Chapter 317: Happy Meeting, Sorrowful Parting

    Chapter 317: Happy Meeting, Sorrowful Parting

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    Hong Lingtong was knowledgeable about many things; yet, he was stunned by the exchange happening before him.

    "The purple-robed man is a mortal fiendish demon with a Connate Golden Core body, yet he is able to produce strength that barely reaches the third Firmament Essence Soul realm," thought Hong Lingtong as he observed. "If he rapidly increases his fiendcelestial strength, enhances his body's Dharmic powers, and finds a suitable and more powerful Dharma treasure, he will probably be able to produce strength akin to the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm!"

    "With such strength, it probably means that he is an ancient fiendcelestial that descended from an Other Realm," thought Hong Lingtong.

    Combat strength at the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm was already very terrifying. Such strength in ancient times could match that of a Skygod!

    Furthermore, in terms of realm, present-day peak third Firmament Essence Soul realms... were stronger than newly promoted Skygods in ancient times! The only difference was that a Skygod's body and Dharmic powers were of much higher quality than a third Firmament Essence Soul's. Therefore, present-day peak third Firmament Essence Soul realms could only barely match an ancient early-stage Skygod.

    If Qin Yun was still in the first world of his hundred-year dream, his present realm would have been sufficient for him to break through to the Skygod realm.

    "It is very difficult for Other Realm Fiendcelestials to descend into a world. Their souls would immediately attract Heavenly Punishment. It works only if they obtain a body that can perfectly bear their souls and allow them to avoid Heavenly Punishment," thought a perplexed Hong Lingtong. "A body that can perfectly bear the soul of an Other Realm Fiendcelestial is just too rare! Furthermore, the possession has to happen across worlds. The original owner of the body has to be willing to surrender their body. A forced possession would be too messy."

    "Although the Other Realm Fiendcelestial is powerful, Brother Qin is even more impressive in comparison. Brother Qin Yun's talent is even higher than mine. Unfortunately, he chose the sword immortal lineage." Hong Lingtong sighed secretly. "If not, seeing as he has such strength after just recently stepping into the Dao, it would not be difficult for him to become a Skyimmortal in the future."

    Yi Xiao was watching anxiously to the side.

    Her realm was relatively lower. To this date, she had yet to reach the Connate Golden Core realm. However, she too could sense that the battle between her husband and the purple-robed man was just too intense. The blasts that emitted from the battle were extremely terrifying! They scraped off a few layers of the land itself.


    Hong Lingtong was not the only one that was astounded. The purple-robed He Qian was similarly shocked.

    He originally thought that it would be an easy task, taking Qin Yun down in one or two strikes. Never did he consider the possibility of Qin Yun being that strong.

    With rumbling booms, the gigantic arm that resembled a pillar in the sky flailed around. As the stone palm struck down, Qin Yun remained in a dangerous situation.


    His Intrinsic Flying Sword flew out once again, but at his present realm Samsara did not expend even ten percent of his soul's strength. However, its strength was fifty percent higher than Bright Moon Over River! It no longer had the great increase in strength as compared to when he was still in the Paramount realm. Clearly, the higher his realm was, the weaker the enhancement when infusing his Paramount Emotions into an all-out attack would be.

    "Bam!" The gigantic stone palm sent Qin Yun's flying sword flying once again.

    "Happy Meeting!"

    The misty strike moved agilely and mystically as it circled around the stone palm to target the purple-robed man.

    However, the stone palm's five fingers began casting an intricate finger art. As the five fingers moved, the surrounding area collapsed. Finally, one of the fingers tapped on the flying sword, sending it flying backward.

    "Sorrowful Parting!"

    Qin Yun's eyes looked lost as he cast his most powerful strike to date.

    After his final stepping into the Dao, Qin Yun naturally created more killer moves for his Misty Rain Sword Art. And in terms of pure might, the strongest was Sorrowful Parting!

    The most unpredictable Happy Meeting and the mightiest Sorrowful Parting were attacks he created based on the relationship he formed with his son, Meng Huan.

    A relationship that lasted fifty years.

    Qin Yun took care of him when he was still a garbling infant. He watched him grow up. When Meng Huan was a child, he personally held his hand and taught him the way of the sword...

    During Meng Huan's rebellious years, Qin Yun fretted over him. Despite being invincible in that world, he was at times powerless against his son.

    When Meng Huan was introverted, Qin Yun steeled his heart and forced him out to go on adventures.

    While he was out adventuring, Qin Yun could not help but cast his Dao domain to watch over him.


    Although he had experienced two worlds in the dream of a hundred years, Qin Yun had the strongest feelings for his son, Meng Huan! Back then, his heart was as still as water and as cold as an ice mirror. Yet, he was filled with concerns. When he returned to his homeworld, his original state of mind was restored. The surge of emotions that followed made Qin Yun weep incessantly.

