Chapter 302: Entering the Grotto-heaven

    Chapter 302: Entering the Grotto-heaven

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    The various entities of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons had their areas of influence clearly demarcated. The Jiang and Qian Prefectures were within Cloudfiend Mountain's jurisdiction. Both prefectures came under the collective label of Jiangnan, which was prosperous and wealthy. For Cloudfiend Mountain to be in control of this area... it proved how powerful Cloudfiend Mountain was! Although Cloudfiend Mountain's rise to prominence happened later compared to other members of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons-its history only being a few thousand years-it was extremely powerful. It was above average within the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons.

    It was all because of Cloudfiend Mountain Lord!

    When Cloudfiend Mountain Lord established the Cloudfiend Mountain line in his youth, he had fought with the leader of the Daoist movement, Perfected Scenic Yang. Although he was defeated and ended up fleeing, it still showed that he was at the same level as Perfected Scenic Yang. Furthermore, his cultivation level became even more unfathomable after cultivating for several thousand years.

    "A small place like Yellow Wyrm Lake needs to take my Cloudfiend Mountain into account in order to survive in the Qian Prefecture. He would not dare lie to me." The handsome man was extremely confident.

    It would have been true under normal circumstances.

    If one dared to make a fool out of Jadeface, or place him in peril, Cloudfiend Mountain's rage would probably sever the Yellow Wyrm Lake lineage.


    A simple lie and promise of immense benefits easily enticed Jadeface into agreeing to come.

    After the transmission was cut.

    "Hmph, I may have been afraid of your Cloudfiend Mountain in the past. But now that I'm about to die and my lineage is in danger of being severed, is there anything holding me back?" thought Flood Dragon King. "That little fish demoness that I can pin my hopes on insists on being a daughter of the Fu family and refuses to continue my lineage. Thankfully, Sword Immortal Qin will leave with a portion of my lineage's treasures. Perhaps a descendant of that little fish demoness will continue the yellow flood dragon lineage. But even so, that will be something for the distant future. I can't be bothered anyway, even if my family line is to be truly severed."

    "Black Demon King... do you think that I'm powerless against you just because you are one of the Po Cloud Lake Nine Demons? Most people might be afraid of you but Cloudfiend Mountain isn't." Flood Dragon King's eyes were filled with hate.

    Po Cloud Lake was the world's largest lake.

    It had six Essence Soul realm demons in it! There were three Essence Soul realm demons in the surrounding bodies of water around Po Cloud Lake as well. These nine Water race demons refused to submit to the Dragon race. They chose to leave the ocean and declare themselves as hegemons of lakes and rivers!

    There might be internal strife among them, but they appeared as a united front against external enemies. The Po Cloud Lake Nine Demon alliance was rather famous in the world. They could even match the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons in certain ways!

    "Sword Immortal Qin can only take a portion of the treasures away. Most of it can't be removed." Flood Dragon King was very aware of this point. As his ancestor was afraid that his descendants would squander the treasures, many of the treasures could be used by descendants but not be taken out of the Grotto-heaven.

    "Fiend Sovereign Jadeface will definitely not back down when he sees those treasures."

    "You two can fight it out and kill each other."


    Flood Dragon King scoffed. "With Fiend Sovereign Jadeface's strength and Cloudfiend Mountain backing him, he will definitely not back down till he gets what he wants."

    "When the time comes, regardless of who wins, I get what I want. Cloudfiend Mountain will definitely not spare Black Dragon if Fiend Sovereign Jadeface were to die."

    Flood Dragon King's eyes were filled with madness.

    He treated Jadeface entirely as a pawn.

    Jadeface had been careless. As the yellow flood dragon lineage had been submissive all this while, Jadeface had his guard down. Of course, the root of the problem was that existences at the Essence Soul realm treated mortals as ants! They did not engage in wanton killing only because of the heavenly rules. Even so, they thought nothing of mortals.

    But when mortals were truly cornered and had nothing holding them back, they could risk their lives to fight a hysterical battle!


    Cloudfiend Mountain, above a floating cloud.

    The handsome man left his abode in a good mood.

    "Fiend Sovereign." A black-robed man with blood-colored brows flew over and bowed respectfully.

    "Nine Mountain." The handsome man nodded with a smile. "Your perception has increased greatly after you abandoned your original mountain body and exchanged it for a body of flesh. It's good that you have already reached the Paramount realm."

    "I'm only ordinary in strength at the Paramount realm. I'm still inferior to that Qin Yun," said Nine Mountain. His new body was a Sanguine Sea Fiend Embryo. It made his perception much higher than it was in his mountain body, matching even that of humans.

