed woman. Her voice was soft and very pleasant to the ears.

    "Sis Yun." Meng Huan's eyes lit up when he saw the green-dressed woman. He could not help but beam. In fact, in the recent half year, the green-dressed woman, Tantai Yun seldom appeared. She had slowly given him the cold shoulder, making Meng Huan feel somewhat disenchanted.

    "Xiao Huan, you are the latest. You need to drink three cups of alcohol as punishment!" A yellow-dressed woman said with a smile as she addressed Meng Huan endearingly. She had fair skin that was crystalline like white jade. Every action of hers had an air of nobility to it.

    "Alright, I deserve the punishment." Meng Huan happily sat down and drank three cups of alcohol magnanimously. After finishing the drinks, he said immediately, "Sister Zhong, Sis Yun, have you found any new clues regarding the murder at Coiling Tea Alley?"

    The green-dressed woman shook her head gently.

    Instead, the yellow-dressed woman smiled and said, "I did find something..."

    The trio began discussing.

    Meng Huan had led a charmed life from a young age, one where he was completely protected. He had never seen the darkness of humanity. At the age of eighteen, Qin Yun forced him to adventure in Sovereign Capital. There, he encountered many vile instances that happened in the bustling city every day that angered him! He began acting chivalrously, helping the weak while ridding the city of evil! He was only at the twelfth stage of the Qi Refinement realm and had yet to grasp sword intent. However, his sword and movement techniques were taught by Qin Yun personally. He had robust foundations and had the capability to defeat evil!

    When Qin Yun learned of the matter, he was happy for his son.

    During his crusade... Meng Huan acquainted himself with a young heroine, Tantai Yun, who was two years younger than he was. The two of them frequently acted together and their relationship deepened. She was the first woman to enter Meng Huan's heart. A year later, Meng Huan and Tantai Yun befriended Zhong Lin who was one year older than Meng Huan. As the trio shared similar personality traits, they did heroic deeds together.

    Zhong Lin was the eldest, Meng Huan was the second eldest, and Tantai Yun was the youngest.

    However, as time went on, the relationship between the trio turned complicated. Meng Huan and Tantai Yun mutually liked each other but Meng Huan was too thin-skinned. And as a girl, Tantai Yun did not take the initiative. Caught up in the intimate feelings they had for each other early on, they would meet nearly daily. But in the recent half year, Tantai Yun seldom appeared, giving Meng Huan the cold shoulder.

    And Zhong Lin watched all of this and knew exactly what was happening. All she did was secretly like Meng Huan!

    After the trio had their meal.

    "Let's go. We should take a look at Coiling Tea Alley. We can investigate in detail at night," said Meng Huan with a smile. Zhong Lin and Tantai Yun stood up as well. The trio left after paying.

    A group of people walked over across the corridor along the third floor of Cloud Gathering Restaurant. It was quite a squeeze.

    "Sis Yun?" There was an exclamation.

    Meng Huan, Zhong Lin, and Tantai Yun saw a colorful-robed youth with cold-looking eyes standing at the front of the group of people. He was staring intently at Tantai Yun before he swept his eyes to Meng Huan and Zhong Lin. He also gave Zhong Lin and extended look due to her beauty.

    "Brother Qian." Tantai Yun's expression changed slightly as she scuttled over. At the same time, she politely greeted a black-robed middle-aged man standing beside the colorful-robed youth. "Greetings, Uncle."

    "Hmph." The black-robed middle-aged man's expression was gloomy.

    "Tantai Yun, what's your relationship with this pretty boy?" The colorful-robed youth grabbed Tantai Yun's arm and stared at Meng Huan.

    Meng Huan's expression changed.

    "Brother Qian. He's just a friend, an ordinary friend," answered Tantai Yun immediately.

    "Hmph, do you think I'm blind? That I didn't see how close the two of you were?" bellowed the youth.

    From the side, the black-robed man looked coldly at Tantai Yun. "Hmph, since you are aware that you are betrothed to my Ouyang family, you must know how to behave as a virtuous woman! But here you are, making hanky-panky with some wild man. It is a smack in my Ouyang family's face!"

    Tantai Yun was distraught. "No, that's not the case. I didn't do any such thing."

    "The Tantai family... is of lowly background. It is unable to rise and will never be able to rise!" said the black-robed man coldly.

    "Miss Tantai."

    Meng Huan spoke out with a pale expression.

    Tantai Yun looked over and said, "Zhou Huan, help me explain to them that there's nothing between us."

    Meng Huan felt like his heart was being ripped apart.

