Chapter 316: Qin Yun vs Other Realm Fiendcelestial

    Chapter 316: Qin Yun vs Other Realm Fiendcelestial

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    Ninety-nine percent of the disciples who studied the inherited-teachings of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons were evil incarnate. The remaining one percent would willingly surrender to humans or even act as spies for the humans.

    "Sword Immortal Qin, is there a need to fight immediately?" The purple-robed youth laughed as he flicked his finger. A purple light shot out from his finger, striking Qin Yun's sharp Sword Qi. With a poof, the Sword Qi shattered. "Sword Immortal Qin, I came here to discuss something with you. Why don't we sit down and have a good chat?"


    Qin Yun's expression changed. This demon had managed to shatter his Sword Qi with a finger.

    "This purple-robed man in front of me is clearly a mortal fiendish demon. Yet, he is able to destroy my Sword Qi with a flick of his finger. He must have stepped into the Dao." Qin Yun's eyes lit up. "Including him, there are a total of two fiendish demons that have stepped into the Dao. The other fiendish demon is Abbot Blackwind. He has been in seclusive cultivation for a long time. I've heard that the imperial government and Inspector Heavenly Alliance have investigated and indeed confirmed that he has been in seclusive cultivation recently. Furthermore, Abbot Blackwind probably lacks the ability to devour the flesh and blood of a hundred and eighty thousand people in ten minutes."

    "This person in front of me is a mortal fiendish demon that no one has ever heard of. Yet, he has the strength of one who has stepped into the Dao. He might very well be the murderer. After all, there are only two fiendish demons that have stepped into the Dao in the world."

    The emergence of a fiendish demon that had stepped into the Dao was very rare.

    Qin Yun made his judgment when He Qian shattered his Sword Qi with a finger.

    "Are you behind the recent string of massacres?" bellowed Qin Yun angrily.

    The purple-robed youth was taken aback.

    "Submit and surrender!" When Qin Yun saw his reaction, he did not hesitate to act. He waved his hand and instantly, the Coiling Dust Sword and the Seven Kills Sword, which disassembled into seven flying swords, flew out simultaneously. A total of eight flying swords were employed in unison.

    "Eight Ultimates Four Directions!"

    Qin Yun immediately cast an attack that was designed to trap an enemy.

    In terms of might, Qin Yun's Sword Dao killer move, Eight Ultimates Four Directions, was slightly weaker than when the three Cosmic Bangles were used together as it only had about eighty percent of the bangles' strength. However, its entrapment range was a lot bigger!

    "Rumble!" The eight flying swords resembled the Heaven and Earth's eight Ultimates. Instantly, the attack sealed and area tens of kilometers around them! It even reached close to Grand Dominance City's city walls. This was deliberate. If Qin Yun used all his strength, he could seal off a region of about fifty kilometers.


    The purple-robed youth saw the changes in the Heaven and Earth. The eight flying swords were suspended in eight different cardinal directions, forming a world in and of itself.

    "Interesting." The purple-robed youth looked at Qin Yun as his eyes lit up. "Your strength is a lot higher than I estimated. I was planning on sneaking an attack but whatever. I can finish you in one or two strikes anyway."

    With that said, the purple-robed youth extended his arm as it expanded rapidly. His arm seemed to made of solid stone. There were purple patterns on the rock that suffused a sinister and bloody purple light. His palm also transformed into a giant stone palm.

    "Crack!" The purple-robed youth's right hand suddenly struck upwards.


    The Heaven and Earth boomed as the world raptured.

    The world that Qin Yun's eight flying swords formed was unable to withstand the impact. It instantly shattered.

    What?" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    "You are pretty strong. A mortal sword immortal can actually match the second Firmament of the Essence Soul realm? What origins do you have? Are you a reincarnated immortal? But that's strange, for if you were, you wouldn't have foolishly chosen the sword immortal lineage," The purple-robed youth said. The hand that shattered the Sword of Heaven Earth turned and smacked at Qin Yun. Purple gusts of wind whistled between the gaps of his fingers. It possessed a terrifying might.

    Qin Yun was alarmed.

    Qin Yun thought nothing of mortal fiendish demons. He even planned on capturing his opponent alive for further questioning when he suspected him to be the murderer! The eight second-grade flying swords were ordinary in strength when used alone, but when put together could match an expert at the second Firmament of the Essence Soul realm. With his present Sword Dao realm, the delivery of such an attack could easily wipe out Fiend Sovereign Jadeface and Palatial Lord Black Dragon.

    But his opponent managed to crack it with a hand?

    His opponent even suspected that he was a reincarnated immortal?

    "What is his origin? I have never heard of a mortal fiendish demon that is this powerful." Although he was alarmed, Qin Yun did not hesitate to use his strongest Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    He waved his hand.

    A sword beam flew out from his fingertip. It was his Intrinsic Flying Sword that he was nurturing inside him.


    The first-grade Intrinsic Flying Sword could produce strength at the Numinous treasure level. It was much more horrifying in strength than all of the eight flying swords. Now, Qin Yun had to use another killer move.