    "There's no need to bother with a mere Qin Yun. He is only a mortal sword immortal. He has at most five hundred years to live," said the man with a disdainful smile. "Once those five hundred years are up, he will naturally die from age. As for you, your lifespan as a demon will be longer than his. When he dies of age, you will still be living a carefree life. You could even condense an Essence Soul and have eternal life."

    "I will definitely focus on cultivation so as to step into the Dao and condense an Essence Soul," said Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    The handsome man nodded and responded tersely.

    He could not be bothered with typical mortals.

    Nine Mountain Island Lord was the fiendish demon with the greatest potential in Cloudfiend Mountain. He was already at the Paramount realm and once he stepped into the Dao, there was a good chance of him condensing an Essence Soul. The Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons had Other Realm Fiendcelestials backing them. Even if one's Dao was lacking, an Other Realm Fiendcelestial's strength could still aid one in condensing an Essence Soul.


    The handsome man transformed into a stream of light as he flew towards Yellow Wyrm Lake.

    He flew for about ten minutes before he saw the vast lake.

    "Hehe, obtaining treasures on a trip out." The handsome man was in an extremely good mood. Soon, he flew into the lake and headed straight for Flood Dragon Palace.


    Meanwhile, in Flood Dragon Palace, Qin Yun and Fu Sizhuo were inside a hall.

    "I see." Qin Yun held his Inspect Heavenly Token and memorized the information given to him by Flood Dragon King.

    "The Other Realm Yellow Wyrm was very strong according to the records," thought Qin Yun. It was not surprising either. Even a thousand-year-old family clan that was established by a human Essence Soul expert found it difficult to produce another Essence Soul realm expert despite generations of procreation.

    It was the same with the yellow flood dragon lineage.

    However, it was already very impressive that all reigning Flood Dragon Kings were able to easily reach the Connate Golden Core realm.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, Sizhuo. I'll be sending both of you into the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven now." Flood Dragon King's voice suddenly resounded inside the hall.


    Qin Yun's Dao domain immediately sensed a massive space appear. His Dao domain quickly permeated it and discovered a massive object inside.

    "I see. The Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven shares the same space as the Flood Dragon Palace. They are just in different spatial dimensions." Qin Yun was astonished by this revelation. "That's quite an impressive design."


    Qin Yun and Fu Sizhuo showed no resistance, and instantly entered the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven.

    It was a massive space that spanned about thirty kilometers. A great distance away in the Grotto-heaven was a massive object. It was a wyrm that was entirely yellow in color. Its winding body that spanned about five kilometers remained slumped on the ground.

    "Sizhuo, let's go." Qin Yun led Fu Sizhuo and shot forward in a stream of light, heading straight for the flood dragon's corpse.


    "Greetings Fiend Sovereign." Meanwhile, elsewhere in Flood Dragon Palace, Flood Dragon King personally welcomed the handsome man, Fiend Sovereign Jadeface.

    Jadeface nodded gently. "Where is the place you mentioned? Lead the way. If what you say is true, you will definitely gain my favor."

    "Yes, yes, yes." Flood Dragon King said sycophantically.

    And at that moment.


    A terrifying power forcibly stormed through Flood Dragon Palace's array formation. Although Flood Dragon Palace had an array formation protecting it, Black Dragon's strength made it easy for him to force his way in.

    "Grandfather. It's up ahead." Black Dragon brought Yellow Surge with him. Yellow Surge had instantly found the location of the critical node when Flood Dragon King opened the Grotto-heaven.

    "Good." Black Dragon was secretly surveying his surroundings and discovered Fiend Sovereign Jadeface's presence.

    However, this was a plan that had been in motion for a thousand years. How could he abandon it at such a critical moment?

    "Oh?" Jadeface turned his head with a frown and saw Black Dragon. "Black Dragon, you..."


    Flood Dragon King opened the Grotto-heaven once again! He did his best to make it enticing for Black Dragon and Jadeface.

    "Let's go in." Black Dragon instantly sensed the Grotto-heaven and could even 'see' the massive yellow wyrm's corpse in the Grotto-heaven. He could not help but feel expectant.


    He charged in with Yellow Surge in tow.

    "No good. There has been a news leak!" Flood Dragon King even shouted anxiously.

    "Grotto-heaven. There's a Grotto-heaven in there..." Jadeface also 'saw' the corpse inside the Grotto-heaven and turned excited. The creation of a Grotto-heaven was a fascinating technique that he admired.

    Jadeface showed no hesitation as he took the opportunity to fly straight in.

    All it took was an instant.

    Black Dragon, Yellow Surge, and Jadeface had all entered.

    Flood Dragon Palace regained its peacefulness.

    "All of them just went in." Flood Dragon King scoffed. "That's right. How can they not go crazy after seeing my lineage's Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven?"

    "Fight it out."

    "It's best if both of you die in there!" thought Flood Dragon King.
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