Chapter 327: Striking Out

    Chapter 327: Striking Out

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    Qin Yun met Ancestral Master Zhang along the way. Ancestral Master Zhang had come to receive him in order to save as much time as possible.


    A purple bolt of lightning blazed through the sky at a speed much faster than anything Qin Yun was capable of.

    "Qin Yun, listen to what I have to say carefully. The World Entrance connects to another world. You can imagine how big a threat that poses. That mysterious fiendish demon has set up a massive array around the World Entrance, and in it are fifty thousand mortal humans. They are his hostages. The strength he produces has reached the outset of the third Firmament Essence Soul realm. In order to resolve this disaster, one solution is to send immortals that are at the peak third Firmament Essence Soul realm at the very least and risk the lives of the fifty thousand mortals to kill the fiendish demon before the tribulations befall us." As Ancestral Master Zhang traveled with Qin Yun, he explained the situation in detail.

    "An immortal at the third Firmament Essence Soul realm has to be sent to his death? And fifty thousand mortals have to die as well?" Qin Yun shook his head.

    "The other solution is to send mortal cultivators. Thankfully, we currently have two reincarnated immortals," said Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "Two reincarnated immortals?" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    As they rushed to their destination, Ancestral Master Zhang continued to explain.


    Ancestral Master Zhang's speed was the fastest in the world. Even people like Human Emperor and Mahākāśyapa Bodhisattva were not his match. After Qin Yun met him, they arrived in the southernmost South Sea Prefecture's Mt Torturous within ten minutes.

    There was a crowd of immortals and demons gathered on a cloud.

    "Ancestral Master Zhang is back."

    "And with Sword Immortal Qin Yun."

    After a purple flash of lightning lit up across the horizon, Qin Yun and Ancestral Master Zhang arrived on the cloud.

    Qin Yun instantly saw Human Emperor and immediately bowed. "Greetings Your Majesty. Greetings everyone."

    A number of the present experts were stronger than Qin Yun but there was quite a number that were weaker than him.

    "Sword Immortal Qin."

    "Qin Yun."

    Each of them responded. Many of them were scrutinizing him. They had thought nothing much of a mortal sword immortal, but since Ancestral Master Zhang had claimed that Qin Yun's strength was almost equal to the mysterious fiendish demon's, it meant that his strength was close to the third Firmament Essence Soul realm. He was naturally someone every faction in the world had to look up to.

    The two reincarnated immortals, Hong Lingtong and Eighth Zhu, looked at Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Brother Hong, I never expected you to be a reincarnated immortal. You sure hid it well," said Qin Yun through a voice transmission. They had close ties after all. His nephew was already engaged to Hong Lingtong's daughter.

    "It hasn't been long since my memories were awoken. I informed Human Emperor only when I discovered the appearance of a new catastrophe," explained Hong Lingtong through a voice transmission.

    "Qin Yun." Human Emperor pointed to the billowing black fog in the distance and said, "I believe you have been briefed on the situation with this World Entrance. That mysterious fiendish demon's world node is very unique. In less than half a day, the World Entrance has expanded to a size that a first Firmament Essence Soul realm fiendcelestial could enter through. I believe in about a day's time, this World Entrance will expand to a size that allows for fiendcelestials at the third Firmament Essence Soul realm to enter."

    Qin Yun nodded. "Ancestral Master Zhang has informed me."

    "Yes, as such, we will be relying on the three of you," said Human Emperor seriously.

    "With you aiding Ninth Hong and Eighth Zhu, there's at least a seventy percent chance of success," said Ancestral Master Zhang with a smile. "I have already informed Human Emperor that if you three are able to resolve this disaster, we will definitely reward you handsomely."

    After all, Elder Qian would have to risk his life if the trio failed.

    "Right, I have a huge gift that is specially prepared for you, Qin Yun," said Human Emperor.

    Qin Yun said immediately, "This disaster threatens our world. It is my duty to resolve it. How can I request any reward from Your Majesty and Ancestral Master Zhang?"

    When Ancestral Master Zhang heard that, he was further impressed by Qin Yun.


    His talent was enough to deem him as the strongest sword immortal in all of history! In terms of his Dao's realm, it would not even be difficult for him to reach the Skyimmortal realm. However, the sword immortal lineage lacked an Essence Soul Dharmic formulation!

    "Yes, we do not need anything either. We reincarnated in order to amass merit," said Hong Lingtong at once. Eighth Zhu also nodded.

    "Haha... Qin Yun, the gift I prepared for you will make you change your mind. However, let's wait until this disaster is resolved," said Human Emperor with a smile. "All three of you should quickly take action."

    "We'll leave the discussion on how to settle this disaster to the three of you," added Ancestral Master Zhang.


    Qin Yun, Hong Lingtong, and Eighth Zhu answered together. Following that, they flew into the distant array formation that was thick with billowing black fog.

