Chapter 300: Final Stepping into the Dao?

    Chapter 300: Final Stepping into the Dao?

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    "Brother Yun?" Yi Xiao found it difficult to believe but she knew her husband's character. He was definitely confident if he dared make the claim.

    "Stepping into the Dao is difficult. Condensing an Essence Soul is even more difficult," said Qin Yun. "I know all of this."

    It was much more difficult condensing an Essence Soul in his homeworld than in ancient times.

    For instance, ancient times were very similar to the first world he descended into. In that first world, all he needed was to grasp the Heavenly Dao's intent realm! With external help, he could easily enter the first Firmament of the Godfiend realm. Back when Qin Yun first stepped into the Dao, his Dao domain already spanned ten kilometers. With all the treasures in Fire Phoenix Nest, he eventually reached the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm!

    But in Qin Yun's homeworld?

    Ordinary existences that had stepped into the Dao had a Dao domain of about twenty-five hundred meters. Unless they encountered some fantastic opportunity, there was almost no way to condense an Essence Soul.

    The first Firmament of the Essence Soul realm... typically required a Dao domain that spanned five to ten kilometers! In contrast, a Dao domain that spanned ten kilometers in ancient times allowed one to reach the third Firmament of the Godfiend realm. The differences were evident! Furthermore, the various Dharma spells, Dharma treasures, and Physical Establishing Sage... made the Essence Soul experts in Qin Yun's homeworld a lot more terrifying.

    They were much stronger compared to people like Fiendlord Xiahou Zhen. In the second world that Qin Yun descended into, there were no Dharma treasures or Dharma spells! The combat strength of warriors from that world was naturally much weaker.

    "Compared to the other two worlds, my homeworld's Essence Soul realm is what is truly impressive," thought Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun's Dao domain spanned fifteen kilometers! In his homeworld, as long as he could create an Essence Soul Dharmic formulation, he would definitely be able to reach the second Firmament of the Essence Soul realm!

    His purplish-gold Golden Core Dharmic powers were in no way inferior to Black Dragon's!

    "I learned many things about the Essence Soul realm from my Divine Firmament Chapter," said Yi Xiao. "Later on, I learned from Myriad Temple that Po Cloud Lake's Black Dragon reached the first Firmament of the Essence Soul realm through his own efforts alone. Furthermore, he has long reached the peak of the first Firmament! Legend says that he cultivates in a Demonic Dragon True Body Dharmic formulation. He has also gathered all sorts of mystical items to cultivate a powerful Dharma spell-Annihilation Devouring Toxic Flame. He can spew a mouthful of Annihilation Devouring Toxic Flame that even most Essence Soul experts would not be able to withstand. They would have to dodge and flee for their lives."

    Yi Xiao was concerned for her husband as she explained all she knew about Black Dragon.

    "Don't worry. In terms of realms, I'm higher than him," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Brother Yun, what realm have you reached?" Yi Xiao could not help but ask.

    "A Dao domain that spans fifteen kilometers." Qin Yun told her matter-of-factly.

    Yi Xiao's eyes widened. "F... fifteen kilometers..."

    "I am going to be the person who creates an Essence Soul Dharmic formulation for the sword immortal lineage within five hundred years," said Qin Yun with a chuckle. "How can I do that if my realm is lacking?"

    Yi Xiao nodded immediately.

    Upon hearing 'Dao domain that spans fifteen kilometers,' she was no longer worried.

    "You have truly revitalized and transformed yourself after dreaming a hundred years," praised Yi Xiao.

    "However, there are some flaws," replied Qin Yun.

    "Flaws?" Yi Xiao was puzzled.

    "Yea." Qin Yun nodded. "During the hundred years dream, I stepped into the Dao twice! And now that I have returned to my homeworld, I believe I need to step into the Dao a third time."

    After he returned to his homeworld, Qin Yun gradually came to understand one important thing.

    His first two Sword Dao had were critically flawed.

    The first Sword Dao was overly crude! It had too much bloodlust in it! It was overly frenetic!

    The second Sword Dao was extremely intricate and perfect. It had drawn on the cumulative knowledge from generations of that world. In terms of intricacy, their wisdom far exceeded that of Qin Yun's homeworld! However, the problem was that it was too 'detached!'

    As his mind was as still as water or like an ice mirror when he descended into the second world, it made the Sword Dao he eventually created there overly cold and detached. It made it so that he pursued perfection and aimed for total control over his surroundings. In Qin Yun's final battle with Xiahou Zhen, Xiahou Zhen was completely under his control.

    When he returned to his homeworld after the dream of a hundred years ended, rich emotions boiled in his body. When Qin Yun studied his Sword Dao again, he found flaws.

    In the past, what was he best at?

    He was best at fusing his emotions into his attacks.

    For example, there were Bright Moon Over River, Dual Flight, and Samsara. They were moves that ran rich with his emotions.

    But when he stepped into the Dao a second time, his Sword Dao was indeed perfect but it lacked emotion.

    "Without intense emotions, the Sword Dao loses its soul." Qin Yun came to understand this point. "This will be the third time I'm stepping into the Dao. It will also be my final one."

    Qin Yun's accomplishments in Sword Dao had already reached an inconceivable state. Throughout the history of his homeworld, perhaps only the two sword immortals who managed to cultivate their Intrinsic Flying Swords to the transcendent-grade was comparable to him. He naturally diagnosed his problems quickly. He chose to step into the Dao again without any hesitation.

    It would be relatively faster this time.

