Chapter 325: Reincarnated Immortals

    Chapter 325: Reincarnated Immortals

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    As the southernmost prefecture of the world, South Sea Prefecture was extremely hot and humid.

    In the region around Mt. Torturous, a massive array formation had been secretly set up. It enveloped fifteen kilometers of the surrounding area.

    "Brother He Qian, now that everything is done, all that's left is the final sacrifice. Then, I won't be staying here any longer. I bid you farewell," said a black-robed elder with a single horn.

    "Sect Master Boor Ancestral, if your Boor Ancestral Sect were to do its best to aid me, we would be able to fend off the immortals and Bodhisattvas when they come attacking," said the purple-robed He Qian with a smile. "If both of us join forces, there's definitely a chance that we can hold out long enough for the World Entrance to open up to a great size. That will allow all the fiendcelestials to descend upon this world. If that happens, it will be a massive success."

    "Haha... Then, let me congratulate you in advance, Brother He Qian," said Sect Master Boor Ancestral with a laugh. "However, my Boor Ancestral Sect does not dare take such risks! The array set up here is far from comparable to the one that has protected my Boor Ancestral Sect for hundreds of thousands of years. It was improved over generations after all. The two Daoist Skyimmortals, the Buddhist Mahākāśyapa Bodhisattva, and even the East Sea's Skydragon might attack. If I tried to stand my ground here, we might stall them at best but our defenses would eventually fall."

    He took a pause and then continued, "If we fail to stall for enough time, the World Entrance will not be large enough. With no fiendcelestials to back us, this might result in my Boor Ancestral Sect's destruction."

    "Haha, my Boor Ancestral Sect has survived since ancient times and it's because we never take excessive risks," said Sect Master Boor Ancestral with a faint smile.

    He Qian nodded slightly.

    He too understood that it was not pragmatic for the Boor Ancestral Sect to risk their entire sect's fate based on a few words of persuasion. After all, the fiendish demons that submitted themselves to the Other Realm Fiendcelestial were extremely selfish.

    "Brother He Qian, now that the array encompasses fifteen kilometers, nine villages are included in its range. That accounts for more than fifty thousand villagers," said Sect Master Boor Ancestral with a smile. "You are currently a mortal fiendish demon with fifty thousand human hostages... it would prove difficult for those immortals to brazenly attack your array formation."

    He Qian nodded slightly.

    "Haha, I'll be waiting for your good news." After Sect Master Boor Ancestral said that, he whistled into the distant horizon in the form of a black wind.

    He Qian peered into the distance and scoffed. "He's clearly a boorish bull but he's extremely crafty."

    Following that, he turned around and took a step to a platform by the mountainside.

    There was the World Altar! The massive altar was completely black in color. There were countless mystic patterns on its surface. The World Altar, as well as the surrounding array, was the product of the Boor Ancestral Sect's investment!

    "Come on! Come!"

    He Qian felt excited.

    "It's been hundreds of thousands of years. It was not easy for me to descend into this world. If I succeed this time, I will earn great merit for my homeworld. I would have a chance of surviving the tribulations and becoming a Skyfiend." He Qian began activating the World Altar. The powers he had gained previously from killing 360,000 humans had already been placed within.


    The power of the flesh and blood began to stir as it spread to every spot in the World Altar.


    He Qian's eyes were filled with frenzy.

    He had spent several years traveling the world to seek a spatial node. An excellent spatial node made the opening of a World Entrance tens if not a hundred times easier.


    Above the mountainside, a dark purple rift suddenly tore open in the sky. It was a vortex passage that, with time, would only grow larger.

    Through the vortex passage, one could clearly see the world on the other end.

    It was a vast and majestic world! A world filled with surging fiendish auras. Terrifying beings called it home.

    "Wuha, you have done a great job. Hold back the cultivators from that world as long as you can." A voice sounded from the vortex passageway.

    "Yes, Monarch Chanfu," said He Qian immediately.


    At the moment He Qian used the World Altar to open the World Entrance, the Inspector Heavenly Alliance's Skydemon Palace immediately sensed it. Soon, the imperial government, the three sacred Daoist lands and Buddhist lands, the Skydemon Palace, and Four Seas Dragon Palace learned of the event.

    Boom! Boom!

    Batch after batch of expert cultivators rushed over. Skydemon Palace and the East Sea Dragon Palace also sent their Essence Soul realm experts.

    Soon, a large group of Essence Soul realm experts was gathered on a cloud. Leading them was the Daoist Skyimmortal, Ancestral Master Zhang, and the imperial government's Human Emperor.

    "Greetings, Human Emperor."

    "Senior Zhang."

    "Your Majesty."

