Chapter 305: Sword Refinement Threading, Scuffing the Void!

    Chapter 305: Sword Refinement Threading, Scuffing the Void!

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    "No good!" Jadeface's expression changed drastically as he retreated with his feathered fan in hand. 180,000 feathers flew out, forming a massive flower that swirled around him. The flower was covered in layers of petals, and it was the life-preservation technique Jadeface had.

    Qin Yun naturally knew that Jadeface was powerful.

    Cloudfiend Mountain had five fiendcelestials. Three of them were at the first Firmament of the Essence Soul realm! Jadeface was the strongest among the three and that made him rather famous in the world. He was definitely at the peak of the Essence Soul's first Firmament! The refinement of his Dharma treasure, Centaurea Fan, was commissioned by Cloudfiend Mountain Lord at great cost. It was refined personally by Golden Royal Palace's Palatial Lord and it became the treasure that suited Jadeface the best.

    With the Centaurea Fan in hand, Jadeface was extremely capable of protecting himself.


    Despite Qin Yun's realm being a lot higher than Jadeface's, he did not hesitate to use his Intrinsic Flying Sword-Misty Rain Sword.

    A first-grade Intrinsic Flying Sword could produce strength that matched a Numinous treasure's!

    When the sword beam shot out from Qin Yun's fingertip, space seemed to freeze.

    The chamber that had partially collapsed froze. Even the falling debris were suspended in midair. There was not so much as a light breeze. In response, Jadeface used his Centaurea Fan, causing countless feathers to rapidly form the massive flower to oppose the spatial freezing.


    The flying sword beam condensed like a thread, one that looked ordinary but left a distorted trajectory in the void.

    "Sword Refinement Threading, Scuffing the Void?" The color in Jadeface's face drained.

    "How is it possible!? How is it possible!? He's a mortal sword immortal. How can he be this powerful?" Jadeface was completely stunned.

    To him, Qin Yun was only a mortal ant! The only reason he didn't crush it death was the heavenly rules.

    But suddenly, this ant became thousands of times bigger. It was about to crush him to death!

    "Wasn't it said that it is difficult for him to kill a Paramount realm? He is supposed to be an ordinary sword immortal that has stepped into the Dao. But it looks like all of the intelligence was false. It's all fake!" Jadeface was aggrieved and horrified.

    Ordinary sword immortals that had stepped into the Dao would only be capable of Infinite Converging Sword when they used their flying swords.

    However, Sword Refinement Threading was on a higher level.

    When the Heaven and Earth powers were cast into a sword flash and condensed into a corporeal beam, the extreme concentration could transform into a thread! Its strength would naturally undergo a qualitative change. This was also known as Sword Refinement Threading. In the history of sword immortals, few sword immortals that had stepped into the Dao were capable of this heaven-defying feat. For example, Elder Sword was capable of it.

    As for Scuffing the Void, that was not only limited to sword immortals. It was used to determine the strength of the attacks of many Essence Soul experts.

    When one's move was sufficiently horrifying, it would cause space itself to tremble after reaching a particular state. It created fascinating scenes like spatial freezing! Space would distort wherever the move passed through. It formed a distorted scuff in space that was visible to the naked eye. Hence, it was known as Scuffing the Void.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword manifested itself as a thread but it was still extremely sharp.

    It penetrated the flower's layers, blasting apart countless feathers.

    "No!" Jadeface was horrified as he wielded his Dharma treasure with all he had.

    Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword penetrated all the feathers just as it lost all its momentum. It was struck away by a smack from Jadeface! He had ultimately cultivated his body and had reached the normal standards of the first Firmament Essence Soul that typical fiendcelestials were capable of in close combat.

    "I sent it flying away?" Jadeface was somewhat baffled. He actually managed to smack the flying sword that could penetrate his Centaurea Fan's array formation away?

    The frozen void returned to normal.

    The debris from the crumbling chamber continued to fall.

    "This Centaurea Fan Array is indeed good at keeping him alive." With a thought, Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword emitted its might once again, freezing space itself.

    "No good!" This time, Jadeface no longer had the time to gather the feathers that had been sent into disarray to form the flower again. All he did was produce a few layers of flower petals. With grinding noises, the sword flash condensed into a thread and easily penetrated them, tearing through Jadeface's body.


    This time, Jadeface missed the threadlike beam when he waved his palm. Instead, his body was easily penetrated by the threadlike sword flash.

    Rip! His body was immediately split into two.

    But it held on, with both halves rapidly joining together in a bid to recover.

    "Puah Puah Puah!"

    The threadlike sword flashes were like specters. They carved out a few curved trajectories, penetrating Jadeface's body, again and again, slicing his Fiendbody apart.

    Jadeface was already reeling in despair and was certain he would die. However, after being sliced by the flying sword numerous times, he realized something. "Strange, his flying sword hurts my body every time but he did not destroy my Essence Soul? Is he trying to capture me alive?"

    He could not afford the time to think on it further.



    Jadeface abandoned his physical body as his Essence Soul attempted to fly into the distance. In terms of flying speed, his Essence Soul was indeed superior to his body.

    "Do you think you can escape? Ensnare!" Qin Yun waved his hand, and immediately three black bangles flew out.