    The black fog spanned fifteen kilometers.

    The three-thousand-foot tall mountain giant He Qian was constantly on alert. Clearly, he was preparing to defend with all his strength and buy as much time as possible.

    "I remember the time when the three of us entered Immortal Scenic Yang's cave abode." said the handsome youth, Eighth Zhu, with a smile. "The three of us sure are fated. Now, we are dealing with this mysterious fiendish demon together. Qin Yun, what do you suggest?"

    "I've heard from Ancestral Master Zhang about your strengths. Since the both of you are good at array formations, why don't I occupy the mysterious fiendish demon while the two of you crack the array? This way, the cracking of the array will go faster," suggested Qin Yun.

    "Are you that confident?" Eighth Zhu was alarmed.

    "Brother Qin Yun, you should know how strong that mysterious fiendish demon is. And now he is being aided by the array formation. I think it's best if you work with Eighth Zhu to hold him back," persuaded Hong Lingtong.

    "I'll give it a try by myself first," said Qin Yun.

    Eighth Zhu and Hong Lingtong exchanged looks.

    "Alright, give it a try first." Hong Lingtong nodded.

    "If that fails, we can try something else," added Eighth Zhu.

    Although time was of the essence, they still had a day to resolve the issue. They could afford to waste two hours.

    This was also because of the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror. It could identify a new World Entrance instantly. It gave Ancestral Master Zhang, Human Emperor, and company sufficient time to react. In the early times when humanity lacked the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror, the humans would not know of a newly opened World Entrance! They could only detect it through a clairvoyant prediction. However, such divinations could not be constantly made. Furthermore, the fiendish demons would also deliberately hide from the heavens, preventing the secret from being divined.

    Therefore, there had been many situations in history where World Entrances had appeared. There was great peril before the World Entrance's location was divined! It almost always meant disastrous outcomes.

    There was a reason why the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror was known as the cornerstone Numinous treasure of humanity.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    Qin Yun and company immediately separated.

    Qin Yun transformed into a stream of light as he charged straight at He Qian. Hong Lingtong and Eighth Zhu split off and headed in different directions to crack the array.

    "Qin Yun?" The towering giant looked down, his eyes burning with killing intent. His voice resounded through the world like rolling thunder. "You have finally arrived? I didn't expect you to willingly come to your death this time after managing to escape last time!"


    Qin Yun was still a distance away. He waved his hand as a sword beam shot out from his fingertip.

    The surrounding space seemed to freeze as a misty rain-like sword beam condensed into a thread. When it streaked through the sky, void ripples appeared.

    The flying sword was too fast. Although they were five hundred meters apart, the flying sword arrived in front of the mountain giant in a blink of an eye. The giant only had time to wave his hand but at the instant they clashed, the flying sword's might suddenly revealed itself!


    As though a knife was slicing through paper, the thread-like sword flash tore through the void. It caused a black rift to appear! The void had been sliced open! But this was not the second world that appeared during his dream of a hundred years. Qin Yun's homeworld was clearly more powerful and had deeper heritage. There were Skyimmortals, Skygods, Skydemons, and Bodhisattvas. The black void rift only represented the strength of the attack.

    When He Qian saw the black rift in front of him, his expression changed drastically. With a boom, his massive body was sent flying backward.

    "How long has it been? It's only been slightly more than three years. Why, why..." While he flew backward, He Qian was horrified. He knew that he was in trouble!


    On the distant white cloud, the experts of humanity, the dragons, and Skydemon Palace were watching the battle from afar.

    "Qin Yun did not join forces with Eighth Zhu?" When they saw the trio split, with Qin Yun charging towards the mountain giant alone, it left the immortals appalled.

    "Ancestral Master Zhang previously said that Qin Yun was able to ensure his safety against that mysterious fiendish demon a few years ago. Even if he gotten stronger, he should be about as strong as the reincarnated immortal Eighth Zhu."

    "Eighth Zhu was unable to hold back the fiendish demon, so why did Qin Yun attack alone?"

    Many of the Essence Soul experts were baffled.

    Human Emperor, Ancestral Master Zhang, and Patriarch Zhu did not say a word. All they did was furrow their brows. This was because they believed that Qin Yun and Eighth Zhu would join forces to hold back the mysterious fiendish demon.

    However, they ended up seeing-

    Although the mysterious fiendish demon had made a taunt, with his rumbling voice resonating through the world, Qin Yun had flown over without a word, releasing his Intrinsic Flying Sword!

    He sword struck out!

    It sliced open the void!

    The mysterious fiendish demon was sent flying backward!


    "Void rift?" The immortals were astonished and overjoyed.

    "Nicely done." Human Emperor's eyes flashed with a glint of pleasant surprise. He clenched his fists and could not help but say, "Brother Zhang, this Qin Yun is stronger than you described him to be!"
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