Chapter 303: Other Realm Yellow Wyrm

    Chapter 303: Other Realm Yellow Wyrm

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    Inside the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven.

    The five-kilometer-long yellow wyrm corpse that was sprawled on the ground had its mouth slightly open. In the form of a stream of light, Qin Yun and Fu Sizhuo flew into the oral orifice. It was as big as a valley.

    "Quickly head for the heart," said Qin Yun. "That is where you can do the Bloodline Baptism."

    Fu Sizhuo slightly nodded, barely hearing what he was saying. She was somewhat shocked when she saw the gigantic teeth that lined the corpse's gaping jaws. They resembled a continuous line of mountain peaks. The resonance of her shared bloodline with the yellow wyrm made Fu Sizhuo feel a whirlwind of emotions.

    The duo flew further into the wyrm's corpse as streams of light.

    Although it was a wyrm's corpse, it was in fact also a gigantic building that spanned five kilometers. There were many twisting passageways inside! One would probably get lost in there if they lacked the necessary information.

    "This flood dragon corpse's interior forms a domain naturally. It has an extremely strong domain suppression. My Dao domain is completely overpowered by it and cannot be released." Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. "When two Essence Soul experts have their Dao domains clash, the stronger party will naturally overpower the weaker party, I know this. Still, I never expected a corpse to be capable of overpowering my Dao domain."

    "From the looks of it, this yellow wyrm was very strong in its lifetime."

    "I remember that back at the Ancient Skydragon Palace, the Other Realm Fiendcelestial's red-scaled arm formed a domain of its own. I wonder which is stronger, this Other Realm Yellow Wyrm or the Other Realm Fiendcelestial?" Qin Yun was uncertain since he had only come into contact with the Other Realm Fiendcelestial's red-scaled arm and not its main body.

    Soon, they arrived at the heart after traveling through several maze-like passageways.

    The yellow wyrm's heart was an important area! Only those with the yellow flood dragon bloodline could enter.

    "Quickly enter."

    Qin Yun looked at the massive heart that was about a thousand feet tall. He instructed immediately, "According to the information Flood Dragon King gave me, the Bloodline Baptism takes a hundred days. Rest easy in there for a hundred days."

    "Alright." Fu Sizhuo nodded obediently. Immediately, she leaped towards the heart as it automatically opened a path for her. The passage rapidly closed after she entered.

    "Truly impressive."

    Qin Yun marveled upon seeing this. "The information also said that this Other Realm Yellow Wyrm was able to survive after reaching this world, but only barely. He was suppressed by the world in every aspect. Later on, he had to abandon this body and possess a new one. This body that he had cultivated for an excessive period of time was eventually refined into a heritage land for the yellow flood dragon lineage."

    For instance, the Other Realm Yellow Wyrm had refurbished his own heart into a chamber for the Bloodline Baptism.

    One had to know that as generations procreated, their bloodlines would thin. Descendants ended up very different from their ancestors. That was the reason why the Dragon race only permitted pure-blooded dragons to marry each other! Only then would their offspring be pure-blooded dragons. As for those with mixed blood, they only had average potentials.

    Every generation's Flood Dragon King of the yellow flood dragon lineage would experience a purification of their bloodline through a baptism. The outcome made them pure-blooded.

    His children would have rather pure bloodlines. Thus, another baptism would result in them becoming pure-blooded as well.

    However, if too many generations passed their bloodlines would get too thin. Baptism would be useless!

    Therefore, the Dragon Queen had only hunted down the Flood Dragon King's illegitimate children.

    "This heart was refined to allow for a Bloodline Baptism. However, one must have a rather pure bloodline to begin with." Qin Yun nodded slightly. "Besides, once the Heaven and Earth powers absorbed by the heart are expended, the baptism will no longer be possible. They can only have a baptism two to three times every millennia."


    After Qin Yun watched for a moment, he quickly left the area.

    Fu Sizhuo was very safe inside the heart. Such an important area was heavily protected. Even Qin Yun was unable to damage it.


    Suddenly, he sensed a terrifying shockwave coming from outside. Qin Yun quickly went to the yellow wyrm corpse's mouth and looked out.

    At a glance, he saw Black Dragon fighting with a handsome man about ten kilometers away.

    "Palatial Lord Black Dragon. And is that Cloudfiend Mountain's Fiend Sovereign Jadeface beside him?" Qin Yun instantly recognized both parties. He had long gathered all available information on the world's Essence Soul experts. He was naturally capable of identifying Jadeface at a glance.

    Meanwhile, far away.

    Black Dragon was escorting Yellow Surge. Boundless water waves emanated from him and were so immense they seemed to inundate the world. They enveloped the surrounding five kilometers and surged towards the distant Jadeface.