    The three bangles flew out with astonishing speed, clearly much faster than Jadeface's Essence Soul. Furthermore, the bangles naturally became bigger as they flew out. They produced a mighty suction that honed in on the Essence Soul.

    "This is..."

    Jadeface's Essence Soul only felt an oppressive power envelop him, making it extremely difficult for him to use his Essence Soul Dharmic powers. His speed was drastically reduced as he became a lot slower.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    The three Cosmic Bangles rapidly descended and lodged onto Jadeface's Essence Soul. The Essence Soul became discernible, resembling his physical body almost identically. However, it was translucent.

    "What Dharma treasure is this?" Jadeface's Essence Soul sensed that his Dharmic powers were completely sealed. He could not help but be horrified. "Not only is this Qin Yun's flying sword terrifying, even this bangle Dharma treasure is terrifying. My Essence Soul can use quite a bit of my strength when it departs a body but it can't put up any resistance against this bangle Dharma treasure."

    At that moment, Qin Yun walked over.

    "The Cosmic Bangles' strength has increased tremendously." Qin Yun was rather pleased.

    There were a total of six Cosmic Bangles, with the entire set being a Numinous treasure! However, Qin Yun had only obtained three of the bangles from the Other Realm Fiendcelestial's arm.

    The three Cosmic Bangles could still match a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure.

    The power of a Dharma treasure depended on its user! For instance, back in the Immortal Cave Abode, the Bai family's Bai Junyue had used a first-grade Dharma treasure, the Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle. As she had yet to comprehend the Stellar Heavenly Cycle intent realm, she was unable to withstand the Earth fire even though the Dharma treasure itself was powerful. She failed to obtain the Golden Core Cauldron as a result. After Qin Yun obtained the Golden Core Outer Pills, his casting of the Cyclic Sword Flash was able to withstand the Earth fire.

    Clearly, the strength of a Dharma treasure also hinged on its user's power.

    For instance, Jadeface's Centaurea Fan was only a first-grade Dharma treasure but as Golden Royal Palace's Palatial Lord had tailored it to Jadeface, it became most suitable in his hands. He was naturally able to produce sufficiently strong might. If did not have his Centaurea Fan, Jadeface's strength would probably be reduced to less than half.

    When the user and the Dharma treasure worked in harmony, they produced tremendous strength!

    "My Sword Dao, Sword of Heaven Earth, fits the Cosmic Bangles perfectly now." Qin Yun was rather satisfied.

    Each Cosmic Bangle resembled a world unto itself.

    Qin Yun's Sword Dao, Sword of Heaven Earth, had the eight Ultimates in the four cardinal directions, forming its own world! With his profound understanding of the world, the Cosmic Bangles were not wasted in his hands.

    They were better than the Intrinsic Flying Sword when it came to entrapment and sealing. Of course, in a frontal assault, the Intrinsic Flying Sword was more powerful!

    "Spare me! Sword Immortal Qin, please spare me!" After being trapped by the Cosmic Bangles, Jadeface's Essence Soul bowed and pleaded for mercy. "Please spare me. I'm willing to give all my treasures to you, Sword Immortal Qin. I will tell you every secret regarding the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons. I won't hold back anything."

    However, Qin Yun waved his hand.

    A wisp of Sword Qi flew out, slicing at Jadeface's Essence Soul again and again.

    Jadeface was unable to put up any resistance as his Essence Soul was constantly sapped. He could not help but be horrified. "Sword Immortal Qin, what are you doing?"

    Soon after, Jadeface's Essence Soul was left completely enervated. Only then did Qin Yun cast a powerful Sealing Spell on him to seal his Essence Soul.

    "He's too weak to break out of my seal." Qin Yun nodded slightly. With a beckon, the three Cosmic Bangles flew back to his wrist where they returned to their inconspicuous state.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, why are you sealing me instead of killing me?" Jadeface secretly heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed that Qin Yun was not going to kill him. He gave Qin Yun a complicated look. "Furthermore, your Sword Dao is unbelievably strong. Your strength is comparable to a second Firmament Essence Soul expert! Your flying sword and that bangle Dharma treasure are very impressive! However, the world talks of you as an ordinary sword immortal that has stepped into the Dao. They say that you can't even kill mortal fiendish demons at the Paramount realm. What are you scheming,that you conceal your strength this much?"

    "Scheming?" Qin Yun could not help but laugh.

    "I've already been sealed by you. My life is in your hands. Can't you tell me something?" Jadeface said with a smile. "Perhaps, I can aid you in your plans. After all, my perspective on things is broader than yours. I do know many of the world's secrets."

    Qin Yun gave him a glance and said, "You are overthinking things!"

    With that said, he took out a Cosmic Bag and retrieved a unique jade flask. This was a Dharma treasure he picked up from the Ancient Skydragon Palace. It could store souls and Essence Souls.

    He pulled open the flask's lid.


    The sealed Jadeface immediately flew up and naturally shrunk in size. He could not help but be appalled. "Let me go. Let me-"

    Before he even finished his shout, Jadeface was pulled into the jade flask. Following that, Qin Yun gently covered the lid.

    "I was planning on killing you directly." Qin Yun looked at the jade flask. "However, once you are killed, Cloudfiend Mountain would instantly know of your death. It might immediately send people to investigate thoroughly... So, I'll temporarily imprison you. There's no rush to kill you."
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