    As his foundations were already perfect, all he needed was to inject emotions into it. Having had the experience of creating many moves like Bright Moon Over River, Dual Flight, and Samsara, Qin Yun already had a general idea of what to do.

    "Brother Yun, are you stepping into the Dao a third time?" Yi Xiao was astonished. "You stepped into the Dao twice during your dream?"

    "Yea." Qin Yun smiled. "After I step into the Dao this time, it will be the perfect Sword Dao foundation for me."

    Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun.

    Her husband was said by some to be the best sword immortal in the world before his hundred years dream, but he was only invincible among mortals!

    Her husband after the dream of a hundred years was now more dazzling than before. In a few more years, he might even surpass every sword immortal in history!

    "He has to first surpass all the previous sword immortals. Only then can he create an Essence Soul Dharmic formulation for the sword immortal lineage." Yi Xiao looked forward to that day.

    "Great oaks from little acorns grow. I shall take it step by step," said Qin Yun. "Make the preparations. We will be visiting Xiao Shuang in a while."


    Swallow Phoenix Brothel was still the best brothel in Grand Dominance County City, with many extremely famous renowned courtesans. Lady Chen Shuang's return caused a stir after she had spent eleven years away. She was welcomed by many wealthy figures.

    But there were also many people who wagged their tongues behind her back. "It's been eleven years. Lady Chen Shuang is already past the age of thirty. She didn't retire to lead a good life, and instead continues to sell her charms. She's probably short on money."

    "She has not revealed her face. I think she has turned ugly and cannot afford to be seen."

    Despite the gossip, Lady Chen Shuang did not reveal herself after returning. Just her pipa tunes were enough to astound every customer that came in. It quickly caused a stir in Jiang Prefecture that resulted in many wealthy guests rushing over. It was evident how impressive her pipa skills were. In Yi Xiao's words, she had infused her cultivation arts into her pipa. Even an inherited-teachings disciple of the Divine Firmament Chapter like her could not help but tear up. Therefore, how could ordinary mortals resist it?

    The guests felt like they were immersed in another life simply from listening to her pipa melodies.

    Knock! Knock! Knock!

    In Swallow Phoenix Brothel's backyard, Qin Yun gently knocked on the door. Yi Xiao was with him.

    A female attendant opened the door.

    "Who are you?" asked the female attendant.

    "Brother Yun!"

    A delighted and excited cry interjected from inside the yard. It sounded pleasing to the ear, like a melodious tune.

    Qin Yun caught wind of a flowery fragrance in the garden and instantly saw a blue-dressed woman who had stood up in pleasant surprise down the corridor. "Brother Yun, Sister Yi. Quickly come in." As she spoke, she quickly came over to welcome them.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao entered the yard together.

    The female attendant closed the door.

    "Brother Yun." Chen Shuang's eyes sparkled. This was the happiest day she had over the past eleven years. She had suffered tremendously before she was given permission to return to Grand Dominance.

    "Not bad." Qin Yun looked at her and nodded. "From the looks of it, you have reached the Connate realm. Impressive."

    Chen Shuang gestured gently, sending her female attendant away.

    "I became an Earth Magus not long ago, giving me the right to leave the sect." Chen Shuang did not lie to Qin Yun at all.

    "Magistress Mountain?" Qin Yun nodded gently. "The magus lineage is indeed very different from my Daoist lineage. Were you able to cultivate to the Earth Magus realm so quickly because you have become a Magus Maiden? And I imagine you're probably ranked among the top three Magus Maidens?"

    Chen Shuang smiled with a nod. "That's right, I'm Magistress Mountain's best Magus Maiden at present."

    Qin Yun could sense it too. As she became accomplished in her cultivation, Chen Shuang looked even prettier. Her disposition and charm were most unique! All the Magus Maidens of Magistress Mountain were charming women. And Chen Shuang was the cream of the crop.

    "Many people have rushed here from afar just to listen to your pipa melodies," said Yi Xiao. "Now that you say it, they would probably feel that they have lucked out to be able to enjoy the melodies of the best Magus Maiden of Magistress Mountain."

    "This is also a form of cultivation," explained Chen Shuang. "The cultivation of my magus lineage encourages me not to stay aloof from the mortal world, but to fully embrace it."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    In the first world he descended into, Cailan was a Magus Maiden. In that world, his mother, Qiyu was also a Magus Maiden.

    "Unfortunately, the number of cultivators in my magus lineage is thinning," said Chen Shuang with a sigh. However, she quickly changed the topic. "Let's not talk about this. Brother Yun, Sister Yi, quickly come in and have a seat. Let's have a good chat."


    Qin Yun's mood improved after meeting Chen Shuang. However, there was nothing he could do to help the magus lineage out of its present state. After all, it was a result of the environmental transformations of the world. It made it increasingly difficult to inherit the magus lineage. Therefore, the magus lineage would try their best to attract anyone they felt would make a suitable disciple.

    That night, in Qin Manor.

    "Xiaoxiao, go ahead and head to bed. I will be entering seclusion for a night. I'll set off for Yellow Wyrm Lake tomorrow," said Qin Yun.

    "Seclusion for a night?" Yi Xiao was puzzled.

    "Yea." Qin Yun nodded. "My Intrinsic Flying Sword has been at the limit of the second-grade for too much time. My Sword Dao is long capable of pushing my Intrinsic Flying Sword to the first grade. I plan on doing that tonight! With a first-grade flying sword...I will be able to produce strength that matches a Numinous treasure. I naturally need to prepare as much as possible for my trip to Yellow Wyrm Lake."
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