    There were all forms of addressing going on. Human Emperor was a Skygod and with his true body he suppressed one of the greatest catastrophes in the world! The entity that was presently there was only an avatar of his. Therefore, the main person in charge was still the Divine Firmament Chapter's Ancestral Master Zhang.

    There were twenty figures gathered on the cloud. Hong Lingtong was among them, standing beside Human Emperor.

    "Hahaha, this array of mine covers more than fifty thousand mortal humans. Try coming in if you have the guts to do so." Amid the array's billowing black smoke, He Qian's voice was heard.

    On the cloud, Ancestral Master Zhang, Human Emperor, and the rest frowned.

    "I was the first to arrive. I have already made an attempt," said Ancestral Master Zhang. "If we crack the array, we would definitely harm innocents."

    By the side, Human Emperor said with a nod, "Although Brother Zhang and I have survived the heavenly tribulations and are able to withstand the karma of injuring some mortals, neither one of us can withstand the karma of fifty thousand mortals."

    Skyimmortals and Skygods would experience more karma than typical Essence Soul experts. One had to suffer the tribulations in the Essence Soul realm but Skyimmortals and Skygods did not experience them. They had eternal life in the truest sense of the phrase. As long as they did not involve themselves in matters of the mortal world, they could live carefree as everlasting immortals. However, they could not act wantonly. They too were bound by the heavenly rules. If they ignored them, their outcome would only be tragic.

    "Fifty thousand mortal humans." Everyone present was troubled. If entities at the Essence Soul realm were to harm innocent lives, they might immediately be struck dead by heavenly punishment.

    "Innocent lives will be implicated if we attempt to crack the array." A dragon from the East Sea said with a sigh. "As for that mysterious fiendish demon, he is a mortal fiendish demon. He doesn't care for mortal lives."

    "Then, the only option we have is to send mortal cultivators inside," said a plump elder with a smile. "My family's Eighth Zhu can fight that mortal fiendish demon."


    Immediately, many people turned to face him.

    Even Human Emperor and Ancestral Master Zhang were surprised.

    "Brother Zhu, that mortal fiendish demon can produce strength equivalent to the early third Firmament Essence Soul realm," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    The plump elder was the Zhu family's patriarch.

    The Primordial Chaos Sect was a famous family clan in the cultivation world. The Zhu family's patriarch cultivated in the Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulation and had reached the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm. His body was so unbelievably strong that even Skyimmortals and Skygods could do nothing to him.

    "Eighth Zhu?" Human Emperor looked at the azure-dressed youth standing beside Patriarch Zhu. The youth was a smiling young man with a companion saber by his waist.

    "I won't keep it from everyone," said Patriarch Zhu with a smile. "This kid, Eighth Zhu, was an immortal in his previous life."

    "A reincarnated immortal?"

    Everyone around was astonished. Although there had been reincarnated immortals in history, it was rare to see one in person.

    "Hahaha, it looks like light from providence has shone upon us humans," said Human Emperor with a laugh. He looked at Hong Lingtong beside him. "This cultivator standing beside me is from Jiang Prefecture. He's Hong Lingtong, or some people call him Ninth Hong. He too is a reincarnated immortal."

    "He's also a reincarnated immortal?"

    "The humans sure have a tremendous heritage."

    The experts from Skydemon Palace and East Sea Dragon Palace faltered upon hearing this.

    Two reincarnated immortals had appeared without a word?

    Ninth Hong and Eighth Zhu locked gazes.

    "Ninth Hong is good at divining the past and future and he is an expert in array formations," explained Human Emperor.

    "My family's Eighth Zhu is an expert at array formations and his saber arts are fairly formidable," said Patriarch Zhu.

    "In that case, let's get the two of them to take action and quickly resolve this matter with the mysterious fiendish demon so as to seal the World Entrance," instructed Ancestral Master Zhang.


    Eighth Zhu and Hong Lingtong immediately obeyed the order.

    They did not dare act arrogantly in front of Ancestral Master Zhang. Even in their past lives, they had only reached the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm. As they failed to survive the tribulations to become carefree Skyimmortals, the threat of continuous tribulations compelled them to choose the treacherous path of reincarnation.


    The duo immediately transformed into streams of light as they charged towards the distant array formation.

    "Old Pig, is that you?" asked Hong Lingtong through a voice transmission.

    "You are Daoist Liu?" questioned Eighth Zhu with a voice transmission.

    "Hahaha... Old Pig, you are a demon immortal but you ended up reincarnating as a human," said Hong Lingtong jokingly through a voice transmission.

    "There are no guarantees when it comes to reincarnation. Back then, nine of us immortals chose to reincarnate together. We all chose this Great Chang world but are we the only two that have awoken?" asked Eighth Zhu with a voice transmission.
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