    He knew that even if Huan'er could shatter the void and ascend, the chances of them meeting again remained very low.

    It could possibly be... an eternal parting.

    "Happy Meeting, Sorrowful Parting."

    Sorrowful Parting had a strength that was above even Samsara. The burden on the soul was greater too.


    The strike caused the stone palm to pause. It even wavered when the three Cosmic Bangles smashed against it in a quick follow up.

    "Oh?" He Qian turned increasingly furious when he saw this play out. "Are you still trying to put up a meaningless struggle? Die!"

    The stone palm struck once again.

    "Even this strike is useless? Indeed, there is always someone better in the world." Qin Yun had cast all of his killer moves in a row, but each one of them had been blocked. Especially when Sorrowful Parting failed to gain an advantage, he knew there was a huge gap between them.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    Although the three Cosmic Bangles struck, again and again, they came to a stop after being enervated.

    When the gigantic stone palm continued crashing down at Qin Yun again, the distant Hong Lingtong and Yi Xiao turned worried.

    "Cyclic Sword Flash!"

    Qin Yun gave a mental command.


    An extremely resplendent sword flash blocked the area above him. It was Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash, his best technique! Ever since his Sword Dao became so perfect that it formed a world in and of itself, the Cyclic Sword Flash more closely resembled a complete Heaven and Earth! It was even more flawless.

    "Bam!" The stone palm struck the sword flash barrier, causing the sword flashes to flow across the barrier as they managed to withstand the strike.

    "What? He managed to withstand it?" He Qian was alarmed. "Let me see how many times you can withstand my attacks. Obliterate!"

    Bam! Bam! Bam!!!

    He Qian flailed his gigantic stone palm crazily, striking again and again. In a blink of an eye, he struck more than ten times. The might was able to render the world asunder. Watching far in the distance, Hong Lingtong and Yi Xiao were terrified. Hong Lingtong could not help but think, "We both have Connate Golden Cores. I'm better in other aspects but in terms of a frontal assault, I'm no match for this fiendish demon."

    "This Qin Yun's defensive sword techniques are more impressive than his attacks?" He Qian's expression turned nasty.

    He originally thought that he could easily squash a mere mortal sword immortal to death and relieve him of his treasures.

    He never expected it to be such an unchewable bone! It was too hard!

    He was unable to even bite down!

    "If not for me having a Connate Golden Core body and if not for my lack of powerful Dharma treasures... how can I not be able to destroy a mere sword immortal?" He Qian felt disgruntled. He was an Other Realm Fiendcelestial who had long reached the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm. He was just short of being a Skyfiend! In terms of Dharmic powers, Qin Yun's purplish-gold Golden Core Dharmic powers were greater than his. In terms of Dharma treasures, He Qian had only managed to cultivate the mountain body to the peak of mortality, allowing him to fight with his body. However, Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword matched the power of a Numinous treasure!

    In other aspects as well, Qin Yun possessed huge advantages.

    "I can't destroy him." The purple-robed man swept his gaze at the distant Grand Dominance City. He also saw Yi Xiao and Hong Lingtong.


    The purple-robed man suddenly opened his mouth.

    Immediately a black wind raged as it blew towards Grand Dominance City!

    "That trivial attack is useless." Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash instantly enlarged, easily covering half the sky, blocking Grand Dominance City from He Qian's attack.

    Back when Qin Yun was in the Paramount realm, his Cyclic Sword Flash could maintain its peak strength while enveloping an entire mountain. Now, Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash peak strength could envelop an area that spanned fifty kilometers! It was enough to envelop the entire city!

    "Hmph! You were quick to block." He Qian sneered. Following that, he did not hesitate to transform into a stream of light that flew north.

    "Time to leave."

    "It's likely that the experts from the human's imperial government and Daoist and Buddhist sects are coming. I can't stay in in this battle any longer."

    He Qian fled with all he had.

    "Qin Yun! Consider yourself lucky that I lack a powerful Dharma treasure. You won't have such luck the next time." He Qian's voice resonated through the world before he vanished beyond the horizon.

    "Trying to escape?"

    Qin Yun released his Seven Kills Sword and it rapidly pursued He Qian.

    A sword immortal's sword kinesis was truly one of a kind! Under Qin Yun's full strength, the flying sword tore through the sky and moved at a speed faster than He Qian! It instantly vanished beyond the horizon as it engaged in a crazy pursuit of the purple-robed man.

    "Don't think you'll get away!" roared Qin Yun.

    He wanted to do his best to hold him back. He needed to know where He Qian was at the very least. He might not be able to kill He Qian, but once Divine Firmament Chapter's Ancestral Master Zhang arrived, he was confident that he would have the means to deal with the purple-robed man.
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