Chapter 322: Exhortation

    Chapter 322: Exhortation

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    "Junior, all you need to do is activate this figurine and you will be able to contact an expert from an Other Realm. He is my senior brother and has strength far above mine! The figurine you possess allows you to seek his help once and only once."

    "You came to my Dragon Palace, and have obtained the opportunities I left you. Thus, you will be implicated by karma. Remember, you have to ensure that all the existences in this world are well secured. You are not to let the fiendish bastards take them!"

    The voice resounded in Qin Yun's mind.

    Qin Yun fell silent when he heard the voice. It was an exhortation the ancient Skydragon had left behind before he died. He was able to understand the ancient Skydragon's intent well.

    The struggle between the beings in this world and the Other Realm Fiendcelestials had never ceased!

    The humans, the Skydemon Palace, the Four Seas Dragon race, and everyone else were all native beings of the world they were in. However, the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons had pledged allegiance to the Other Realm Fiendcelestials who had always eyed this world.

    This battle had raged on since ancient times!

    The world experienced numerous wars.

    The world experienced the imparting of the Dao by the Dao Ancestor!

    There were chaotic battles in ancient times! There were even Other Realm Fiendcelestials that had infiltrated the world...

    Countless tragic battles occured, with numerous members of the earlier generation dying. The ancient Skydragon was one of them! Fresh blood splattered on the soil and into the sea again and again. Even though generations died, all of them went hoping that their homeworld would never fall into the hands of the fiendcelestials. Even in death, the ancient Skydragon still held hope for his descendants. He looked forward to a good outcome for all races-humans, demons, and dragons. They were all beings of the world they shared.

    "Dying does not mean the end," thought Qin Yun. "There is Samsara. These ancestors that have died could have experienced Samsara and might have long accomplished great things in other worlds."

    Compared to the ancient times, this world's beings held the advantage!

    Of course, this was thanks to their predecessors paying the price with their blood. If not, the world would have already been overrun.

    "Senior Ancient Skydragon, I would still give my all to deal with fiendish demons even without your exhortations," thought Qin Yun. Following that, he turned to head out. Since the Dragon King had personally made the arrangements, he knew it was pointless to search for the other two sets of treasures.

    As he left, he took a look at the dragon-shaped figurine. He pondered, "The Guardian General said that this is the most precious item. I can seek the help of the Senior Ancient Skydragon's senior brother once?"

    Qin Yun found it quite interesting.

    The ancient Skydragon's senior brother was actually an Other Realm expert.

    "His senior brother is a lot stronger than him! Unfortunately, the ancient Skydragon's senior brother was unable to save him in time back when he fought the Other Realm Fiendcelestial."


    When he came out of Myriad Treasure Tower, Qin Yun continued searching the interior palace complex.

    He found one Essence Soul realm demon corpse after another. These demons were of varying strength and most of them he estimated to be at the first Firmament Essence Soul realm!

    "This corpse." Qin Yun looked at a white-scaled divine dragon corpse in front of him. Its body twirled for about half a kilometer. It was covered in injuries but it still suffused a pressure that suppressed Qin Yun somewhat. At his present realm, it was very rare for him to feel suppressed. "This corpse is able to give me such a strong sense of suppression. It even feels comparable to the Other Realm Yellow Wyrm. He was likely at the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm."

    "Judging from its injuries, the Other Realm Fiendcelestial had taken a long time to kill it." Qin Yun was able to imagine the battle scene from the injuries.

    That battle was indeed intense.

    "That Other Realm Fiendcelestial was overconfident. He actually dared to storm the Ancient Skydragon Palace's to engage in a massacre! The ancient Skydragon had the advantage of location and numerous subordinates. Yet despite all the advantages, he still died eventually. However, the ancient Skydragon did vanquish the Other Realm Fiendcelestial before his death," thought Qin Yun. "The Other Realm Fiendcelestial's was probably slightly stronger than the ancient Skydragon! That's probably why it was so confident. The battle's development probably defied the Other Realm Fiendcelestial's expectations."