    "Roar!" The phenomenon of a bright moon over a river appeared around them. It spanned an area of dozens of kilometers. There was an extremely dazzling lunar beam that streaked through the sky. All the surrounding space was trembling. The lunar glow was intoxicating and wherever it passed, the void would produce ripples. The entire scene could only be described as beautiful and fascinating.

    "What, how is he stronger again?" The purple-robed youth was somewhat astonished. He instantly saw through the lunar beam and pinpointed the Intrinsic Flying Sword that was in the form of a thread within. "He has even reached the stage of creating ripples in the void?"

    "Bright Moon Over River!" Qin Yun's eyes were filled with keenness.

    The present Bright Moon Over River was completely incomparable to when it was first created. It was many times more profound and a lot stronger.


    The gigantic stone palm struck the lunar sword flash.

    There was a loud explosion as the flying sword flew backward. The stone palm also came to a halt.

    "A native being of this world, one that even foolishly chose to be a sword immortal, is this strong after only a few decades of cultivation? And how can I compare with him when I have tens of thousands of years of cultivation?" The purple-robed youth felt unhappy. "I hate such geniuses the most. You have to die! A dead genius is the best genius!"

    At that moment, the purple-robed youth went all out.


    The stone palm that seemed to falter struck out vigorously once again. Its might was clearly more terrifying this time. It even caused the void to distort as it passed through. If Qin Yun's ripples in the void were considered tiny fluctuations, then the purple-robed youth's palm blew through the void like a blast. It was clearly more domineering.

    "No good." Qin Yun knew at a glance that he was far inferior to the impending might. This was the first time he was encountering a mortal more terrifying than he was. Without any time to consider his opponent's origins, it was all he could to do respond to his attacks.

    "Ancestral Master Zhang, I have encountered a mortal fiendish demon. His strength is extremely terrifying. He is a lot stronger than the average fiendcelestial. I suspect him to be the murderer that has killed hundreds of thousands of humans." Qin Yun immediately informed the strongest existence he knew through the Inspect Heavenly Token he kept close to his chest-Divine Firmament Chapter's Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "The murderer that has slaughtered hundreds of thousands of humans? A mortal fiendish demon that is stronger than most fiendcelestials? Alright, try your best to stall for time. I will rush there as fast as I can," answered Ancestral Master Zhang immediately.

    Ancestral Master Zhang knew very well that, according to the news given by Human Emperor, the mysterious murderer was likely a catastrophe! How could he waste even a second?


    While diverting his attention to pass the message, Qin Yun did not stop at all. He was still facing the terrifying strike of the massive stone palm.

    "Go! Go! Go!" Qin Yun waved his left hand and immediately, three black bangles flew out consecutively.

    The Cosmic Bangles could trap enemies as well as be used for attacks. While attacking, the Cosmic Bangles could use the strength from the pocket world within them to smash an enemy.

    Boom! Boom! Boom!

    With Qin Yun exerting all his strength, the three Cosmic Bangles smashed down again and again. Every strike seemed to cause the world to resonate. However, the stone palm only seemed to slow down. It still bore down on him imperiously.

    "Those bangles are some good Dharma treasures." The purple-robed youth noticed them at a glance. "This Qin Yun has slain fiendish demons in the world and has amassed great merit. He is beloved by providence as it shines its light on him. He has quite a lot of treasures but all of them will soon be mine."


    At the beginning of the battle outside Grand Dominance City, the purple-robed youth shattered the Eight Ultimates Four Directions with his palm. It caused quite a commotion. So much so that Yi Xiao, who was in control of the Qin family's array formation, sensed it.

    "What a large commotion. Brother Yun should have been able to easily take care of a mortal fiendish demon." Yi Xiao immediately flew out of the Qin family manor and headed north. She watched from a distance away.

    At the same time, another stream of light flew out from the Hong household. It was Hong Lingtong who had also sensed the intense blasts outside the city.

    The moment he flew out, he looked into the distance. Despite being dozens of kilometers away, he could see the battle at a glance. His expression could not help but change.

    "Sister-in-law." Hong Lingtong immediately rushed to Yi Xiao's side. While hiding his strength, he was still able to fly to the city walls of Grand Dominance City to stop her.

    Both of them stood in front of the city wall and watched the battle from a distance.

    "This...this..." Yi Xiao looked into the distance in shock. The gigantic stone palm appeared like a stone pillar of the world. It had an abnormal and horrifying might when it moved around. As Qin Yun used the three Cosmic Bangles, he released his flying sword once again. He was clearly in quite an abject state.

    "Brother Yun is actually at a disadvantage?" Yi Xiao found it hard to believe.

    "Sister-in-law, you must not go over there. You will only burden Brother Qin." Hong Lingtong immediately stopped her. At the same time, he also watched the battle anxiously. He felt tumultuous waves rising in his heart. Such a terrifying match astounded him. "That purple-robed man is a mortal fiendish demon? For him to be this strong, is he the catastrophe that I have been searching for all this while? Brother Qin Yun, a mortal sword immortal, is actually that strong too?"
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