Chapter 309: Foundation of Sword Dao

    Chapter 309: Foundation of Sword Dao

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    Inside Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven's Treasure Repository.

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged and looked carefully at each palm print on the ancient stone wall in front of him, studying the profound and unfathomable stone wall's palm arts. The more he studied them, the more impressed he was with the creator of the stone wall's palm arts.

    But slowly...

    Qin Yun closed his eyes and stopped looking at the stone wall. As a nascent Sword Dao had already reached a perfect state in his heart, and with him having the necessary preparations, the nascent Sword Dao was fast approaching completion...

    After an unknown period of time.


    An invisible domain blasted out from the seated Qin Yun. It launched the rubble from the Treasure Repository's collapse outwards.

    Jadeface and Black Dragon would have been utterly dumbfounded if they saw this scene. This was because the feat proved that Qin Yun's Dao domain was strong enough to withstand the domain suppression of the Yellow Wyrm corpse's interior.

    The Other Realm Yellow Wyrm had horrifying strength. Just its corpse alone emitted an extremely powerful domain suppression in its interior. Previously, Qin Yun, Jadeface, and Black Dragon were unable to produce their Dao domains! But now, Qin Yun released a domain that expanded to a thousand feet. Although it remained suppressed, it was evident that the difference between the two domains was no longer as exaggerated. At the very least, the corpse's domain was unable to fully suppress Qin Yun.

    The new Dao domain surged outwards.

    "This is my Sword Dao." Qin Yun felt at peace as he gradually opened his eyes.

    "Sword Dao can be divided into Heaven, Earth, and Man!"

    "The Heaven and Earth are not void of emotions. Same goes for Man."

    Qin Yun recited softly.

    After accumulating all the experience he gained in the past three years, he finally formed his present Sword Dao!

    During his dream of a hundred years, he had gained insight into a 'Sword of Heaven Earth' in the second world. It was a peerless Sword Dao that came as a result of having a heart that resembled an ice mirror. The perfection of his Sword Dao resulted in the creation of a world of its own! Now, the new Sword Dao that Qin Yun had grasped... contained emotions. It represented the Heaven and Earth, as well as the people who lived in the world! Qin Yun's Sword Dao had gained an additional quality of emotions and vitality.

    It could be said that from a foundational perspective, the Sword of Heaven Earth was already considered very high. But this final Sword Dao he formed, it was even more brilliant.

    "Hum!" The newly formed Sword Dao naturally nourished the Intrinsic Flying Sword in him, as well as nurtured his body and soul.

    His body and soul slowly became stronger. Under the new Sword Dao's influence, his Intrinsic Flying Sword gradually experienced a change! When the nurturing came to an end, the Intrinsic Flying Sword would become completely compatible with its owner. Therefore, the stronger his Sword Dao was, the more heaven-defying his Intrinsic Flying Sword would be. In history, there were two sword immortals that had forcibly nurtured their Intrinsic Flying Swords to the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure level.


    The first step of Stepping into the Dao was about the foundation.

    Just like the construction of a building, the stronger the foundation, the higher the building! And if the foundation was weak and shallow, with a person taking a more unorthodox path in the beginning, one's achievements would be limited even if one made it all the way to the end of that path.

    This was the reason why, despite many cultivators condensing Essence Souls, they remained at the first Firmament of the Essence Soul realm even after thousands of years of cultivation! From the very beginning, they had shallow insights and had proceeded down a weaker path. Their prospects were naturally limited as a result. They made it more difficult to reach the second Firmament of the Essence Soul realm. But to get them to forge a new path? Their life's worth of experiences and personalities would have made them firmly believe in their original path. It was something unchangeable.

    To change it?

    One could change their Dao if they experienced a major setback and had a change in character!

    For example, reincarnations as per legend would make a person lose the memories of their past lives. With a blank slate, it was possible to exceed one's previous life, allowing them to reach a brand new realm!

    For example, Qin Yun had experienced two entirely different worlds because of his dream of a hundred years. In the first world, his body contained a bloodlust and he was influenced by the killing intent for a prolonged period of time. It resulted in him creating his first Sword Dao.

    In the second world, his heart was as still as an ice mirror! It was extremely cold and calm, allowing him to create the 'Sword of Heaven Earth.'

    But in fact, neither path was what he desired deep down.

    Without the bloodlust or heart that was as still as water, he returned to normal and possessed rich feelings again. Qin Yun naturally wanted to create a Sword Dao that reflected his true self.

