Chapter 308: Flood Dragon Kings Death

    Chapter 308: Flood Dragon King's Death

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    Black Dragon's Essence Soul turned around and saw Jadeface sitting cross-legged in a corner.

    "Fiend Sovereign Jadeface?" Black Dragon was shocked. "You were captured by Qin Yun too? It's no wonder I never bumped into you the entire day. I was still puzzled about not seeing you. After all, the Yellow Wyrm corpse is only so big. Now, both you and I are trapped here. Do you know why Qin Yun imprisoned us instead of just killing us?"

    "How would I know?" Jadeface sneered.

    "He didn't kill us and only imprisoned us... Perhaps he is up to something," speculated Black Dragon. "If that's the case, we might still have a chance to live."

    "Do you have an idea?" Jadeface shot a glance at Black Dragon. He too wanted to live.

    Black Dragon sighed and said, "We are now fishes on a chopping block while Qin Yun is the butcher. All we can do now is wait for him to release us. We will know his intentions when the time comes."

    "Such bull**."

    Jadeface's mouth curled as he closed his eyes.


    Black Dragon coiled in a corner as his dragon head shook slightly. "I really never expected a mere mortal like Qin Yun to have such terrifying strength! He was able to take me down with just his bangle Dharma treasure alone. He did not even use his flying sword, the one thing sword immortals are best at."

    "Haha." Jadeface opened his eyes and said with a scoff, "I'm luckier than you. I managed to see him use his flying sword."

    "Oh? How powerful is it?" asked Black Dragon immediately.

    "Sword Refinement Threading, Scuffing the Void." Jadeface did not lie.

    Black Dragon was alarmed. "Scuffing the Void..."

    "This Qin Yun is truly powerful," said Jadeface with a sigh. "In the entire history of sword immortals, I would rank him in the top three. Not just that, he's so young. He will likely become the strongest sword immortal ever before his five hundred years are up."

    "So what if he's the strongest sword immortal in history? He is still only mortal," said Black Dragon. "Once his five hundred years are up, he will be nothing but dust."

    Jadeface closed his eyes and did not say another word.

    Regardless, they were both Essence Soul entities that had ruled the world for thousands of years. They were now prisoners and their survival depended on Qin Yun's mood.


    Qin Yun quickly put away Black Dragon's body and treasures. The demonic dragon's true body was of some use, unlike Jadeface's body. So naturally, he opted to not destroy it.

    "Having dismantled the area for a day, Black Dragon sure has obtained quite a sizable amount of treasures." Qin Yun checked his cosmic bag and was rather astonished. Of course, the most precious items had already been taken by Qin Yun. However, Black Dragon had dismantled large quantities of treasures. It was quite a stunning amount.

    Now, both Essence Soul experts were no longer a problem. Qin Yun settled down to return to the stone wall in front of him.

    He carefully studied the stone wall palm art that the nameless senior created.

    During the meditation process, Qin Yun would often benefit from it. The accumulated knowledge of his Sword Dao was already immensely profound. All he needed to do was fuse sword move with emotions. Having had the experience with Bright Moon Over River, Dual Flight, and Samsara, Qin Yun would not have taken more than two to three years to succeed in perfectly fusing them and creating a perfect Sword Dao foundation even without any help.

    But now, with the stone wall's palm arts to inspire him, the process was accelerated.


    Qin Yun would occasionally practice his sword arts, sending Sword Qi flying wantonly like tumultuous thunder.

    A new nascent Sword Dao was rapidly perfected.


    Flood Dragon Palace.

    "Scram! All of you!" Flood Dragon King bellowed angrily. The female attendants and the guards retreated in fear, leaving Flood Dragon King alone on his throne inside the huge hall.

    Flood Dragon King sat there dispirited.

    The poison in him was spreading. He could sense that death was fast approaching him. This feeling was infuriating and painful, even for a Water race sovereign like him.

    He was angry and vindictive!

    "You married your daughter to me. All the gratitude in the past was fake! Fake!"

    "Those two ingrates have completely pledged their allegiance to their grandfather. Hahaha. Is it because their grandfather is an Essence Soul demon?" Flood Dragon King felt extremely bitter. He took out his transmission treasure. "It's been a month. That old Black Dragon and Jadeface have been in there for a month but none of their transmission marks have dissipated."

    "If their marks are still there, it means that they aren't dead."

    "None of them are dead!"

    Flood Dragon King was furious but powerless.

    Although his ingrate son Yellow Surge's transmission mark had vanished from the transmission treasure, the person Flood Dragon King wanted dead the most was Black Dragon!

    After he sent Qin Yun, Black Dragon, and Jadeface into the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven, Flood Dragon King checked his transmission treasure daily. He probably checked it hundreds if not thousands of times a day. Every time he finished a flask of alcohol, he would check it another ten times. And every time, he wished to see Black Dragon's transmission mark dissipate! Even if it didn't, it would also be good if Jadeface's transmission mark vanished.

    This was because the death of either of the two meant success!

    If Jadeface were to die, Cloudfiend Mountain would definitely send more powerful fiendcelestials to investigate the matter. They would quickly discover the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven. There was no need to guess what would happen to the Black Dragon who killed Jadeface in that situation. With Cloudfiend Mountain's modus operandi, they would definitely kill Black Dragon in revenge.

    "Both of them are not dead." Flood Dragon King felt bitter.

    He once thought of inviting more powerful fiendcelestials! However, if the person was too much stronger than Black Dragon, Black Dragon might choose to submit to them. It would not lead to any sort of conflict!