    In response, the feather fan that Jadeface was holding sent out feathers. Thousands of dense feathers surrounded him, easily holding back the water wave.

    "Black Dragon! This Grotto-heaven was given to me by Flood Dragon King." Jadeface said with a scoff. "It's obvious just by looking at that yellow wyrm corpse. It's a land of the yellow flood dragon lineage. Since he has given it to me, it's rightfully mine. Are you trying to wrestle it from me?"

    "This grandson of mine is a descendant of the yellow flood dragon bloodline. This place naturally belongs to my grandson." Black Dragon's voice was deep. "Jadeface, it's best you do not interfere in this matter. Once this is over and done with, I will send you two first-grade Dharma treasures as a token of appreciation. What do you think about that?"

    "That is in no way good!"

    Jadeface scoffed. "Black Dragon, do you think I'm blind? Just that yellow wyrm corpse alone has such a terrifying aura. Its price is in no way inferior to a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure, much less everything else in here! Besides, this Grotto-heaven itself is priceless. All of this is mine! Black Dragon, are you really going to make my Cloudfiend Mountain your enemy?"

    "Hmph, my Po Cloud Lake has never been afraid of your Cloudfiend Mountain!" said Black Dragon angrily.

    "Is that so?" Jadeface sneered as his eyes shimmered with killing intent.

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    Instantly, numerous feathers shot out from the fan in his hand. Each of them was extremely sharp. More than ten thousand feathers surged at Black Dragon.

    These feathers even formed an array formation, easily tearing through the surging waves as they headed straight for Black Dragon.

    "Darn it." Black Dragon was stumped.

    Although he had the Po Cloud Lake backing him, the Po Cloud Lake Nine Demons was only an alliance. Furthermore, Cloudfiend Mountain was overly tyrannical!

    However, Black Dragon refused to give up after he had been planning this for a thousand years.

    "This world forms a Grotto-heaven by itself and is completely isolated from the external world. There's no way to communicate with the outside. If I were to kill him, Cloudfiend Mountain might never find out." Black Dragon's eyes turned red. The path of cultivation was always about forging ahead without hesitation or fear. At times, one had to do the hardest thing.


    He opened his mouth wide.

    Immediately, blackish-purple flames poured out of his mouth and came forward in an extremely oppressive manner. The feathers retreated after being burned but they quickly gathered together, forming a gigantic flower. It completely surrounded the blackish-purple flame in the middle, as well as Black Dragon and Yellow Surge.

    "Enclose." Jadeface gently waved his feather fan.

    The massive petals of the gigantic flower that was made up of more than a hundred thousand feathers began to close.

    "My Annihilation Devouring Toxic Flame is actually unable to tear through it?" Black Dragon's expression changed when he saw what had happened. Immediately, his body phased, transforming into a twirling gargantuan black dragon.


    The black dragon's winding tail lashed out. Although thousands feathers were constantly lacerating his body, the dragon's tail was able to strike the gigantic flower, causing it to explode.

    "Oh? His true form as a demonic dragon has been cultivated to such a state?" Jadeface was somewhat astonished. "It will be difficult to kill him when he has such a strong body."

    "Let's go."

    As Jadeface controlled the feathers to trap Black Dragon, he transformed into a stream of light that flew towards the yellow wyrm corpse.

    "What?" Black Dragon turned anxious when he saw Jadeface rush towards the yellow wyrm corpse ahead of him.

    "Let's go!" The gigantic black dragon swept Yellow Surge into his mouth and forcibly charged out of the feather enclosure.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    Although the feathers impeded him, Black Dragon was able to tear through them.


    When Jadeface landed in the yellow wyrm corpse's mouth, he waved his feather fan, commanding the numerous feathers to rapidly fly back to him. The Dharma treasure's flying speed was much faster than Black Dragon. Soon, they returned to the fan.

    "This corpse has indeed been refined before. Its interior is like a maze. It suppresses Dao domains, preventing them from being used." Jadeface frowned when he surveyed his surroundings. "All I can do is probe it area by area."

    His figure instantly flashed as he entered to explore the area.

    Following closely behind, Black Dragon arrived with Yellow Surge in tow.

    "Quickly head for the heart," said Yellow Surge immediately. "I heard Father mention that the Bloodline Baptism happens in the heart."

    "It's like a maze up ahead. Do you know the way?" Black Dragon frowned.

    Yellow Surge was taken aback as he shook his head. "Father is the only person who has detailed information on the Grotto-heaven."

    "Let's enter then." Black Dragon had no choice but to slowly probe the area.


    Qin Yun had seen the two Essence Soul experts fight from a distance away. After he had a rough sense of their strength, he continued moving the treasures away! Flood Dragon King had given him detailed information and asked that he take all the removable treasures away.
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