    "For me to reach this point, the dream of a hundred years was very important," thought Qin Yun. "If not for the first world, having the Stone of the Earth and help from the various ancient era Numinous treasures, or the second world, with the accumulated wisdom of generations of close combat... I would not have been able to create such a Sword Dao foundation."

    Qin Yun understood this point.

    Although his own perception was important, opportunities were also another important aspect. Of course, the opportunity to dream for a hundred years was something he obtained by capturing the jade bottle's fiendcelestial alive, as well as discovering the red-scaled arm that he eventually traded for the Amita statue.


    Qin Yun was immersed in the joy of stepping into the Dao. He first put away the ancient stone wall with the palm prints. He planned to bring it back to Grand Dominance and slowly ruminate over it.

    Following that, he traveled through the Yellow Wyrm corpse's interior. He continued dismantling the various treasures in it. The moment he killed Jadeface and Black Dragon, factions like the Cloudfiend Mountain would definitely investigate and find this Grotto-heaven! In that case, it was obviously best if he tried to take as much as he could.

    While dismantling, he also practiced his new Sword Dao.


    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    Areas were torn apart one after another.

    With Qin Yun's increase in strength, it made the dismantling faster.

    There was no spot in the entire Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven that could withstand Qin Yun's dismantling.


    About half a month after Qin Yun successfully stepped into the Dao, the hundredth day came to an end. By then, the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven was already riddled with holes. Ninety-five percent of the treasures had been dismantled, leaving only an extremely small amount intact!

    As for Qin Yun, he came to a spot in front of the gigantic heart. He sat cross-legged and waited. "Today is the last day. The young fish demoness will come out anytime now."

    About two hours later.

    A passage sealed within the heart opened gradually. A beautiful woman walked out. Her disposition had clearly changed.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun was somewhat surprised.

    "Uncle Qin." The beautiful woman smiled faintly.

    "Sizhuo?" Qin Yun looked at the woman in front of him. She resembled Fu Sizhuo but she looked as though she was five or six years older. She was even a little taller.

    "It truly resembles a rebirth," praised Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Yea, I think it won't be long before I reach the Connate True Core realm." Fu Sizhuo smiled and immediately said, "By the way, Uncle Qin. Shouldn't we quickly leave the Yellow Wyrm Grotto-heaven? According to the information given by Flood Dragon King, Black Dragon and company will perhaps be arriving soon."

    Fu Sizhuo possessed the other half token and had the yellow flood dragon blood flowing in her. After the Flood Dragon King's death, she could easily enter the Grotto-heaven.

    As for becoming the Grotto-heaven's owner? She had to first reach the Connate Golden Core realm.

    "There's no hurry. I still have one thing to do," said Qin Yun.

    "Alright." Fu Sizhuo nodded obediently.

    "Wait here for me." Qin Yun instructed. Following that, he entered a house not far away.

    Inside the house.

    Qin Yun closed the door and retrieved the jade flask Dharma treasure.

    "It's about time to finish them," thought Qin Yun. One of them had caused Scholar to lose his life and the other was a fiendcelestial of Cloudfiend Mountain. Qin Yun had no intention of sparing the two Essence Soul experts.

    He pulled open the stopper.

    Whoosh! Whoosh!

    Two translucent Essence Souls flew out. One of them was Fiend Sovereign Jadeface and the other was Palatial Lord Black Dragon. After being imprisoned for a hundred days, both of them were filled with trepidation.

    "Sword Immortal Qin," Jadeface said with a sycophantic smile. "I'm a fiendcelestial from Cloudfiend Mountain. I have some connection with the Other Realm. If I'm left alive, I believe I can be of help to you."

    Black Dragon also put on friendly airs. "Sword Immortal Qin, I have stayed in Po Cloud Lake for thousands of years. All the Essence Soul demons have to take me into account. I'm also rather famous among the Water race. I know many secrets and am willing to tell you all of them. Sword Immortal Qin, if there's anything you want of me, feel free to tell me. I wouldn't even frown once!"

    "Oh, by the way, I heard that you have a grudge against Nine Mountain Island Lord? I can get him to come here. I can summon him here, Sword Immortal Qin, and you will be able to easily kill him," added Jadeface.

    The two Essence Soul experts were once fearful hegemons. Now, they were lowering themselves in a bid to survive.
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