    Only minute differences could justify conflict.


    Another five days passed.

    Flood Dragon King's face was pale and his eyes were glazing over.

    "I can't repress the poison anymore. Today is the day I die." Flood Dragon King looked at the transmission treasure in his hand. "Jadeface and Black Dragon's transmission marks remain intact."


    Flood Dragon King sighed lightly. "My final counterattack was of no use. Borrowing the strength of others ultimately leaves things to luck! Clearly, I lack good luck!"


    With a thought, Flood Dragon King opened the Grotto-heaven and entered the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven.

    The moment he entered the Grotto-heaven, he arrived at a secret chamber in the Yellow Wyrm corpse's interior. The gigantic chamber was sealed shut. There was no way one could enter under normal circumstances! Only the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven's owner could enter.

    Inside the gigantic chamber were some skeletons.

    Every reigning Flood Dragon King of the yellow flood dragon lineage would either die in battle outside, be buried in a particular spot in Flood Dragon Palace, or choose to be buried in the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven.

    "Has my yellow flood dragon lineage come to an end?" Flood Dragon King sat cross-legged as he waited for death to take him.

    His senses permeated every spot in the Grotto-heaven, and he discovered the little fish demoness undergoing her Bloodline Baptism inside the heart.

    "Little fish demoness." Flood Dragon King suffused a smile. "No matter if you deny it or not, you have my yellow flood dragon's bloodline flowing in you! You will lead a good life under Sword Immortal Qin's protection. You will have many children and grandchildren... My yellow flood dragon lineage will not end. With Sword Immortal Qin's character, he will definitely help you with all he has after he received so many treasures from me."

    "It seems like something isn't right..."

    Flood Dragon King faltered.

    He was left in a daze for quite a while.

    "This... This is impossible!"

    Flood Dragon King finally realized what was amiss. "Where are Jadeface and Black Dragon? Why aren't they here in the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven?"

    He was the owner of the Grotto-heaven which allowed him to check every spot.

    Now, there were indeed many spots in the Grotto-heaven that had been dismantled. Many places had collapsed.

    However, he failed to find Jadeface and Black Dragon.

    "Both of them have disappeared? Have they left the Grotto-heaven? That's impossible. I'm the owner of the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven. They wouldn't be able to leave without me knowing."

    "They must still be in the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven!"

    "But why can't I find them? They can't be dead. Their transmission marks haven't dissipated yet!"

    Flood Dragon King was baffled.

    Suddenly, he felt his head turn groggy. The poison was acting up again. He found it difficult to maintain his consciousness.

    "What's happening? What exactly happened?" Flood Dragon King was perplexed.

    "I can only ask Sword Immortal Qin." Flood Dragon King had no other solution. The only two living people in the Grotto-heaven other than him were the little fish demoness Fu Sizhuo, who was undergoing a Bloodline Baptism, and the cultivating Qin Yun. Furthermore, the Treasure Repository that Qin Yun was in had clearly experienced a massive battle. There were many signs of damage.


    Qin Yun sat cross-legged inside the Treasure Repository. His nascent Sword Dao was closing in on perfection and it was not far from completion.

    "Sword Immortal Qin." A voice sounded in his ear.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun frowned. He was a little displeased after being interrupted during his cultivation.

    "I can't suppress the fatal poison in me. I'm about to die." The voice resonated in his ears.

    Qin Yun was slightly taken aback. The Flood Dragon King was about to die.

    "I would like to ask you. What happened to Jadeface and Black Dragon? I'm certain that they have not exited the Grotto-heaven but I cannot find any traces of the two. Their transmission marks have yet to dissipate. I'm truly baffled." The voice inquired but it sounded weak.

    "Oh," Qin Yun replied with a nod. "Both of them have been vanquished by me. I have temporarily imprisoned their Essence Souls. It's not quite time for me to destroy their Essence Souls."

    "What?" Flood Dragon King's voice was filled with shock. "How... How is this possible?"

    Qin Yun felt pity for the dying Flood Dragon King.

    He took out two Dharma treasures from the Cosmic Bag by his waist. One of them was the Centaurea Fan and the other was a black palm-sized flying boat. "Do you believe me now?"

    "Jadeface's Centaurea Fan and that Black Dragon's Blackwater Flying Boat? I believe you. I believe you!" Flood Dragon King was extremely excited. He always hoped that Jadeface and Black Dragon would kill each other. He never expected that the both of them would end up being destroyed by Qin Yun.

    "Sword Immortal Qin. I'm truly and infinitely grateful," said Flood Dragon King. "I have no way to thank you. All I can wish for is that you will take good care of that daughter of mine."

    "There's no need for you to say that. Before Scholar died, he exhorted me to do so. I will definitely take good care of her," said Qin Yun.

    "That's good. That's good..."

    At the instant before his death, Flood Dragon King still placed great importance on the little fish demoness who shared his blood. Finally, in death, he acted somewhat like a father.


    Inside the gigantic chamber.

    "Old Black Dragon, you schemed against my yellow flood dragon lineage? Haha. For you to accompany me in death, I'll die contented! I'm contented!" Flood Dragon King naturally began to transform into his true form. A yellow flood dragon sprawled inside the gigantic chamber and coiled. His eyes dimmed. "Sword Immortal Qin, thank you. Thank you for avenging me."

    Following that, his massive eyelids closed as he took his last breath.

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