    A battle had many influencing factors to begin with.

    The Other Realm Fiendcelestial could have invaded at all costs for a particular goal too...


    Qin Yun waved his hand as he swept the area with Sword Qi. The treasures left behind by the white divine dragon flew up and arrived at Qin Yun's side.

    "Odd. There isn't any Cosmic Bag." Qin Yun was puzzled. "What did it use to store items?"

    Qin Yun flipped through the various treasures.

    Qin Yun revealed a look of pleasant surprise as he rummaged through the treasures.

    Apart from the ancient Skydragon and the Other Realm Fiendcelestial, the white divine dragon was the strongest Essence Soul realm demon he had encountered in the Ancient Skydragon Palace so far. The treasures it had left behind shocked Qin Yun.

    "Two transcendent-grade Dharma treasures?" Qin Yun was astonished. "It was not easy to refine Numinous treasures in ancient times. They were far fewer in number when compared to the present. Transcendent-grade Dharma treasures were also extremely scarce. The Essence Soul realm demons, as well as the Myriad Treasure Tower in the Ancient Skydragon Palace, did not have any transcendent-grade Dharma treasures. But this senior actually has two transcendent-grade Dharma treasures? Furthermore, they are such special ones!"

    They were very unique.

    One of them was a robe. After refining it with his Dharmic powers, Qin Yun knew that it was a protective Dharma treasure named Nine Heavens Cloudrobe. The user would appear to be enveloped by cloudy mists when activated. Enemies would find their attacks weakened. Such transcendent-grade Dharma treasures that were used purely for life preservation were extremely valuable.

    The other was a portrait. After refining it, Qin Yun learned that it was a portrait Dharma treasure named Two World Picture. It was an array picture-type Dharma treasure.

    When the array picture was used, it could envelop an area of five hundred kilometers!

    It would cause everything within those five hundred kilometers to form a Two World Array that trapped enemies within. By using the array, he could hold an absolute advantage.

    Furthermore, the Two World Picture's interior formed a unique space. It was five hundred kilometers wide. However, the height was only a thousand feet. Such a large space could be used to store items but prevented sentient beings from remaining inside.

    The white divine dragon had stored most of its miscellaneous items inside the Two World Picture.

    "There are so many treasures but the ancient Skydragon did not take them away and instead left them on each subordinate's body. From the looks of it, he had left the matter of which descendants obtained them up to fate." Qin Yun understood this point. "By receiving so many Dharma treasures from this senior dragon, I inherit the karma. However, this senior dragon has been dead for a long while. All I can do is to help the Dragon race a little in the future."

    "Senior Divine Dragon, I will find a way to hand over all your corpses to the East Sea Dragon Palace once I leave. I will definitely get them to handle your bodies appropriately," said Qin Yun.

    The East Sea Dragon Palace was the leader of the Four Seas Dragon Palaces.

    The Dragon race occupied the Four Seas but there was only one who had reached the Skydragon realm among the Four Seas Dragon race! It was the one residing in East Sea Dragon Palace; thus, handing these corpses to the East Sea Dragon Palace was the most appropriate thing to do.

    "Whoosh." He activated the Two World Picture and stored the white divine dragon in it. As the corpse rapidly shrank into the Two World Picture, Qin Yun swept his gaze and was astonished. "This senior dragon was a dragon lady?"

    Unfortunately, this senior dragon lady had died at the hands of the Other Realm Fiendcelestial.


    Qin Yun returned with the Two World Picture and stored the oversized large Essence Soul realm demon corpses in it. Although he had obtained quite a number of treasures, Qin Yun felt suppressed when he saw the wounds on the various corpses of his predecessors.

    In the long rivers of time, too many of his predecessors had been sacrificed. The Ancient Skydragon Palace was just one of many instances.

    "I wonder when all fiendish demons will be eliminated." Qin Yun looked forward to that day. Could he live to see that day?

    Following that, Qin Yun went to the most important place in the interior palace complex-the spot where the Other Realm Fiendcelestial lay.
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