    She was the first true friend he made after leaving the household.

    "I'm Zhou Huan. Greetings, young heroine."

    "I'm Tantai Yun. Greetings, young hero."

    He would never forget the scene of their first meeting. The both of them had acted chivalrously and helped the weak together. Meng Huan even dreamed of marrying Tantai Yun.


    "Everyone," said Meng Huan as he cupped his fists at the black-robed man and company. "It is true that there is nothing between Miss Tantai and me."

    With that said, Meng Huan turned to leave.

    With his back facing the group, Meng Huan could not control his tears. In the past, all he had in the world were his parents and sword arts. Tantai Yun was the first woman to ever enter his heart. Now, he felt like his heart was being diced by a knife. His mind was in chaos.

    "Pfft." Meng Huan coughed as he covered his mouth. There were signs of blood in his palm.

    "Xiao Huan." Zhong Lin, who had immediately followed by his side, had a drastic change of expression when she saw that.

    In the distance, Tantai Yun, who was accompanying the colorful-robed youth, was constantly explaining, "Brother Qian, you misunderstand. There really is nothing between us. I'm just..."

    "Hold it." The black-robed man said coldly instead. "The both of you are acting like you're being separated by life and death. Do you think that my Ouyang family is blind? Men, capture the both of them! Capture the male and feed him to the dogs! As for the female, bring her back and imprison her first."

    The middle-aged man had noticed Zhong Lin's looks. Instantly, he felt a yearning for her. Such a beauty was obviously not to be killed recklessly. She had to be enjoyed.

    "Yes." Two figures immediately appeared from behind.

    "Uncle." Tantai Yun pleaded anxiously.

    "Shut up." The black-robed man gave her a cold glance.

    Meng Huan turned around and whispered, "Sister Zhong, leave first." With that said, he instantly drew his sword.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    Sword flashes shimmered.

    The two figures that had charged forward were blocked and sent retreating. Although Meng Huan was only at the twelfth stage of Qi Refinement, he was still capable of taking about ten attacks from Man roll experts.

    "Interesting. Attack!" The black-robed man sneered, and immediately a few figures behind him charged forward.

    "Brother Ouyang, this kid seems rather strong. He might have some notable background," a wealthy elder quipped to the side.

    "He's completely unknown. What sort of background can he have?" scoffed the black-robed man.

    The wealthy elder immediately stopped speaking.

    The black-robed man was a powerful figure in Sovereign Capital so he had the credentials to make such a judgment.

    Meng Huan's lifeblood was in turmoil while fending off the attacks of six experts. He could not help but spew another mouthful of blood as he barely endured. A distance away, Zhong Lin was anxious but she did not dare interfere. This was because when the three of them did heroic deeds, Meng Huan was the strongest!

    "I'm from the Peifang's Zhong family. Zhong Wanhai is my father," said Zhong Lin anxiously.

    "Zhong Wanhai? He might command some respect if you were mentioning him to someone lowly, but in front of me, he's nothing more than a fart!" The black-robed man scoffed.


    Sou! Sou!

    Two streams of light flew in through the window.

    Peng! Peng! Peng...

    The six figures that were attacking Meng Huan were instantly sent flying backward.

    The two streams of light stopped beside Meng Huan. They were two gray-robed men. One of them held a saber and the other held a sword. When they saw the pale Meng Huan's mouth covered in blood, they were alarmed.

    "Young Lord." Both of them were somewhat flustered.

    Vomiting blood could imply either light or heavy injuries.

    "Young Lord?"

    The black-robed man, the colorful-robed youth, the wealthy elder, as well as Tantai Yun and Zhong Lin, were astonished.

    "Aren't the two of them the Saber and Sword Duo on the Earth roll?" The wealthy elder's expression changed. An expert on the Earth roll could hold the role of Grand Elder in a top sect. "Two Earth roll experts are actually addressing him as young lord? Even His Highness the Crown Prince would not have two Earth roll experts as guards."

    "It's the Saber and Sword Duo." The black-robed man's expression changed as he shouted immediately, "I'm Ouyang Quan."

    "Shut up!"

    The two gray-robed men were flustered. Vomiting blood meant internal injuries. Furthermore, Meng Huan's expression was pale and he looked to be in a dire state. The two of them knew how much importance their old lord placed on their young lord.

    One of the gray-robed men directly took out a wooden token. He injected Quintessential Essence into it, causing it to tremble.

    "I have already informed the old lord," said the gray-robed saber user.


    In the Meng family compound.

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the grass in the garden beside the lake. He was meditating on his sword arts.
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